All This Is Very Near…

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou help the group when you try to keep the feeling of belonging to the general connection. Someone may fall, but it is his own private fall, while at the same time, you can remain in the same state you attained in the convention.

For example, I don’t feel that I have left the convention. In the days after the convention I have only grown stronger, acquired the experience of the new level that was attained in the convention, and have thus discovered new discernments.

It is because such a state did not previously exist in our reality, in the process of correction, or in today’s world. We have actually begun the correction of the souls! Up until this very moment, everything previous to this time was just preparation. The sin (the shattering of first man), Babylon, the slavery in Egypt, the destruction of the Temples, and the exile were all necessary in order to prepare the desires for correction. Now we begin this correction!

The connection we have attained among us is the first level of correction. It isn’t clear as yet, but we are already on this level. It is like a newborn baby who doesn’t understand but who is already living in this world. I am telling you that you are already in spirituality, but now you have to discover it in practice and actually feel it.

We need to develop our senses. When a baby is born he also doesn’t see or hear anything at first. He doesn’t feel this world, and only after a while does he begin to respond to sounds and light. We also don’t respond at the moment, but we are actually in the spiritual world and now everything depends on how much we want to grow within it.

A baby has a natural instinct to grow. We don’t have it and instead of using natural instincts, we must, on our own, establish our nature and the Creator. It is only thanks to our connection that we stabilize this body by adding more and more to it.

We are constantly being given new desires and attributes and if we don’t process them correctly and don’t attribute them to the general unity, they become a burden in the form of different problems and hardships. Therefore we should try to process them in a very quick and correct manner. Otherwise, we will have to do double the work we do today that we didn’t do yesterday. Everything that wasn’t done the day before yesterday will grow and become three times more work and much more difficult to complete. If we go on this way, we will eventually give up and surrender. Then it will be necessary to start everything anew.

We have to reach a state in which we will not have to hold conventions. We will keep on ascending higher and higher even without them. If we keep the state of connection we have attained, we will not need anything. We will develop within it more and more and begin to feel one another. The daily lesson will be enough for us and we will begin to perceive it on a different level and not through the words that are transmitted through the Internet. All this is very near.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/13, Writings of Rabash

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