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The Priest’s Wife

laitman_628_1The Torah, “Leviticus” 21:13 – 21:14: He shall marry a woman in her virgin state. A widow, a divorcee, a woman who is desecrated or a prostitute he shall not marry [any] of these. Only a virgin of his people may he take as a wife.

The male and the female parts of the desire on every level should be clearly connected in order to consolidate their connection and to be properly incorporated into one spiritual vessel.

The female part is a desire to receive and the male part is a desire to bestow. Therefore on the level of the Cohen (priest), which is the level of upper purity, it is essential for the female part to be subordinate only to him, which means that it is totally purified of its inner and external ego. This means that she is a virgin and ready to be his wife.

“He shall marry a woman in her virgin state,” means that he should use the desire on his level only.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/28/14

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The Young And Unemployed Will Not Sit Idle

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (BBC News): “Young people out of work, education or training for six months will have to do unpaid community work to get benefits if the Conservatives win the election.

“David Cameron said about 50,000 18 to 21-year-olds would be required to do daily work experience from day one of their claim, alongside job searching.

“The welfare shake-up would make sure young people ‘don’t get sucked into a life on welfare,’ he said in a speech.

“Labour said the Tories would do nothing to get young people “real jobs.”

“The opposition has pledged a compulsory jobs guarantee for the young unemployed, paid for by a tax on bankers’ bonuses.

“The Conservatives are focusing on welfare reforms this week as they draw up battle lines before May’s general election.

“Their proposed community work programme will cost about £20 m ($31 m) to deliver, paid for by “initial savings” from the delivery of universal credit.

“Those aged between 18 and 21 who have not been in employment, education or training, known as “Neets”, for six months would no longer receive jobseeker’s allowance (JSA).

Instead, they would be paid the youth allowance, paid at the same rate as JSA – £57.35 ($88.67) a week.

“However, to receive it they would be required to carry out 30 hours a week of mandatory community work from the first day of claiming benefits.

“This could involve making meals for older people or working for local charities, alongside 10 hours of job hunting.”

My Comment: But if there is no work or no desire to work, a person cannot survive, so the majority will remain idle. The solution is only to involve everyone in mandatory integral education, not only the unemployed and the young. Only through the method of Kabbalah will it be possible to raise people to the next degree of human development.

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Learning The Creator’s Language

laitman_528_01If a person doesn’t feel that everything that happens inside him and in all of reality comes from the Creator who is the only source of life, it is called punishment, although the feeling of detachment itself also comes from the Creator and isn’t the person’s will. There is no greater punishment than being detached from the Creator, which means to forget that everything comes from Above, from Him.

A person should continuously renew his contact with the Creator, consider his thoughts, and decide how to answer every appeal that comes from Him. What happens to me makes no difference. What’s important is that everything comes from Him: both the negative and positive thoughts. At one time I bless Him and another time I curse Him; at one time I want to remember that He is everywhere and another time I don’t want to remember that He exists, but I yearn for physical corporeal pleasures.

But He sends all that, and we should examine all these situations, which are mostly unpleasant. It is because the Creator shows me to what extent I am immersed in my shallow lowly ego, while I have to find the right answer and to understand why the Creator sends me such desires and thoughts and why I want to respond the way I do and not the way I should.

If I work that way, I begin to feel that I need support and that it is impossible to manage by myself. I can escape the group and manage by myself only in my corporeal life by hiding from the Creator and without feeling guilty in any way, but if I really want to advance, I immediately feel that I must clarify my relations with Him.

There is no one in the world I settle my accounts with but Him because He is the only source. Therefore, I feel that I have to be in a group, connected to the teacher, and that I need support.

In that case I already tighten the connection with the friends and with the teacher and begin to listen. It is because I need advice as to what to do in order to be constantly connected to the Creator and to not forget about Him, to properly see that every moment in my life comes from Him. I must remember that even my trivial thoughts and my corporeal desires come from Him. Everything comes from Him in order to push me to even greater adhesion to Him, to closeness.

This is what my response should be. It means that we speak the same language. He sends me different signals, and I respond to them: “I understand and I tune myself more and more to You.”

Thus I get closer to the Creator and perceive Him in greater and more accurate resolution. I begin to learn His language. There are many languages in the world, which don’t allow us to understand one another. Here I learn the Creator’s language: how he turns to me and how I should answer Him.

