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A Mother’s Heart

623A mother’s heart is located at the central point of the entire universe, both corporeal and spiritual. After all, it is from this very point that spiritual and corporeal birth occurs. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s heart; it is the most sensitive, most important point in all of reality. The Creator created a desire, which is the basis of a mother’s heart.

Therefore, if women begin to think at least a little about unity, they will already touch this central point of the entire universe from where the birth of all of humanity, the common soul, began. The world will come to correction only through a woman.

A woman has tremendous power that gives birth, develops, and organizes. And vice versa, if a woman does not participate in this correction, then she turns into a cause of contention, into a place of estrangement and evil. Therefore, I really hope that women will unite and bring peace, tranquility and unity to humanity.
From the Women’s Lesson 8/29/20, “Bnei Baruch Rule Toward Humanity”

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Nature Is Pregnant With A New Humanity

laitman_289The crisis that the coronavirus has brought us into, in essence, is the birth of a new world. However, all of humanity looks like a girl who unexpectedly became pregnant, completely unwilling, and is now terrified and does not know what to do.

Let’s not see ourselves in this position. We entered, like an embryo, the process of preparing for birth in a new world. Nature is pregnant, the Creator, who must give birth to us. And He will do it!

But we must help Him; we must agree with this process, unite more and more, and prepare for our birth. Thus, we can accelerate our development, because this pregnancy is not limited to a certain term, but depends on how we manage to unite in order to be ready to be born.

The only thing that is required of us is connection. We have to always think about how to connect more and more, and then we will understand how to behave during the delivery. There is still a long way to delivery. After all, if we are born before we are all connected together, then the baby will be born deformed, some organs will be missing in its body since we are not fully connected.

Through our connection, we are forming the body of the newborn humanity, and therefore, we are obliged to unite in such a way that this baby is born healthy, with all the necessary organs. An unsuccessful delivery should be out of the question.

If our union is not correct, then nature, the Creator, will bring such troubles, will put such pressure on us that we will have to unite. The birth canal is very narrow, and we will have to rally very strongly to get out.

If we connect, we can easily get out. And besides, we need to change our values ​​so that previously important things become unimportant, and vice versa, what previously was unimportant becomes important. This will mean that we are turning our heads upside down and we all share the same opinion.

And then labor pains come, which are well known to women. But now we all will have to go through them in a spiritual form so they prepare us for the birth in a new world. All this is ahead of us because we have not even collected ourselves in the form of an embryo so far.

The coronavirus is helping us tremendously to advance toward this birth, leaving us only the bare essentials and putting everything else aside. Therefore, it can be considered a medicine and not a blow. The opposite is true: with what the Creator beats us, He heals us.

A drop of semen has begun to develop, a spiritual gene (Reshimo) from the new world, which has awakened in us based on the fact that we have already completely exhausted our previous state. It is developing in each of us and in all of us together, and it contains information about the new state of humanity, just like the cell from which the embryo begins, a drop of semen.

The spiritual embryo floats in the light of Hassadim, in mother’s waters, with which it then exits during the correct birth. If we behave correctly and unite into a healthy embryo, we will feel that we are in the light of Hassadim, in the ocean of mercy, in the mother’s womb. Our embryo will grow and develop month after month and learn to see the new world in which it is supposed to be born.

If we do not unite, then our state will grow worse and worse, and we can reach real hunger. Nature will persuade us to change our values and understand that there is nothing but uniting: a group or death.

After all, we have not even attached to the wall of the womb yet. This requires connection above everything. We must become an embryo within the upper mother, all of nature, the Creator, and begin to develop in Him in order to be rewarded with birth.

It is easier for women to understand this process because they have gone through it and have felt it inside themselves. And now both men and women must go through this process and feel themselves in the womb and develop there. Despite the fact that this is a dark place regarding our egoism, regarding the desire for bestowal and unity, this is a world full of light, which gives us new development and new life.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 7/9/20

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Kabbalah And The Relationship Between A Man And A Woman

laitman_532Question: When a man and a woman form a couple, does their fate become joined or are they initially on different sides of the barricades?

