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Alone In A Crowd Of A Billion, Part 3

laitman_232_08.jpgThe problem of loneliness enveloping the modern world is related to the inner emptiness of man. And even when a person wants to rid himself of this state, he has no idea how to do it.

This is neither taught to us by our teachers in school nor by our psychologists and psychiatrists. The fact is that they too are lonely, and that’s why they cannot help us by giving advice on how to be free of loneliness and how to bring people closer.

No one knows how to even begin to bring such extreme individualists as our contemporaries closer to each other. Here only the science of Kabbalah can help because it explains how to establish contact above our egoism so that love can cover all transgressions.

The individuality of each remains, we are not trying to break anyone; rather, we are building one more level atop our nature: a level of unity, a common roof. We, individuals, exist under this roof and we build it together for the sake of harmonious existence and a happy life.

This roof is raised on the second floor. It does not cancel our individual qualities, but only helps us build a correct connection above them. Our relationships come to exist on two different levels, that is, on the inner level, I remain isolated and infinitely distant from others, while on the “second floor,” in the common connection built between us, we lock ourselves into a circle.

Inside of me is a “straight line” and my inner personal state doesn’t concern anyone. But with respect to others, I am completely open and ready to be with everyone as one man with one heart.

This is integration above isolation; in other words, both exist at the same time. This is a new method of connection derived from the wisdom of Kabbalah, and it must be taught to humanity. External interactions are built by the method of the circle, the method of integral connection, while the inner approach refers to the person himself.

In essence, these are not two distinct methods. They turn into one because the stronger we connect between us, the more it helps us develop internally, in our individual forms. It turns out that a person’s egoism continues to develop and grow. And this is exactly what enables us to build relationships between us as we connect in a circle; we are able to do this due to the fact that we are becoming continuously more egoistic.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/4/17

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Alone In A Crowd Of A Billion, Part 2

Laitman_182_02Modern society consists of individuals who do not want to be tied to others, or more accurately, they are unable to connect with others, while on the other hand, we understand that without connection to others, we will end up empty and unhappy.

We cannot enjoy life in solitude without a family, without children, and without real friends.

Everyone suffers from this problem of loneliness and no one knows how to solve it. A new educational system is needed for this, a powerful and broad system with specialists who understand the root of the problem and the means of resolving it.

Otherwise, the problem will progress further. No one will want to marry or have children, the use of narcotics and antidepressants will grow, and terrorism will rise because people will lose all hope for a better future.

At one time, a person was a social creature. He lived in a society and felt that he was supported by a large social network of many others. But today, we have developed so much that our egoism does not desire social interaction, making us complete individualists, and modern technological development allows us to easily live alone, spending our time in front of a TV screen, computer, or smartphone.

But ultimately, all these toys do not bring a person spiritual fulfillment, and he finds himself lonely and unhappy, feeling that he must fill himself with something. An inner emptiness remains in him. It is always possible to go on another trip to another country, but then you return and again find yourself alone.

In other words, a person understands that he needs some kind of additional fulfillment. It seems that we arrived at a red line in our development when we need to decide what to do next.

Question: If it is natural for a person to continuously become a bigger and bigger individualist, then why are we not happy to remain alone? Why do we suffer from loneliness?

Answer: Egoism develops in a straight line and makes us greater individualists, but at the same time, beginning around the 1950’s, the system began to lock into a circle and bind us into integral interdependence. The system demands kind, internal, deeper connections between us, not just to have acquaintances at work. We are obligated to fulfill our desire to be in this one system with everyone. A person does not yet understand this desire, so he finds himself developing in two different ways at the same time, linearly and circularly, while subconsciously wanting these two forms to support one another and function mutually.

A person does not understand why the world suddenly turned into a small village. He thinks that it is only the scientists, politicians, and corporations that depend on one another and that none of it is relevant for him. But, no, we see that all of nature is locked into a circle. On one side of the world, something explodes, and on the other side, we see the effects because everything depends on everything else. Nature shows us how impersonal and integrated it is.

The same degree of integration is now developing in human society, but as yet, this development does not demand integral connection from the individual. We are not yet aware of this need, but soon we will be required to acknowledge it.

