Bitter Experience That Is Not Lost In Vain

laitman_259_02Torah, “Leviticus,” 10:1: And Aaron’s sons, Nadav and Avihu, each took his pan, put fire in them, and placed incense upon it, and they brought before the Lord foreign fire, which He had not commanded them.

Incense is the Upper Light that rises from below to above from the lowest most egoistic and heavy stratum. It was forbidden to do this.

The sons of Aaron discovered an immense egoistic desire. Yet, they could not correct it because the Light that was discovered in this desire simply caused a short circuit, and so they died.

Question: Is it possible to compare this with the development of communism in Russia, uncorrected people decided to move immediately to principles of brotherhood and love?

Answer: This was a bitter mistake to which it is now necessary to return, but now they are ready to move forward completely differently without suppressing the initiative from below. This is the same error that the Russian people carried out, and, therefore, the Creator didn’t forgive them for this.

They trampled upon the most essential conditions: the reason the entire creation was created, why the Creator is concealed, and why we need to go through states like these. It was necessary to reach the implementation of this condition through gradual development of an awareness of their state and the acquisition of freedom of choice.

They just put their hands down on this freedom of choice, and so this entire program turned out to be completely unnecessary and harmful, but, at the same time, it revealed a multitude of conflicting and contradictory characteristics among the inhabitants of eastern Europe. I suppose that it is specifically these characteristics that will be required to create the right human society, similar to the Creator.

This experience was necessary because it determined and as it imprinted such inclinations in the people of Eastern Europe that make it possible for them to take an active part in the correction of the human evil inclination.

Thus throughout human history, we have burned “strange fire” again and again, and have invited problems upon ourselves: another fire descending from above and burning everything. However, this is the next stage in the development of the characteristic of “Aaron” in a person after which the correction comes. Thanks to this, the characteristic of Aaron rises higher and higher, makes mistakes, rises upward, and falls again.

Spiritual advancement is realized only through the discovery of the next evil. On the way toward it, we think that we can overcome the evil. So, it is compulsory, useful, and correct.

Every revolution has its first part: a romantic phase in which people have a great desire for a bright future until they begin to “devour” their children. The connection between the root and its branches is discovered in everything in this world.

Question: Is it possible to avoid this initial mistake?

Answer: Beginning with our time it is possible because we don’t need to discover problems anymore; they already have been discovered. As we advance upward, when we gather amongst ourselves, we begin to discover problems between us, but not actively, not through wars, not through quarrels and disputes. All of that is a thing of the past. Rather, it is only in discovering a kind of fire of hatred, all kinds of rejections and unpleasantness, among us. However, all of this will pass rapidly, within a number of minutes, really.

Certainly, we will not pass through this process just like that. It must be discovered in us because we need to learn about it so that we can carry out the right actions and absorb it into us. But it doesn’t take much time.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/13

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