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A Pill Against Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Theory and Practice):Love is not always good; it can cause pain of loss, provoke violence. In terms of brain physiology, love is just a hormonal process that can be controlled by desire!

“The desire to get rid of love occurs when this feeling is similar to a disease.

“Love, which can bring people together and keep them close to give birth and bring up offspring, is the basis of survival of the species. It runs: 1) sexual desire, 2) sympathy and 3) attachment.

1) Sexual desire drives us to meet with potential partners, 2) sympathy lets you choose among them the suitable one, 3) attachment helps to create a long-term relationship and gives us the strength to work until the parental duty is fulfilled.

“The work of each of the three systems is based on hormones, produced by the body. Sexual attraction is associated with estrogen and testosterone – sex hormones in men and women.

“The ability to assess the attractiveness comes from pleasure and stress hormones (dopamine, serotonin, adrenaline), which direct us to the object of desire, causing a sense of excitement in his or her presence.

“Affection is born of the action of neuromodulators (oxytocin and vasopressin); they inspire us with a sense of calm and confidence, ease in relationships.

“But since these three subsystems operate simultaneously, we may desire one partner, consider the other attractive, maintain an ongoing relationship with the third one.

“Testosterone creates attachment, and oxytocin binds attachment to attraction – so that the most favorite is the one who is closest.

“In the first months, love resembles obsessive-compulsive disorder. But a year later serotonin levels go back to normal, and the idealization of the partner disappears.

“The hormones that are responsible for attachment and reducing stress (vasopressin, oxytocin and dopamine) are produced during touching, cuddling, sex, breastfeeding. They hold together couples, mothers and their offspring.”

My Comment: The main thing is not to interfere in a natural process with pills. Education in line with global good relationships, as the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, will balance the secretion of hormones and lead to improved relationships—friendship, love, and family.

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Europe Faces A “Lost Decade”

laitman_231_01Opinion (George Soros, Financier, Le Monde): “For the banks, the big problem … will be the next credit crunch. The Eurozone and the European single currency are at risk; their collapse would be a disaster for the EU and the world.

“Europe will come to the creation of eurobonds, greater economic integration and fiscal coordination. We need to give a new impetus to the idea of ​​a united Europe! We are witnessing the birth of a hostile attitude towards Europe. Purely national solutions will lead to the dissolution of the European idea.”

Comment: Financiers suggest, but nature has its own plan and moves everything towards integration along its path not through uniting capitalists, but to the necessary unity of people into a single organism. The crisis will force the whole humanity to unite, and not for the sake of material gain, but for the sake of a balanced life within boundaries of reasonable consumption in the world community.

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Altruism Of Cells

Laitman_509Question: I can’t find any material that speaks about cells destroying themselves for the sake of saving the entire body. On what facts do you rely, except for the wisdom of Kabbalah, when you speak about this happening?

Answer: I refer to a conversation between Sergei Keslev (Director, Cell Technology Laboratory, General Institute of Genetics, Academy of Russian Scientists), Uri Penzion (Director, Laboratory in the Institute for problems in the transfer of science) and Valdamir Bogterev (Assistant President, Association of Clinical Cytology):

” … As it turns out a cell never just dies with no reason…. When any changes occur in a cell, a special mechanism is alighted in it that leads it. To say it crudely, ‘Hara-Kiri.’ And this is one of our most important defense tools.

“If it understands that something is not right, then in the interest of the general body, it ends its life by suicide?

“Yes, that is the meaning, suicide for the sake of the society, like in Japan in the Middle Ages. In general, that is one of the impressive discoveries that were made lately. Other than the regular characteristics of the cell to divide, split, and change its structure, there is another important thing: to be killed.”

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The Wisdom Of Kabbalah—A Preface To The System Of Mutual Bestowal

Laitman_115_05Question: I read the The Study of the Ten Sefirot with you, but I don’t understand anything, although sometimes when I tie the definitions together into images and different connections I get some kind of scheme. Am I doing the right thing?

Answer: Imagine that you are an alien who has arrived from outer space and you are told about the relationships between people: These are hard-wired connections and not up to us who our parents will be, who we will meet, and who controls our fate. We are all closely connected in one system, like nodes in a net.

In this network we treat each other egoistically, and as a result the connection among us is minimal, and we feel it as our life (as this world). Gradually, we give up on our unfulfilled desires and on the idea that they can be filled with quality, quantity, and understanding and that they will enable us to feel anything above our life.

But it all depends on how connected we are and how good our relationships are and on how we mutually fill one another, despite the initial feeling of mutual rejection. We are incorporated in this network of bestowal and mutual love in which our only free choice, our only true action, is to fill each other despite the fact that each of us only wants to fill himself at the expense of others.

All our other actions, when we fill ourselves, are not taken into account as actions. We are punished for them, so that we will understand how hopeless they are. But we are punished subtly, so as not to deprive us of our freewill, so that we will grow wiser and understand the connection among us and will want to fulfill it by ourselves, first out of necessity and then willingly, out of love.

The authentic Kabbalah books tell us about the types of connections among us and about the way we fill each other, which is our participation in this system: how to use it so that each of us will bestow more and will fill others more. Just as there are endless connections and conditions in the relationships among us in this world, so it is in the upper system. But it is perceived in our senses , as an introduction to a new society when you are introduced to its members and their relationships.

I am an egoistic desire, a soul that wants to correct itself and which is asking the higher level, Malchut of Atzilut, for that. Malchut of Atzilut turns to Zeir Anpin with my request, and it turns to Aba and Ima, and thus the whole system is activated and spurs the power of correction, which I need, and brings it down to me. Then as a result of the power that I get, I become righteous and I can bestow actively, which means to participate in the general connection of the “society” of the upper world. I attain the significance and all the actions of this system, its thought, its plan, and its goal and gradually become like it, eternal and infinite.