Answer: There are no accidents. You don’t choose anything, including your partner. Everything is preordained. The only choice there is: take a step forward or wait for all sorts of circumstances to push you.

Question: If a woman has a difficult relationship with a man, can Kabbalah help her? Does she still have a choice?

Answer: You will see that something can be changed: either the man, the circumstances, or yourself. But this will become clear later.

Question: It turns out that by studying Kabbalah, a woman can understand this?

Answer: Sure. Kabbalistic knowledge changes her, and thus she feels that she is beginning to move closer or further from her partner more and more. Then the decision is born by itself.

Question: This decision is born by itself because it already exists? It just surfaces?

Answer: Absolutely correct!

Comment: To understand it, to accept it, and to live it is both simple and difficult.

My Response: But it’s interesting.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 7/14/20

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We Give Birth To Ourselves In A New World

laitman_284.03We live in a world that is changing right before our eyes. Our whole life can be divided into two stages: before the coronavirus and after it.

Life flowed according to a certain routine, and the virus suddenly made a drastic change in it, bringing all of humanity to a new state, which is still perceived as a global crisis.

The crisis is growing and deepening and it is not clear where it will lead, but it is clear that it is leading us to a new world that we are not yet familiar with. This crisis is like a new birth. The very word “crisis” (Mashber) comes from the name of the stone on which women in ancient times gave birth to children. In other words, crisis is the place of new birth, and the current state, which we call a crisis, is the birth of a new world.

There have been many different crises in the history of mankind, but so far, none of them has changed the world so dramatically. There were only some changes in human society, in its form. But today’s crisis is the first real one, although it does not seem very serious yet because it is not a war, a meteorite falling, or mass destruction.

And yet, we can call it a crisis precisely because a new world is being born before our eyes. Soon we will see how human society, us, our families, and our attitude to the world have changed. The inner world of a person, his perception of reality will change, and we will see a new world.

We do not see it yet, just like a baby that is inside its mother and does not see the world. But even when it is born, it does not see anything at first either. Then it will develop hearing and vision, and it will begin to respond as it grows and becomes familiar with the world.

It is exactly how we adults need to be born and change our perception and vision to see a new world. It will happen soon.

Childbirth is a huge, incomparable pain, a feeling that the whole body is ready to explode. On one hand, this is a very serious, critical, life-threatening condition. But on the other hand, we see that there is no choice: nature obliges us to go through it.

However, the birth of a child is based on the natural desire of a woman to have children. In addition, there is the public opinion that motivates a woman to give birth to a child, and not only one. Nature gave the woman a lot of strength to endure labor pains; this is a difficult and dangerous state.

The entire humanity is in this coronavirus crisis, both men and women. Women always reproached men for not knowing labor pains. Well, now women can be satisfied: men will go through real, severe labor pains. They will feel that the crisis is suffocating them, not giving them the opportunity to resist it: you are all torn from within, but you can do nothing.

We will still be able to be born through prayer and efforts to unite. But it will be a very difficult and special birth because we are giving birth to ourselves in a new world. We cross the border to the spiritual world and are born in a new form.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 7/9/20

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Transformation From Embryo To Human

laitman_610.2Why does nature make the birth process accompanied with such terrible agony? The fact is that afterward, this pain turns into force. The pain experienced by a woman during childbirth strengthens her and gives her tremendous strength later in life, which allows her to care for the baby and endure life’s trials.

The suffering experienced during childbirth strengthens the woman’s body. Therefore, a woman who has given birth is stronger than a woman who has not given birth and is stronger and more patient than a man.

Birth pains are very beneficial for health, it gives women patience and resilience in life. Therefore, the suffering that humanity is going through now in connection with the coronavirus will give it strength for development in the future.