Nature seeks to bring us closer to one another so strongly that soon we will not have a choice. If we want to guarantee ourselves real inner fulfillment in life, we will need to find the correct formula for connection between us.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/4/17

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Alone In A Crowd Of A Billion, Part 1

laitman_423_03Question: Loneliness is a scourge of modern society. An inner feeling of loneliness lives in a person who is surrounded by a huge number of people. Most of all, this phenomenon is common among young people, and it is gaining momentum and strength.

Teens spend half a day at school where they are surrounded by a lot of friends, and the second half of the day, they spend on the computer in virtual social networks, and nevertheless, they all suffer from loneliness.

Another group for whom the problem of loneliness is especially acute are elderly people aged 65 and older, but generally, loneliness affects all ages. Even a small child who complains that he is bored, in fact, means that he is alone, and he has no one to play with.

Obviously, loneliness is purely an inner feeling not related to how many people are around. What is the reason that people feel lonely?

Answer: The problem of loneliness started emerging from the middle of the last century, growing more and more as humanity came to the peak of its development.

By the middle of the 20th century, man had completed the “linear” development of his egoistic nature, which lasted for thousands of years. The growth of linear egoism is over; the world has become integral and global and has turned into one small village where everyone depends on each other.

Development has contributed to the fact that today it is easy to travel from one end of the globe to the other. Before this, people traveled only for business and trade. In the modern world, everyone is commuting somewhere—flying, going—and it would seem, how can one feel lonely here? Tourism is the most developed and powerful business in the world, but at the same time, people are still lonely.

Maybe that’s why we move all the time. Perhaps we hope to fill this inner void, this inner need? But, this does not happen. On the contrary, the tourist comes to a foreign country to separate from all others even more.

It would seem that he goes on a journey to see the world, to get acquainted with other countries. But, wherever he goes, he always remains alone, feeling even lonelier than at home. The fact that the world becomes more and more connected externally and more individualistic and separated internally is a paradox.

In the same way, people are interdependent in business and work and cultures influence one another, but no one profits from it personally or feels the need or desire for it.

Egoism within a person grows individually, but at the same time, the world around us forms a global system. There is a gap between a whole and interconnected world and people who do not want to have any connection to each other. On the contrary, egoism grows in them and turns them into ever larger individualists.

Therefore, we see that modern man does not want to accept this world, and the world does not accept man. We just do not fit the framework that nature has made for us. Nature wants us to be together, bound by kind relations, but we do not want this.

The world can easily provide us with everything we need: food, clothing, medicine, housing, absolutely anything, but we do not want to unite as the world requires us to do. Instead, everyone wants to stay on their own. Some time ago, an entire family could live in one room and a few families in one house. The newlyweds lived together with their parents. But today, every adult and every child needs to have a separate room.

Modern technologies encourage this trend (naturally, they work for the consumer). As a result, everyone has a personal mobile phone and a personal email address.

Egoism evolves within a person, increasingly isolating him from others,  and forces us to think about what to do next. After all, our desire to enjoy requires a fulfillment that cannot be obtained alone only for oneself.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/4/17

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Why Are People Lazy?

laitman_564Question from Facebook: Why are people so lazy, not wanting to do anything?

Answer: It is because our ego is exhausted. It doesn’t want anything anymore. All of nature is such that it tends only to rest. And only because there is another law—nature abhors a vacuum—are we forced to yearn for fulfillment.

Fulfillment leads to rest and peace, and peace to the desire to be fulfilled, and so we constantly swing back and forth, like a pendulum.

A completely different principle operates in the wisdom of Kabbalah, according to the law of the middle line: a person constantly needs to be simultaneously empty and full. The mission of Kabbalah is to teach every person to be like this, but we must learn to do this. Being lazy is something very good because you are not harming others that way.

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“Why Do We Hate?”

Dr. Michael Laitman

In the News (Psychology Today): “Why do we hate? The reasons are complex, but following are some of the factors that may play a role in helping us understand hate and, hopefully, work toward change. …

“According to A.J. Marsden, assistant professor of psychology and human services at Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida, one reason we hate is because we fear things that are different from us.

