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The Most Complete Property

608.02The property of bestowal is the most complete, independent, and highest property that can be manifested in our state. Therefore if we wish to achieve connection with the Creator, we must master this property, the property of bestowal.

But in order to learn to understand this property, to feel it, to grade it, to somehow give it all kinds of names, we must cultivate all kinds of communication with each other. And in order to let us understand what types of connection are possible between us, in order to develop ourselves each and everyone, we are created in a society of opposites—men and women.

We need to come to a state where, above all the egoistic rejections that the Creator specially made, opposed to the property of bestowal, we must come closer to such a mutual connection, which would be called love of our neighbor. And this is called love when you begin to perceive the other not only as yourself, but above yourself, when he becomes more important to you than yourself.
From the International Convention “Rising  Above Ourselves” 1/6/22, “Approaching the Creator Through the Network of Connections Between Us,” Lesson 1

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There Is A Woman Behind Every Successful Man

290Behind every successful man, there is a woman (Proverb).

Question: Is there a spiritual root for this phenomenon that a man feels more confident if a woman helps him?

Answer: I think that it is a necessary element of life. Moreover, I am saying this based on my own experience and from what I felt in my life, in my profession, and in the support my spouse gives me. If not for her, I would hardly have been able to endure much of what I have endured. I had tremendous physical, mental, and spiritual trauma, loss, and difficulty.

A wife in this regard is the kind of support without which it would be very difficult for a man. She replaces his mother. The fact is that a man does not give birth and does not enter that different phase like a woman who from a girl becomes a woman, a mother. A man does not have this transition. Therefore, he constantly needs female support just like a child needs his mother’s support. We understand these interactions.

When a man is engaged in such serious work as politics, science in general, daring work requiring a huge return of internal energy, physical and mental matter, then he needs psychological support even more than physiological.

And, of course, the spouse who helps him without interfering in anything but gives a feeling of support, this is internally necessary for the man. This has a high spiritual root.

At our root we are a single being where the masculine and feminine are intertwined. And it is from this common root that I must draw strength. But I can feel them better if I feel a devoted woman next to me who helps, supports, listens to me, and gives me attention. This is very important. And therefore, it is a law for a Kabbalist, he cannot be single.

Moreover, I have not seen this being an indispensable condition in any other practice. In Kabbalah a bachelor cannot advance spiritually. This spiritual root is so deep that a Kabbalist must be married.

It is not just having a home and being attended to but having a woman who performs internal, mental, and functional duties called “a wife.” This is the definition, the category, the image. This is a very difficult thing. I can see from my students how much it influences them.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up—Two-Headed Eagle” 1/1/10

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What Will Change Our Reality?

571.03Question: Can we say that the female part is seemingly animate relative to the male part and that the male part represents a higher or “human” degree?

Answer: If male and female parts complement each other correctly, then a “centaur” is born, sort of a combination of an animal and a person in a human.

Question: How can we make this combination correctly? If two people strive for spirituality, does everything get harmonized by itself?

Answer: This is not easy to implement In our world.

We are just now starting this path. There are still a lot of pitfalls ahead. But I hope that in the end, all divorces, discords, family breakdowns, separation of children from their parents, a person’s hatred even toward oneself, drugs, and those wild fanaticisms that we see (and in the future will see even bigger ones) can be resolved, and this is only if we begin to strive for a higher goal.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Centaurs” 1/15/10

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We Can Only Rely On Women

294.4Question: Tatiana writes to you: “Do I understand you correctly that everything began from a woman, that a woman caused a sin, and a woman must lead the world to correction?”

Answer: Right. I greatly rely on women because I believe that a woman can force a man to do what is needed in the family, in society, and in the world.

I hope that the era of women is gradually beginning. Women must demand a new world.

I think the next stage will be when women will stop giving birth altogether and will stop doing household chores. What they need is enough for them. And then the whole world will gradually begin to sink.

Question: Such a threat to the world should come from them?

Answer: This is not a threat to the world, but a threat to our state, our insane, savage civilization.

