How Did Religions Originate From Kabbalah?

laitman_281_02Question: If in the beginning there was only Kabbalah, then how did religions appear from it?

Answer: This happened exactly because they abandoned the continuous work of uniting (within a group, within a nation) and allowed egoism to appear in relationships between people. This caused the outer seal—Judaism to originate from Kabbalah. Judaism regulates the outer actions that a person performs with his body (this is why it is called the “External Torah” – “Hitzhoniut aTorah”), whereas, Kabbalah refers only to inner actions (therefore, it is called the “Inner part of Torah” – “Pnimit aTorah”).

This means that Kabbalah shows how through uniting in the group a person can achieve an elevation above his egoism and in this mutual annulment of egoism he can reveal the Creator. The difference between Kabbalah and religion is not only in the action (whether it is mechanical or in intention) but also in the result (he hopes to receive a reward after death or he hopes to reveal the Creator in this life).

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