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The History Of Humanity – The Development Of The Mutual Guarantee (Arvut) – Part 2

Laitman_049_03The Roots of Arvut

Humans have a tendency to create a united society, like one family. We all originate from a small tribe/family that appeared in the course of evolution and randomly developed egotistically to the point where people stopped feeling that they belong to one family.

The first time the feeling of remoteness appeared was around 3,500 years ago in Ancient Babylon (Mesopotamia); people initially felt like one family but then suddenly stopped viewing each other as relatives. They were like one family, one nation, speaking one language, understanding and feeling each other but in a very short time they started feeling a mutual rejection that appeared between them. Their desire to build a “tower that would reach heaven” symbolized their increased ego.

They revealed a desire to rule over nature instead of worshipping idols, trees, and forces of nature. Before this they felt as if they were a part of nature, but suddenly there was a strong desire to have control over it. People no longer felt like one family, each person felt: me, you, him, her, them, us, and strangers. This separation turned into mutual hatred called “mixed up languages,” and as a result of this they stopped understanding each other. This is why man suddenly stopped understanding his neighbor and had a desire to use others for his own sake.

And then one of the priests, a public figure and teacher named Abraham pondered over this, “What is happening to people and the entire society?” He realized that it was a transitional period that a new stage of human development was emerging. Previously people existed inside nature, contained within its general system. They felt themselves as an integral part of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature.

But suddenly they no longer felt as a part of nature, a part of the global, integral system. People felt isolated and perceived themselves as existing separately from the rest.

They no longer wanted to be connected. Each person started feeling himself as opposite to nature and was unwilling to observe its law of universal interconnection.

However, in order for humanity to exist in balance and harmony with everything that surrounds us, this law must be observed. If we break this compulsory condition, then we fall into struggles, wars, and destruction; nature appears crueler to us.

And then Abraham started searching for answers, “What can we do? We must reconnect. How can we maintain this connection? How do we remain as one family, one nation, one small civilization?” And Abraham said: “We should not agree with what’s happening. Let’s remain as one family in spite of the changes within us.”

Then he explained to people that the growing evil inclination was a new force of nature. During our evolution, as we developed as a human society, we separated ourselves from inanimate, vegetative, and animate parts of nature. But the human level begins from the point of the revelation of egoism, the desires to rise above nature.

But on the other hand, Abraham understood and explained that the growing ego is helpful because by rising above it, while keeping the original connection with others, they create a new, stronger connection with nature. For this unity to be successful a “mutual guarantee,” Arvut, is necessary. If we create mutual rejection, but decide to “act against the egoism that separates us,” then we will unite above it, create an “umbrella” (screen, Masach), rise above this “umbrella,” and build our interactions, society, and life above it. This way we will build the correct “tower to heaven” instead of the egoistic one, and we will rise above our growing ego every time.

While carrying out this ascension, we will continue to study our growing ego, our evil inclination, and learn to overcome it together. Moreover, this way we will get to know nature itself, its general force. We will understand why it cultivates and develops humanity in such a way that is different from its other parts where the force of separation and hatred won’t grow.

Thus, Abraham discovered that there’s a special program within nature that injects the evil inclination into us, manifesting itself as mutual rejection so that we’ll connect above it and attain nature’s plan. Then we will acquire a mind, become wise like nature itself, and will receive the force that created matter, that moves it down a certain path, towards a certain goal.

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A Look At Globalization

Opinion (Vadim Kayuzhny, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Instructor): “The three dimensions of globalization: globalization – a constant historic process, globalization – the universalization of the world, globalization – the destruction of national borders.

“Globalization – an objective typical phenomenon. Current globalization is the universal distribution of cultural, social, economic, financial, political, technological, and informational mechanisms of the western civilization. Global processes take the form of the net of interactions of the entire community of the world.

“Globalization is the process of transition to a new state of the world, when countries consciously make the traditional borders less significant, which implies a greater collective responsibility, including for safety.

“Globalization affects all countries, ignoring their independence, types of political regimes, and their level of economic development.

“Positives of globalization: accelerated implementation and distribution of technical achievements and modern control methods; formation of a single world market space; integration of the market of goods, services, capital, and international trade; leveling of the prices, and ability to provide a higher level of life for the population.

