How Can We Count What We Have Attained?

Dr. Michael LaitmanDuring the convention we had the feeling that we were in a general vessel and all the differences between us disappeared, all the differences between people were simply erased. Everyone had certain personal feelings but only on the corporeal, physical level, a feeling of sickness or hunger, but above that there was one general feeling of connection.

But this feeling of connection was not clarified. We simply felt that we were together. Now, when the convention is over we have to assimilate this feeling of togetherness in order to expand this feeling and to add the mind, the understanding, and the discernments to it. This is called Sefirot, which we have to start “to count” – “Lispor” (from the same root in Hebrew) and to examine with accurate detail. Then we will see how we can actually work with the new vessels correctly.

This is possible only by adding to the previous level and ascending to the next level. From the next level we will be able to “count” the previous level. This is the only way to do it, from the state a person is in. In the current state, a person cannot attain such a Sefira (counting) since he needs the ten measures that are ready and enable him to count from Malchut to Keter and back.

This level is now being formed, and we cannot digest or count it yet or explain it in detail. The main thing now is to try to hold on to what we have attained and not to be satisfied with that, so that the descent will be from the desire to attain more!

The descent should not be in our feeling, not as a result of losing the pleasant feeling we had during the convention which is gone now. We have attained the feeling of the attribute of bestowal and now we want to hold on to it above the daily routine that will pull us away from it day after day.

We can use the vessels that we have now discovered as a standard, as a parameter, and can start establishing clear measures in us, which are called Din (judgement), mercy, the middle line, ten Sefirot from Keter to Malchut and back through the Returning Light, and different levels of Aviut (thickness). We can begin to compare which vessel is developed, where the apple is red and ripe and where the apple is small and green. In the meantime it’s not a conscious choice, just like a small child’s, but we will understand what and why we choose.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/13, Writings of Rabash

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