The World Needs Heroin

laitman_293Comment: The drug baron Joaquin Guzman, known as “El Chapo” (meaning “the short”), who tops the list of the most dangerous criminals, was arrested in Mexico. The interview he gave the actor and director Sean Penn probably led to his arrest.

The guy was “burnt,” as they say, for his ideal. He wanted to discuss the possibility of making an autobiographical movie, and he proudly related in the interview that he has a fleet of ships, submarines, airplanes, trucks, and boats. He admitted that he was probably engaged in a business that wasn’t the cleanest one, but that where he was born there is no other business. He provides the world with more heroin, cocaine, and marijuana than anyone else in the world.

Answer: I believe that the world today needs heroin and these “short guys” to serve it. The drug baron felt that he was an ideologist who was saving, healing, and tranquilizing people to some extent. It isn’t about money or control but actually about the idea that the world needs it.

In fact, the world does need drugs, and the way we live today a person who uses drugs actually protects himself from a crazy world. Therefore, we cannot accuse people of selling and using drugs. No matter what we say, both the state and the public gradually accept it. Humanity has reached a stage of helplessness, and the only option is either to lose consciousness of this world or to heal.

If we want to heal, we need to change the world because it cannot exist in its current state. We are witnessing its gradual decline in the breakup of families, in children drawing away from their parents, in people’s resistance and reluctance regarding everything, and in their total indifference. Fields like art, science, and television, which used to satisfy humanity and by which man differed from animals, no longer satisfy us. Today the difference between man and animals is the mobile phone, which is also the embodiment of the same emptiness we see on computer and TV screens.

For ages there was religion, philosophy, and art, which filled humanity and served as a kind of a social platform that helped us develop. There was a desire to develop mankind, to raise children and have a family. People felt secure and expected a wonderful future. But today we don’t expect anything.

Now people like “Shorty” show us the futility of our lives, and thus we want to get rid of them and put them in prison, when, in fact, Mexico itself is starting to give out marijuana in order to control it.

We have reached a state in which humanity needs to choose between putting itself to sleep or changing the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/11/16

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