“Negatives of globalization: interdependence of national economies; fear that major gains will go to the more developed countries and transnational corporations, without the consideration of interests of the peripheral countries; loss of sovereignty of the underdeveloped countries; appearance of transnational corporations and semi-criminal web structures on the political arena; imposing of western cultural models on the world community.”

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How To Assemble A Perfect Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of humanity is divided into an internal and an external part. In order to bring the creature to the state of perfection on one hand, we need the creature to be completely independent, separate from the Creator, but on the other hand, being independent allows the creature to change and become like the Creator. That is, the creature must attain Creator’s main qualities so it can figure out what belongs to it and what belongs to the other, since nothing else exists besides the Creator and the creature. It must absorb the Creator’s qualities, understand what is important, sort and select things using freewill not force, and reach a state where it changes its own egoistic qualities, the qualities of reception, for the Creator’s qualities, the quality of bestowal. In this case it reaches equality and similarity to the Creator, and ascends to the level of eternity and perfection.

This is attained by dividing one big desire into many small desires, like a cardboard image of a puzzle that is cut into pieces. These pieces represent parts of one creature whose pieces are distant from each other and do not feel any connection; this is why every piece assesses and perceives its own state, its own life, separate from everyone else. This perception of a private life exists in each of us. There are many other people around us, other elements of this common picture, that we do not perceive due to a lack of connection between us, and this is why we do not perceive the actual universe, its enormous, whole life.

For example, if we were to divide the human body into a multitude of pieces, which existed separately, then every piece would exist on the vegetative level perceiving only its own consumption of beneficial elements and the release of its unnecessary elements. But when these parts connect and begin to interact with each other as one collective whole, they become the animate nature instead of the vegetative nature; they rise to the next state, level, and perceive the movement of all of the parts. Thus, the connection of each organ with the others provides each one with the perception of existence on the animate level.

In other words, the existence of separate elements is characteristic of the vegetative level of nature. But when they connect and work together in harmony, support each other, and when each part is concerned with connecting to others, understanding their needs, providing them with common elements, functions, and the nourishment necessary for a mutual existence, then they perceive this collective harmony and attain their shared interaction in the next level of existence—the animate level.

And it’s the same on our level. When each of us exists on our own, then our organism exists as an animate body; we do not think about the way it exists. But when we feel the need to connect into a single system, when we support one another, care about having harmony between us, when every person thinks about helping others in a system of mutual support so that our body, community, will exist in harmony, then we begin to perceive a harmonious life in this one body, the next level of the universe called Adam (Man). And this level of existence gives us the perception of the upper force of nature, its next level, and the next dimension.

This is what nature is now pushing us towards; however, we have developed gradually. Once we were minerals, then we began completing one another through connection, by grouping according to special characteristics. We started making certain connections, which acquired new qualities, and through their interaction live molecules appeared. In other words, a certain system of mutual support appeared in them that already contained a certain program of its development, and thus the vegetative nature developed from the inanimate nature.

Next, the animate nature developed from the vegetative nature on the next level of connection. And in our time, the animate nature is now connecting on the social level in a new quality, and when we connect properly, then the next level, the human level will appear from us.

Nature pressures us hard whenever it pushes us to develop. We constantly experience huge problems, pressure, and are obligated to look for solutions to somehow avoid the suffering, and this forces us to develop. As evolution continues, we are reaching our next state, which is causing us to suffer, not allowing us to remain in our current state, and this is why we must abandon it.

This time, our next state will be born not only under pressure from the force of nature driving us from behind, but also by the need for us to understand what is happening. We’re not just unconsciously being pushed towards our next state like in our previous stages of development. Today we must choose it and come to it consciously. In other words, we must evaluate our current state, understand that nature is offering us a perfect state, and try to create it on our own. It’s not nature giving us this goal, pushing us in the right direction as it did in our previous stages of development because we must now reach the next state consciously. We need to develop a conceptual tool; we are required to prefer the next stage of our development with the understanding of why we must come to it.

Our egoism pushed us to develop in our previous stages; we did not resist the next state, it was desired. Nature showed us that the next state was a better state, and we strived towards it; we built our societies, created revolutions, developed technologies, and because of this we have reached our current state through thousands of years of development. But today, there are two opposite forces that develop us: One is the force of development, which pushes us through motivation; we don’t want to remain in the same place, but a contradiction arises, we don’t have the desire to develop in the direction that nature proposes.

