Every Person Has to Find His Own Teacher

Every Person Has to Find His Own TeacherA question I received: In a previous blog entry someone asked you: “How is it known that there is only one true source of Kabbalah?” You answered: “There can’t be several because the Creator is one.”

I fully agree with you about Berg and his shamanistic business concepts, such as selling spirituality through red strings, cameos and reading spells or blessings. But I still don’t understand why there is only one, unique and single source of Kabbalah! After all, during the times of the Second Temple there were thousands of Kabbalists. Based on the qualities of their souls, each of them taught his students differently about how to attain the Single Creator. The students had a choice.

Moreover, you have said that until the 19th century most rabbis were Baalei Hasaga (they attained spirituality), so people also had a choice.

But now you’re declaring that your path is the only correct one. Can our world really be so scanty on Kabbalists that there’s no one left but you who is

a) A Kabbalist, and

b) A revealed Kabbalist – someone whom you, as a Kabbalist, can genuinely recommend to a potential student who is still at the stage of searching for the right Teacher? And what about the verse, “There are many paths to the Creator”?

My Answer: In the process of studying Kabbalah, one often experiences doubts about the correctness of the path. This happens because the path and the goal are concealed. The path is paved with descents, and times of clarity are rare. Unlike egoistic advancement, on the path of Kabbalah you are going against yourself. This is why the question arises, “Can it be true that the worse things are, the better they are?”

When I asked Rabash about how can I be sure that he is my teacher, he replied, “You have to verify this for yourself!” In fact, even Baal HaSulam wrote in his Letters that he no longer saw any Kabbalists in his generation. I also don’t see any, other than myself and my students.

Every person has to find his own teacher. I don’t have the addresses of “Teachers-Kabbalists,” but you can easily find them through the search engines by searching the keyword “Kabbalah.”

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The Creator Will Become Revealed Inside the Unity of Our Virtual Meeting Space

The Creator Will Become Revealed Inside the Unity of Our Virtual Meeting SpaceQuestions I received on the virtual society of the future:

Question: Which technical means (Internet, TV, radio, and so on) can be used to create the virtual society of the future? Does the necessary technical support exist today? What other things are necessary that haven’t yet manifested in our world?

My Answer: We are starting to really focus on this now, and it is becoming our highest priority project – to create a virtual meeting space for all those who aspire to unite, who strive toward the Creator. As soon as this common aspiration will acquire the needed goal-oriented force, it will begin radiating with similarity to the Creator. He will then become revealed to everyone within this unity.

Your advancement upwards depends on the efforts you make to disseminate Kabbalah outwards – to add more souls to the correction. Hence I recommend not missing the opportunity to participate in the development of the virtual Kabbalistic community.

You can send your ideas to bbstate@gmail.com

Question: Since the internet is developing so fast, is there any point in hosting distance classes for beginners? Maybe we should have fewer classes like this?

My Answer: I think that soon this will come to an end on its own. However, as long as there are people who desire this, we should continue doing it. You should continue developing only the virtual education, communication, and even congresses.

Question: Your blog is already a virtual group for those who “enter” it. However, don’t real groups have a very big influence on the world Kli, while the influence of an internet participant is much smaller? Yet the combined influence of a large number of virtual participants is much bigger than the influence of real groups?

My Answer: Everything adds up to a combined effort until it will reach the necessary size, and then – inside this common mass – everyone together will start to feel the Upper Presence.

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The Book of Zohar. Chapter “Commandments Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen”

The Book of ZoharThe Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Eleventh Commandment” (abridged)

244. The eleventh Commandment is to give a tithe of the fruits of the earth. Here there are two Commandments: to separate a tithe of the fruits of the earth (desires that are impossible to correct), and to bring the first fruits of the trees (fruits of the earth), as it is written, “Behold, I have given you every herb-yielding seed.” Here it is written, “I HAVE GIVEN YOU.” Elsewhere it is written, “And to the children of Levi, behold, I HAVE GIVEN all the tithe.” It is also written, “And all the tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, is the Creator’s.”

“The Twelfth Commandment” (abridged)
245. The twelfth Commandment is to bring the first fruits of the trees as an offering, as it is written, “And every tree in which there is fruit of a tree yielding seed.” All that is worthy of Me shall not be eaten by you. I have given you My permission and I have given you all the tithe and offerings of the trees. “To you,” and not to the subsequent generations.

“The Thirteenth Commandment” (abridged)
246. The thirteenth Commandment is to perform the redemption of a first-born son (the beginning of any degree) so as to strengthen him in (spiritual) life. For there are two appointed angels in charge: one over life (goodness, bestowal) and one over death (evil, reception). And they both (the two lines) rule over man from Above (the good and evil inclinations). And when man redeems his son (correction of one through the other), he redeems him from the angel in charge of death (transforms the evil force to good), so that the angel can no longer govern the first-born son. Hence, it is written, AND THE CREATOR SAW EVERYTHING THAT HE HAD MADE – this is in general, AND, BEHOLD, IT WAS… VERY GOOD – this alludes to the angel of life (qualities of Bina, bestowal, bestowal for the sake of bestowal), while the word VERY alludes to the angel of death (when egoism is corrected to goodness, bestowal, reception for the sake of bestowal). Therefore, by this act of redemption, the angel of life is strengthened and the angel of death is weakened. (Spiritual) life is purchased by this redemption, for the evil side leaves him and clings to him no more.

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Our Imaginary Reality Is Created by Two Mechanisms

Two Mechanims That Creator Our Imaginary RealityA question I received: I watched your children’s lesson where you explained that everything around us is an imaginary world (Olam Dimioni). In this lesson and other lectures you gave on this topic, people always reach a point of confusion and bring up the question, “So this means that I can imagine anything whatsoever? Then why does this world still appear corporeal, and why do my fantasies remain fantasies?”

My Answer: Man has two mechanisms for creating the imaginary reality. One if them lies beyond our consciousness. It is deeper, and is responsible for creating the picture of the world that we call “reality.” The second mechanism of creating pictures lies within our consciousness and is more superficial. This is the one we all know and we use it when creating our fantasies.

We are only able to control the second mechanism, but not the first, fundamental one. That’s because it forms and begins working in us even before we achieve self-awareness. Hence the work of this mechanism is not registered in our consciousness and simply appears to us as the normal, habitual picture of reality.

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