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“On Beautiful Women And The November Shopping Fest” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “On Beautiful Women and the November Shopping Fest

November has become the month of online shopping. This year, for example, you have the Singles’ Day, Veterans Day (targeting Americans), and Remembrance Day (targeting Canadians, Australians, and British), all on November 11. Three days later, on November 14, you have Diwali, the Festival of Lights, which targets Hindus, Thanksgiving, on November 26, Black Friday, immediately after, though Black Friday sales now begin a few days before Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday, which comes immediately after Black Friday, and this year on the last day of November.

One of the main trends that’s been developing since Covid started was the increase in sales of home decoration products and decrease in sales of cosmetics. It makes sense. After all, what’s the point of spending so much money and taking so much time making myself pretty if in the end I cover it all with a mask? And since I’m forced to spend so much time at home, I might as well take better care of it and make my stay in it more pleasant.

Especially since the onset of Covid-19, online shopping has exploded and become many people’s primary mode of shopping. Also, following the tense presidential elections, it’s likely that many people will want to treat themselves to something nice, either as a consolation or as a celebration.

But then, if women can’t look pretty, does it mean that they can’t be pretty? I think it’s to the contrary: The external limitations shift the focus to internal qualities, and this is where real beauty lies.

A beautiful woman is not one who wears lipstick and covers her face with makeup, and she certainly does not need to expose her body in order to look beautiful. These are only costumes. A woman’s real beauty is something far deeper. When a woman is beautiful within, her man will follow her like a child follows his mother. It’s not about looks, but about internal wisdom and soundness that only women can offer.

Women can, and should, employ that same wisdom with which they raise their children to “raise” their partners. After all, a man is really not much more than a grownup baby; give him confidence and support, tell him right from wrong, and do so lovingly, and he’ll be yours forever.

I think that today, inner beauty is what all people need the most. It may not be a vendible product that you can sell for profit, but it’ll certainly be in high demand the more our world loses its way.

The Future Of The World Depends On Women

961.2We are born in this world, the worst of all worlds. Nothing is worse than it. Therefore, you can calm down—it will not be worse anywhere else than here. All other states are much better than this. And so, it is worth thinking about how to get out of the sensation of this world. To do this, you don’t need to die, you just need to change the sensation, sometimes a state of despair suddenly gives way to happiness and joy.

Let’s try to rise to a better state. The Creator wants us to rejoice so that through connection we would reach the world of absolute good, the upper world full of light, where there is not even a memory of evil left. We should try to establish this spirit in the group.

Otherwise, the Creator will not come close to us. He comes only where they try to establish joy and happiness in the group and a good attitude toward each other.

The world is entering difficult times. It gradually is descending lower and lower, into bigger problems and conflicts between everyone. But despite this, we must try to establish a connection between us around the globe. This will protect us, give us confidence and joy and increase our immunity against the coronavirus and all other diseases.

Not a single bug will be able to approach us because everything depends on our relationship. If there is a Klipa between us, a selfish desire, then viruses will get there. And if there is a place for sanctity between us, a good attitude toward each other, then not a single harmful virus can get there. This is against the law of nature.

If there are good relations between women in the group, it will affect the whole world because a woman is the foundation of the world. For the sake of a good future, for the sake of your family, for the sake of your children, try to treat each other well. Be the way you teach your children when you persuade them not to quarrel, not to fight, but to play together. This will affect everyone, and men depend on you too.

We want every heart to feel everyone else like they feel themselves. Let everyone enter my heart, it can contain the whole world. And then, I will feel that I live in the world of infinity.

The world is facing a difficult period. The Creator wants to push us toward the goal, and He pushes us harder and harder. It seems to us that everything happens around us; but in fact, it is all inside us. Let’s try to keep the connection between us as strong as possible and this will certainly help us move quickly and easily to the goal. All the evil and the good that will be revealed to us, we can use for proper advancement.
From the Lesson for women 10/24/20

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A Mother’s Heart

623A mother’s heart is located at the central point of the entire universe, both corporeal and spiritual. After all, it is from this very point that spiritual and corporeal birth occurs. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s heart; it is the most sensitive, most important point in all of reality. The Creator created a desire, which is the basis of a mother’s heart.