It is proposing that we should develop in a direction opposite to our current state, our current egoism. It’s showing us that we must connect together with absolute care for one another, an absolute connection, a mutual composition, and create a picture, a scheme, a system where everyone thinks about the others, supports the common homeostasis inside this system, so it harmoniously exists as our animal body.

But in our animal body, the elements and the organs have gathered this way and operate automatically. And we must come together against our egoism. In other words, there are egoistic forces that manifest in different types, forms, and qualities between us that are constantly growing and pushing us apart.  And we must use these egoistic forces to build our addition precisely against them, put our plus where there is a minus, in order to have a proper input of negative and positive, convex and concave pieces in this puzzle, and make one common picture.

This is very difficult because every one of us must act against his egoism. I need to understand that the egoism in me is either convex or concave, that when I take from another without giving to him, it creates convex or concave pieces out of our forms, like pieces of a puzzle that can be put together. I must arrange for my egoistic, positive (giving), and negative (receiving), impulses and possibilities to connect harmoniously with the egoistic, positive and negative qualities and movements of others.

And if everyone takes each other into consideration, then we will mutually add up and create a common continuous picture of our new state. This is very hard work. In the process of this work we must clearly understand who we are, the forces that operate in us, the location of our convex and concave pieces, the desires and qualities that exist in us, we must fully understand our entire nature.

Moreover, we also need to understand the nature of all the other elements of creation, not just the ones I’m in contact with, like in my puzzle picture where I only connect with my neighbors. It turns out that when we all connect together, then we create a certain n-dimensional image where absolutely everyone connects with everyone else. In other words, we are not just a flat image; we are an n-dimensional image: each of us has an enormous number of dimensions, and everyone must connect with absolutely everyone else in these dimensions.

It’s a very complicated and complex holographic system in which everyone really examines his nature, the nature of everyone else, and his nature in relationship to everyone else; only then do they begin to connect to the others properly. We end up interconnected in all the projections and planes, just like one holograph; everyone acquires the quality of the entire image at the end. We achieve perfection this way, each of us, and all of us together. We must come to this.

This is a special development; no examples of this exist in the past. We must learn, attain, feel, and plan everything, see our mistakes, analyze and synthesize our every movement, and compare it to what exists in nature. And this way we correct ourselves and make ourselves fit into this mutual picture.

Moreover, when we really examine nature and the way we must match it, we actually examine the Creator because our combined nature is the Creator. Through the mistakes we make while matching ourselves with others and the Creator, an interesting phenomenon occurs. While trying to connect, we compare ourselves with Him and connect together with Him simultaneously—a simultaneous connection between us and the Creator. This way we reach the state called unity, the state we must attain.

Our corporeal social development has brought us to this current point; we see that we need to seriously start achieving this. Our global crisis is pushing us towards it and is beginning to show us this broken picture. We don’t understand it yet, but we feel that we must start corresponding to one another inside it.  We can no longer continue to exist as a separate element of this puzzle or try to somehow egoistically connect with others; this will no longer help. It is necessary to find certain connections, the proper ones.

But we are unable to build the proper connections between us because we only know how to consume or use each other egoistically as much as we can. We either receive everything from others, or give to others in order to receive from them in return; reception has always been our objective, our goal. We have always done things to benefit us by receiving more than we are willing to give. This is what gave us the energy to move.

And now we do not have the strength to move because we cannot even imagine what we would gain by connecting with others in order to attain mutual harmony. And this is why our egoistic nature does not give us any energy to make this move. It follows that whenever I make any move today, whenever I do anything, I do it only out of my egoism; in other words, I move in the wrong direction. So how can we move correctly?

A group helps us learn to move correctly. A group can be tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people like us that come together with this objective: to find a proper form of connection, to find the upper force, the Creator inside this proper form of connection, inside our connection with others. The Creator will help, He will give us energy to form altruistic connections, to understand how to connect together inside this enormous picture that consists of seven billion separate egoistic beings, to know how to act in general, to find those who are closer or more distant, but to connect with everyone in the end.