“Behavioral researcher Patrick Wanis, cites the in-group out-group theory, which posits that when we feel threatened by perceived outsiders, we instinctively turn toward our in-group—those with whom we identify—as a survival mechanism. Wanis explains, ‘Hatred is driven by two key emotions of love and aggression: One love for the in-group—the group that is favored; and two, aggression for the out-group—the group that has been deemed as being different, dangerous, and a threat to the in-group.’ …

“According to Washington, D.C., clinical psychologist Dana Harron, the things people hate about others are the things that they fear within themselves. She suggests thinking about the targeted group or person as a movie screen onto which we project unwanted parts of the self. The idea is, ‘I’m not terrible; you are.’”

Question: What is hatred from your point of view?

Answer: Hatred is everything that isn’t beneficial to me.

On the other hand, this is a good quality, because with its help, I check what else I need to change in myself. The entire world is basically the Creator, which I must treat with absolute love! And if I treat something with hatred, it means that I am not corrected within myself.

True hatred is only revealed on the way to love. If I advance to love correctly, I discover hatred for something or someone, and it becomes clear to me what I must correct in myself in order to achieve love.

Current events in the world are an expression of a very big hatred of everyone and toward everyone. This is a natural getaway, an explosion of our inner nature when we absolutely hate each other. In this case, only our negative qualities are manifested, since we don’t have positive qualities and we only want to use each other.

Our egoism is the hatred and we must correct it so that it will become love. This is done with the help of connection and the special good force of nature that we discover.

Question: But this hatred that currently exists in the world is revealed not on the way to love. Is it a hatred as such?

Answer: No, it still arises on the way to love because we are on the path to correction. This is just a period of the recognition of evil. We feel evil, but still don’t understand its causes, its consequences, and what to do with it.

In fact, evil is the lever by which we will turn everything around and come to good.

As soon as we recognize evil, the turnover will happen. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about it. It tells us how to use all this in practice.

Therefore, come, study, and you will see a different world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/13/17

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From The Level Of A “Beast” To The Level Of An “Adam”

laitman_938_03Question: In what way is a human on the level of a “beast” different from a human on the level of an “Adam” (Man)?

Answer: A human on the level of a man is on a different level than that of a person on the level of a beast.

Nature created us such that on the beastly level, we behave like beasts: we think only about how to satisfy ourselves, to have a good time, and to reproduce.

On this level a person still doesn’t feel that the whole world is included within him. Whereas, on the level of a man he feels connected with all of humanity.

The fact is that all of us are egoists. When we communicate among us, instead of connection, we feel our general resistance to connection. But when we overcome this resistance and unite, a special power of creation moves through us like an electric current.

Accordingly, as much as each one overcomes the mutual egoism in the connection between us, we begin to feel the next level above the resistance, the discovery of the upper world.

If we are many, 7 to 8 billion, then a system called the upper world is created.

Therefore, it is necessary to teach people to unite over their egoistic rejection of each other, then there will not be any problems in the world. Everyone will understand each other, will be able to achieve agreement among them, and will begin to want constant convergence.

Question: We are always talking about the education of an individual person, but is there such a concept as social education?

Answer: Certainly, in any case, it comes from the individuality of each one.

We need to educate every person, bring him to a society, show him how to come into contact with people, what he will get from this, and which internal structures develop within him. Which is to say, each one must be given the understanding of the entire system.

When a person begins to feel what is happening around him within 8 billion or even within 10 people, he feels what is happening in all of nature, because through the connection with others, he becomes a sensor that understands how nature is organized.

He feels the general rules of nature, its integrality, those laws that operate around him. By himself, he discovers what is called the hidden world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/8/17

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There Is Money But There Is No Happiness

laitman_546_03In the News (Feeling Financial): “Does Money Buy Happiness?

“It depends. You’ve probably heard that money does not buy happiness above a certain level. The number Kahneman mentions in the TED talk is $60,000 per year of income in the United States of America, which is about what other studies find.

“Above that income level your happiness level may increase, but at a decreasing rate. In other words, earning $120,000 per year does not make you twice as happy as if you earned $60,000; it’s nothing to sneeze at but it just makes things a little better.

“Kahneman emphasizes that the increase in happiness is surprisingly flat above $60,000. Also, while money does not buy happiness for your experienced self, a lack of money can make things unpleasant.”

