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Do Not Imagine That You Are Superhuman!

Question: From the point of view of the wisdom of Kabbalah, how should a person relate to the rapid growth of genetic technological systems?

This can significantly change the life of humanity: artificial intelligence, neural networks, artificial bodies as an attempt to lengthen life, the general project of cyborgization, decoding and modification of the human genome, and the immense streams of information that overwhelm our consciousness.

Can the development of a manmade system be a danger to spiritual development and are some researchers infringing on the role of the Creator?

Answer: We are inside a small, closed, egoistic desire and there is no reason to imagine ourselves as superhuman.
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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/12/17


Germany has lost the EU leadership. The EU is in stagnation. Now it’s France’s turn to lead the EU. Who is next?!

The EU didn’t keep its promises to bring its citizens a prosperous economy, jobs, equality and social security. This is Germany ‘s loss!

Only by mastering the method of connection above differences, can we enjoy ever greater contradictions that strengthen the connection.

Kabbalah—the method of connecting egoists—becomes revealed precisely because society now faces its egoism, yet must remain connected.

Likutey Halachot [Assorted Rules] Item 4: The main requirement for man is to achieve connection above contradictions to the degree of love

Specifically politicians, who are in constant conflict, can appreciate the merit of Kabbalah: creating connection above contradictions.

Kabbalah enables a two-tier human connection: natural selfishness and rejection below, altruism and attraction above. This is the correction!

Kabbalah enables connection ABOVE contradictions. That’s why in the future only Kabbalah will turn people into true liberal pluralists.

Our egoistic development will expose our inability to understand each other. Then, we’ll need to use Kabbalah for human connection.

Liberals, Republicans, and the Jews Between Them


From Twitter, 2/12/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/7/17


Trump wants to replace the elite and make America strong. The revolution is bloodless, yet the thirst for revenge could lead to civil war.

Unknowingly, people hate Jews specifically because they refuse to produce the positive force of nature and thereby balance human egoism.

Humans are egoists, yet the Torah demands to “love thy neighbor” by extracting the positive force of unity from nature. Jews can do this!

The Jews who are for and against Trump should try to unite above their differences. Otherwise, hatred will destroy both sides.

In nature, opposites don’t destroy each other. They complement each other to create a new level of life. We must learn this from nature.

The uniqueness of Kabbalah is that it can unify opposite qualities (views, desires, goals) of people, parties, and nations into one whole.

Why Jewish Political Activism Leads To Anti-Semitism


The world is getting increasingly anxious. My advice is to do whatever it takes to calm it down.

The World vs. Donald J. Trump


Ultra “Liberal” Self-Righteousness, Or, How Jews Invoke Anti-Semitism


The new era will be psychologically different from the old: direct, based in problem-solving, and despising political correctness.

Political correctness, humanism, liberalism & democracy-have become absurd. At this point they hinder themselves & cause their own death.
From Twitter, 2/7/17

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/5/17


World Kabbalah Convention 2017 in Tel Aviv


The surrounding world is a projection of our egoism. Don’t like the world? Then correct your own ego – not your shadow!

Instinctively, Trump opponents understand the need for change. They’re not ripe for it psychologically, and desperately cling to the old.

Reality check: when Trump calls a spade a spade, not being politically correct, could it be that we’re just not ready for it?

Liberalism led to Political Correctness. Since it’s feeding on our egoism, it is now overblown. It hinders us and needs to be replaced.

In the old world we used to lie to each other and not call a spade a spade. Trump reveals who we really are—that’s why we don’t like him.

Society’s development is driven by egoism, so contradictions will intensify. Kabbalah teaches how to connect in spite of contradictions.

Trump undermines the old world management system, which is dying, rather than being temporarily replaced. That’s why it keeps resisting.