Therefore, if women begin to think at least a little about unity, they will already touch this central point of the entire universe from where the birth of all of humanity, the common soul, began. The world will come to correction only through a woman.

A woman has tremendous power that gives birth, develops, and organizes. And vice versa, if a woman does not participate in this correction, then she turns into a cause of contention, into a place of estrangement and evil. Therefore, I really hope that women will unite and bring peace, tranquility and unity to humanity.
From the Women’s Lesson 8/29/20, “Bnei Baruch Rule Toward Humanity”

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“Time For The Woman Power” (BIZCATALYST 360°)

My new article on BIZCATALYST “Time For The Woman Power

Reality consists of two forces, feminine and masculine. The balanced complementary interaction between them has created all that we see around us, the entire universe. But people are different. In us, the masculine force has been dominant for millennia, and the grim results are patent. The feminine force, the one that creates life and nurtures it, has largely been missing from human society until only a few decades ago.

But things are changing. In just a few dozen years, women have moved from having virtually no impact on society to being heads of states, heads of the most prominent monetary institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the U.S. Federal Reserve, and other prominent positions.

It is no coincidence.

Just as in nature, the masculine and feminine forces are equally strong yet distinctly different, and each contributes its own vital addition to the whole, human society must now learn how to incorporate women into society in a positive and constructive manner.

At the moment, many women who have reached management positions have done so, in many cases, by adopting masculine attitudes. This is counterproductive because it’s precisely the nurturing and caring feminine quality that we need.

Society is still in a learning process; we have yet to discover what it means to add the feminine element to public life. That said, we already have an example: our own families. In the family, the man is traditionally regarded as the head of the family, but every man who’s ever been married will confess that the real boss in the family is the woman. Because a woman has a natural ability to see the whole family as one unit, and because she can multitask far better than any man, she can prioritize correctly what needs to be done and when.

The situation is much better today than it was several decades ago, but there is still much room for improvement.

As in the household, so in business and public life, women’s inherent capabilities should receive their due respect. The situation is much better today than it was several decades ago, but there is still much room for improvement. We still need to learn how to give women their rightful place in leadership without forcing them to behave like men—since then we miss out precisely on the quality that only they can contribute—and without intimidating men by the presence of women in leadership, since the masculine quality is just as required, and only when the two work together harmoniously is lasting prosperity possible.

Indeed, the world is moving toward an era where more and more women take leading roles, and humanity can only gain by this. However, as in everything, we must transition into it properly and see that we are gaining feminine qualities rather than losing masculine ones, so that together, the two build a family-like world for humanity, and for all of life.

The Era Of Women Is Coming

laitman_294.3The coronavirus epidemic showed us how important the home and the family, which are the center of our lives, and the role of the woman on whom it all rests are. The coronavirus united us.

On one hand, it laid bare the contradictions that exist between us in the modern world. Nevertheless, it showed all men that the woman is the central point of our whole life, and therefore, we must try to build around the female part, the Malchut, the new reality of the post-coronavirus era.

Baal HaSulam writes in the book Ohr Bahir:

Ima [mother] comes from the word Omenet [nursing] and rearing, since the drop comes from the father, and the mother nurses and rears the drop, and divides into parts and organs, flesh and skin. All this work and multiplication is only from the mother, for the father gave her only a tiny drop, and with her craftsmanship, she fashioned it into a complete human being. It is for this craftsmanship that she is called “mother.”

A mother has a truly unique mission. Indeed, a drop of semen actually comes from the Creator and does not require a lot of work from the father. The mother divides it and distributes it into organs, and it grows until out of this drop a person develops who is the result of the work of the mother’s body.

