Love, Marriage and Kabbalah

Perserverance Is the Key to SuccessQuestions I received on marriage, family, abortion, and jealousy:

Question: Today, when people’s life expectancy is so long, it seems unlikely for people to stay married just once. How can a couple live together for so long and stay happy?

My Answer: Everything depends only on your willingness to give in to each other.

Question: My husband is turning 45, and I would like to get him involved in Kabbalah. Where should I begin?

My Answer: Leave him alone! He lives with you, so I think that by now he has heard about Kabbalah many times. If he’s not interested in it, then stop trying to “educate” him. This big egoism of yours is only harming you. You should love your husband as a person. His time to grow spiritually will come when the time is right for him.

Question: Why is it that even though the Jerusalem Temple doesn’t exist today, it’s still forbidden for a Cohen to marry a divorced woman?

My Answer: This isn’t a question for me, because Kabbalah is the method of revealing the Creator to a person in this world. Kabbalah deals with one’s spiritual ascent, rather than one’s earthly well being.

Question: What is your opinion on abortion?

My Answer: I’m usually against it.

Question: Is jealousy just another manifestation of egoism?

My Answer: Jealousy is the same as greed.

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  1. How can I beat the feeling of jealousy? And why do I have it?

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