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Like An Ancient Tribe Around The Campfire

laitman_934Question: What allows people in a workshop to come to the point where they understand that the answer needs to come from above?

Answer: We are the only ones with the system, which we received from above, and thus we are able to pass on the fact to people that only a discussion in a circle, only the workshop, gives the solution. This comes from above. It seems that this is a very simple activity, but, actually, it isn’t so simple since it raises us above the ego.

It isn’t that same primitive form of a circle where we sat around the campfire tens of thousands of years ago when the tribe lived as one commune. We are no longer able to do this today, and, besides that, everyone rises above himself in order to suit himself to the Light that Reforms. The role of the workshop and its goal is to let the Light influence us.

It seems that we are sitting around the campfire, as did those ancient people, but they were connected between themselves in a natural way, while we need to connect above our ego that controls us. Thus, we need the upper force to connect us.

When it connects us in spite of our ego, then that already provides the power of the Kli (vessel). To the extent that the ego strives harder to get out, the Upper Light operates more strongly internally. Accordingly, the inner stress appears that determines the depth and strength of the Kli.

You begin to play it—the power of a certain Kli and a certain Light—and then the power of another Kli with another strength of Light, and more and more. Thus, you begin to feel these changes within the transitions between them and begin to know the Creator.

The letters are the last level of TANTA (Ta’amim, Nekudot, Tagin, Otiot), which looks as if it is the most cumbersome of all the TANTA, but that is because we speak about the material that adjusts itself to the Light. However, that is the largest size of the compatibility between the created being and the Creator. You begin to play with your Kli on the entering and exiting of the Lights as if you are dancing with the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/12/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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In The Merciless Grip Of Time

laitman_561Question: In adulthood, a person begins to realize that his time is limited. He looks back and analyzes how much he has managed to do with his life and whether there is still time to change anything.

According to sociological studies, people cease to worry about their future from the age of 65 and devote their thoughts to memories of the life they have lived.

This is due to fear of the future, the unknown, the uncertainty of death, and of our temporary existence. What is your perspective regarding the issue of our limited life and how should we relate to time correctly?

Answer: Time is a very concrete concept for us. We don’t feel it so sharply during our childhood, but as a person grows older and becomes an adult, time becomes increasingly more important for him.

As a child grows up, he gradually begins to understand what time is as a result of his connection with the environment. Little children and babies don’t really feel time, but the environment pressures them and places them in frameworks of time: They have to get up on time, to eat on time, to go to school on time, to go back home, and to go to sleep. A child doesn’t want these frameworks, but having no choice he is forced to gradually accept them. Thus, we constantly get used to being in the grip of time.

Then we begin to study and to work and this chases us into frameworks of time even more. We start a family and take even greater responsibility upon ourselves. Eventually time becomes a heavy burden for us that actually enslaves us.

This continues until we retire; as long as we feel chained to time by many different obligations, time is our major policeman, which constantly demands our obedience and our submission, and we must obey it. There is always the option to blame us from the perspective of time: “Where have you been for so long and what have you been doing? When will you get back?” etc.

Even as a child a person feels that time is limited. A child doesn’t want to feel that he is in frameworks of time, but he is constantly demanded to be in them and to adapt to them. For a child it is a problem and he tries to fight time. He wants to play and doesn’t want to be in the grasp of time limited from one point in time to another.

When he grows up and becomes an adult, he begins to realize that it is useless to fight time and that he can only decide how to fill it. Then he begins to run along with time by trying to do his best in the time that he was given. Thus, he values his achievements, and according to this criterion he compares himself to others: How successful he is at his age compared to his peers.

We are in a constant competition. Time traps us in its net and is a heavy burden on our shoulders, thus making us its slaves.

But after the age of 50 a person begins to gradually fade out. He doesn’t have great plans like before. His plans gradually become more modest; he realizes that there must be a balance and that he shouldn’t demand too much of life.

He feels its limitations more and more; he cannot fight time, and his options to fill time become rather limited. Therefore, he prefers to spend more time with his family and his children, to rest and to travel.

The concept of time becomes important now from the perspective of how pleasant and comfortable he feels at any point of time. He begins to live in the present more and not the future as he did before.

Therefore, older people become more like children since children also live in the moment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/22/14

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A Family Oasis

Laitman_095Question: You say that members of the family should always make concessions. How can that be implemented?

Answer: You should understand one thing: I cannot give anyone any advice. There is only the correct expression of the condition according to which a family can prosper and that is if the couple constantly makes mutual concessions.

Everyone understands that if this were possible, then everything would be fine. But how can you hold yourself in this current? It is only if we are surrounded by the right environment with the right social attitude constantly supporting one another like the warmth of the family hearth.

