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The Precariat – The Basis Of Future Society

Dr. Michael Laitman

In the News (Tolkovatel): “In Western society is an isolated social group, the precariat – a disadvantaged group not bound to any state or society. Tens of millions of young people are characterized by apathy and ignorance.

“They travel throughout countries in search of new experiences and odd jobs. In developed countries, they make up half the population.

“There is no middle in modern society: there are only the upper and lower layers. In Western society, five groups can be distinguished according to their occupation.

  1. Elite – a miniscule group of the rich, influencing governments.
  2. Salariat – the upper middle layer, have stable employment, employees of governmental institutions.
  3. Professionals – employed on a contract basis due to their skills.
  4. The core – the “old” working class.
  5. Precariat – socially not established, have no job security.

“In Russia, the precariat is 40 million individuals who are able to work and who are employed in the informal labor market.

“The country removed itself from solving social problems; the population is becoming more wild; there is a lack of knowledge and desire to fit into the post-industrial world; infantilism hinders fitting into society; young people are reluctant to become engaged in scientific research; scientific professions are not popular and there is a lack of interest in science (in the USA, professions in science are one of the most popular).

“The whole world is faced with an increase in the number of “unwanted people” – the precariat. This problem in particular, will arise with the replacement of people with machines in industry and in the office world. This will lead to the destruction of the consumer economy, which is the basis of today’s world, as most people will not be able to continue to consume in present volumes.

“The answer to this is to change the formation – either the onset of the New Middle Ages or socialism with a high degree of egalitarianism.”

My Comment: The repetition of the past is impossible and has never happened. These “unwanted people,” which is up to 90% of the population, will go through integral education and will form the basis of a new society.

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The Future Is A Homogeneous Society

laitman_944First of all, we must get a general idea about the state of our world today to understand where it is sliding to, to what precipice it is heading. Secondly, we must realize that we, humanity, have no way of overcoming any problem.

The only solution is to become like nature. Nature is entirely global and integral. We are all mutually linked around the world. So, we need to have the same form as nature. Only then will we reach wholeness.

All of nature is drawn and attracted toward wholeness, reciprocity, and equivalence of form. Similar to the atmosphere where masses of cold and warm air are balanced, the wind arises between pressure and lack of pressure, bringing everything into balance. So, we also must connect amongst us so that society will become homogeneous, absolutely united.

We must reach this state. Otherwise, we will enter into a collision with nature, something that will lead to an inevitable explosion.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/4/15, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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The Nation Of Cohens

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is “the nation of Cohens (priests)?”

Answer: Imagine those who went through spiritual ascents starting with Abraham, Aaron, and Moses, and then broke and fell into this world. Now, they should become the nation of priests, that is, intersperse among all the nations of the world.

In fact, we don’t know where part of our ten tribes are since they disappeared among the other nations. Now, they are subconsciously ready to resume spiritual work.

As soon as we start our work of establishing correct interaction, balance, similarity, and integration of the will to receive with the desire to bestow, including opposite properties that obviously exist in the people of Israel, we will immediately see an upsurge of the Cohens in the world (our ten tribes) and the start of their spiritual mission. It’s as if a huge magnet will agitate the periphery. It will pull and elevate other nations.

Question: How can one determine that one comes from the nation of Cohens?

Answer: One can do so in accordance with one’s internal aspirations. Someone’s nationality doesn’t matter, nor does one’s origin or parameters. Suddenly, it will become apparent that one comes from the lost tribe. It is an aftermath of the shattering of the spiritual structure.

There are certain parts of the general soul who know exactly where they come from. Those are the Jews. However, there are parts that are unaware of why they are dominated by an inner rejection of  Jews. And yet, they are connected with the Jews very tightly and this explains their negativity. In any anti-Semitism there is always a bit of a Jew.

Question: It is said that Aaron constantly exerted to strengthen peace in the world and that’s why the Creator ordained him to be the high priest, so that he would bring peace to the upper congregation. What does the upper congregation mean?

Answer: The upper congregation are those souls that have already attained the state of merging with the Creator and serve as conduits between Him and those whom they are supposed to teach, unite, stimulate, and assist. They are great spiritual teachers who represent an interaction unit between us and the upper force of universe.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/14/14

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Everyone Wants Things To Be Good For Them

laitman_547_06Everyone wants things to be good for them in this world. But we need to understand that in this world things will not be better. They will only get worse.

Why do all of these bad forces come into the world? They force us to search for a solution, and there is only one solution. All of these forces press on us so that we would rise to another level of existence.

Until now, we have developed on the level of the still, vegetative, and animate. Nothing else exists in our world. Our entire existence is like the animate level, as it is written, “They all seem like beasts” (Baal HaSulam, Letter 8; Psalms 49:13). All our existence is like an animal, we are almost on the same level.