Michael Laitman: Ultra “Liberal” Self-Righteousness, Or, How Jews Invoke Anti-Semitism


Ultra “Liberal” Self-Righteousness, Or, How Jews Invoke Anti-Semitism Antisemitism:


Michael Laitman: A Sober Look at Trump’s Immigration Ban and Its Protest MuslimBan


A Sober Look At Trump’s Immigration Ban And Its Protest MuslimBan


The world doesn’t realize: social development can’t be stopped. Trump might just be replaced by one who’s even more right & anti-liberal.
From Twitter, 2/5/17

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Only Education!

laitman_232_06Question: In my opinion, humans are a bunch of well-dressed savages. This is proven by the experience of the Nazis being cultured, informed, and educated. How many blows of fate are required for us to become human from the viewpoint of Kabbalah?

Answer: I believe that the blows will not help here. Only education will help,  in which we can attract the positive force of nature. This is the only problem!

We can talk, discuss, think, and philosophize about the necessity to somehow balance a person to make him good or maybe beat him with a stick to drive him toward happiness, but this won’t help! All of these methods have already been tried!

Without the positive force of nature, the negative force cannot change anything by itself. You can drive a person in a corner, sitting there trembling with fear and continue to beat him, but this will not change his nature! It is impossible to demand that a person change his nature! It is only possible to offer to show him how to awaken and attract the positive force to balance the negative force, but not destroy it! Nothing in the world was created without a reason! We just need to awaken and attract another force.

We will not accomplish anything with the blows! Humanity has already gone through enough suffering so that with the help of Kabbalists they will also understand that what we need is for the positive force to operate in balance with the negative force.

Question: I understand how electricity or electromagnetic waves appear. But how does the positive force of nature appear? How will I know that I have attracted it?

Answer: A person begins to feel that he only wants to use a positive attitude toward those who are near or far, toward all of humanity, and toward all of nature: the still, vegetative, and animate.

In the first stage of correction, he puts the positive force into his life. In the next stage, he corrects his negative nature with the positive force because it is not only necessary to bring out the positive force, but he must also correct the negative force with its help.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/3/16

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Babel—The Second Round, Part 2

laitman_933Question: What is the special force of attraction in the tribe?

Answer: A tribe is a womb, a mother, and a place where I can feel confident and secure. We are constituted by nature so that when we are among relatives we don’t worry about anything. Even if there is nothing to eat and the future is unknown, even if there is a war, I am inside the general force of nature that protects me.

This is also a psychological protection anyone understands. It is felt even if we come from a big city to a small town. Apart from this, the sense of security comes not from people, but from nature in general. Nature is like a big mother, and I am inside a little mother—my tribe.

Family is the smallest tribe. A person comes home into a warm family atmosphere and all the troubles and problems of the big world calm down. At least for an evening he can forget about all his problems and enjoy family comfort and companionship. He was stressed, but here he as if lands on a cushion of air, on a warm, calm, soft cloud.

This feeling is necessary for a person, especially for a man. A woman, because she is closer to nature, can deal with problems more easily than a man. Men are brave and eager to fight, but it is from fear of the problems and insecurity.

The woman in the family, although she can appear worried externally, in fact is the source of strength and calmness. Man receives the feeling of calmness in the family from a woman, and it helps him balance his life and relieve pressure and stress.

The tribe is exactly that shell, that frame, that is specifically designed for a person to live inside of and not to come out. The exit from the single tribe and division into many nations happened in ancient Babylon when great egoism erupted in people and they could no longer understand each other. Then they began to disperse throughout the globe, increasing the distance from each other because they began to quarrel.

If at that time they could have overcome their increased egoism, they would have retained their tribal ties on a higher level, above the increasingly growing egoism. Then they would have discovered the inner force within themselves, the positive force of nature that balances the negative force of egoism.

This is the secret of the mother’s womb; there is a positive force that we have yet to discover. If people followed the advice of Abraham in ancient Babylon, they would have discovered the upper force, the positive force of nature.

But since they followed their egoism, they dispersed from Babylon in all directions and until today each nation feels itself completely separated. Even among the people who initially lived as a single tribe, no unity remains.