If a person and the group focus themselves that way, they succeed very quickly and attain contact with the Creator since He begins to teach us every moment in our life.

Learning The Creator Language
All of creation is influenced that way by the Creator and thus advances and gets closer and closer on its way back to the Creator. First, there was the spreading of the worlds from the top down and the shattering, then human history evolved and now we begin to ascend in order to return to the world of Infinity.
From the Convention In France “One For All And All For One,” Day Two 5/10/14, Lesson #4

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First Familiarity With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn spiritual work we proceed in the right line, which is towards bestowal, approach, and unification. And everything against this that is awakened in us is what we need to correct. Only this! All the rest is done intentionally and isn’t subject to any correction. We get all kinds of disturbances so that we will choose what we need more clearly. This is so that we will begin to choose from the general providence, which isn’t subject to any correction or individual, personal attainment of the Creator. This is specifically where following our efforts, we are shown how much we are not ready to do this.

Why? So that we will require help from above.

The forces that are awakened specifically in this place of unity and push us away from each other are an expression of the shattered Kli.

Specifically, we must not miss these desires and characteristics. The moment that this snake reveals himself inside, you should immediately grab him, constantly choke him and not let go. It seems to you that you have strangled him, you breathe easily and can then embrace him. But after a moment, he wakes up again. This happens even within a second, and there is no interruption! And this is good. We must constantly make starting and stopping movements like these.

The recognition of evil is the first stage and is very difficult. On every level it will be more and more acute and will require a more precise, conscious, emotional, and analytical intention. “Why is this feeling awakened, for what purpose, or is this just rejection? Why this? What for? What does the Creator want to tell me?”

I begin to associate the recognition of evil with the Creator, “He deliberately tripped me up.”

When we give a child something to do, understandably he tries to do it because instinct is pushing him towards this. And we are led forward, not by instinct, but by feeling the environment. The group holds me, obligates and directs me. There is tension in the air all the time and a need for constant methodical work until the completion of correction.

The group must constantly push me, and we all do this for one another. After all, the group is not a team of external employees. The group is what we organize and hold and the reason why we obligate ourselves. And each one of us, when he feels pressure and resistance from within, must feel that the group is holding him and won’t let him relax or go beyond its limits. This situation must be constant.

Clearly, new outbreaks of ego, anger, rejection, and trouble will be awakened. And the group must awaken in us an increasingly sophisticated sense of responsibility and the need to work specifically on the new sensations that are awakened in us. This is so that nobody will flee or try to justify himself and say “All of this is nonsense. I don’t want it and it doesn’t interest me anymore.”

These disturbances are very sophisticated, but it is precisely through this sophistication that we begin to be aware of the Creator. It is specifically in this way that I learn about Him. Just as in life when we live with someone, we begin to understand him through all kinds of good and bad relationships in our mutual dance. It is the same thing here. We have no other way of becoming aware of the Creator.

In these states, we have to go through a particular amount of necessary mutual movements. The Creator shows me negative characteristics, I try to overcome them, He shows more, and again I overcome.

Like a gilded statue made from plaster covered with gold, so have to cover our desire for pleasure with a desire to give pleasure, meaning to use it in order to bestow. And so all kinds of egoistic, negative desires constantly come to me that are awakened regarding others, and I must cover them and transform them into characteristics of bestowal and love instead of hatred. We advance according to this principle.

After I have learned a bit and have understood how the Creator plays with me, I am ready to be closer to Him. I have passed through the first stage. I am now aware of Him, understand Him, and can somehow resist Him. I have accumulated data and experience and am no longer found on such a level where it was possible to get rid of me, to confuse me with one small blow. I already understand more, I am more self-controlled, I have gathered a group that is appropriate for me, and have surrounded myself with friends, and so forth.

Ultimately, after I have learned some of the characteristics of the Creator, I can be in a more complex interaction with Him, and He then begins to be more revealed before me.

He is revealed to me: “Here I am”, and who are you?” I am negatively and egoistically worse. But I begin to understand that all of these are expressions within me, and from this I begin to understand the opposite positive image by correcting my characteristics, which have already become shared characteristics.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day One” 7/12/13, Lesson #2

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All This Is Very Near…

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou help the group when you try to keep the feeling of belonging to the general connection. Someone may fall, but it is his own private fall, while at the same time, you can remain in the same state you attained in the convention.