If we want to rise to the level of Adam (Man), then we must become similar to the Creator, for it is specifically this that indicates being Adam, from the word “Domeh” (similar). This is a new level of existence.

At the present time we are compelled to rise to a new level. For that, all of the forces of nature are concentrating on this. They are pushing us and force us to rise, and the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed and helps us to rise and exit to the next level.

In our current form we are never going to have a better life. I’ve warned about this for the past ten years.Before when I started talking about the crisis, everyone laughed and no one would believe me. I had the opportunity to talk about this with expert economists and scientists, and they just  laughed when they heard me speak about the crisis. They all argued that there was no crisis. But today no one disputes that there is a crisis, and that is has no solution.

In fact, nothing special is required of a person. We just need to engage in our method of integral education, and through the unique bond that it forms between all of us and through this connection, we attain the Light that Reforms, and our lives will be miraculously changed.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/4/15, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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The Holiday Of The Fruit Trees

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today [February 4th]is the Jewish holiday, Tu B’Shevat (Arbor Day). What is the spiritual meaning of this holiday from the Kabbalistic perspective?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah deals with the evolution of man until he reaches the level of the uppermost force of nature. In the meantime, this force is concealed from us, but we can discover it to the extent that we grow. The best symbol of growth is the tree. Therefore, the new year of the trees is celebrated on the 15th of the month of Shevat (Tu B’Shevat) according to the Hebrew calendar. During this time, the trees begin to grow again and to bloom, which means that nature revolves from withering during the fall until the summer when everything begins to open up and to bloom. On this day, there is a switch toward regrowth in the land of Israel, and therefore we celebrate it. This holiday is related to fruit, to the gifts of the land and mainly of the trees. This does not refer to what the land itself produces, the vegetables, but to different kinds of fruit. People eat fruit and drink wine.

This holiday symbolizes a person’s growth since man is called the tree in the field. The Torah says that a man, during his lifetime,  is like a tree in the garden. Therefore, he should be looked after and taken care of if we want him to bear fruit and not to grow like a wild tree.

It is emphasized that the holiday of Tu B’Shevat is not just a celebration of trees, but the holiday of the cultivated trees that bear fruit, which means those that were looked after and from which man expects fruit, just like a person who develops spiritually. In that case, we must take care of the tree: to hoe around it, water it, clean the fruit with steam, cover them from the cold, and prune the leaves and branches. There are 39 actions that must be performed on trees, and they are all an allegory of the spiritual work that a person must internally perform on himself. Then, he will grow and bear the right fruit. The holiday of Tu B’Shevat reminds us that we are a fruit tree that must bear good, sweet fruit. We must think about that and take care of ourselves properly.

Question: What is the meaning of fruit?

Answer: Fruit is the human part in us that grows so that it can be picked from the tree, blessed, and eaten. The fruit unites and integrates the common work of the Creator and man. Man must take care of the tree and exert himself in every possible way. The Creator gives the Light and all the minerals in the earth for that, and eventually, they receive the fruit. All of a person’s work add up to the fact that he now can eat that fruit in order to bestow for the Creator’s sake.

I wish everyone a happy Tu B’Shevat, and bless you all to grow and be a good tree!
From KabTV’s “Tu B’Shevat” 2/4/15

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Bringing Benefit To Society Until One’s Last Breath

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a man became famous in the world thanks to his exceptional achievements, does it release him from the fear of death?

Answer: I don’t think that there is a man who is not afraid of death if he understands that death is the end. Only beasts don’t have a fear of death. They have only an instinctive fear of what can harm them, and they live according to the instinct of self-preservation.

However, people are afraid of death because they have an imagination, feelings, and they can learn from their experiences and events that occur.

After all, the man who was my friend is dead now and there was nothing left except a lifeless body; the breath of life left him. There is nothing more to do but to bury him, and I understand that this will also happen to me.

The feeling of losing life is a unique experience. On the one hand, we must, if necessary,  go to battle, and one might be killed. However, in this case, we have the opportunity to overcome the fear of death.

We fly into space and risk our lives in all kinds of dangerous situations, and it is not because we are forced to, but simply because of the internal pull. There is a special attraction to feeling yourself on the brink of life and death. This is a known psychological phenomenon.

Man is built in such a way that the opinion of society obliges him to heroism and guides him in all kinds of situations. However, in old age, death scares a man and invites a feeling of despair, uselessness, and brings out the concealed fear within him. Man tries to suppress this fear and does not let it break through; what helps is being among people in their midst of their lives.