The more egoism grew, the more a person instinctively moved away from others so our egoistic interests wouldn’t face each other. This is how the the modern world was created.

However, in the last 30 to 40 years, the world became global and integral like a small village and our egos our pushed together again. So what have we achieved over 3.500 years? We thought we were making our lives better and more comfortable, but it turned out that we returned to what we left and it became even worse.

Instead of few million Babylonians, today there are billions of people on Earth who can’t get along with each other. Our egoism won’t allow us to live in peace. It turns out that we will have to follow the advice Abraham gave in ancient Babylon and build the tribe between us that has to exist even if it was destroyed 3,500 years ago.
From KabTVs Program “A New Life” #794 11/29/16

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My Thoughts On Twitter, 2/2/17


Why do people hate Jews? Watch Into Truth: Cracking the Jewish Riddle documentary


We, Kabbalists, do not resent our critics. Their opposition advertises us. The ego cannot discover Kabbalah otherwise. #SPIRITUAL

Since Kabbalah becomes revealed out of concealment, the deceitful world can discover it (and us) only through slander, lies and opposition

Join our live Zohar lesson from Israel


Since the nature of creation is entirely egoistic, becoming an independent creation means rising above the ego

UC Berkeley’s student outrage: like children, desperate with the world’s unfairness, these “tolerant pluralists” smash and burn the campus

The True Face of Liberalism


The postwar bloom of liberal democracies and economies is over. Time gave birth to change. Donald Trump has become the symbol of it.

Although most Jews voted for Clinton, they now receive threats for “supporting Trump.” Evidently, hate needs no reason!

Israel must show the world how people can unite above their ego. This is its mission of being “a light unto the nations.”

It’s advisable for EU leaders to realize: with Trump they will solve their problems peacefully, without him—by war.
From Twitter, 2/2/17

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Summarizing 2016: The World Is Looking For New Ways

laitman_229Evolution moves forward, developing still, vegetative, and animate nature and humanity, each at its own pace. But the problem is that people don’t know that their development advances in accordance with the program embedded in nature.

It seems to them that they develop themselves according to their wishes. In fact, we can make plans, but the world is spinning in its own direction.

Just as in Russia they made an experiment, turning the country from feudalism to socialism for few dozens of years, and then they had to go back, because the experiment failed. Other countries have also attempted to change the course of development; there is no country that developed in a straight course. After all, nobody knows the law of nature so the development happens by such a circuitous route.

Lately the world is beginning to understand it is in  a global problem. We don’t know how to develop further because egoism exhausted itself and ceased to encourage us to develop. There is no competition that existed before. The young generation doesn’t want to live the way their predecessors did.

All the previous generations throughout the entire thousands-year-long history of humanity developed due to the fact that they wanted more and more. Today, it isn’t so; the young generation isn’t attracted to the values that their parents honored. Moreover, we can’t provide jobs for all of them.

They don’t want to study; each one is immersed in his smartphone and not interested in anything else. However, we will still have to provide them with all the necessities: clothing and food. The connection between a place of work and earnings will disappear.

First of all, there are many people who don’t work and get a lot due to the already existing causes. On the other hand, there are people who don’t work, but receive an allowance for life, consider it enough, and don’t want anything more. The connection between work and earnings is lost, and the pleasure from both has also disappeared.

A person doesn’t get any pleasure from work, earnings, family, children, or anything else. In the end, it turns out that he has no reason to live and the only thing left is drugs. So recently drugs are becoming legalized; otherwise, people will organize revolutions and riots across the country.

Question: In what direction is the world moving today?

Answer: The world is looking. But it is useless to look for new things at the old level. The world is in a global crisis. Everything is at a standstill; everything is ending because our egoism is no longer pushing us to the achievements in the material sphere. What can be done?

Here we need to understand that we can reach the nest degree of development only through unity. This is what happens in nature. It is necessary to rise!

Question: What will be the new pleasure in the new world?