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The Perception Switch

Laitman_131Question: What, in your opinion, is the most difficult point of ascent to the revelation of the upper world for the beginner Kabbalist?

Answer: The biggest challenge, I would say, is the revolution in the understanding of myself and the world, that happens in me when I realize that the whole difference between this world and the upper world is only in my perception, my attitude towards the world:

When I relate to it naturally, as I was born, egoistically, the world that I perceive is called “this world.” And since all the people perceive it in this way, we call it “our world.”

When I treat the world as if it and I are the same thing, with love and with bestowal, then the world that I perceive and feel in this case is called “upper,” “spiritual,” and “future” with respect to my previous, past perception.

So, the understanding that there is only a “switch” of perception, and it is inside you: “The desires and thoughts for myself” is “this world,” and “the desires and thoughts for others” is “the upper world,” I consider this realization the most difficult in a person’s life. It is not that easy to picture this emotionally rather than mentally, to make it “yours,” and so it takes many years for a person, in my observations, decades.

We can easily and naturally imagine “another world” as existing outside of our world, the universe, or beyond the limits of our life, after death. It is natural to imagine it like the Earth, or in the form of other creatures and images, but not like what appears in my perception as the objects and people surrounding me, as my parts, as parts of me.

We cannot accept this even if we have repeatedly heard and read that the difference between the worlds is in our attitude towards the surroundings: towards myself – I feel this world, away from myself – I feel the upper world. We are so accustomed, rooted in the sensation of the surrounding world as a firm, unchangeable reality that we cannot imagine that everything depends on our attitude towards it.

Kabbalah says that I perceive the world inside me, and it does not exist outside of me. Hence, I “figured out” that I have to change only myself. To change myself means to not change my desires and qualities but my attitude towards the world, my intention, how to use it, that is, using myself and the environment towards myself (for myself) or away from myself (for the sake of others).

It took me a long time to form this switch within myself. But after you feel it as existing, you work with it, switching it from towards myself to away from myself becomes the only important thing in life. The real spiritual work starts from here: self-analysis and the action of correction.

Today, this revolution in consciousness happens in the whole world; everyone should feel this switch inside oneself, and since this realization occurs in masses, it will be relatively easy for each person.

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The World Is In A Crisis Of Trust


Opinion (Yaroslav Romanchik, President of Scientific Research Mises Center): “Money cannot buy love – an irreplaceable asset for keeping families happy. Economic wellbeing is not enough for that. We need trust which cannot be purchased with money. Trust can only be formed and ‘assembled’ from tiny grains with care under cautious control of common sense and a generous heart. Trust is especially needed to overcome a crisis.

“A husband cannot replenish a lack of trust by simply writing a check to his wife. When business is in crisis, mere increase of credit line won’t resolve the problem; on the contrary, it most likely will exacerbate the situation.

“Obviously, governments cannot get rid of crises by increasing loans, selling their “family silverware” and/or reducing national revenues.

“We are in need of lots of trust: between investors and banks, financial institutions and borrowers, businesses and authorities, citizens and governments, consumers and manufacturers, common people and political leaders, general public and businesses, media, community organizations, etc. In order to exit the crisis, we need powerful moral authorities. The list of the most influential people does not coincide with the rating of the richest people published in Forbes -500.”

Comment: People won’t trust each other if they are governed by egoism; each of us wishes good only to himself. Only the fear that we will harm ourselves even more keeps us from mutual destruction. We can trust only those who love us, like infants in their mothers’ arms.

If under the influence of an integral upbringing we can manage to change our inexplicable (natural) hatred toward each other into love, then this will eventually descend to our world. Nature has prepared a method of this process for us. The question is whether it will happen before or after we admit our mutual groundless hatred.

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The History Of Humanity – The Development Of The Mutual Guarantee (Arvut) – Part 3

Laitman_051The Basis of Arvut in Nature

Where can we find this approach? By studying ourselves we can observe how cleverly we were created; all of our organs and systems inside our body are completely interconnected. Not one system, organ, or cell in a body exists for its own sake; everything is directed at the body’s needs. Although all of the body parts are at the animate level of existence, by connecting together they create a higher level of development, “homo sapiens.” When all these parts work in harmony with each other, they rise higher than the animate level, above the living body.

If we were to draw this analogy with the human society, this is how we need to exist. Even inside the body every organ is egotistic and wants to exist on its own, but yet it “knows” that life is only possible when all of the organs interact together, when each one takes care of the rest. That’s why the heart supplies the blood, the lungs supply the oxygen, the kidneys and liver clean the blood, and the brain “monitors” all of it. In essence, each organ is concerned with serving others rather than itself. This is the “mutual guarantee” inside our body.

In our body this happens naturally, but in society we have to consciously form these relationships. That’s why we shouldn’t destroy the evil inside us; we just have to put it to good use, to the benefit of the entire society.

We need to show every person, every group, every sector of society, every school of thought, or movement how one can use their qualities to benefit the whole society, and then people will see that by helping others they can fully realize themselves. And then our differences and contrasts connect together; we rise to the next dimension, and start to understand the whole of nature, its purpose, program, and goal. Thus we reveal the science of a higher order.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.10.15

Writings of Rabash, “Steps of the Ladder,” Article 1

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The Book of Zohar, Selected Excerpts — “Israel,” Item 198

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 16, Table of Answers for Topics, Item 23

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World,” “Rewarded – I Will Hasten It, Not Rewarded – In Its Time”

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