Europe Faces A “Lost Decade”

laitman_231_01Opinion (George Soros, Financier, Le Monde): “For the banks, the big problem … will be the next credit crunch. The Eurozone and the European single currency are at risk; their collapse would be a disaster for the EU and the world.

“Europe will come to the creation of eurobonds, greater economic integration and fiscal coordination. We need to give a new impetus to the idea of ​​a united Europe! We are witnessing the birth of a hostile attitude towards Europe. Purely national solutions will lead to the dissolution of the European idea.”

Comment: Financiers suggest, but nature has its own plan and moves everything towards integration along its path not through uniting capitalists, but to the necessary unity of people into a single organism. The crisis will force the whole humanity to unite, and not for the sake of material gain, but for the sake of a balanced life within boundaries of reasonable consumption in the world community.

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