This is how it works in physical bodies. But also in the building of the soul where the father and the mother participate together, most of the work falls to the mother. Everything comes from the paternal drop but thanks to the maternal work.

Pregnancy begins with a drop of the father’s semen, but the mother grows the fetus, gives birth, and then feeds him, cares for him, and takes care until he becomes old enough to live independently.

This is why all mothers, all the women of the world, should perceive the process we are undergoing today as an opportunity for humanity to be born like a fetus on a new spiritual level. If all women unite together, they will be able to raise humanity through labor pains. This is difficult work, but it is women who will be able to give birth to a new humanity and direct it to fulfill its mission.

The whole development of mankind is divided into two stages. Until today, men have ruled the world and it has been a time of wars, problems, conflicts, the power of money and violence. Women were almost invisible through the whole history of mankind, the path of violence and wars.

But now comes the time when it is the mother, the woman, who must take on the role of the educator of the world in its future form. This is the era of women, and therefore, she must know how to unite with other women for the sake of correcting the world. It may be difficult, but there is no way out. This must be done.

All women, the whole Malchut, are obligated to unite, and thanks to this unity give birth to a new humanity. But this is only possible provided that women can unite despite their reluctance, can step on their egoism and rise above it by faith above reason. Women will demand men and the whole world to unite to establish the right connections between all and thus lead the world to correction.

On the corporeal level, it is the woman who brings up and raises a new generation. And also in the spiritual system, only a woman is able to strengthen, give birth, and raise a new humanity.

No one but a woman can fulfill this role. As the mother develops the fetus, gives birth, grows, educates, and shapes a future person, so must women, united together, fulfill their role as mothers of all mankind.

The image of a unified woman should become the central force in the world. In this way we can save humanity and give birth to it in a new form. After women unite and come to one common, strong opinion, they will be able to demand everything from men, and the Creator will be on their side. Thus, women will be able to defeat everyone and establish the right order of human development.

But this is only possible after unification. The whole problem is that there is no unity between women, and therefore, no one perceives them as a serious force and or accepts their demands. Demanding spiritual advancement is possible only if you have spiritual strength, and spiritual strength is in unity.

Unite at least a little and see the power you have. Then you will demand and receive everything you desire. The Creator will do it. There are no obstacles on your path: as soon as you women begin to unite, the Creator will take care of you.
From a lesson “The Role of Women in the New World,” 5/9/20

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The Spiritual Role Of Women, Part 1

Laitman_632.3For the Sake of Correcting the Feminine

In one of the articles, Rabash writes: “Who is an acceptable wife? She who fulfills her husband’s desires.”

“It is known that a person is called a woman, Nukva, when he receives light from the master. The Creator bestows pleasure to His creatures. When is a person called a pleasing wife? When he fulfills desires. that is, when for everything he enjoys, he creates an intention to fulfill the master’s desire without any desire for the sake of self.”

If an ordinary person reads this passage, he might mistake Kabbalists for medieval slave owners. But when studying Kabbalah, we begin to understand that this refers to our desire, which is called “woman.” In Kabbalah, the desire to receive is called the female desire, and the desire to give is called the male desire.

This has nothing to do with gender or gender definitions in our world. Therefore, we, by no means mean women or men, we simply want to say that the female spiritual roots are not only different from the male, but also more important. After all, everything that is being done in the world for the sake of correction is done in the name of correcting the feminine.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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Success Depends On The Woman

552.02Connection between women can have a very strong impact on governments, countries, and the whole world. Indeed, during this time of the coronavirus epidemic, everything depends on our intentions and not on actions.

When men go to war and women remain at home, we think that the men were the force that ensured victory in the war. But actually this is not true. It is the women with their intentions that determine the success of the war.

