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Rediscover The Property Of Love

294.4Question: Is the rejection that is being revealed in families now in order to make us understand that marriage and relationships are possible only on a spiritual component?

Answer: Only! In the same state as before our division, before the division into male and female parts.

At the beginning of creation, there was one construction of a common soul, consisting of a male and a female part in absolute unity with each other, in mutual concessions, mutual fusion, mutual love, and mutual giving to each other.

And then this property of reciprocity disappeared and completely equal constructions appeared, opposite to each other according to their desire, according to mutual animal cravings and other discrepancies. And now we are tuned in to each other only to be satisfied at the expense of others.

This happened because the quality of bestowal and love disappeared from us. Now no one perceives love as a great feeling. Today’s love means that I am pleased at the expense of some other object, I fill myself with pleasure at the expense of it, so I say that I love him as I love a fish.

Question: Then why did the breaking take place and the property of love disappear?

Answer: So that we realize that we need this property and it would appear in us again. Then we will rise to its level, we will begin to create it in ourselves, move on our own to catch up to it, and explore how we can become equal and worthy of it. That is, we will raise ourselves to the level of the Creator.

We will do this from our own desire, out of our own comprehension, we will become equal to Him in understanding, in knowledge, in management, in all parameters. We will acquire the status of the Creator. We must come to this.

It is the right combination between a man and a woman that can give us this opportunity. Both husband and wife should be with points in their hearts that strive to merge with each other in order to attain the Creator.

And Kabbalah will help them in this ascent because it tells about all the steps that must be realized on the spiritual path. Kabbalah is an instruction on how to act, an instruction for a happy spiritual family life.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation”

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“He Had No Sons, But Daughters”

559Prophets, Joshua, 17:3-17:4: But Zelophehad, the son of Hepher, the son of Gilead, the son of Machir, the son of Manasseh, had no sons, but daughters; and these are the names of his daughter: Mahlah, and Noah, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah.

And they came near before Eleazar the priest, and before Joshua the son of Nun, and before the princes, saying, “The Lord commanded Moses to give us an inheritance among our brothers.” According to the commandment of the Lord, he gave them an inheritance among the brothers of their father.

A daughter is the will to receive without an intention to bestow, which so far has no personal correction.

There are such desires in a person for which he cannot acquire the correct intention. Yet, since these desires exist, he wants to reach their correction. But how? He does not have such capabilities.

Man symbolizes the intention for the sake of the Creator, and woman is the desire without intention. Therefore, desire plus the correct intention can give birth to a correct action called a child, children. Therefore, a woman cannot do anything by herself.

However, since they have accurately checked and made sure that they do not have any suitable desires, this leads to the fact that they seemingly complain to the Creator, “Why are desires created in us without the opportunity to correct them?”

Question: Still, inheritance was given to daughters. Why?

Answer: Because the most important thing is the earth, the female part. The male part gives only intention to the female desire. Therefore, female desire cannot be destroyed. You must find a suitable intention for it. Thus, we see that this problem is not resolved yet. The Creator did not provide people with capabilities to correct, and yet, correction must happen.

Question: Why does the Torah always speak about sons being born and not daughters?

Answer: Because the most important thing is the intention. The desire is there, but the intention is given by the Creator from above.

Question: When the intention to bestow appears, it means that a son is born. Is a daughter born in parallel or together with this desire?

Answer: In the original narrations of the Torah (Bible), it is said that male and female are almost always born together. Then we see that each time there are more and more confusing states because we are constantly advancing.

As the correction progresses, problems and inconsistencies arise between the male and female parts. Thus, we must search for the male and then the female part.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/9/21

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Women And Unity

962.8Question: We know how the environment impacts a person. We women listen to the daily lesson every day and it is only about the work in the ten: exercises, the daily task, workshops, and gatherings of the tens. We try to implement everything we hear from our teacher.

You recently said that women don’t need to work on the unity between them. If that’s the case, why do we need to listen to the lesson, and especially to the first part that is about internal work and work in the tens? Wouldn’t it be better not to listen to the first part of the lesson in order to avoid confusion?

Answer: Because of their basic nature, women cannot participate in such activities equally as men because each woman is an individualist. The shattering of the vessel of the general soul of all nine Sefirot is the male part.

