Creating The World Of Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe amazing system called Jethro is part of the general spiritual system that includes egoistic attributes as well as several altruistic attributes that are totally the opposite.

The connection between Jethro and Moses was kept through Zipporah and the children.

Question: Why was Moses allowed to marry Zipporah, Jethro’s daughter? Is it because the nation wasn’t divided into tribes then?

Answer: We mustn’t look at that from the perspective of division. All the biblical figures throughout history took wives from hostile tribes. Jacob, for example, married Rachel and Leah who were the daughters of his greatest enemy Laban.

Jethro doesn’t support or side with Moses either, but there is a very clear connection between them as Jethro is totally immersed in Pharaoh (the ego) with one foot and, thanks to that, can be connected to Moses.

The question is about what Moses did with Jethro for forty years. Why did he need this intermediate level? Forty years is the level of Bina on every level.

Having studied forty years with Pharaoh, Moses spends the next forty years with Jethro and only then does he spend the same number of years with the nation of Israel.

Question: If Pharaoh is the higher level of study, why must he study from Jethro afterward?

Answer: It is in order to know how to change to the attribute of bestowal. A true connection is formed between opposite attributes, just as was the case with Jacob and Laban’s daughters. What is more, Jacob had concubines and servants who also had his children. This may seem like an unclear mess, but this is how the world of desires is created, and this is how they are tightly connected.

Ruth, the mother of King David’s dynasty, belonged to Moab, which was a nation that hated the Israelis. David’s heir is the Messiah Son of David, who will bring the entire world to unity many years later at the end of time.

An ordinary person who doesn’t see the whole picture doesn’t see the beginning and the end, the entrance and the exit of this system. He doesn’t understand why it closes this way, but the integral system closes precisely in this way.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/21/14

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