If we are constantly supported by positive examples on TV, on the Internet, and in talks with people, then we will also begin to see similar relations between couples on the street and in other public places, and then we will feel the inner need to be equivalent and similar to society.

But if instead we see pictures of rudeness and disrespect, it will lead to nothing good. Sometimes in search for materials that interest me I switch to the Russian channels on TV and watch comedies. I can’t stand them since they are intended to humiliate, insult, and suppress someone and to emphasize the inequality between people and the negative attributes of men and women. This is bad humor that is intended to degrade the family.

I see how thousands of people sit and laugh without understanding the ideas about the family that they absorb through it. A person thinks that he simply is having a good time laughing, but he doesn’t know that subconsciously he receives a very bad lesson about family life. He sees that this is acceptable and that it is possible to behave that way and that everyone acts that way, and he does the same.

After all, we are born empty and like a computer we are constantly filled by all sorts of programs according to which we operate. Therefore, we should think about how we can create the right environment so that people will understand what the correct family life is. Otherwise, the rate of divorce will increase and we see where this is all headed.

Question: Does that mean that we have to create an oasis that will provide us with stability in the flowing current of information that destroys us?

Answer: Of course. After all, there are diet courses and psychology courses and other support courses in which you enter a group and the group guides you to behave in a certain way. You see how others do it and you follow their example.

It is the same here. But I am doubtful if a group will help here since the relations in the family change from one minute to the next, every second, and we are constantly submerged in that. Therefore, we need a wider environment that operates continuously.
From the Talk on the Subject of “Family” 5/28/14

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The High Resolution Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does one see everything that the Kabbalists wrote through a single formula called “connection”?

Answer: Connection is like the focus in a camera. Everything happens through a very small aperture that concentrates all the rays of light. If this focal point doesn’t exist, there is no passage for the light.

The first cameras were composed of a light-sensitive plate and a box with a small hole. That’s all!

The main thing was that all the rays of light were focused through this opening and reached the photographic plate. In fact nothing was necessary besides a very compressed opening.

This is what we need. This is the nature of unity that compresses everything into one; then the entire picture can enter through this tiny opening. The smaller the hole, the sharper and clearer the image is, with higher resolution.

This is apparently the opposite of how it seems to us. It seems that it is necessary to open the widest channel for light. However, this is actually realized through the smallest and most compact opening.

It is worthwhile to think about this example, for in it we see a comparison between a physical phenomenon and a spiritual phenomenon.

Question: What must we navigate through this opening?

Answer: It is not necessary to pass anything. The Light is found at absolute rest. The moment that the opening of unity is created, the Light will immediately enter into it and pass from one world to the other world.

The moment that we succeed in connecting among us in the form of an opening like this, which means that the moment that all of us succeed in compacting into one, we become a channel for the Light. This oneness transforms into a conduit of Light. And if this oneness doesn’t exist, the Light doesn’t pass through.

Question: As simple as it seems, it is difficult to apply this! How do we construct this opening?

Answer: It is a law of nature: If you are able, realize it, if not, then not. It is necessary to learn from nature, from the still, vegetative, and animate, and  to realize the same laws, but on the human level, to reach harmony and perfect nature on our level.

You have an example, so realize it on your level. This is difficult, but we offer you help. The Kabbalists of all generations wrote about this; they gave you a guide; they brought you to a group; what is left for you is only to apply it. It is impossible to do more for you because it would no longer be your work but that of the Creator, and then the creature would lose its meaning.

The meaning of all of creation is that an independent human will arise from it. Ever since Tzimtzum Aleph (the first restriction) a decision was made: The guest must achieve bestowal to the host. He must do this alone, and there is no room for compromise here. Through the connection between us we realize this state, this decision that was made.

The difficulty is just that we don’t ask the Creator to help us!
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14

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Bitter Experience That Is Not Lost In Vain

laitman_259_02Torah, “Leviticus,” 10:1: And Aaron’s sons, Nadav and Avihu, each took his pan, put fire in them, and placed incense upon it, and they brought before the Lord foreign fire, which He had not commanded them.

Incense is the Upper Light that rises from below to above from the lowest most egoistic and heavy stratum. It was forbidden to do this.

The sons of Aaron discovered an immense egoistic desire. Yet, they could not correct it because the Light that was discovered in this desire simply caused a short circuit, and so they died.

Question: Is it possible to compare this with the development of communism in Russia, uncorrected people decided to move immediately to principles of brotherhood and love?

Answer: This was a bitter mistake to which it is now necessary to return, but now they are ready to move forward completely differently without suppressing the initiative from below. This is the same error that the Russian people carried out, and, therefore, the Creator didn’t forgive them for this.

