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What Does A Woman Find In Kabbalah?

294.4Question: Why do women come to study Kabbalah and why are there so many of them? What do they find in Kabbalah?

Answer: Women come to us to study because they feel that in this world they have nothing to rely on, that all their feminine, maternal care about a life partner they can rely on, about children who need to be educated, brought up, and supported, that taking care of the house, and about building the right family, they do not know how to do it. And men do not know as well.

Therefore, women see that in this way they begin to receive some answers about how everything works, how everything can be put in order, and therefore, they come to Kabbalah. First of all, because it gives them some kind of confidence, some kind of base, so that they can create the right atmosphere in the house, in the family, at work, in the city where they live, and in the world.

Question: Why is their desire for the spiritual so great?

Answer: I think that women strive, first of all, not for the spiritual. They come to Kabbalah because they see an absolutely unrequited existence in the material.

There is no answer: why and for what do we exist? What is happening here? How to arrange this world? How to do something right with children. There is no answer, and a woman is at a loss. If she has answers to the most important questions about existence, then she is already calm.

And the most important thing is the question: “What will happen to my children, to us?” This question in life, in the world, it is very, very vibrant.

The woman, first of all, comes to answer it. And when she begins to understand that what is being said here is about universal psychology, about universal development, universal correction, and so on, then despite all these enormous scales of Kabbalah that are being revealed—universal and beyond that—women still continue to study, and this is necessary.

This is not from the point of view of acquaintance and curiosity. For a woman, this is necessarily much, much deeper. She is looking for a foundation, a certainty, on which she can exist.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/4/21

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Let’s Be Positive!

600.01Question: People say that it is not bad to dream. What if you really want something in corporeality and sometime later it happens just the way you imagined?

Answer: Our thoughts are a most powerful force. We can invoke negative states by evil thoughts and so it is best to think positively as much as we can and to prepare ourselves correctly for positive attributes and influences. It totally depends on us.

What is more, women’s thoughts are much more powerful than men’s thoughts. If women make efforts to be connected between them correctly by positive thoughts, they will do much greater work than men. That’s the way it is by nature.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 2/3/19

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Creation And Its Female Part

614The Book of Zohar,Chayei Sarah” [The Life of Sarah], Chapter 80: Why are all types of witchcraft and magic in women? It is because when the serpent came over Eve, he cast filth in her. He cast only in her and not in her husband, and the spells extend from the filth of the serpent. This is why witchcraft is in women.

In Kabbalah, women are a very important part of creation, even more important than the masculine part since everything comes from her. And the male part is just a link between the female part and the Creator.

The whole of creation is the female part. Therefore birth, stages of ascent, and all of the actions of creation are realized in a woman. And men are needed in the world only to provide for her, but life itself is in women.

And this is true. If men understood this and agreed, the world would be much better, straighter. Unfortunately, we are not that corrected yet.

From the spiritual point of view, the female part in creation is called desire and the male part is called intention. The Creator created the desire, and then the correct intention was created for it: for the sake of the Creator. But when this intention was corrupted by the so-called “sin,” it turned into its opposite. That is, the intention to give has been replaced by receiving for the sake of oneself without any love or compassion for others.

Why do we say that a woman is corrupted, that she has all the evil in her, that she has the venom of the serpent, and man does not? Because evil manifests itself in the female part. At the same time, I do not mean women at all. When I say “woman,” I associate it only with spiritual qualities. Therefore, you do not need to perceive my words at the level of our world.

So, Eve was not corrupted before the shifting of the egoistic property of “receiving” to Adam. Adam himself was corrupted, and because of this, the whole world, including Eve, was corrupted. She was the transferring link from the serpent to Adam. When Adam sinned, they both descended to the lowest level, to the state of permanent sin, and from this egoistic state they must come out.

The exit is mainly carried out through the efforts of Adam, the male part of creation, because it is engaged in correcting the intention and must change it from receiving to giving. And the female part is more passive. She accepts this intention and works with it. And we see this in practice in the male and female characters, in their approach to the world.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #4

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 3/20/19

281.02Question: Why does the absolute need our correction? If the absolute is complete and unchanging, why does He need us or our correction?

Answer: Humanity may not understand this, but the absolute one, that is, the supreme, the force of pure good, does not care at all about what we think of Him. The point of creating all kinds of creations is to gradually raise them to the level of this absolute so that they also become absolute.