Answer: The new pleasure is the revelation of the upper world, eternity, and perfection of human existence in a new dimension. It may seem unreal and imaginary, but it will happen.

A person’s internal attainment of his nature will be completely new, allowing him to escape from his body and see the world not through the limited physical sensors but above them. Then he will feel the eternal and perfect world.

Our egoism, dissatisfied with life and unable to be filled with it, will push us to this degree. We are right before this breakthrough that can be very easily implemented if we unite. Through our unity we can reach the next level of existence.

People feel that reality becomes surreal and changes, but it isn’t clear how. They can’t feel it yet because it doesn’t exist in our senses. We need to develop new sensory organs.

Question: How does this beautiful dream about the new world connect with today’s reality?

Answer: It connects perfectly because in essence, we are looking for fulfillment, we want to feel that we are perfect, elevated, and don’t live in vain. We want to exit the limits of our material body that will certainly die one day.

Kabbalah has the method that can make us eternal and perfect, can open the entire universe in front of us, and can raise us above the boundary of life and death, above all limitations.

Thus, we don’t lose anything of what we have today, but in addition, we gain perfection and eternity. It is possible, we just need to receive additional internal sensory organs to be able to exit ourselves and feel the reality located outside of us.

Question: Such a dream attracts many people, but they demand proof that it works. Can you prove it?

Answer: How can I prove it to someone who doesn’t have the spiritual sensory organs? Suppose we try to persuade a person who is blind from birth to undergo an operation in order to acquire sight. But he doesn’t understand what it means to be able to see. It seems to him that he feels everything as it is.

Likewise, it is impossible to explain to a person that he doesn’t have the perception of the external world, that it is independent of his body, and it allows him to feel eternal and perfect. It is impossible to explain this before a person acquires such perception. Let’s hope that in 2017 we will be able to convey this to people, and most importantly, to the Jews, so that they will understand their responsibilities.
From a “Talk About 2016 Results,” 12/25/16

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Babel—The Second Round, Part 1

Laitman_115_05Question: The word “tribe” has a primitive, savage tone, but, at the same time, it speaks about a special connection between people that has been lost in the modern Western world.

No wonder the books of Sebastian Junger, American journalist, author, and filmmaker, who traveled to the most dangerous hot spots of the world, including war-torn Afghanistan and Sarajevo, have become so popular.

Upon his return, he related that the strongest feeling he brought from there was the sense of “tribe” and mutual support. Most of all he was impressed with the peace and confidence that he felt there despite the war and gunfire.

However, once he returned home to New York he began to suffer from fear and post traumatic stress disorder. He understood that while being in the dangerous zone he was experiencing the special feeling of unity that protected him, and when he returned home he became depressed due to the loss of this feeling and the sense of inner emptiness.

What have we humans lost by distancing from the “tribal clan”?

Answer: Humanity came from the womb of nature. We all are the descendants of a single couple that later reproduced again and again. All the couples that came from the first one never left each other. The connection between generations, meaning between parents, children, and grandchildren was preserved. Parents love their children and even their grandchildren more and it strongly binds us together.

We don’t notice it in modern times, but people felt a great closeness to their relatives: uncles, aunts, cousins, and so on. By nature we are created in such a way that we would have continued to live together if not for our egoism that alienated and divided us.

When growing egoism wedges between us, it breaks our natural connections and replaces them with the business relationships: “Go and earn from one another.” Then instead of being connected through the hearts, we seek to connect our pockets in order to earn more.

So we are interested not in the warmth of our relationships, but only in the size of gain or loss in our own primitive, direct, and egoistic benefit.

So it is not surprising that today children don’t feel affection toward their parents, but remember them only to the extent they can use them.

And parents, because of their big egoism and the influence of society also don’t pay much attention to their children; they send them to be educated at school and in various circles. When a child grows up, he is released into life and in the best case, parents talk to him on the phone.