It is the first time humanity is facing such interesting, difficult, and creative work. And the wisdom of Kabbalah has become revealed precisely for this reason. Without it we cannot even imagine how we could ever approach this problem. I hope that humanity will avoid suffering and advance without a “sharp stick,” without evoking harsh blows that come from behind in the form of enormous suffering, wars, illnesses, geological problems, ecological problems, and various other problems that will force people to understand the “reason” they need to identify the proper picture, the program, the plan in this model, and then we will be able to move according to this plan.

It’s the same as assembling a puzzle. When we look at separate puzzle pieces without seeing the entire picture, then we don’t know how to assemble it. Where do the pieces go? This is why we need to see the whole picture first in order to assemble it.

It is necessary to identify the Creator in order to see the entire picture. The Creator is the collective plan of nature, the common goal, its mind, dynamics, quality, and movement. When we begin to see the overall picture as depicted on the puzzle box, then we discover the method of connection with others. We reveal the order of connection, the strength to connect to become closer with each other inside this picture; we start assembling the pieces together, the convex and concave pieces in a way that allows us to connect in a proper manner, to connect altruistically based on the correct combination, balance, and unity between them, instead of connecting in an opposite egoistic manner.

The proper connection between us is called the mutual guarantee; it’s when we convey the mutually necessary forces, which must attract us to each other and not repel us in spite of our egoism. We must reveal this action that is hidden in the manual inside our box of puzzle pieces. This is why the Torah is called a manual, which comes from the word “Orah.” The Torah is our manual of the proper mutual composition, which we must now realize between us.

Naturally, there is a certain order in this act of assembling the entire scheme that consists of seven billion pieces. Where do we begin? This is why Baal HaSulam says that everything is divided into the internal and the external. First we need to see the internal pieces.

The internal pieces are those friends and members of our group from all the countries and continents who are experiencing this movement, maybe even subconsciously, still undesired.

They are thinking about entering this new state on the next level, rising from the animate level to the “human” level, but they may not realize that they need to work against egoism for this yet. They talk about connection, but yet they are unable to imagine how we can really connect. In general, we have these problems before us, and we must gradually solve them between us. And of course the solution is the connection and the realization that our connection is only the foundation, the basis for all the other members and parts of this picture; the entire puzzle pieces join us.

And it turns out that this inner part that we represent is the main part of the brain. When it assembles itself, all the strings of control, incentive, explanations, and the revelation of all the other parts come from it. And then they begin to understand, develop, come closer to us, and assemble together with us. Like a magnet, we begin to attract them to the extent that we are able to connect between us.

Everyone will continue to gather tightly together in bigger circles, a greater, more magnificent combination, which in the end reveals the perfection of the creature. As we gradually reveal this perfection on the 125 degrees of consecutive actions, we’ll reveal a greater manifestation of this plan, this force called the “Creator” that exists within, inside it, and moves everything forward. This force emerges gradually. We will see our entire history: how we initially appeared from a small force of Light that created the inanimate level of life.

The inanimate level began developing into the vegetative level and the animate level of life, and today with our awareness and our conscious participation, it is turning into the “human” level of development. The wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed throughout this entire time so we would not have the opportunity to connect or we would have assembled this picture egoistically, incorrectly, the wrong way, and it would have turned us into horrible monsters. This is the reason why Kabbalah was concealed.

It is specifically being revealed today because the time has now come. We see that we can no longer continue to remain on our level, our degree, in our current state; the forces of nature, as usual, are beginning to push us from behind in an unknown direction towards our next state of perception and understanding. I hope that we will manage it, and at the same time show the way to the others who will gradually come closer to us and join us.

Our preliminary state in which we exist is called “a handmaid that is heir to her mistress.” In other words, it is an egoistic state full of rejections, disagreements, and contradictions, but it is very necessary because we’re able to change our egoism through its manifestations. We change the convex for the concave pieces and the concave for the convex pieces, and thus, we very gradually examine and change our egoistic nature to an altruistic nature within us, within all our desires, impulses, thoughts, and qualities. This way we use ourselves to create the next level and attain the Creator’s plan in its entire depth and capacity—to attain Him.

By participating together, we can achieve this very quickly because the next level that we consciously attain will pass very quickly. When the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature must change on their own, then they operate under the stimulating, compelling force of nature, and changes are very slow and constrained. We can see that the inanimate level of nature took billions of years to develop, the vegetative level took hundreds of millions of years, and the animate level took hundreds of thousands of years, and what we refer to today as a “human” has existed in its animal state for around fifty thousand years.