After all, we will have to pass from one world to another, like a baby who is born from a mother’s womb that turns from an embryo into a human. After birth, he begins to behave in a completely different way and to become acquainted with a new reality and a new world outside the mother’s womb. The body of a newborn begins to act independently: the child cries, smiles, learns to listen, see, and then speak.

The child also goes through the pains of birth, although not as strongly as the mother. He loses all the sensations he had inside of his mother. His mother pushes him out, but he himself makes an effort to get out as well. Of course, he does not understand what he is doing but acts instinctively at the call of nature.

Nature forces the baby to turn his head down and gives him the strength to get out of the uterus through the narrow birth canal in order to be born. The baby also does a great job in childbirth.

Today each of us is such an embryo, and the mother’s womb is our environment. We need to be born with the help of the environment and start living in a new environment, feeling the environment as a Partzuf (Hebrew-face) of our soul.

We are forced to give up the usual life in the old world where we felt warm, confident, protected. Now we leave this place and go out into a new world that we do not know. How can we get through this state, overcome this barrier?

It is not yet visible that the uterus is beginning to open. Everything is closed for now, even though the contractions have already begun. But these contractions, the pressure on humanity inside the womb, is not directed yet. The embryo has not yet turned its head down, and it will take time for it to be born.

Turning  head-down is a turnover of values, of everything that was important before. Head-up means that the most important thing for me is my egoism and my own selfish existence. But now I want to abandon this approach, cancel, forget about myself, and start behaving in a new way, which means that I turn upside down.

Everything that was important to me before is no longer important, but what is important now is something completely different from before: bestowal, unification, love for one’s neighbor. The old values of human society, food, sex, family, money, power, knowledge, all these lose their value in the new world where we are all going to be born together. One acts on completely different principles.

The main thing for us is to unite and reveal a new reality in the connection between us, a higher power, unite with it, and constantly strengthen this contact.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 7/9/20

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If A Woman Studies Kabbalah

laitman_570Question: What if a woman starts studying Kabbalah and develops spiritually, but her husband does not, should she stop studying?

Answer: No, you can’t stop it. If you are given the opportunity to develop yourself, your soul, in no case should you stop. Just do so without reproach to your husband.

Tell him that this is your hobby, which makes you feel very good, and it is better to have spiritual adventures than to look for some adventures on the side. He’ll agree to that.

Question: What if he insists on my stopping the studies?

Answer: Why? If the wife is interested in, say, esotericism, something spiritual, he can even brag about it.

Comment: A man is afraid that a woman will change, outgrow him in development, and leave.

My Response: He may be afraid, but we need to make sure that he prefers it over something else. A man always wants his wife to be nearby, to look at him and serve him. Therefore, we must show him that this is exactly what he achieves.

Comment: But as a woman, I can’t influence a man’s choice. After all, to develop with me and grow spiritually will be his own choice.

My Response: Sure. In the spiritual, it is impossible to force anything. Therefore, it is said that in the spiritual there is no coercion, everyone studies as much as one can, as much as one wants. Maybe he doesn’t want to study Kabbalah, but prefers yoga or something else. So be it.

You need to allow another person to do such things through love. There is nothing wrong with this, he still remains your partner, your spouse.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/14/20

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Afraid Of Returning To The Old Ways

627.2Question: I realized that the way we have been living up to now was the cause of my suffering. I’m afraid of returning to the old ways.

Is it right for me to start a lifestyle that is more suitable for a woman: get married, start a family, and stay home to take care of my family, children, and husband?

Answer: In general, this is certainly good. But no one forbids you to work or study. Naturally, the purpose of each person is to create a family and to grow, but in addition, to develop personally—in terms of profession and self-realization.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 5/10/20

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Spiritual War For Peace

laitman_546.04Only women, united, can change the situation in the world and restore order in it. But, unfortunately, women do not actively express themselves. Every country has laws that allow women to demand access to leadership in order to properly organize life in the country.