Question: We often talk about the neighbor. Who exactly is our neighbor?

Answer: In Kabbalah, the neighbor is determined by the goal, by the spirit, by their advancement. It may be someone who lives in Africa but who is closer to me than my family members.

Question: Is Kabbalah forbidden for women to study?

Answer: In our time, we have come to a state where everyone is controlled by a common egoism; therefore, today both men and women, regardless of age, can study Kabbalah and achieve revelation of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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The Task Of A Woman In Kabbalah

563Question: What is the main task of a woman in Kabbalah today?

Answer: The same as of men: to rise above her egoism, unite with others, and reach the Creator.

Question: Should a woman unite with other women who study Kabbalah with her?

Answer: Yes it is worthwhile. If there is a serious group led by a serious teacher, then it is worth it. It is very difficult alone. Or you can study over the Internet.
From KabTV’s “Ask the Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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Live In The Understanding Of The Meaning Of Existence

628.2Comment: If a person is present in the general system, then accordingly there should be relations between the parts of the system that are built in a certain way according to a correct algorithm.

My Response: The only correct algorithm regarding relations would be for each part of the system to exist only in order to support all the other parts and for itself, it would only get as much as it needed to function correctly in this way.

Question: How do the male and female parts of the system, literally husband and wife, relate to this?

Answer: Husband and wife should be focused on supporting each other as well as what is produced from their relationship.

Question: How can a woman support her husband as effectively as possible? In what way should this support be carried out in relation to his development, in terms of his existence in the corporeal world, and perhaps in terms of a spiritual goal?

Answer: I don’t think there is much difference between men and women or husbands and wives. They must both live according to an understanding of the meaning of their existence. What end should they come to? What is the most important thing in their lives?

They need to keep working on this. There are a lot of options here, but all of them should be aimed at achieving a common goal.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 12/7/20

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The Future Of The World Depends On Women

961.2We are born in this world, the worst of all worlds. Nothing is worse than it. Therefore, you can calm down—it will not be worse anywhere else than here. All other states are much better than this. And so, it is worth thinking about how to get out of the sensation of this world. To do this, you don’t need to die, you just need to change the sensation, sometimes a state of despair suddenly gives way to happiness and joy.

Let’s try to rise to a better state. The Creator wants us to rejoice so that through connection we would reach the world of absolute good, the upper world full of light, where there is not even a memory of evil left. We should try to establish this spirit in the group.

Otherwise, the Creator will not come close to us. He comes only where they try to establish joy and happiness in the group and a good attitude toward each other.

The world is entering difficult times. It gradually is descending lower and lower, into bigger problems and conflicts between everyone. But despite this, we must try to establish a connection between us around the globe. This will protect us, give us confidence and joy and increase our immunity against the coronavirus and all other diseases.

Not a single bug will be able to approach us because everything depends on our relationship. If there is a Klipa between us, a selfish desire, then viruses will get there. And if there is a place for sanctity between us, a good attitude toward each other, then not a single harmful virus can get there. This is against the law of nature.

If there are good relations between women in the group, it will affect the whole world because a woman is the foundation of the world. For the sake of a good future, for the sake of your family, for the sake of your children, try to treat each other well. Be the way you teach your children when you persuade them not to quarrel, not to fight, but to play together. This will affect everyone, and men depend on you too.

We want every heart to feel everyone else like they feel themselves. Let everyone enter my heart, it can contain the whole world. And then, I will feel that I live in the world of infinity.

The world is facing a difficult period. The Creator wants to push us toward the goal, and He pushes us harder and harder. It seems to us that everything happens around us; but in fact, it is all inside us. Let’s try to keep the connection between us as strong as possible and this will certainly help us move quickly and easily to the goal. All the evil and the good that will be revealed to us, we can use for proper advancement.
From the Lesson for women 10/24/20

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A Mother’s Heart

623A mother’s heart is located at the central point of the entire universe, both corporeal and spiritual. After all, it is from this very point that spiritual and corporeal birth occurs. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s heart; it is the most sensitive, most important point in all of reality. The Creator created a desire, which is the basis of a mother’s heart.

Therefore, if women begin to think at least a little about unity, they will already touch this central point of the entire universe from where the birth of all of humanity, the common soul, began. The world will come to correction only through a woman.