Question: Why? Do you pin all your hopes on a woman just because she gives birth to life?

Answer: I think that this is a great force in our world, which is still dormant. When women understand that the world is really going in the wrong direction and there is no other force except for them, they will be able to begin to relate to the world differently, and no one can stop them.

Question: And what is the main thing in their properties?

Answer: It is based on the fact that they feel that the world has no future. And they will not agree to that.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/4/21

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What Are Problems Needed For?

200.01Question: In one of your conversations, you said that a person does not need the upper world for solving problems in this world, including problems in the family, that on the contrary, problems in the family are needed in order to ascend to the upper world.

Does this mean that all the problems of our world are not meant to be solved?

Answer: Sure. They are needed in order to feel the need for the Creator who will solve them. This is how we reveal Him.

When we attain the upper force that manages us and become its owners, then we begin to manage our world, our life, our destiny, everything by ourselves. We become equal to Him, we see the entire universe from the beginning to the end and rise above this existence, above our body. This is called the revelation of the Creator.

All the problems of our world are intended to feel the need to attain Him. This is why our life becomes more and more unbearable: in order to force us to rise to His level, not for drawing Him into our world and making material existence more comfortable.

It’s the same with the family. The rejection between us should reveal the need for the Creator to us in order to rise to Him together, not to draw Him to us.

Question: What happens when one partner already has this need and realizes that a family can only be built on the spiritual component, but the other one does not have it yet?

Answer: Then nothing will work. We must come to a state where both partners are aware of this and realize it.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation” 9/16/09

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Toward The Right Spiritual Combination

627.2Comment: Kabbalah says that the nature of a woman is the receiving part and a man’s the bestowing one.

My Response: This is very conditional. In the spiritual world the quality of bestowal is called male and the quality of receiving is called female. But we are not talking about a man and a woman in our world. This is how spiritual forces are divided.

Where do we see these manifestations? If a man practices Kabbalah correctly, he attains the spiritual force first and then transfers it to the woman. But the woman helps him in this, and without her help, he cannot achieve anything. A woman is that desire with the help of which a man attains the upper force, reveals the Creator.

Thus, their partnership is necessary from the very minimum level. Therefore, in the past Kabbalists did not accept men who were not married as their students.

But in our time, to achieve a real spiritual state, it is necessary to have a combination of both a man and a woman, directed toward the Creator.

Hopefully, we are now approaching the generation in which the right spiritual combination will appear between couples.
FFrom KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation” 9/16/09

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To Show Men An Example

284Question: What special things can women make you happy with in terms of Kabbalistic work? What do you expect from us?

Answer: I expect you to be loving and supportive of each other, well attuned, and show an example to men. It is necessary to pull men along, push them forward, treat them the way a mother treats children.

Take care of your men and try to make them real Kabbalists, and at the same time you will grow yourself.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference”

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Raising The Earthly Desires

261Question: The women are dividing into tens now and they often meet on Zoom® and connect between them on the phone. But there is no effort to disseminate. It seems that they are trying to imitate the men’s work and not do what you advise them to do, to grow stronger in dissemination.

How can this be changed? How can dissemination become the preferable activity in women’s tens?

Answer: I do not know how to endorse this.

You need to understand this from the structure of the general vessel that we learn about. If there is no unity between us or if our unity is not aimed at expanding outward, we will not be able to receive anything.

We are the upper part, the head of the vessel, called GE (Galgalta ve Eynaim), which includes Keter, Hochma, and Bina. The other part of the Partzuf is called AHP (Awzen, Hotem, Peh), and it is made of the lower part of Bina, ZA (Zeir Anpin), and Malchut.

We can receive the light from above, from the Creator only to the extent that we are integrated in the desire of the lower vessels.

So, the desire in the lower part of the vessel has to be precise, a deficiency from the lower vessels (from the people). But if there is no such basic desire, we will not receive anything from above.

It is very simple. You cannot do anything without the right desire, without wanting to correct something. We, the upper part, only prepare ourselves for the correction so the correction will help us feel the lower part, the desire of all the people in the world, and then we will be able to raise their desire to the Creator.

