What Are We Wasting Our Life On?

laitman_546_03Question: If all the people begin to engage in spiritual development, who will produce all the corporeal goods and pleasures so that those who develop spiritually will be able to live in this world?

Answer: First, we should engage in both.

Second, if we engage only in what is essential to fill our corporeal body, we would produce 90% less than what we produce today. In other words, we wouldn’t live just in order to produce, sell, and throw away these products, and we would live a more peaceful life.

We would engage in spiritual development and attain perfect states instead of living in continuous tension and disappointment.

Material abundance doesn’t give us anything, what’s the point in it? A person only needs the basic necessities. The huge range of products is only the outcome of someone’s great desire to make a profit.

A person only needs bread and a few grains, a few types of cheese, vegetables, a little meat, chicken, and fish in order to lead a normal life. The main thing is that it is a healthy diet.

The abundance of products is only beneficial for their manufacturers. I realize that people invent new food products and other goods, but why should we have to suffer chasing after them? Is it because advertising forces us to? Is this what our life is spent on?!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/25/15

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