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Microorganisms Rule Our World!

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Vokrug Sveta): “We consist of 90% bacteria. Examining skin under a microscope, it is easy to find whole communities of microorganisms. The same applies to the internal organs.

“The notion of people’s sterility is out of date, and our life takes place in symbiosis with different biological species.

“Our digestive system contains plenty of microorganisms, total weight up to 3 kilograms (6 lbs.). A community of bacteria within a human being consists of trillions of cells, and only 10% of them are human.

“The human genome contains 22,000 human genes encoding proteins for metabolic regulation, and adds a microbiome about eight million unique bacteria.

“The role of bacteria in the human body is to perform the basic operations for extracting energy from food, and in the case of external infection, both the person and bacteria become infected, working together to defend against the attack.

“Every square centimeter of our skin contains about a million microorganisms that resist the penetration of unwanted guests. Inside the human, bacterial flora not only grow with the body, but are also the major defender against exposure to toxins, viruses and pathogens.

“The human genome is known to be transmitted by the parents at the time of conception, and after conception is subject to change. Bacteria and microorganisms are acquired, also subject to change and mutation, and their composition may vary. This gives rise to the impression that the management of flora will allow a person to maintain health. A new type of study being developed by scientists is the deciphering of the communication links of bacteria and microorganisms, some of which have already been studied.”

My Comment: Bodily, we are animals, and if we achieve spirituality, we can talk about the human being only in a spiritual sense. Until we rise from the level of animate to the level of Adam (man), we are animals in the physical sense, the the moral sense, and in every sense.

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Conception Of The Soul

laitman_572_03Personal Access to the Upper Spheres

We live in the 21st century. However, many people are obsessed with the idea that there is a “channel” that connects us with the upper reality. Now, numerous “mediums” and other types of supernatural communications replace séances.

Entrepreneurs do not conclude deals without getting a consultation with their personal “mediums” and “fortune tellers.” Established and strong people who operate billions of dollars and possess economic and military power and engage in scientific research… still believe that there is a chance to connect with the upper force, know their future, and get “private” information from “trustworthy” sources.

We all are very prone to cherishing these ideas because we do not know or understand the world we live in.

At this point, the wisdom of Kabbalah gives us a chance to comprehend the hidden part—the spiritual realm. “Comprehending” is  forming a new set of sensors that are beyond the regular five bodily perceptions. In addition to our current “animal” sensations, we can develop qualitatively different organs of vision, hearing, and senses of taste, smell, and touch that are called: Keter, Hochma, Bina, Zeir Anpin, and Malchut.

With their help, we will perceive the reality beyond our corporeal sensors. The sensations that we experience through new sensors are called “the soul.”

Re-Directing the Vector

Question: What particular part of me will perceive the new reality?

Answer: This part doesn’t yet exist in you. It has to be created.

Today, the picture of this world and everything that surrounds us reflects our desire to receive. It is an everlasting aspiration to enjoy what is originally built in each of us. There is nothing but this aspiration! We strive to enjoy everything our will to receive is able to feel.

In our five bodily sensors, we perceive the entire materiality: the universe, the Earth, family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Besides, we are capable of creating something new, that is, five additional organs of perception acting not in the receiving force, not in the desire to receive pleasure, but in the desire to give pleasure, to love, to bestow, to care for others.

If we obtain the new desire and start developing it, then suddenly we’ll see that it, like the material desires, is based on our five senses. However, all of them are directed externally to love and bestow, whereas, our current senses are directed internally.

The point here is that our new externally-oriented feelings are not reciprocally connected with us. The bestowing vector, the external-oriented efforts allow us to feel and reveal the upper, spiritual world. It is called “the soul.”

We perceive the material, bodily life in our five egoistic senses, whereas, in our aspiration to bestow and love we recognize the spiritual existence.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/29/15

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The High Priest’s Qualities, Part 1

Laitman_043“In order to become a high priest, a Cohen had to possess five qualities.

What qualities should a Cohen possess to carry out the duties of the First Priest?

  1. Wisdom is the first and foremost property.

By conducting services in the Temple, the First Priest represented the entire nation. For this purpose, he had to be the great in the Torah.” (“Let There Be Light,” “Leviticus,” “Emor”).

