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The Concerns Of The Future Society

laitman_627_1Question: Modern society can feed great numbers of people, but it cannot occupy them. What will it do with them?

Answer: Every individual is important because he contains part of the general soul that has to undergo its correction during many life cycles while here in this world.

Therefore it is forbidden to kill people. Everyone should live according to the time nature has given him and fulfill his destiny during this lifetime.

This will actually be the concern of the future society, which Baal HaSulam speaks about in his article “Peace in the World.” Everyone is special and no one can replace him in correcting his part in the mosaic of the general system of the one soul called Adam.

The future society will spend minimal time on supplying its basic needs, and will provide every individual with everything he needs, whether he works or not, including altruistic integral education for the correction of his soul, that is, the complete unity of all the members of society.

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Anti-Semitic Jews

laitman_628_2Question: Lately, we hear more and more, and you also write that the Jews won’t stop for anything, and they participate in the most anti-Semitic organizations—if they are allowed in there, of course.

In all of this, how can you explain the desire of Jews to be found among anti-Semites? Is it only because of fear and a desire to seek protection there?

Answer: As an example, let’s take a distant and critical time for humanity that led to the appearance of Christianity and the diaspora of the Jews—the destruction of the Jewish nation 2,000 years ago.

Many Jews became lost among the Romans, and even before then, in the period of the Maccabees, many Jews became Hellenists, and that is how it has been until today. If a Jew becomes disconnected from Judaism, he develops a desire to justify himself, to stand out in the new society.

He acquires the characteristics of non-Jews, meaning that a Jew is someone who has connections of mutual bestowal to the system of the upper world. If he loses this connection, then the opposite characteristic, egoism, appears and directs him in every possible way against the members of his former people, because Jews are not a people united by biology, but are an ideologically purposeful group of ethnically diverse people.

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The Best Profession

laitman_254_02Comment: Scientists have studied which profession most reduces human lives. For 17 years during 140,000 people were studied.

According to their findings, the groups most at risk included engineers, workers who provide services, clerks, copywriters, and teachers. On the other hand, professions most favorable to people’s health included street cleaners and miners.

Answer: The work of a street cleaner is clear. They are outside everyday breathing fresh air sweeping the streets, and so they are close to nature although they live in the city. Mining is a risky profession, but on the other hand it is below the surface of the earth, away from people and in a different ecological area, so although it is hard work, it is in a different atmosphere, in the virgin atmosphere of the earth. Forest keepers and gardeners are also favorable professions.

Question: Do you believe that the best professions are those that allow people to keep away from other people?

Answer: Yes, of course! But if we begin to correct our mutual relations it will be totally different. If we don’t correct them, you should really keep away from this pack. After all, what makes up human society is incredible.

Question: What do you think is the best and healthiest profession?

Answer: I don’t want to use high language, but my profession as a teacher and an educator is very important. It is a noble profession, although thankless profession.

But I am still very hopeful. I love people even though I am a loner by nature and I cannot establish close relations with people. I have changed a little lately and I think it isn’t only because I have grown older but because I engage in my science.

Today I understand people’s weaknesses and love them with all their weaknesses. I hope I will be able to bring them something good and that they will be able to hear and understand the profound wisdom that is 6,000 years old, and which is the basis of all the corporeal sciences, religions, and philosophies.

I have not lost hope that I will be able to help humanity in some way, to ease the changes that it is about to undergo: climatic and social changes. This is the reason I regard the work of an educator as a very healthy profession. I urge all those who cherish the wisdom of Kabbalah to try and acquire this profession because it is important and special since those who engage in it leave people something.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/14/15

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The Management Of Israel And The Management Of The Nations Of The World

laitman_933Midrash Rabba,” Parshat Balak: In the answer that Balak received from the sages of Midian they said, “This snake, Moses, suckled from our breast. A Midianite invited him into his home, gave his daughter to him for a wife and provided him with money. And after leaving the house of his father-in-law, Moses destroyed the Egyptian people. Do you want to know where the power of Moses and his disciples is? It is in their mouths. When they cry out to God, He fulfills all of their requests. Therefore defeat the Jews with their weapon, we advise you to call to Balaam, whose power of speech is not less than that of Moses.”

In the Torah it is said that there was no prophet among the Jews who attained a level higher than Moses, and among the nations of the world, more than Balaam.

Between them, meaning between the positive and negative forces, there must be a balance. Otherwise, if you don’t begin to balance between one and the other, you cannot develop.