From Malchut, that is, from a woman, from the depth of her desire, is what determines the kind of screen and reflected light that will be on him. Therefore, all success regarding how quickly we can end the epidemic of the coronavirus, come to a connection between us, and reach the end of the correction of the world depends on women’s intentions and the dissemination of information by women.

After all, this epidemic is a consequence of the fact that we are in the last stage of the development of mankind, which is called the “last generation.” So let us end the selfish development and former life, and move on to a higher level of existence, which is called life in the higher world.
From a Women’s Lesson 4/4/20 “Questions and Answers”

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“A Caring Mother For A Better Humanity” (Thrive Global)

Thrive Global published my new article: “A Caring Mother for a Better Humanity

Humanity’s Labor Pains Could Give Birth to A Healthy World

After the current pandemic, no other power in the world is more crucial for the birth of a new society than the mother figure. The world is now being revealed as an integral, global system. This means that the world is forcing us to treat each other the same way our mothers treat us, creating an environment filled with the qualities of bestowal and love.

Beyond the celebration of Mother’s Day, marked on the calendar as a reminder of the important role of those women who have given birth to every generation, there is a profound significance in their essential contribution to a new world. It is precisely in the quality of motherhood that a special power exists that can change reality for the better.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has sped up the labor process in the birth of a new reality.
Michael Laitman

Although with the help of the man, we see that it is the mother who conceives, delivers the embryo, nurses, feeds, and raises the baby until it becomes ready for life. In the same way, all the mothers, every woman in the world, needs to see in this critical transition process the world is going through, her opportunity to take humanity to a higher level of existence, to harmonious relations between us, just like an embryo about to be born.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has sped up the labor process in the birth of a new reality. It is causing pain and hard work, but the outcome could be a robust and healthy world instead of the previous one that brought us to the crisis we are currently trying to overcome.

Humanity Is Learning to Crawl

Our human development has gone through two overall stages. The first stage unfolded through men and was characterized by wars, financial instability, various unfortunate global events, and blows that would not have happened under the care of women. Now we are moving into a stage in which specifically the mother, the woman, must take up the role of educating the world and delineating the future world we have to envision. Therefore, this critical time is the time of the woman. However, in order to implement this noble goal, women must learn how to connect to other women by rising above their personal egos for the sake of the correction of the world. However difficult, there is no choice and the job must be done.

Unity is a nice word but hard to put into practice. Neither men nor women are born with the inclination to unite, but we have reached a stage in our development where we are left with no other alternative but to connect. It’s a matter of survival for our own children and humanity as a whole. Thus, any step toward connection, no matter how small, is a huge step toward truly giving birth to a new humanity and making it grow, inch upward, and stand firm. Only women will be able to carry out this crucial role, educate, and provide an example to follow on how to unite. We will demand that men connect correctly, and by showing the way, we will lead the entire world toward correction.

What kind of connection are we talking about? As part of human evolution we are now required to develop a new quality: concern for all of society. When this shared desire arises to connect as if we are a single person—the desire for the wellbeing of all the people like they are our own children—a special unifying force manifests, a positive force which changes reality for the better.

To connect with one another, mothers must learn to overcome the natural distance between them and transcend their personal interests. Women must gradually come to feel that if something happens to someone, it is like it is happening in their own family. Mutual concern will allow us to build and ensure peace, security, and happiness for all children of all generations.

Through the example of the mother, nature teaches us that by connecting, we can be saved from all the harms . If mothers form a common desire to keep everyone together, if they create a strong demand that everyone truly connects as one, they will be able to change the world. Nothing can withstand a united feminine power. Happy Mother’s Day!
— Published on May 10, 2020

“Time Of Women’s Leadership” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Time of Women’s Leadership

As the world awakens to a new reality, the imperative role of women to put together the broken pieces and rebuild society has become more evident and urgent. COVID-19 made us realize this fact even more vividly, starting with the most intimate and basic environment we all know: the home. As a result of the stay-at-home order, we rediscovered that the female figure in the family is the most prominent and influential. From home, that same importance reverberates in every field of life where women are involved. That driving force of womanhood, compared to no other, is precisely what the world needs now to begin its recovery from the impact caused by the pandemic.

