The History Of Humanity – The Development Of The Mutual Guarantee (Arvut) – Part 2

Laitman_049_03The Roots of Arvut

Humans have a tendency to create a united society, like one family. We all originate from a small tribe/family that appeared in the course of evolution and randomly developed egotistically to the point where people stopped feeling that they belong to one family.

The first time the feeling of remoteness appeared was around 3,500 years ago in Ancient Babylon (Mesopotamia); people initially felt like one family but then suddenly stopped viewing each other as relatives. They were like one family, one nation, speaking one language, understanding and feeling each other but in a very short time they started feeling a mutual rejection that appeared between them. Their desire to build a “tower that would reach heaven” symbolized their increased ego.

They revealed a desire to rule over nature instead of worshipping idols, trees, and forces of nature. Before this they felt as if they were a part of nature, but suddenly there was a strong desire to have control over it. People no longer felt like one family, each person felt: me, you, him, her, them, us, and strangers. This separation turned into mutual hatred called “mixed up languages,” and as a result of this they stopped understanding each other. This is why man suddenly stopped understanding his neighbor and had a desire to use others for his own sake.

And then one of the priests, a public figure and teacher named Abraham pondered over this, “What is happening to people and the entire society?” He realized that it was a transitional period that a new stage of human development was emerging. Previously people existed inside nature, contained within its general system. They felt themselves as an integral part of the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature.

But suddenly they no longer felt as a part of nature, a part of the global, integral system. People felt isolated and perceived themselves as existing separately from the rest.

They no longer wanted to be connected. Each person started feeling himself as opposite to nature and was unwilling to observe its law of universal interconnection.

However, in order for humanity to exist in balance and harmony with everything that surrounds us, this law must be observed. If we break this compulsory condition, then we fall into struggles, wars, and destruction; nature appears crueler to us.

And then Abraham started searching for answers, “What can we do? We must reconnect. How can we maintain this connection? How do we remain as one family, one nation, one small civilization?” And Abraham said: “We should not agree with what’s happening. Let’s remain as one family in spite of the changes within us.”

Then he explained to people that the growing evil inclination was a new force of nature. During our evolution, as we developed as a human society, we separated ourselves from inanimate, vegetative, and animate parts of nature. But the human level begins from the point of the revelation of egoism, the desires to rise above nature.

But on the other hand, Abraham understood and explained that the growing ego is helpful because by rising above it, while keeping the original connection with others, they create a new, stronger connection with nature. For this unity to be successful a “mutual guarantee,” Arvut, is necessary. If we create mutual rejection, but decide to “act against the egoism that separates us,” then we will unite above it, create an “umbrella” (screen, Masach), rise above this “umbrella,” and build our interactions, society, and life above it. This way we will build the correct “tower to heaven” instead of the egoistic one, and we will rise above our growing ego every time.

While carrying out this ascension, we will continue to study our growing ego, our evil inclination, and learn to overcome it together. Moreover, this way we will get to know nature itself, its general force. We will understand why it cultivates and develops humanity in such a way that is different from its other parts where the force of separation and hatred won’t grow.

Thus, Abraham discovered that there’s a special program within nature that injects the evil inclination into us, manifesting itself as mutual rejection so that we’ll connect above it and attain nature’s plan. Then we will acquire a mind, become wise like nature itself, and will receive the force that created matter, that moves it down a certain path, towards a certain goal.

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