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2015 – The Year Of Online Hatred!

laitman_959From the News (BBC news): “A social networking CEO is subjected to racist attacks on her own website. A cartoonist’s life is trashed by trolls. Women get rape and death threats. There’s a case to be made that online, 2015 was a year of increased hate.

Those of us who watch social media for a living – or who are long-time users of sites like Facebook and Twitter – realize that nastiness has always been a part of life online. But over the course of the past year or so, it seemed to some of us at BBC Trending that the steady background beat of online anger gradually turned into a pounding 24-7 drumbeat of angst, impossible to ignore.

“So we set out to see if levels of hate speech did rise on social media this year. …

“A recent analysis by the think tank Demos found that on average around 480,000 racial slurs are tweeted every month. Compare that figure to just 10,000 three years ago. The researchers admit that the vast majority of those uses won’t amount to hate crimes. But the numbers are still significant.

“‘A 4800 per cent increase is astonishing – far greater than the general increase in tweets over that time,’ wrote Demos research director Carl Miller. …

“Other experts agree – something has definitely happened over the past year.

“‘2015 saw a greater normalisation of hate speech in society than in previous years,’ says Andre Oboler, chief executive of the Australia-based Online Hate Prevention Institute. ‘Where previously a person might make a vague negative allusion to race, religion, gender or sexuality, by the end of 2015 the comments on social media were blatant and overt.’ …

“Oboler warns that young people will be turned off from social networks if abuse continues to increase. …”

My Comment: There is no doubt the Internet will rise above the period of bullying and will throw the bullies out. But this could take more than a decade naturally because its hosted merchants sell sensationalism and hatred.

The salvation will come from another side, not from the individual and society, but from the side of nature that develops the ego within us, and the new ego will prevail over new middle-class hatred, so that arrogant and hateful reactions will stop being interesting, and all these scoops will disappear by themselves, meaning they won’t have a buyer.

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A Chance To Make The World A Better Place

laitman_229Question: Can a person who received a blow of fate, not understanding its causes, make a wrong choice again or does the correcting force guide him to make the right choice in order to develop? How many blows can a person bear?

Answer: There are people who reach the solution to the meaning of life, just as you have been brought to the wisdom of Kabbalah, and there are those who don’t reach the wisdom of Kabbalah, although they have suffered more than you have.

It depends on the root of a person’s soul. It is impossible to compare people. There are those who suffer and there are those who don’t suffer and who even enjoy life. We don’t know the reason for what happens in the world and you cannot compare everyone according to the same standard and say that the world is right or not, not knowing how things happen.

You can only speak for yourself. You have been given a chance to make yourself and the world happier, and along with your existence in this world, you receive a reward and a prize, the attainment of the upper world of Infinity. You are able to do so because this is the root of your soul, and later you will discover why it is so and why it was given you and not to the other 8 billion people. It isn’t a special privilege, but it is simply time for your soul to be born and to fulfill its mission. This is the reason you are here.

You cannot compare yourself to others. You cannot know what happens with other souls, which levels they belong to and where they are in the general control system, and there is no point thinking about it. You will discover everything by fulfilling yourself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/08/15

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Terrorism Ruins Islam’s Image

laitman_538Comment: The president of Iran Hassan Rouhani admitted in an international convention in Tehran that all the terrorist organizations are in fact Muslim, and claimed that this ruins the image of Islam. Rouhani stated that the Islamic world is in a deep crisis and it has to change its negative image because Israel benefits from this image. Rouhani actually admitted that terrorism comes from Islam.

Answer: The world evolves according to its natural pace that does not change unless the upper force that can correct it is inserted into it. There are two options: either to let this force operated the way it does now, in a negative way, which is called the path of suffering, or to draw this force faster so that it will be a quick and sweet path, called the path of Light. If we operate in the ordinary way, along the path of suffering, we will not be able to do anything since it is an objective reality.

Islam is the youngest of the three major religions and it has to undergo the same evolution as the other two religions. In fact, both Christianity and Islam are two religions that wanted to conquer the world. This notion is gradually fading in Christianity and already belongs to the past, while Islam still has to undergo this process. According to Islam, they have to conquer and overpower the whole world. This process can be accelerated, but in principle, Islam is a system of people’s attitude to the world, which they have to develop, demonstrate, and then get rid of.