They trampled upon the most essential conditions: the reason the entire creation was created, why the Creator is concealed, and why we need to go through states like these. It was necessary to reach the implementation of this condition through gradual development of an awareness of their state and the acquisition of freedom of choice.

They just put their hands down on this freedom of choice, and so this entire program turned out to be completely unnecessary and harmful, but, at the same time, it revealed a multitude of conflicting and contradictory characteristics among the inhabitants of eastern Europe. I suppose that it is specifically these characteristics that will be required to create the right human society, similar to the Creator.

This experience was necessary because it determined and as it imprinted such inclinations in the people of Eastern Europe that make it possible for them to take an active part in the correction of the human evil inclination.

Thus throughout human history, we have burned “strange fire” again and again, and have invited problems upon ourselves: another fire descending from above and burning everything. However, this is the next stage in the development of the characteristic of “Aaron” in a person after which the correction comes. Thanks to this, the characteristic of Aaron rises higher and higher, makes mistakes, rises upward, and falls again.

Spiritual advancement is realized only through the discovery of the next evil. On the way toward it, we think that we can overcome the evil. So, it is compulsory, useful, and correct.

Every revolution has its first part: a romantic phase in which people have a great desire for a bright future until they begin to “devour” their children. The connection between the root and its branches is discovered in everything in this world.

Question: Is it possible to avoid this initial mistake?

Answer: Beginning with our time it is possible because we don’t need to discover problems anymore; they already have been discovered. As we advance upward, when we gather amongst ourselves, we begin to discover problems between us, but not actively, not through wars, not through quarrels and disputes. All of that is a thing of the past. Rather, it is only in discovering a kind of fire of hatred, all kinds of rejections and unpleasantness, among us. However, all of this will pass rapidly, within a number of minutes, really.

Certainly, we will not pass through this process just like that. It must be discovered in us because we need to learn about it so that we can carry out the right actions and absorb it into us. But it doesn’t take much time.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/13

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Unintentional Errors That Become Merits

laitman_207Torah, “Leviticus,” 10:1 – 10:3: And Aaron’s sons, Nadav and Avihu, each took his pan, put fire in them, and placed incense upon it, and they brought before the Lord foreign fire, which He had not commanded them. And fire went forth from before the Lord and consumed them, and they died before the Lord. Then Moses said unto Aaron, “This is what the Lord spoke [when He said], ‘I will be sanctified through those near to Me, and before all the people I will be glorified.’” And Aaron was silent.

Fire is the Light of Hochma that the sons of Aaron tried to elevate, sanctify, and raise to the next level. However, they were unable to do this because they made the same mistake that Aaron did. However, this mistake was necessary for the discovery of that stratum of the ego that still was concealed in the entire camp, in all of the people, in the entire group.

As usual, everything was revealed through mistakes. There is nothing to be done about it; that is how we advance. That is how our problems are solved.

The moment that Aaron corrected his error with the golden calf, the next level was revealed immediately. His sons, Nadav and Avihu wanted to make an even higher ascent. This is the same Aaron, but on his next level, called “sons.”

They quickly tried to bring all of the shattered souls together, including such desires upon which they were not ready to carry out spiritual work, to overcome with their aspiration to connect between them. In other words, it was necessary at all times to measure very precisely to what level one can be close to someone.

Suppose that you and I are friends. We can meet, sit in a coffee shop, or go on a trip together. However, if I were to come to live with you or you with me then big problems would pop up between us because in us, in human beings, such egoistic characteristics would be discovered that we could not handle and overcome them. Instead of my yearning for an even greater connection with you, I would not succeed in getting rid of thoughts that cannot be overcome, that you ultimately would leave me.

Thus, everything must be done gradually. However, the sons of Aaron performed an action that was before its time. But if they hadn’t done this, then the evil would not have been revealed. So, in the life of the group, among people, in every person, there is always some obstacle.

As a general rule, in our day the feeling of the shattering is discovered through group activities. However, this is not the shattering but the discovery of the evil that is concealed in us that we must discover, feel, and in no way be sorry and grieve about. Instead, we must be happy and thankful for its discovery, and then begin to work with it, correcting it.

Question: It follows that, since they were not corrected, the sons of Aaron seemingly leaped a level?

Answer: Every level begins from the night: “…And there was evening and there was morning, one day” (Genesis 1:5).

So everything begins from the discovery of evil—always! The moment that Aaron corrected the sin of the golden calf, the next level was revealed to him immediately: his sons who wanted to add an even greater connection to what Moses did with Aaron and the people.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.15.15

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