“To be the great in the Torah,” means to use the Upper Light to correct egoism. When one receives the Light of Hochma (Wisdom) not for one’s own sake, but for the sake of other souls, one is called “wise.”

  1. Pleasant appearance.

Even though external looks are not a significant quality, still out of respect to the Creator and the Temple it was required that the First Priest had to be good-looking.” (“Let There Be Light,” “Leviticus,” “Emor”).

“Good looking,” means that one’s external properties are directed to the benefit of others.

From the spiritual point of view, a man is considered “handsome” when he illuminates the Light. It is not the body that matters, but the properties that are of real importance.  Kabbalah describes the properties of both corrected and corrupt desires and the degrees of their correction.
From KabTV’s “Mysteries of the Eternal Book,” 5/20/14

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Start-Stop, Start-Stop

laitman_238_02Spirituality works digitally (discretely), with individual boxes, drives (impulses): start-stop, start-stop. It cannot be otherwise if we must reach decisions.

The system itself is integral, analog, the beginning and the end are always equal: Everything is found at rest and in balance, and the Light of Infinity fills everything.

But if we are talking about me after the shattering and the process of correction, then I am cutting through layer after layer of desire to work with them. So my advancement is digital, in boxes, in discrete actions and pieces, as it is said, “One penny and another accumulate into a great sum” (Baba Batra 9b). But the final account is round and analog.

start-stop, start-stop

 So the calculation is integral, we make a connection from zero to 600,000 souls, but in the end an integral sum emerges from zero to 600,000, equal to Ein Sof. Through mutual integration we reach a state where the sum of the isolated observations becomes infinite through the participation of the “stony heart” that completes all the corrections in a circle.

We are only ready to do defined and limited corrections and never attain Infinity, never perceiving what Infinity is. But in the end a unique Light is discovered, “Zivug de Aka’a Rav Pa’alim uMekabtziel,” (Samuel II 23:20): “Tears that fall into the great sea” and in this manner we complete all the parts of Malchut that were lacking for a complete circle.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/19/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Like A Bundle Of Reeds— I Want, Therefore I Am, Part 3

Like a Bundle of ReedsLike A Bundle of Reeds, Why Unity and Mutual Guarantee Are Today’s Call of the Hour, Michael Laitman, Ph.D.

Chapter 2: I Want, Therefore I Am
Life as an Evolution of Desires

Where We Are Free to Choose

As we just learned from Baal HaSulam, the difference between the speaking level of reality and the other three levels, both in their overall nature and within us, is that we are unlimited by time and place as far as choosing what to draw near us and what to repel. Put differently, in the whole of Nature, the human race is the only species that has freedom of choice. While all other creatures follow Nature’s dictates involuntarily, we can choose whether to follow them or not. Regrettably, as is evident from today’s global crises, when we choose to go against Nature’s dictates without full knowledge of the implications of our actions, we suffer harsh consequences for our mistakes.

And since internally we consist of the same four levels, the same rule applies within us, and only those desires and qualities within us that belong to the speaking level are those in which we have freedom of choice.

Within us, the basic, natural desires—for reproduction and continuation of the species, for shelter, and for provision—correspond to the first three levels of desires in Nature—still, vegetative, and animate. The fourth level, “speaking,” manifests within us in desires for wealth beyond our needs, power, fame, respect, and knowledge.

The fundamental difference between the three lower levels and the top one is that the lower three exist in every creature on earth. Every creature strives to secure the existence of its species and keep its offspring safe in a fitting shelter. Conversely, the fourth level of desires, which we will roughly define as “desires for wealth, honor, and knowledge,” are exclusively human.

Just as in their overall nature, the three lower levels function automatically, according to Nature’s dictates. The only faculty in which there is freedom of choice is the speaking level of desires. Therefore, we must first learn the works of our internal nature before we attempt to satisfy the desires of the higher level.

To be able to work with our fourth level of desires properly, we need to know what affects those desires and the purpose of their existence within us. In effect, it is another level of desires within us that “supersedes” all four levels, and which exists only in humans.

Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.23.15

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