The worst thing that we can do to an old person is to put him in a nursing home, in the company of old people like himself. We think it is good and more comfortable for him. But it is not good for anyone. An old person needs to be in a normal society among young and old that are full of life.

By gathering all the old people in one place we harm them, no matter what medical treatment they are provided.

Question: What do you think is the ideal life for an old person?

Answer: I think that as long as he has the strength, a person should work and bring benefit to society until his last days. Perhaps he cannot walk and can only sit, but if he is able to do work that matches his ability. And everyone will thank him for that; he will know that he is valued, and will continue like that almost until his last day.

Question: How can a person overcome the psychological fear of impending death?

Answer: I think that man needs to be engaged in work and be occupied in it in such a way that, until the last minute of his life, he will bring benefit to society. I’m not talking about very weak people that can’t see, hear, or perceive anything, but as long as a person has even limited power, he can bring great benefit in the dissemination of integral education. If he integrates in a group of young people, he will bring them great benefit, and they will also bring him benefit.

When we teach the method of connection, we mix people from all ages in groups and try to give each age group the opportunity to express themselves in relation to other age groups. By that, we bring benefit to the old and young. Old people can teach the young, support them, and thus provide and strengthen the spirit of life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/22/14

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The Paradox Of Levels

Dr. Michael LaitmanWithin the connection an additional force is concealed. All ten of us together are equal to one Elyon (Upper One). That is how the law of evolutionary and developmental steps works in nature.

Through connecting everyone on a lower level, an evolutionary leap to a higher level happens, and there the connection is made again and again, followed by a leap in development and a breakthrough to the next level. This is how it is all the time. It is a physical law of nature.

Thus we  have emerged as human beings with all our strength, intelligence, with the human body and all of its fibrils and cells—only through the power of unity, the power of connection. Without it, nothing would have happened. Starting from the Big Bang and onward, only the power of connection has been at work.

Start to work with what you have, and you will see that you can convince people. Don’t say that you haven’t been given enough tools for the correction of the world. It is not true! In the meantime, if you don’t feel what sort of means you are holding in your hands, begin to work, and you will see that these means exist. The audience will agree with what you say even before you agree with yourself.

You will actually learn from the audience that this is the next stage. Even though you are on a higher level, in your lower part, in your AHP, you are more coarse than the people you are going out to. They are more refined because they are found in GE.

This is a paradox, an internal contradiction. You are on their level with your receptive desires (AHP), and they are on the same level with their Kelim of bestowal (GE). Although they are on a level lower than yours, they discover desires within themselves that are more refined than yours. You are coarser, and essentially, more of an egoist than they are. Yet, the fact is that you want the Creator and not mundane things.

They agree with what you say to them more rapidly and more easily than you agree with the statements yourself. About this, it is written, Talmud Babyli, “Ta’anit,” 7a: I learned much from my masters, more from my friends, and even more from my students.” You receive back from them precisely what you said to them yourself. They bring you evidence, intelligence and emotion, and you finally will begin to understand, feel and be stimulated by what you told them.
From the 2nd part of Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/6/14, Writings of Rabash

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It Turns Out That There Is Sunlight!

Dr. Michael LaitmanEducation means feeding the students from one day to the next with a certain portion of material in quantity and quality. The quantity and quality change every day according to the changes that you want to bring about in them from day to day. This means that the changes that take place in people and the changes in the material must be mutually synchronized, as one affects the other.

We must establish an open university that will provide a simple daily portion on TV and the Internet. Education cannot be completed in five sessions but should be a continuous process. We must take that into account because this is our job.

It involves updating the material, songs, and clips daily, in order to keep shooting at one point until an opening is made in the heart of stone, and a deficiency is created.

Question: Does a person need to be aware of the fact that he is undergoing an educational process?

Answer: Yes, he should know that. After all he is taught in order to adapt to the upper force that manages his life or his death and arranges his existence in all the worlds. Thus, he learns how to succeed at every moment in both small and great matters.

We should not conceal anything from people, as it is written, “For they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them.” Otherwise, we will be like those about whom Baal HaSulam writes who conceal the wisdom of Kabbalah from the Israeli nation, thus keeping them behind an iron wall.

We must open people’s eyes. We will be surprised by the depth at which people’s perceptions will suddenly open up, although today they may seem totally blocked and interested only in food and football. This will be despite the absolutely corporeal passions that occupy them today.

All of this isn’t their fault but is a result of the concealment that everyone is in these days. There is a curtain placed before them that creates a shadow, and they say that there is no sunlight. If the curtain is removed, they will say, “Wow, it turns out that there is sunlight!”

What they say now is a result of the concealment;  a person is a consequence of the upper providence.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.12.15

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