This is why what we are experiencing today is the contraction of time from the inanimate to the vegetative, animate, and human states. We see time accelerate from day to day. For this reason as soon as we begin to work correctly on our proper connection, then we’ll see and realize an enormous amount of actions in it every second. And we will be able to reach this entire enormous unified structure literally over a few upcoming years. So, we are facing a very interesting and intense time, and it is the greatest and the best that could be.

We must value the fact that we are in a state when we can speak about it; we understand where we are, what our mission consists of, that we must try to carry out this program to correct ourselves, and help the others do the same. This is our motivation today, but it does not push painfully from behind, obligating us like animals, it is an incentive that directs us forward towards building our next beautiful state.

It is written in The Zohar that Rabbi Shimon cried because he wanted to give the people everything that he had prepared, but he couldn’t because they were like fruit that is not ripe yet. In other words, mankind would have gathered in an incorrect manner, and then they wouldn’t have been able to “get themselves out” of it.

This is why this book was written in this special “concealed” way and hidden away. It was gradually revealed over the course of many centuries until it finally became revealed to us in our time through the “Sulam Commentary.” Only today are we actually beginning to talk about its proper use.

I hope that we will really come to this realization and will experience all the advantages of this method, this guide called the “Torah” (“guide” – “Orah”), or the Light that exists in it, the revelation of the Creator that happens inside us when we use the group and what the Kabbalists have written for us correctly. Essentially, their books tell us about the proper connection between us and how the Creator becomes revealed inside this connection.

On one hand they speak about the correction of desires, the so-called proper connection between us, and on the other hand, about the way life begins to manifest in this proper corrected state. At first the connection on the inanimate level is small until the vegetative movement appears, then the animate connections, and finally the human connections. Everything depends on the quality and the quantity of the connections between these separate, egoistic elements in one common altruistic system.

We study all these actions and degrees in Kabbalah. Each of the 125 degrees represents maximum unity according to its degree; the ten Sefirot is the complete connection between them, the proper synthesis of each of the separate parts and the Light that manifests in this state, the essence of the Creator, His program, the common force of life. Individual parts can exist separately like in our body, but when they connect together, they form one single organism. But it’s not just one animal or organism because the perception of life manifests inside it, and then suddenly, the purpose of life, certain actions, a certain inner and external world is perceived. Why does this happen? It happens because the entire body is working in unison.

And once we assemble the inner part of this enormous puzzle we’ll be able to begin to add the external pieces to it since this single creature consists of the inanimate – the most external part, the vegetative – an inside part, the animate – a more internal part, and the human – the innermost part. We represent the most internal part. In other words, all those who have an independent aspiration for attaining the purpose of creation represent the inner part. And everyone else follows the circles that branch away from us: the animate, vegetative, and the inanimate.

As we very gradually disseminate Kabbalah, it’s why we have to reveal it to all the other parts, to help them connect to us. This is because the other parts have a very small part that will also have to realize the program of creation, attain the plan of creation, the plan of correction. They will need our help, just like a body that has both major and minor organs.

In a whole perfect organism, every cell matters because otherwise there is no perfection. Naturally, the crucial part in the process of creation and the repair of an organism is its major parts. In other words, the most important thing for us right now is to first correct ourselves.

I hope that we will be able to achieve this fast. Everything only depends on us.

We went through all the previous stages of our development unconsciously, without knowing where we were going. Our egoism was pushing us somewhere and we tried to develop this way, constantly colliding with one another, pushing each other, but now we need to develop another way. The main thing is to direct ourselves inside towards connection and greater adhesion with one another, instead of directing ourselves ahead somewhere.

This is why we need to simply move inside, towards unity, an inner aspiration towards a single, continuous connection. It will reveal the Creator inside us, and then we will have the inner strength to correct everyone else.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 02.09.15

Writings of Rabash, “Steps of the Ladder,” and “What Is the Foundation on Which Kedusha (Holiness) Is Built”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 6, Part 16, Table of Answers for Topics, Item 20

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World,” “Rewarded – I Will Hasten It, Not Rewarded – In It’s Time”

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