Humanity Is One Integral, Interconnected Organism

What's the Right Attitude to Have to This World?Mutual Guarantee (Arvut) is the condition for life, for the existence of any living organism. When all of an organism’s forces and actions are coordinated and aimed at a common goal, then the negative correcting forces (crises and illnesses) do not emerge in the organism, and the system exists in permanent balance (homeostasis).

The current events (the financial crisis, general depression, drugs, breakdown of the family unit, emptiness, aimlessness, the global crisis, the ecological crisis) are revealing to us the single and general reason for everything taking place – that we are all an integral part of Nature, that all of Nature’s parts are interconnected, and hence they must behave accordingly. However, we – humanity – do not behave this way. We are akin to a cancerous tumor in Nature’s single, harmonious organism.

Mankind must realize that it constitutes one whole organism, and the law of the common mutual guarantee – of care for every person and for everyone at once – is the essential condition of our collective survival. The Biblical principles, “Do not do unto others what you don’t wish done unto you” and “Love your neighbor as thyself” are laws that determine the general balance of nature and our society. If we don’t abide by them, we will perish.

Baal HaSulam’s article, “Arvut” (Mutual Guarantee), describes how we can attain balance with Nature using the Kabbalistic source texts. The book, Kabbalah, Science, and the Meaning of Life talks about my meetings with American scientists who research the scientific fields bordering the Upper World.

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Lessons: Article “Arvut”, 17.11.05 – 23.11.05

“Kabbalah for the Student” – A New Book

We have published a new book titled Kabbalah for the Student:

Kabbalah for the Student

All of our students are familiar with the book Kabbalah Le Matchil (Kabbalah for Beginners). It contains all the articles that we study, all the basics of Kabbalah. It is the fundamental book for any student of Kabbalah.

We are proud to announce that it has finally been published in English. Now people in the entire world can learn the basics of Kabbalah using the original source texts by Baal HaSulam and Rabash. It arrives just in time – it has never been so necessary!

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