Usually women are fighting for their own rights, for equality, and this is like a family showdown in the kitchen. But I am talking about spiritual warfare. A woman must understand that this is the most important thing right now and she needs to oblige the whole world like a mother makes her children study, clean up after themselves, go to school, and wash. That is how the role of women needs to be seen—as the mother of mankind.

The whole world expects women to start performing their role correctly and oblige everyone to realize and understand the spiritual goal of the world. When we connect with one another correctly, we allow the upper light, the higher force of nature, to enter into us and begin to work on us. This is the role of a woman, the role of a mother.

It turns out that the fight should not be for the rights of women themselves, but for their ability to influence society. Women lack knowledge, connection, and organization. If they want to move forward, they will have to learn a lot and in accordance with this, properly unite, learn about their mission, and with the appropriate wisdom and feelings, realize their purpose. There is no other way out, just like with a child who does not want to learn.

It is not easy for a woman to do this because throughout history she has been used to staying in the shadows. Only the right education will help. They need to start with small roles, and from that a serious organization will develop.

A woman must know the program and purpose of creation, the stages through which we move, and how they are achieved. And besides, women who begin to study today are preparing themselves to become leaders of society and humanity.

You must be aware that you are fulfilling a special mission and must be more persistent every day and ready to do anything to save humanity from the difficult trials that await us if we do not correctly implement this special stage.

I am sure that you are able to do this and I am ready to help in any way I can. I wish you success!
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 6/30/20

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21st Century Woman, Part 2

Laitman_503.02What is the difference between male and female leadership styles and how do you combine them? If the leader, whether male or female, does not know about the purpose and program of creation and how to lead to what nature requires of us, nothing good will happen. First of all, integral education is necessary, and as a result of it, women will take over more important positions in society.

This is the call of time. Before the beginning of the last period, when humanity had not yet entered the stage of final correction through connection and studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, the organization of tens, society was ruled by men. But as soon as we begin to spread the method of integral education and begin to work in tens to restore one common great soul of Adam HaRishon, women come forward.

Men will be more involved in the organization of tens and internal structures of society, and women will take on more external leadership. Therefore, I keep saying that dissemination is mostly women’s work.

The same woman who has always remained in the shadows, suddenly has to go to the forefront and engage in the reconstruction of society. And it is interesting that men agree to this. Nature lets a woman go first, and no one protests. This is a miracle that has never happened in history. And this process has been going on for the last hundred years.

A woman has always had a tendency for leadership, but before that it was on a small scale and did not go beyond the house. A man is not able to manage the house, he never knows where anything is. His way of thinking is not adapted to this kind of work, and the woman has always run the house.

But over time, there was a change. And this is a consequence of the internal organization of the soul, which is gradually approaching correction. As a result, the light passed from above through the Sefirot Keter, Hochma, etc. to Malchut, and began to reach the woman more and more. Therefore, women felt that they are more aware of the changes taking place in the world and are ready to express their opinions on important issues.

This is no longer limited to knowing where the salt and pepper is in the kitchen. A woman is ready to give advice to men: to her husband, to the government, and to Congress, offering a solution. This is no longer about how to make soup, but how to brew politics. And all because the time has come when the upper light is closer to Malchut and gave her illumination.

So the woman feels able to work with it. She is able to restore order in the world better than a man, as she belongs to the last Sefira, and by raising the reforming light, she connects all the Sefirot before her. Therefore, she is able to control them all.

The man remains in his certain role, and the woman gains the power to control everyone, as she does with children in kindergarten. She handles all the chores.

Not everyone can be like Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir, but nevertheless, any woman has special abilities in management. I think that in our time it is necessary to replace men in parliaments with women. We know that in any place where a woman works, there will be order. The world does not need a man’s explosive power, but a woman’s moderate, balanced leadership, free from all the petty calculations that sometimes characterize women.