The shattering of Malchut is the female part. The shattering of Malchut is very hard, and women also understand how hard it is for them to connect. On the other hand, it is very easy for the men to connect compared to women. Men’s egoism is totally different from that of women’s. Men are like kids compared to women. It is very hard for a woman to do that.

This is the reason that women are not required to fulfill the serious demands that are required of men. I emphasize this so that it will not be an obstacle in our spiritual work. Women can do everything that men do, listen to lessons and try to do everything. Yet at the same time they should understand that it will work much more slowly and be more difficult. But getting closer to the Creator will be faster.

It isn’t about the same kind of work. After all, there are differences between men and women in our world. So it is impossible to compare the female perspectives of the world—her attitude, her feeling of the world, her attitude to the family, the kids, to everything that happens—to the male perspective. We cannot dwell inside each other. We are totally different creatures.

So although both men and women need to get closer to the Creator, including the common work between them, we need to pay attention to our gender attributes.

Question: To what extent do men need to listen to the advice and recommendations of women in their work in dissemination?

Answer: I believe that except for the spiritual work, women can do all the other kinds of work better than men. They should be given as many opportunities to participate in dissemination as possible.

It is best to give the part that is related to the spiritual work to the men, like lectures, etc. A and to let the women engage in dissemination.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/12/19

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Male And Female Souls

961.2Question: What does it mean to adhere to the Creator and at the same time be His partner?

Answer: To adhere to the Creator means to adhere to Him in complete merging, in complete similarity, in full awareness and understanding. I am independent, and at the same time, precisely because of this independence, because I am the same as Him, I adhere to Him.

At the same time, I represent the female part and the Creator, the male part. All of us together, men and women, represent the female part in relation to the Creator.

Question: So women can be proud of this?

Answer: A woman is the essence of creation more than a man and has a greater ability to reveal nature in relation to the upper force. And in a man there is more from the Creator, more independence in action than in a woman.

Therefore, in our world we are in a state where, in completion with each other, we can achieve such a manifestation of our nature when together we form a single whole similar to the Creator.

As a result, all male and female souls will unite and become one single soul, which is just like a female soul in relation to the Creator.

Question: Do the male and female principles also exist within one person?

Answer: Of course. In every person, both among men and among women, there are different combinations. And the male foundation is always more prevalent than the female one in the degree of bestowal.

At the same time, in relation to one person, I can act as a female principle, and in relation to someone else, as a male principle. For example, in relation to the upper one I am the feminine principle, and in relation to the lower one, say, a student, I am the male principle, and so on. These all are just stages.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #19

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Is It Worthwhile Awakening The Point In The Heart In A Family?

626Question: How can we help awaken an inactive point in the heart in the family?

Answer: First, we should not require that our partners learn the wisdom of Kabbalah, no way!

Regarding this topic, there is an absolute and precise prohibition. There is no coercion in spirituality. If a partner wants to learn, then please. If the partner doesn’t want to learn, it is not necessary.

Together with this, it is necessary to encourage them with this in every way possible. And certainly, if husband and wife study together, this will bring them very close and will produce a very good connection. So, I recommend this to everyone.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 6/23/19

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Kabbalah And Family Rules

962.2Question: How are responsibilities distributed between a man and a woman in terms of spiritual growth?

Answer: They are not. What kind of interaction can there be between male and female parts? Mutual complementing. as between everyone. Why distinguish between male and female parts? This relates to the animate level of existence, which we have already passed.

Kabbalah makes a very clear distinction between animalistic and human relationships. There is no room for love between a man and a woman. There is only rational existence for creating a family, procreation, as well as food and necessary existence in our world.

Question: Does it mean that in Kabbalah there are no family rules such as: a man should do this in order to get to heaven and a woman should do that?

Answer: There is absolutely no difference. Each one in accordance with their nature must reach complete correct interaction with everyone.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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The Mystery Of The Unification Of The Masculine And Feminine, Part 16


Question: Why in many cultures and religions does a woman rank lower than a man?

Answer: It is because all cultures and religions are egoistic and since the male part is similar to the Creator and the female part is similar to the creature, so the woman is supposedly in a lower rank.