My Comment: Money enables a person to fill himself. Then he begins to spend millions in casinos or in other places in order to feel a bit of spice in life, but he doesn’t feel it. He ceases to feel it even in small things. Such people feel no taste in food, football, or vacation.

I have met many rich people who apparently live freely and their bank account keeps growing, but basically are miserable people. They can travel wherever they want to, order whatever they like, but they feel no satisfaction.

After all, there can be no pleasure in this world without feeling a deficiency for something, because everything is attained in the contrast between Light and darkness. If there is no darkness, people tend to try different things and put themselves in situations that arouse strong, acute, sharp feelings, but it does not work.

Question: At the same time, young people are eager to prosper and spend their whole lives trying to achieve that, and even to harm themselves as long as they can break through the barrier of an annual income over $60,000. Don’t they understand that there is no happiness there?

Answer: It is an illusion, and there is nothing we can do about that. I also used to believe that if I travelled from one country to another and saw new places, new people, I would be happy. I remember how appealing I found this idea. When we were kids, we all dreamed of exploring the world, because it was closed to us. And when everything was opened, nothing was seen except emptiness.

Question: It seems that a person needs another desire, an alternative desire.

Answer: Of course. Don’t misunderstand me.

There was a time in my life in which I travelled the world and visited different museums and exhibitions, etc., but it was all gone in a moment. Every person has a threshold beyond which he ceases to feel anything new because there is nothing new about it. Our ego is beginning to develop toward a new threshold of sensitivity and perception.

This is the reason that people who do not attain the upper levels, who do not attain the Light that enters the desire, which fills it and depicts totally different areas of attainment, the upper world, are very miserable.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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Generation Gap, Part 1

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The eternal topic: fathers and sons—the gap between generations. Why are we so different and do not understand each other? Every 10-15 years a new generation comes, and it is different from the former by its perception of the world. What will help us live in peace with each other with all the differences of views?

Essentially, the generation of fathers has built the entire material basis for our lives, and succeeding generations are less and less compelled to engage in materiality and are more committed to internal human research. How deep in reality is the gap between generations?

Answer: The gap between generations needs to be measured not in quantitative indicators, but in qualitative ones. And this is very difficult because to assess the quality you need to measure the deficiencies: What is this generation aspires for, what is most important for it, that is, what is its scale of priorities?

If we take clear, basic desires: food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge and measure at what level they stand in each generation and what their priorities are, then we can compose a picture of each generation. But I do not think that someone was engaged in such research.

The wisdom of Kabbalah studies human desires, but does not compare generation to generation. For it, this is not so important. We know that humanity is constantly moving forward, in fact, approaching a great crisis.

In the end, desires for food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge will not give a person any fulfillment, and he will want to develop above them. The wisdom of Kabbalah is intended to help in this.

And as long as humanity will not engage in such development of man, he may get stuck in ephemeral material desires for many years and even centuries. We always think that at the next level of desire we will grasp the essence of our life. As if it is there in wealth, in honor, in knowledge that the mystery of life lies, and that by revealing it, we will become happy.

So humanity gradually ripens, until it finally gets disillusioned in all its development, which essentially spun between these six basic desires. But we can shorten the time required for our development. We already see that development leads us to a global crisis, leaving a person completely devastated and swearing that it is better to die than live such a life.

A person cannot live without pleasure, but modern man will not be able to receive pleasure because the egoistic desire completed its development. Man is left without desires, in despair, and does not know where to continue further. But Kabbalah explains that all human evolution from the very beginning was absolutely a lost cause.

Realizing this, we reduce our ordeals for many hundreds of years and avoid wars, disputes, great suffering, and tragedies on the level of individual, the family, and the state. With the help of integral education, Kabbalah can lead humanity to realization of all its mistakes, without having to go through them all on its own skin.

And this is what Kabbalah advises people: give a person the right education as soon as possible so that he understands that the race for six material idols: food, sex, family, money, honor, and knowledge does not promise any success. Then this race will be short, thought through, and will quickly end, giving a beneficial result, that is, leading to the realization of evil.
From KabTV’s “New Life” #851, 4/17/17

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Thoughts And Mind

laitman_610_3Question: What are thoughts and mind?

Answer: Thoughts don’t exist by themselves. Thoughts are what happens in the mind. The mind is a derivative of desires. Our desires are a derivative of the desire of the Creator. The desire of the Creator is a derivative of His intention.

