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Marijuana By Prescription

Laitman_058Comment: Israeli health minister Jacob Litzman announced that in six months doctors in Israel will be able to give prescriptions for marijuana without the authorization of the health ministry. Today only 36 doctors are allowed to do so, but when the law is passed people will be able to get marijuana with a prescription in regular pharmacies.

It is interesting to note that people in Russia are prosecuted for drug offenses.

Answer: It is a matter of months before the same thing happens in Russia.

The whole world is going in this direction.

A couple of years ago when the campaign against cigarette smoking began, I warned that by banning cigarettes governments will encourage the use of drugs. You give a person a piece of bread, a glass of water, and a cigarette and he is happy. With stupefied eyes he will watch TV, football, soap operas, etc.

A person needs to be satisfied so that he won’t rebel, won’t make noise, and won’t object to the government and the state. Politicians realize this and fulfill such small requests and “take care” of people, throwing them crumbs just so long as they are quiet and let the government take control.

Question: Do you believe that the authorization of drugs is so that mankind will be obedient?

Answer: Of course, this will continue until the number of the world population gradually decreases from seven billion to let’s say one billion. When people don’t want to have families, and marriage becomes meaningless, humanity will shrink within one generation by at least half, and within two generations by four or five times. So I think that by 2050 there will only be two billion people left in the world.

Question: And the reason for that will be the legalization of drugs?

Answer: No. The reason for everything that happens is egoism. Once it reaches the limit of its growth, it begins to devour itself. It is just like children in very rich families where everything is allowed and so they go wild not knowing what to do. The ego is the same. It exceeds itself and becomes a monster that devours its own tail. It has no rationality.

Question: Does that mean that a person fills himself in order to forget? Is this why he needs drugs?

Answer: Of course, there is nothing he can do about it. The only answer is to educate people.

By educating them we insert the positive force into the world, the energy that balances the negative force, and between these two forces we can exist in a rational, correct, and clear manner.

We have a lot to exist for—for the revelation of the next level of our evolution: the universe, Ein Sof (Infinity), the world of the souls, the world of wholeness and eternity. We want to attain all that now and in a realistic manner, and if we don’t attain it, we simply take drugs since in its better to feel nirvana. What do we have in this world? I open my eyes and what do I see? A world that I want to withdraw from, to forget?

See how many people are in a state of detachment today when they are forced to use antidepressants. There is so much depression. It even happens to kids and pets, not mention adults.

Indeed a person finds no point in existing in this world, especially when he is no longer keen to work, to explore space, to achieve things in life, to discover something new, nothing. When we lose interest in sex and food we will have nothing left but to disconnect through chemical nothingness.

Question: Are you for or against the drug law?

Answer: I am neither for nor against it. Everyone is managed by our general egoism. Both the legislators and the drug dealers, everyone operates as the ego forces them to. So if we don’t bring the positive force that balances the negative egoistic force into our world, we will perish.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/21/16

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Soros Is Not Our Brother

400Question: The human rights organization Human Rights Watch is supported by the well-known Jewish philanthropist George Soros who appealed to commercial companies and banks demanding they cease any cooperation with the Israeli settlements and occupied territories, including the Jewish quarters in East Jerusalem.

It is hard enough that the EU wants to neutralize us and to realize that we are not liked, and then Soros also comes along.

Answer: It is no secret that Jews are behind anti-Israeli movements, and we cannot ignore that. Jews once again are leading themselves to annihilation and believe that their actions are right.

200 years ago, before the destruction of the Second Temple, we were on a spiritual level and lived in connection between us according to the principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Things changed after the destruction of the Second Temple, and we fell from that level to the level of unfounded hatred.

Since then we have been in a state called exile. Exile refers to the fall from the high level we were on to a level of ordinary relations in this world, and here we are the worst. When we are under great pressure, we help one another because the instinct of survival in a pack switches on. But when we don’t feel the threat of a war and one of us climbs to the top, he suffocates the others even more. There is no need for anti-Semites—take a Jew like Soros, for example, who does his job faithfully.

Since the relations between us have been inverted and unfounded hatred replaced love, we don’t treat each other like all other nations treat each other. We don’t love; we reject one another and are ready to give, sell, dispose of, and disconnect from one another. This results from undergoing the destruction,  and it is the state we are in today. It is called the destruction of the Second Temple, our destruction.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about our history and about the love that is gone and the revelation of hatred. So, Soros, the advisors of president Obama, and other Jews in leading positions in Europe and the US call for boycotting Israel and lead the anti-Semitic attacks on our nation.

Therefore, I don’t see them as our brothers. We were brothers before the destruction of the Second Temple, and since then we hate each other until this very day. We must accept that fact, even though we don’t understand it. We are only brothers in times of trouble because we are together under pressure. Only when we begin to connect will we become brothers again, and then will cancel the external hatred aimed at us.

Question: What will push us to connect and unite?

Answer: There are two ways: the immense sufferings that we undergo in order to change our attitude toward one another and thus realize what we must do for ourselves and for the world or through the path that the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about, which is an internal, moral revolution we must undergo in order to unite in a peaceful manner.

We have a method of spiritual connection called the wisdom of Kabbalah, and this is the reason that this wisdom is revealed today. We must implement it and disseminate it all over the world, as it is written, “And you shall keep [them] and do [them], for that is your wisdom and your understanding in the eyes of the peoples,” and we mustn’t conceal it.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/19/16

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Turkey – Otherwise The Refugees Will Come To You

Laitman_727Comment: Turkey is demanding an additional allocation of around three billion dollars from the European Union in exchange for stopping the flow of immigrants into Europe.

Answer: It is unreasonable for the government of Turkey to agree to stop the stream of immigrants otherwise Turkey would become like Europe.

Question: Do you suppose that the government of Turkey will take the money and still release the refugees?

Answer: The Turks will have no choice but to apologize and allow the refugees to pass since immense masses of refugees are gathering in Turkey who are breaking through and penetrating into Europe through every breach in the border, and there are many. It is not clear why Turkey would be willing to take upon such pressure and risk in exchange for only three billion dollars; after all, taking care of the refugees requires a much more.

Comment: It seems that there is no way out of the situation. What is your prediction in connection with this?

Answer: I have a very clear prediction for humanity. The journey of the immigrants from the depths of the Muslim world into the depths of European civilization is a historic process the like of which has never existed in any of the previous conquests and migrations of people in all times.

A new era is beginning in the history of humanity. Humanity is undergoing very serious changes, like the final contractions before birth, like a fetus whose time comes to be born and begins to squirm, to strike with its legs and hands at the uterus of its mother, and finally turns with its head below to be born into the atmosphere of the world. That is also how humanity, all the old paradigms, reasons, theories, methods, and cultures as a whole will be overturned. And then humanity will be reborn on the next level of development. This birth is approaching; we are beginning to enter into the prenatal stage. Ahead of us are very serious and yet very interesting times.

Question: What is supposed to be born?

Answer: It is a new humanity, a united world, people who are connected together, who understand that they belong to a single body, to a single system, to a single soul, which is called “Adam.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/19/16

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