It turns out that we have lost not just the sense of the native tribe, a big family, but also the sense of family in general, even the smallest one. A person comes home from work and there is no one there. He sat alone at work in his office and he is alone at home. He communicates with the world through the screens of the phone, TV, and computer and doesn’t need anybody around him.

We don’t understand how much surrounding ourselves by four cold walls as in an “iron cage” separates us from the native tribal connections, family, human contact, warmth, and engagement. 

It started when our egoism became more important to us than the natural ties between us. It began thousands of years ago in ancient Babylon and spread around the world. People began to lose the feeling of unity and connection.

In ancient Babylon, people lived who understood and felt each other. However, when egoism flared up, it began to divide people into family clans. So many different nations appeared. Egoism began to demonstrate its force of separation. First it separated people into families, and in our time it breaks the bonds even within the family, separating people from each other.

We are now at the second round of the Tower of Babel. In the ancient Babylon, people felt they were trapped inside one city, and today we are locked on Earth. The same phenomena has returned, but now at a global level.
From KabTVs Program “A New Life” #794 11/29/16

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You Should Be Envious!

laitman_552_02In the News (Huffington Post): “Your friend gets a dream car while you’re still driving a piece of junk. Or your nemesis is marrying Mr. Right while your love life is anything but a fairytale. Whatever the scenario, we’re all bound to feel jealous at some point or another. And it’s not a fun feeling.

“But a new study says we can look forward to seeing green less often with each coming birthday. Indeed, researchers from the University of California, San Diego say envy is more common among younger people. …

“Overall, the majority of people reported feeling envious in the last year — but jealous feelings fell after age 50. Around 80 percent of under-30s recalled feeling envy in the past year but that dropped down to under 70 percent for people over 50.  …

“Across the board, people seemed to be jealous of those similar to them — of the same gender and around the same age. But there were differences between young and old. Younger people were more likely to envy another for their looks, educational accomplishments and romantic success. Older people were more likely to be envious of things like wealth and career success. For example, around 40 percent of younger people reported being jealous of someone because of their romantic conquests, but that number dropped down to around 15 percent for people over 50.

“Researchers say the findings show that envy reflects the things we value. For older people, that seems to be wealth and being established.”

My Comment: First, this is incorrect. Scientists have understood correctly that one can envy someone who is more or less equal to you because he shows you what could be yours, but isn’t.

If I live in a certain place, I think of others who live in the same place and if my neighbor buys a new car, I will envy him. But if I look at the son of a king, I realize he is the son of the king.

This means that everything is assessed in my feelings as profit or loss. But if it is on a higher or lower level than my own, I don’t focus on it. Everyone feels envy. It is the major basic attribute of the ego.

Comment: Scientists emphasize that envy is a nasty trait.

My Response: It isn’t nasty. You might say that about all of our nature: the desire to enjoy is disgusting and terrible. And it is expressed in everything, no matter what and how.

You can educate every person to envy both kings and common people. After all, we see how nations rebel even against their kings. This means that you can go up or down this “elevator” as you wish.

Question: Is envy an important attribute?

Answer: It is an essential attribute! You cannot advance without it. A person even envies himself: he compares the way he was yesterday to the way he is today. Yesterday, for example he was healthy and today he feels a bit worse.

Envy is a feeling of one state compared to another and if I cannot compare, I feel very bad because I cannot build any protective systems or systems that will help me advance and develop.

Comment: According to Kabblists, envy helps a person enter the spiritual world.

My Response: Of course, if we don’t envy Kabbalists who describe what heights they have reached, how will we be able to attain them?

This is white envy, because they want to share their experience with us. There cannot be black envy here. I know it from my own experience; when I was by the side of a great Kabbalist, I did not feel black envy toward him because he had something I didn’t.

After all, he revealed and gave me everything that he could to push me to the level he had reached and even higher.

This is the reason that there must be envy, but it is Light, because the Kabbalists are calling us, drawing us, helping us, and holding us like babies. Every teacher wants his student to attain his level. The student must envy the teacher and know that he can attain much more.

So you should be envious!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/7/16

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