This precise chain is manifested in us in order to create desires. In this case, desires reveal thoughts, and thoughts weave the mind. Once a certain network of thoughts are formed within us and we can own and operate it, then we are able to evaluate our desires, the influences of the Creator, and try to connect our mind with His mind, and our desires with His desires.

Desires are primary, and the mind serves the desires. It turns out that the more desires a person has, the bigger his mind is that serves and satisfies them.

Question: Does it mean that highly egoistic people are smarter?

Answer: Elevated egoism means not large, but a versatile egoism. In this case, the human mind of a person is growing. Yet, if his egoism is large, but one-sided, his mind is very small and narrow.

Let’s say, I want to earn a billion dollars. Such egoism is one-sided. However, if I want to earn money, be a scientist, and know what the universe is, then my mind unfolds on all the desires. Therefore, it must be very versatile in order to be able to serve them.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/15/17

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There Is A Way Out Of The Egoistic Impasse

Laitman_115_05It is already clear to everyone that the nature of a person is egoistic and even the most merciful acts are committed by us for our own pleasure, otherwise we wouldn’t do them. It is impossible to approach egoism in order to change it, after all, it is nature that lies in our foundation.

If we try to limit it, then after all our tricks it will eventually grow even more. Every time we touch egoism, it increases; such a terrible monster lurks within us. You touch it lightly and it grows, touch it a little more, and it grows more. You want to destroy it, grab it, and it grows again! So, what can we do?

Only the force that created egoism can correct it. That is, we need not limit the egoistic desire itself; we need to turn to the force that created egoism and affect it through this force. Only then we can succeed. That is, we don’t destroy egoism and don’t grow it, but we want to manage it.

If egoism is our entire nature, then it is obvious that nothing can be done directly with it. However, the method of Kabbalah gives us the possibility of an alternative way: to turn to the force that created egoism and limit it through this force. Then we can become our own masters.

Otherwise, we can’t cope with our egoism. Egoism is our congenital disease, a kind of kleptomania. There were cases when rich, famous people suffered from kleptomania, a painful craving for theft. A woman comes into the store and steals a small spoon or some other small thing. It is a disease, so she can’t stop herself.

It is the same for a person based in egoism, who can’t cope with his desire to receive. If we tie his hands, he will try to grasp with his teeth. Such is our nature. People think that it is possible to overcome their egoistic desire. Yet this isn’t so. You can only offer it more favorable compensation. For example, a person wants to lose weight and look beautiful is ready to starve for this.

But it doesn’t mean he overcame his desire for food. He simply replaced this small egoistic desire to eat and enjoy food with a stronger egoistic desire to be slender. The desire itself hasn’t changed, only the use of it has.

Therefore, humanity must understand that it can’t do without the method of Kabbalah, otherwise the most developed countries will move to Nazism. Baal HaSulam wrote in the book The Last Generation that in the process of development, liberals and socialists suddenly turn into Nazis:. 

“It turns out that the world erroneously considers Nazism a particular offshoot of Germany. In truth, it is the offshoot of a democracy and socialism that were left without religion, manners, and justice. Thus, all the nations are equal in that; there is no hope at all that Nazism will perish with the victory of the allies, for tomorrow the Anglo-Saxons will adopt Nazism, since they, too, live in a world of democracy and Nazism. ”

According to the way democrats behave today in the US, it is the beginning of Nazism. After all, if the president was elected legally, he must be given an opportunity to act and govern the state. But the Democrats disagree with this and are doing everything to prevent it. The same soon will happen in Europe.

The problem isn’t in a specific person, but in the approach. The society has developed and matured in order to turn into a Nazi society.

Question: Does it mean that there is no way out, since it is impossible to change people’s egoistic nature?

Answer: There is a way out! There is a tool called the Returning Light, which is the upper Light, that is able to correct a person’s egoism. People need to know this. The most important thing is the recognition of evil. If Democrats remained in power, the world would inevitably come to a war. At the end of its term, Obama’s administration began to talk about a world war openly as about something inevitable.

Today, when Trump came to power, the war is already forgotten, and the situation began to calm down. However, this doesn’t suit left-wing parties.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2./1/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “What Is to Be Done?”

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