A woman who can do everything well, weigh everything correctly, and perceive her country as her home, important and dear to her, is able to reconcile all conflicting currents and parties and balance everything. Only a woman can do that.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 6/30/20

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21st Century Woman, Part 1

Laitman_514.02History recognizes many women who were pioneers that paved the way, made changes in the world, and laid the foundation for a more progressive society. Heroic efforts were usually required for a woman to break through prevailing stereotypes and go against accepted norms and cultural traditions.

And yet, history was written basically by men, and there are very few female names in it. Women always remained in the background. After all, history develops in accordance with the general structure of society, the universe, the entire creation, which consists of ten Sefirot.

This structure develops from top to bottom from the Sefira Keter to Malchut. And although everything is intended for Malchut, for the female part of the structure, until her turn comes, until the whole system develops, the role of women is hidden.

This is visible throughout history among all nations and at all times. Only among the people of Israel, has the role of a woman always been more pronounced than that of others as evidenced by these names from the Tanakh: Eve, the wife of Adam, the great women prophetess Batya, the daughter of the Pharaoh, who raised Moses.

“Batya” means “the daughter of the Creator” (bet-yod-hei—ב-י-ה), which speaks of her highest destiny. The Torah (Five Books of Moses) tells about many women who have a special role in history, and always positive.

And during the 2,000 year-long last exile, the role of women went into even greater concealment. To the extent of the depth and the length of the exile, to that extent, the role of women remained in the shadows. And now, as we move out of this exile, women are getting more and more freedom and increasingly important roles. Particularly large changes occurred in the last, 20th century, and even more so today in the 21st century, when women are becoming a dominant part of development.

This is very noticeable in the modern world where so many women occupy leadership positions in enterprises and even as heads of states. Not only is female power growing, but the image of a woman is becoming increasingly important. As a result, we see that the whole world exists in order to raise Malchut, the female part, according to the model of the upper world.

And although Malchut was always concealed because it is the last Sefira, at the last stage, it becomes the most important, leaves concealment, and becomes revealed in the reflected light up to Keter itself. It turns out that the role of women is the most important. And although it is written that “All the glory of the king’s daughter is inside,” since she has been hidden the whole time, now she comes to the forefront and begins to reveal herself as the most important part.

I think that the 21st century will provide women with more time and space so that she can move forward and learn about her role in correcting the world. Such women can lead the world to the sublime goal before us.

In earlier times, the development of women was always late relative to the overall development. The fact is that woman belongs to the tenth part of the general structure. Keter, Hochma, Bina, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and the last, Malchut, is the female part of the soul. But when Malchut begins to receive, when there is already restriction, screen, and reflected light in which Malchut reaches Keter, then the light comes and illuminates all the Sefirot. The direct and the reflected light are connected together.

And before that, humanity was dismissive to the role of the woman and did not value her dignity. But all this must be corrected in our days as we come to the last stage in which a woman must grow up and show herself.

A qualitative change occurred already in the 19th century, and female power began to break forward. Women received the right to vote in elections, access to higher education. This promoted not only women themselves but society as a whole, its lower social strata. The woman not only enters the historical, social, government stage but also pulls up the weak social strata, which could not have risen otherwise.

A woman changes everything. We must only give a place to one woman, allow her to prove herself, and the whole life changes. And our time is special in that we are coming to the end of the correction of the world. A lot still needs to be corrected, but we are already at the finish line. And therefore, the role of women is becoming more and more noticeable day by day.

A woman will demand more and more because her natural forces are pushing her. And on the other hand, the male half of humanity will bow more and more to women. Therefore, it is necessary to explain to a woman her role and duty to fulfill it, and to not neglect her.

If women do not fulfill their leading role, they seem to leave it for men. But men can no longer act as they did before. It turns out that men are no longer acting, and women are not acting yet, and we fall between two chairs, which is very dangerous. These are the times we are entering today.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World,” 6/30/20

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