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Is There a Supreme Judge?

Is There a Supreme Judge?Three questions I received on ritual observance and Kabbalah:

Question: To my regret, I was raised in a family that observed the Jewish traditions, and I even studied in a Yeshiva. Now I am completely secular, do not observe the traditions, and feel perfectly satisfied with this. However, I feel pressure from my environment to observe the commandments at the corporeal level. Can you offer me some advice on how to deal with this and how to avoid fighting with my wife (I am married with four children)?

My Answer: If a person was raised with the traditions and believes in reward and punishment for them, then it is very difficult to quit observing the traditions. Your wife believes that by observing the earthy commandments you earn the world to come for her and her children, and that you will receive a reward and the Creator’s benevolence. This makes her feel like her life has meaning and gives her the energy to live. Don’t take this away from her! When in front of her, observe what she asks for.

Question: I have been born and raised as an Orthodox Jew. I want to study Kabbalah, but I don’t want to follow the 613 Mitzvot. It feels really burdensome having to follow so many Mitzvot. At the same time the idea of studying Kabbalah is wholly interesting to me as well as the various concepts that you espouse on your great blog. How should I think about this matter?

My Answer: Without changing anything about you or your lifestyle, study Kabbalah, alongside the rest of the earthly Torah. We do not accept Orthodox Jews or even Kipot Srugot (knitted yarmulkes) into our core group, but virtual study is your right.

Question: I came to orthodox religion and left it after I failed to find the Creator there and realized that it was the wrong path. My question is: are there such things as a supreme judge and judgment, and reward and punishment, the way the orthodox believe?

My Answer: What exists is:

  1. The Creator, the Law of Nature;
  2. The creature; and
  3. The connection between them.

The goal of creation is to attain adhesion with the Creator. The means to attain it is by correcting the creature from “for one’s own sake” to “for the sake of Creator.” Then the Creator becomes revealed within the creature. This is what Kabbalah talks about, and this is what exists.

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The Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Eighth Commandment”

The Book of ZoharThe Book of Zohar. Chapter “The Eighth Commandment” (abridged)

228. The eighth Commandment is to love an outsider (anyone who seeks correction) from another nation, who desires to come under the wings of the Shechina (qualities of Bina in Malchut), Malchut, who takes under her wings (protects from one’s own egoism) those who separate themselves from the other, impure (egoistic) side, and draw near her (with their qualities), as it is written: “LET THE EARTH (desire, Malchut) BRING FORTH A LIVING (bestowing) SOUL AFTER ITS KIND (according to its corrected desire).”

229. One might say that the soul of Haya (the last correction of Malchut) exists in Israel (the aspiration for spirituality) and is ready for anything (by means of faith above reason). He specified, “After its kind” (any qualities) refers to both Israel (one who aspires toward spirituality) and to an outsider (one who has just begun the path). Like chambers and passages (different qualities in Malchut) between them, the same exists in the land called Haya, under the wings.

230. The right wing (the quality of bestowal) of Malchut has two passages (conditions), which are split from this wing in two so as to let in two nations that are close to Israel. And under the left wing (the quality of reception) there are two additional passages, called Amon and Moav. And they are all called the souls of Haya (they are all corrected together).

231. Each wing contains a multitude of closed chambers and halls (separate conditions of correction). From them, spirits (Light of the level of Ruach) emerge and are divided among all the outsiders, called Nefesh Haya (Light of the level of Nefesh), but each “after his kind.” And they all come under the wings of the Shechina, but no further.

232. However, the soul of Israel (the general intention to bestow) stems from the body of that tree (the source of Light, Zeir Anpin), and from there the souls fly off (the Light descends) to this land (the desires undergoing correction, Malchut). Therefore, Israel (the intention to bestow) is the darling son of Malchut, and is sustained by her womb, and not by the wings that are on the outside of the body. Moreover, the outsiders have no part in the Holy Tree (ZA), especially not in its body. They refer only to the wings of Malchut, and no further. The outsider (the new desire undergoing correction) is under the wings of the Shechina, and no further (is protected, but not yet in her). The righteous among the outsiders also refer to the outer side (not yet fully corrected, existing under Tzimtzum Bet – the Second Restriction), and not to the inner. It is hence written: “LET THE EARTH BRING FORTH A LIVING SOUL (Nefesh Haya) AFTER ITS KIND” (not yet complete).

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Kabbalah Unity Congress in St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis RetreatDear friends! On November 14th – 16th, the St. Louis group will be hosting a Congress to continue our exciting journey together and reveal new levels of unity!

We invite the World Kli to join us, and we extend a special invitation to our new friends in the Bnei Baruch Learning Center to come experience your first taste of the vital work that is being done.

We Must Only Unite Our Points In the Heart

We Must Only Unite Our Points In the HeartTwo questions I received on inner work:

Question: As parts of one soul, we all depend on each other whether we’re aware of it or not. But every person contains the whole world. What is the measure of the dependency between us? Should we increase it or should we see ourselves as individuals and only unite our points in the heart?

My Answer: We should only unite our points in the heart, because all our other desires are for corporeal things. By uniting our aspirations for spirituality, we create the vessel in which the Light, the Creator becomes revealed.

Question: How does the system of mutual guarantee of the World Kli become expressed in practice, at times when one is not involved in the group work (study, dissemination, congresses, and so on), but is occupied with the necessities (work, family, and so on)?

My Answer: If a person takes proper care of his spiritual advancement in his spare time, then he provides himself with support that will sustain him on the right track during the rest of the time as well. Our world formed as a result of the descent of the Upper Forces, and it completely corresponds to the thought of creation and its purpose, provided that we use it correctly. That is, if we connect the thought with the goal, or in other words, implement the goal, going from the thought to the goal.

We have been given all the conditions – the body and its short life, including all the conditions of existence such as family and the efforts we have to make to sustain the life of the body, as well as all the disturbances and developmental forces. All of this only seems corporeal to us, but in reality this is how spiritual forces present themselves to us at their minimal level. We only have to “blend” into this picture correctly and complete the “empty space” in it with our free actions. At the end of the day everything comes down to uniting our aspirations to the Creator – to bestowal or love for one’s neighbor. We try doing this and then see that we can’t. We then ask for help, and the Creator corrects us!

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Where to Send Logistical Questions

Where to Send Logistical QuestionsIf you have questions regarding the logistics of studying, paying the Maaser, and dissemination, please send them to english@kabbalah.info rather than asking them on this blog, and my secretary will relay your question to the appropriate department.

Thank you!