This is how we work.

This is the reason we are called Israel, Yashar-El, straight to the Creator, whereas they are called the general body, the general vessel.

They cannot correct themselves in any way. Only we can correct them. Without them, there is nothing for us to correct. This means that the connection with the Creator can only be if we take their desires first and raise them upward, then we will be able to be in contact with the Creator.

So without dissemination there is no hope that the Creator will relate to us in any way because all our work stems from the desire for the goal of the creation that we received from above. Why has the Creator given us our desire? So that we will format ourselves and begin to raise the desire of the rest of the vessel to Him. Then we will really be in our right place, serve the Creator correctly, and become His servants.

But if we do not use the desire to the Creator, which was given to us in order to turn to the world and connect with their yearnings and their sufferings and raise them upward, there is no need for us because we cannot ask for ourselves.

All our requests can only be in order to connect the world to the Creator. It is only for this purpose that we exist.

So, do not hope to attain the Creator, to reveal Him, to be in contact with Him, if you do not begin to raise the uncorrected, shattered desires of the world to Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/13/19

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Call Upon The Power Of The Creator As Help

627.1When the single structure of the common soul split into male and female, the property that binds them, the property of the Creator, disappeared at the same time. Therefore if we want to unite both parts, we need to invoke a third force, the force of the Creator, to become the glue that connects us to each other.

In our time, families are actively breaking up so that we feel the need for their unification and realize that it is possible only by revealing the Creator. It turns out that all of today’s disintegration is needed in order to understand Him.

Therefore, by uniting and demanding to understand the Creator, we create the correct connection in the family and reveal the Creator between us. That is, the expansion of egoism, its growth, and the disintegration of the family occurs with the purpose of making us feel the need for the Creator who will make peace between us.

Question: But why with such cruel methods?

Answer: These methods are not cruel, but are exactly what happened at the very beginning of creation when the Creator disappeared and left us alone against each other.

And now that we have gone through this story, we see how ready we are to distance from each other: artificial insemination, women here, men there, unisex, you don’t know who and what. We are approaching a state where we will not need each other at all.

All this is necessary in order for us to emerge from the initial state to the realization that we need the Creator to unite us and to be drawn to one another for the sake of His revelation and not for each other’s sake.

The Creator is what glues us together, i.e., the power of love and bestowal is what we lack and what we can find among ourselves if we want.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation” 9/16/09

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Rediscover The Property Of Love

294.4Question: Is the rejection that is being revealed in families now in order to make us understand that marriage and relationships are possible only on a spiritual component?

Answer: Only! In the same state as before our division, before the division into male and female parts.

At the beginning of creation, there was one construction of a common soul, consisting of a male and a female part in absolute unity with each other, in mutual concessions, mutual fusion, mutual love, and mutual giving to each other.

And then this property of reciprocity disappeared and completely equal constructions appeared, opposite to each other according to their desire, according to mutual animal cravings and other discrepancies. And now we are tuned in to each other only to be satisfied at the expense of others.

This happened because the quality of bestowal and love disappeared from us. Now no one perceives love as a great feeling. Today’s love means that I am pleased at the expense of some other object, I fill myself with pleasure at the expense of it, so I say that I love him as I love a fish.

Question: Then why did the breaking take place and the property of love disappear?

Answer: So that we realize that we need this property and it would appear in us again. Then we will rise to its level, we will begin to create it in ourselves, move on our own to catch up to it, and explore how we can become equal and worthy of it. That is, we will raise ourselves to the level of the Creator.

We will do this from our own desire, out of our own comprehension, we will become equal to Him in understanding, in knowledge, in management, in all parameters. We will acquire the status of the Creator. We must come to this.

It is the right combination between a man and a woman that can give us this opportunity. Both husband and wife should be with points in their hearts that strive to merge with each other in order to attain the Creator.

And Kabbalah will help them in this ascent because it tells about all the steps that must be realized on the spiritual path. Kabbalah is an instruction on how to act, an instruction for a happy spiritual family life.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Emancipation” 9/16/09

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