Week after week of lockdown revealed the centrality of the female power in the family, where every member felt totally dependent on the woman. Even if men help with household chores, most of the burden falls on the woman’s shoulders. Now, as the restrictions imposed due to the pandemic are gradually lifted and people are returning to their offices, it is impossible to say that we will return to business as usual. New discernments will accompany us back into the world outside the home, such as the impression of the remarkable dedication and determination of the women in everyone’s life which are imprinted on every person and particularly acknowledged during times of despair like the one the planet is now trying to overcome.

The World as Humanity’s Home

It comes as no surprise that the most positive results in curbing the coronavirus pandemic took place in countries run by female leaders, as recently highlighted in world news stories. When women take a greater portion in the leadership of our common global home, meaning the whole of humanity, we will undoubtedly gain from it because there will be less war, fewer problems and conflicts, and better organization of our world overall.

Every man knows that if he expects a good outcome on basically any matter in life, he should consult with the woman at home, since she is more serious and practical than he is. This is something I have observed in many cultures. With few exceptions, even in some countries where women appear to live in the shadows, women are the ones leading and making decisions. It is the woman who determines what happens in the family.

If more men would understand the importance of listening to women when we face multifaceted challenges, the state of the world would change for the better in the way we conduct our lives, in what we acquire, and on which goals we set our sights.

Women Qualities for the Sake of Society

Women are naturally drawn to organize the world like they organize the house so all inside feel comfortable and good. Unlike men, who are more like children who enjoy backyard fighting with their friends, women will not allow the bickering and childish competitions to continue to prevail as they have until the pandemic’s blow. Just like a mother, women are able to put everything in order within society and to stop the struggles and reckless competitiveness. And men will listen. This is comparable to a child’s inclination to listen to his mother. She gave birth to him, fed him and raised him, so she understands how to control him. So why shouldn’t our common global home be administered the same way our families are? If women unite for this purpose and act sensibly, wisely and forcefully, a positive change will happen.

There may be some sensation that women are not necessarily poised and resolute to assume leadership for the world to bring about change to the extent that is required, especially in this healing process from the pandemic. Thus, it is crucial to raise the importance of the roles women should play in all social discourse at the widest possible level.

Probably, there is also a need for a more supportive male force to help bring women together and pave their way. Such a force should stand beside women to encourage them and make way for them to take their deserved place and lead. I am not suggesting that one part of society needs to replace the other. They each learn to complement the other.

Such a dynamic balance between the genders should emanate from the understanding that all of us, men and women, cannot go back to our previous faulty way of life. The old world we constructed is about to implode, and the coronavirus is just the first sign. We must build together a new world where everyone is engaged in cultivating a prosperous yet sustainable society, instead of an imbalanced pattern of pollution and destruction.

This shift does not mean that we have to dismantle everything and build anew, but simply look at businesses and engagements from a new perspective: for the benefit of our children, the entire humanity, and all of nature. Women can provide the keen vision to determine such decisions. In other words, women should establish the prioritized goals and men will implement. Through this mutual cooperation, a common ground of support and understanding will arise.

New Life 1210 – The Feminine Power To Bring About Social Change

New Life 1210 – The Feminine Power To Bring About Social Change
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The feminine power is like an engine that creates a desire for connection in men. By nature, women are the home or Malchut. They feel safe and in control within clear boundaries, and they compete with each other. Women must learn to connect for the benefit of the whole, not in order to oppress anyone, but to build a good, new home for everyone. In a nation that lives according to the general rule, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), every woman will educate her husband and children to connect correctly. The correction of society is possible through an education system that will teach men and women to connect correctly and bring hope for the peace.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1210 – The Feminine Power To Bring About Social Change,” 3/3/20

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