Altruism Of Cells

Laitman_509Question: I can’t find any material that speaks about cells destroying themselves for the sake of saving the entire body. On what facts do you rely, except for the wisdom of Kabbalah, when you speak about this happening?

Answer: I refer to a conversation between Sergei Keslev (Director, Cell Technology Laboratory, General Institute of Genetics, Academy of Russian Scientists), Uri Penzion (Director, Laboratory in the Institute for problems in the transfer of science) and Valdamir Bogterev (Assistant President, Association of Clinical Cytology):

” … As it turns out a cell never just dies with no reason…. When any changes occur in a cell, a special mechanism is alighted in it that leads it. To say it crudely, ‘Hara-Kiri.’ And this is one of our most important defense tools.

“If it understands that something is not right, then in the interest of the general body, it ends its life by suicide?

“Yes, that is the meaning, suicide for the sake of the society, like in Japan in the Middle Ages. In general, that is one of the impressive discoveries that were made lately. Other than the regular characteristics of the cell to divide, split, and change its structure, there is another important thing: to be killed.”

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