A woman has tremendous power that gives birth, develops, and organizes. And vice versa, if a woman does not participate in this correction, then she turns into a cause of contention, into a place of estrangement and evil. Therefore, I really hope that women will unite and bring peace, tranquility and unity to humanity.
From the Women’s Lesson 8/29/20, “Bnei Baruch Rule Toward Humanity”

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Nature Is Pregnant With A New Humanity

laitman_289The crisis that the coronavirus has brought us into, in essence, is the birth of a new world. However, all of humanity looks like a girl who unexpectedly became pregnant, completely unwilling, and is now terrified and does not know what to do.

Let’s not see ourselves in this position. We entered, like an embryo, the process of preparing for birth in a new world. Nature is pregnant, the Creator, who must give birth to us. And He will do it!

But we must help Him; we must agree with this process, unite more and more, and prepare for our birth. Thus, we can accelerate our development, because this pregnancy is not limited to a certain term, but depends on how we manage to unite in order to be ready to be born.

The only thing that is required of us is connection. We have to always think about how to connect more and more, and then we will understand how to behave during the delivery. There is still a long way to delivery. After all, if we are born before we are all connected together, then the baby will be born deformed, some organs will be missing in its body since we are not fully connected.

Through our connection, we are forming the body of the newborn humanity, and therefore, we are obliged to unite in such a way that this baby is born healthy, with all the necessary organs. An unsuccessful delivery should be out of the question.

If our union is not correct, then nature, the Creator, will bring such troubles, will put such pressure on us that we will have to unite. The birth canal is very narrow, and we will have to rally very strongly to get out.

If we connect, we can easily get out. And besides, we need to change our values ​​so that previously important things become unimportant, and vice versa, what previously was unimportant becomes important. This will mean that we are turning our heads upside down and we all share the same opinion.

And then labor pains come, which are well known to women. But now we all will have to go through them in a spiritual form so they prepare us for the birth in a new world. All this is ahead of us because we have not even collected ourselves in the form of an embryo so far.

The coronavirus is helping us tremendously to advance toward this birth, leaving us only the bare essentials and putting everything else aside. Therefore, it can be considered a medicine and not a blow. The opposite is true: with what the Creator beats us, He heals us.

A drop of semen has begun to develop, a spiritual gene (Reshimo) from the new world, which has awakened in us based on the fact that we have already completely exhausted our previous state. It is developing in each of us and in all of us together, and it contains information about the new state of humanity, just like the cell from which the embryo begins, a drop of semen.

The spiritual embryo floats in the light of Hassadim, in mother’s waters, with which it then exits during the correct birth. If we behave correctly and unite into a healthy embryo, we will feel that we are in the light of Hassadim, in the ocean of mercy, in the mother’s womb. Our embryo will grow and develop month after month and learn to see the new world in which it is supposed to be born.

If we do not unite, then our state will grow worse and worse, and we can reach real hunger. Nature will persuade us to change our values and understand that there is nothing but uniting: a group or death.

After all, we have not even attached to the wall of the womb yet. This requires connection above everything. We must become an embryo within the upper mother, all of nature, the Creator, and begin to develop in Him in order to be rewarded with birth.

It is easier for women to understand this process because they have gone through it and have felt it inside themselves. And now both men and women must go through this process and feel themselves in the womb and develop there. Despite the fact that this is a dark place regarding our egoism, regarding the desire for bestowal and unity, this is a world full of light, which gives us new development and new life.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 7/9/20

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Kabbalah And The Relationship Between A Man And A Woman

laitman_532Question: When a man and a woman form a couple, does their fate become joined or are they initially on different sides of the barricades?

Answer: There are no accidents. You don’t choose anything, including your partner. Everything is preordained. The only choice there is: take a step forward or wait for all sorts of circumstances to push you.

Question: If a woman has a difficult relationship with a man, can Kabbalah help her? Does she still have a choice?

Answer: You will see that something can be changed: either the man, the circumstances, or yourself. But this will become clear later.

Question: It turns out that by studying Kabbalah, a woman can understand this?

Answer: Sure. Kabbalistic knowledge changes her, and thus she feels that she is beginning to move closer or further from her partner more and more. Then the decision is born by itself.

Question: This decision is born by itself because it already exists? It just surfaces?

Answer: Absolutely correct!

Comment: To understand it, to accept it, and to live it is both simple and difficult.

My Response: But it’s interesting.
From KabTV’s “Together About Important Things” 7/14/20

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