Comment: I suppose that in some areas women have more of a prerogative than men. For example, during pregnancy, only the woman becomes the “mistress of the house” of the fetus and can decide from her own freewill whether to have an abortion or not, without asking the man.

My Response: We are not talking about prerogatives that nature has determined for us. Whether a man or a woman, we do what we want with our body; this has no pertinence to us.

Question: What are the left and right reins in spiritual work and what is the whip if I want to control and manage my “horse,” the ego?

Answer: There are many components here in the cart, in the wagon, in the person and in the reins. This is a complete system that is called a spiritual Partzuf. This entire system is actually a metaphor for the soul, and we will learn about it.

Question: How should a man support a woman in a relationship, and vice versa, how can a woman support a man?

Answer: It is simply up to them to understand each other and to try to give the other the opportunity to learn and support him or her. I would not want to talk about more than that, otherwise you will ruin everything. You might begin by helping each other in such a way that nothing will be left of your group, it will seem to you that this is so simple. The wisdom of Kabbalah exerts such enormous forces among us that you simply have to be careful! In no way should you make definitive movements.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/3/19

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294.4Will women save the world?

Question: Knowing how huge male egoism is and how much it has become hardened in the process of evolution, will women save the world?

Answer: Yes, women will save the world. If they want to, men will bend under it everywhere and always.

When I visit different countries, special communities and peoples, I always wonder who is in charge of their family. Who rules: a male voice (“I am the master!”) or a female voice?

The man replies: “Of course I am!” But as soon as his wife takes a look at him, everything becomes clear. And so it is everywhere, in all cultures. It comes from a spiritual root.

Women need to give men the right direction in life. After all, they can run away anywhere, and women, as a mother, must control them a little on the way to the Creator. Men need it.

If it were not for women, men would make this world a complete sandbox, or numerous tourist routes, or races, football, anything except a normal life with the right development. This is indeed the case. Therefore, the feminine part is very important, especially in Kabbalah.

We can see how much in the last 100 years a woman has rushed forward, become independent, strong, broke through to all the authorities, and so forth. All this is precisely because we are moving toward the correction of a world in which female power, strength, her quality and devotion are necessary to achieve the highest goal.

So, men, listen to the women. In each group, try to increase the strength of the female part as much as possible. Women should be promoted and try to exploit their consistency to make the group more stable.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/3/19

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284.07How does a woman influence a man?

Question: If a man studies the wisdom of Kabbalah and scrutinizes what he studies and his wife does not object, then he is the receiver of the light. Can we say that when a woman studies the wisdom of Kabbalah and the husband objects, but then changes his mind after a while, is it the woman who influenced him?

Answer: A woman influences a man much more than a man influences a woman. When a woman studies the wisdom of Kabbalah her husband will certainly follow her, but when a man studies the wisdom of Kabbalah, his wife will not always follow him.

We can see this in every country and in every nation, it is the same everywhere. A man eventually listens to his wife.

A woman who studies the wisdom of Kabbalah can bring the family in the right direction, whereas the husband cannot because he has to “steal” time from the family from time to time in order to engage in what he loves.

This is the reason that I ask the women to pay attention and to make sure that the men will be able to study properly.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/3/19

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600.02Each Develops on Their Own

Question: What do a husband and wife need to take into account if they begin to study Kabbalah together? How should they help each other and what should they avoid?

Answer: I don’t think that when they study Kabbalah they will immediately want to help each other. Each of them will experience their own states.

It takes a very long time, months, and even years before they begin to understand the possibility of studying together, of putting their spiritual forces into it together. It will take years before they feel that they both have one soul. It is no simple matter.

It will not happen in a day. We are just beginning this path so it is best not to disturb one another. In the beginning each one develops on their own.

Children, for example, cannot play with each other before the age of three. They play on their own, each with their own toys, and if you offer a child to play with someone else, he will not understand it. They don’t have the perception of society yet.

It is the same when we study Kabbalah. When we begin to study Kabbalah, we do not feel others. It overtakes us and seizes each one separately. So we should not disturb each other during this time, but instead try to allow each one to develop independently until we reach a certain level of maturity.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 3/3/19

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