When you ascend the ladder of spiritual worlds, you constantly move from level to level, and in each of them the powers of right and left must be equal.

Question: Are you saying that the management of Israel must necessarily be compatible with the management of the nations of the world?

Answer: I am not talking about history and I don’t want to stand one physical or spiritual war against another or the management of one or the other because in the physical world, everyone is an egoist.

A person who ascends the spiritual levels walks on “two legs,” the right and left lines; his heart and mind rise higher and higher in the correct integration between them. This is because the system of higher management, the revelation and creation system of the Creator, consists of two opposing forces.

You will not discover, recognize, see, understand, or describe the Creator in any other way! You need to portray Him in front of you on your screen.

On our internal screen, we now apparently see the world that surrounds us. Actually we are looking inside of ourselves and the illusion appears to us as if we are seeing something in front of us. But in fact, the two opposing forces must draw the same image, the same system of management on our screen, the same thought of creation that is called the Creator.

All this is found in each one of us. And what is outside of us? We don’t know and don’t understand this.

That is, in normal spiritual advancement my left leg is Balaam, Balak, and the rest of the negative forces, and my right leg is the people of Israel, Moses, etc. And they are all opposed to each other and equal on every level. Precisely between them, when you completely lose the difference between the two systems, you can ascend.

The ascent is only made upward, according to whatever criterion is called “upward.” When there is no preference for one force or another, right and left must be equal! So what is the force? It is an invisible component called the middle third of Tifferet. That is where everything is concealed. It is above you!

When you reach the right opposition between the two systems, the two opposing forces, darkness and Light, then you begin to understand the thought of creation of the Creator, that which existed before the creation of the world is found above this. In other words, you need to rise to that point from which these two systems of forces were created, the thought of creation.

There are also two parts in the thought of creation even though the system is much greater. One part is the program that descends downward, creating the two systems of forces and the spiritual worlds. First there is the system of management, after that our world, and then on the level of our world, nature: the still, vegetative, animate, and human.

The second part is the higher thought of creation that is found above the program and system of management, through which everything is realized in our world.

And beyond this, everything is concealed. In the meantime we have no possibility of discovering what is found above the thought of creation. We feel something, but cannot perceive it. We have not yet developed the appropriate Kelim for this.

So the Kabbalists say that everything is hidden, absolutely obscure there. These states are called GAR de Atzilut. GAR is the upper three Sefirot of the world of Atzilut, where the entire connection with our world is concealed.

There are completely different characteristics there that we cannot attain until after the complete end of correction, in the unification of all the systems, where there is no difference between the right and left lines, between good and evil.

When we rise above this, the foundation for understanding this secret level begins to be created within us. It is a secret to us because we are not able to ascertain it today; we lack the resolution for perceiving it. But in any case, everything that exists beyond time and space, beyond our world, is found within the person.

So these two opposing forces are not revealed in our world in any form. That is, true egoism and altruism are not at all what we see on the physical level.

They are discovered only in the internal resistance of people who ascend above them. For example, when a group of friends who want to rise spiritually gathers among the people of Israel, precisely then these characteristics appear in them.

The Torah, meaning the Light that works on those people who want to ascend, was written precisely for them. And therefore the only condition for ascent is to be “as one person with one heart,” meaning using egoism correctly.

And then we discover within us all the characters that are described in the Torah and everything that is written in it as forces on the path toward the best development.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/8/15

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Scientists Believe In God

Laitman_083Question: According to statistics, more than one-half of materialistic scientists believe in God. They comprise 54 to 85% in their various countries. In spite of this, you mentioned that it is not so simple for scientists to believe in God.

Answer: It is possible to divide the scientists’ opinions into several categories. In the meantime, there are people who automatically believe in God. Some do “just in case.” There are those who are in doubt and say, “We don’t know everything. It could be that there is some force,” and there are scientists who have Galileo’s or Spinoza’s views or others, meaning that God is nature, the supreme, upper intellect.

The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about God as the collective intellect above our beastly nature.

When we connect among ourselves—and that is possible through annulling the ego and rising above it in connection with each other, according to the principle of “Love your neighbor as yourself”—then one, common intellect is formed between us, which is called Creator, God. That’s all, and there is nothing supernatural about it.

If scientists would think this way, it would be good since then they would do it themselves and advise everyone to connect in order to attain the supreme intellect. Then science would become the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 12/10/15

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