The Precariat – The Basis Of Future Society

Dr. Michael Laitman

In the News (Tolkovatel): “In Western society is an isolated social group, the precariat – a disadvantaged group not bound to any state or society. Tens of millions of young people are characterized by apathy and ignorance.

“They travel throughout countries in search of new experiences and odd jobs. In developed countries, they make up half the population.

“There is no middle in modern society: there are only the upper and lower layers. In Western society, five groups can be distinguished according to their occupation.

  1. Elite – a miniscule group of the rich, influencing governments.
  2. Salariat – the upper middle layer, have stable employment, employees of governmental institutions.
  3. Professionals – employed on a contract basis due to their skills.
  4. The core – the “old” working class.
  5. Precariat – socially not established, have no job security.

“In Russia, the precariat is 40 million individuals who are able to work and who are employed in the informal labor market.

“The country removed itself from solving social problems; the population is becoming more wild; there is a lack of knowledge and desire to fit into the post-industrial world; infantilism hinders fitting into society; young people are reluctant to become engaged in scientific research; scientific professions are not popular and there is a lack of interest in science (in the USA, professions in science are one of the most popular).

“The whole world is faced with an increase in the number of “unwanted people” – the precariat. This problem in particular, will arise with the replacement of people with machines in industry and in the office world. This will lead to the destruction of the consumer economy, which is the basis of today’s world, as most people will not be able to continue to consume in present volumes.

“The answer to this is to change the formation – either the onset of the New Middle Ages or socialism with a high degree of egalitarianism.”

My Comment: The repetition of the past is impossible and has never happened. These “unwanted people,” which is up to 90% of the population, will go through integral education and will form the basis of a new society.

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