But the problem is that we are dealing with a great surge of extremism. It is based on religious feelings and leads to the use of arms in order to overpower and to conquer. Therefore, what the Iranian president said cannot change anything and will not prevent anyone from fighting. The Iranian president’s concern is because the war is in the Islamic world.

Comment: Yes, he called all the Islamic states, including those that fight one another, to stop the wars and to get on the right track.

Answer: It is impossible to avoid these wars because Islam’s path toward unity is precisely through an inner struggle. The Islamic world will have to undergo a serious fratricidal war and discover the mutual hatred between them that is greater than their hatred of all other nations. It is a natural process, and therefore nothing can be done, and all this will continue.

I wish Islam to be prudent where possible, to identify the Sufis who say the true Islam is a religion of brotherhood, love, and the right connection and unity. They should see it as a priority and respect the Sufis. It would be a shame if this true part of Islam disappeared.

Question: Would you advise the Iranian president Hassan Rouhani to support and empower the Sufis?

Answer: On the one hand, the Sufis already know where the world is headed, but on the other hand, they realize what they are dealing with. It is about a great ego that is awakening now after the hibernation of the Arab world for centuries, and so nothing can be done and humanity has to undergo this phase. What is more, it all depends on those who engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah, not only in the Israeli nation but also those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah all over the world.

If those who study Kabbalah accurately advance toward the goal, which is unity between all mankind, this unity will affect and revive Sufism and revive the same movement of love thy friend as thyself all over the world.

Thus we will receive great help from the Arab world, and together will be able to accurately and firmly determine the approach of changing reality in a peaceful way. We only need to try to unite so that all those who engage in the Islamic ideology will recognize the seed from which they sprouted.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/28/15

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How Can We Draw The Upper Light?

laitman_947Question: How can we draw the Upper Light? Should we cry out, should we meditate?

Answer: You can only draw the Upper Light through your relationships with other people. It is even better if it is in a group of ten people.

If a good state of mutual guarantee, mutual communication, according to the principles that a spiritual group should be built, is formed between them, they begin to feel the upper force in this connection.

Question: What should the uniting positive force that can overcome the ego of all of humanity, that is revealed in all our relationships, both interpersonal, political, international, etc., be?

Answer: It’s very simple. You shouldn’t be in conflict with anyone, not with the family, with society, and not with the state, but engage only in connection and unity with all of humanity.

We have to establish a covenant with everyone according to which we will be able to feel the system of the upper management of our world, acquire the attribute of bestowal, and awaken the forces of goodness and unity in the world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/08/15

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How Can We Avoid Ill Fate?

laitman_942Question: If everything in life is predetermined, isn’t better to remain passive?

Answer: If a person waits passively, ill fate will still force him to look for a solution to improve his life. We are in a continuous search for this solution through science, art, having children, etc., until we find the best and only solution—the correction of the connection between us  because the upper force is revealed in the good connection between us, and then we merge with our root. Only the return to our root, from which we were created and to which we should return, can fully satisfy us.

Question: Is a person immune from ill fate if he studies the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: If you implement the wisdom of Kabbalah and don’t just study, then not only can you avoid ill fate, but you can also receive gifts from Heaven. I am absolutely serious!

A person suddenly begins to feel that he succeeds in everything. Not everyone feels this, but nature tends to be merciful with those who make an effort to resemble the attribute of bestowal in nature.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/08/15

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Balaam And Moses – Two Forces With Identical Possibilities

laitman_610_2From the words of the “Midrash Rabba,” Parshat “Balak”: For the most part, Balaam has very little interest in his curses. He worked solely and only in exchange for money, and if the agreement assured him of a profit, he could curse anyone whom he formerly blessed and vice versa.

Balaam acts like a contemporary politician; he only does what is useful in a given moment, without any emotional involvement.

Comment: But nevertheless Balaam confronted the Creator; he could feel the “master of the house.”

Answer: Moses often confronted the Creator too. He struck the rock with a staff and asked to be taken and the people spared. Basically, he had many arguments with the Creator and so did Balaam. Both of them, both Moses and Balaam, had the possibility of turning toward the Creator with a call, with pleading, with a request, and even with a demand.

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