Should They Starve?

laitman_622_02Comment: Every year in Israel two million tons of food, costing billions of shekels, is thrown away. Consequently more than 35% of the food products are discarded. In 2015 the losses due to food waste was about 18 billion shekels.

Answer: How can we balance that? Should we post a policeman next to every Israeli who will check their garbage cans or to persuade them not to buy or throw away what is left over? Should we set it aside for the hungry and the poor?

Should we found an organization that will collect the surpluses of food products and give it to the needy? It will not work.

There is no method that can prevent this except for the re-education of people. Each of us should be hurt by the thought that I have and others don’t, that I eat and another is hungry, that I throw away what other people have worked so hard for and that could be useful.

We have to bring people to make the most optimal use everything in the world. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us, that you should only use what you need in order to exist. It is necessary to properly relate to the world that was created just so for you to exist in physically, while your heart and mind would be in the upper world, yearn for it, and you will get there!

An animal in our world never eats more than it needs and doesn’t store anything if its instincts don’t require that. On the other hand, man constantly stuffs himself with more and more, and is thus killing himself. He kills all that is spiritual in him. His brain ceases to work on something else. It is said: “a righteous eats to revive his soul.”

The right education gives a person a feeling that he doesn’t need all that; it is too much; I can give what I don’t need to others; everything should equal.

Comment: Does this means that what a person needs is food, good health, and a roof over his head?

Answer: Yes, but at the same time I also have to make sure that others should have the same.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/7/16

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