For example, I don’t feel that I have left the convention. In the days after the convention I have only grown stronger, acquired the experience of the new level that was attained in the convention, and have thus discovered new discernments.

It is because such a state did not previously exist in our reality, in the process of correction, or in today’s world. We have actually begun the correction of the souls! Up until this very moment, everything previous to this time was just preparation. The sin (the shattering of first man), Babylon, the slavery in Egypt, the destruction of the Temples, and the exile were all necessary in order to prepare the desires for correction. Now we begin this correction!

The connection we have attained among us is the first level of correction. It isn’t clear as yet, but we are already on this level. It is like a newborn baby who doesn’t understand but who is already living in this world. I am telling you that you are already in spirituality, but now you have to discover it in practice and actually feel it.

We need to develop our senses. When a baby is born he also doesn’t see or hear anything at first. He doesn’t feel this world, and only after a while does he begin to respond to sounds and light. We also don’t respond at the moment, but we are actually in the spiritual world and now everything depends on how much we want to grow within it.

A baby has a natural instinct to grow. We don’t have it and instead of using natural instincts, we must, on our own, establish our nature and the Creator. It is only thanks to our connection that we stabilize this body by adding more and more to it.

We are constantly being given new desires and attributes and if we don’t process them correctly and don’t attribute them to the general unity, they become a burden in the form of different problems and hardships. Therefore we should try to process them in a very quick and correct manner. Otherwise, we will have to do double the work we do today that we didn’t do yesterday. Everything that wasn’t done the day before yesterday will grow and become three times more work and much more difficult to complete. If we go on this way, we will eventually give up and surrender. Then it will be necessary to start everything anew.

We have to reach a state in which we will not have to hold conventions. We will keep on ascending higher and higher even without them. If we keep the state of connection we have attained, we will not need anything. We will develop within it more and more and begin to feel one another. The daily lesson will be enough for us and we will begin to perceive it on a different level and not through the words that are transmitted through the Internet. All this is very near.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/13, Writings of Rabash

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Like A Bundle Of Reeds— I Want, Therefore I Am, Part 2

Like a Bundle of ReedsLike A Bundle of Reeds, Why Unity and Mutual Guarantee Are Today’s Call of the Hour, Michael Laitman, Ph.D.

Chapter 2: I Want, Therefore I Am
Life as an Evolution of Desires

The Four Levels Within Us

What’s more, our sages assert, the levels of still, vegetative, animate, and speaking are not exclusive to the outside nature. They exist within each and every one of us, forming the basis of our desires and even the inner structure of each desire. Rabbi Nathan Neta Shapiro writes, “There are four forces in man—still, vegetative, animate, and speaking—and Israel have yet another, fifth part, for they are the Godly speaking.”[i]

Baal HaSulam provides a more elaborate explanation of the way these levels of desires work within us: “We distinguish four divisions in the speaking species [humans], arranged in gradations one atop the other. Those are the Masses, the Strong, the Wealthy, and the Sagacious. They are equal to the four degrees in the whole of reality, called ‘Still,’ ‘Vegetative,’ ‘Animate,’ and ‘Speaking.’

“The still … elicit the three properties, vegetative, animate, and speaking. …The smallest force among them is the vegetative. The flora operates by attracting what is beneficial to it and rejecting the harmful in much the same way as humans and animals. However, there is no individual sensation in it, but a collective force, common to all the plants in the world…

“Atop them is the animate. Each creature feels itself, attracting what is beneficial to it and rejecting the harmful. …This sensing force in the Animate is very limited in time and space, since the sensation does not operate at even the shortest distance outside its body. Also, it does not feel anything outside its own timeframe, meaning in the past or in the future, but only at the present moment.

“Atop them is the speaking, consisting of an emotional force and an intellectual force together. For this reason, its power in attracting what is good for it and rejecting what is harmful is unlimited by time and place, as it is in the animate. Because of science, which is an intellectual faculty, unlimited by time and place, one can teach others wherever they are in the whole of reality, in the past or in the future, and throughout the generations.”[ii]

[i] Rabbi Nathan Neta Shapiro, Reveals Deep Things, Parashat Shemot [Exodus].

[ii] Rav Yehuda Leib HaLevi Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), The Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot [Shining and Welcoming Face]” (Ashlag Research Institute, Israel, 2009), 134.

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