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Do Planets Control Our Fate?

712.03Question: Should I study sciences like astrology and the impact of the moon in order to plan the future?

Answer: Kabbalah teaches that celestial bodies and many other things are only indicators of the impact of the upper forces on us.

Certain forces control the motion of the planets and thus impact our fate. And we, by the movement of the planets, think that it is actually the force that influences us, let’s say, the moon. No. It is the upper force that controls the moon.

Therefore, by studying Kabbalah, we gain access to the real upper force that manages our fate and not the lifeless celestial bodies. By themselves, they do nothing.

It is said that Kabbalists are above the stars. That is, they deal with the source of the light, the upper force that manages the celestial and the earthly actions, objects and phenomena, and so it seems to us that they determine our fate. This mistake stems from the past and goes back to the Pharaohs with their pyramids and priests.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/28/19

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There Is No Room For Chance In Kabbalah

527.03Question: In physics there is a phenomenon when a person puts all sorts of efforts in one direction and reveals something completely different. Is there such a thing in Kabbalah as well?

Answer: No. In Kabbalah, this kind of “accident” does not exist. A person knows what he should do. He advances all the time, more and more this causes the development of the qualities of bestowal and love within himself, and causes him to exit himself and to rise above. This is his movement, his direction.

Question: Yet, although he says that he wants to acquire the quality of the Creator, bestowal, in fact, he does not want this, does he?

Answer: In fact, he does not. However, during the study, a certain upper energy comes to him, what is called the surrounding light and it helps him to become different.

There is no room for chance here. From the side of the light, an external influence necessarily arises, and we, in principle, aim for it. If in science we do not aim for something that suddenly reveals itself to us, then here this is exactly what we want.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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Meeting The Creator

239Question: In any science, scientists first propose some hypothesis and after that they perform actions and discover something. How does this happen in Kabbalah? How can I reveal that the Creator influences me?

Answer: I am in some kind of a field, under some external influence, this is clear to me. But how I can come into mutual contact with this influence is not clear to me; this is what I would like to know.

The fact is that we are trying to determine in our corporeal qualities and capabilities what forces influence us and what reactions they cause in us. However, we perform all this by ordinary corporeal means.

If we develop ourselves according to the Kabbalistic methodology, we try to influence the force field we exist in to understand it, get in contact with it, and determine which of my influences on it cause certain, adequate reactions from it to me. The reciprocity that I create by my influence on the external field that causes change in its influence on me is the subject of the study of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah calls this external field that exists around us the Creator because it reveals that this is the highest, the only force, that creates and holds everything in itself. It calls us, humans (except for inanimate, vegetative and animate nature) created beings, and invites us to develop a sense for perceiving the Creator, to exit ourselves, to begin to feel and explore Him. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is engaged in, and this is what we can attain.

Question: By what principle of the actions of the Creator, from the influence of the upper field, on me I will be able to recognize Him?

Answer: According to the law of equivalence of form. If I can change myself, my reactions, my influences on the Creator, then I will feel how He influences me at the same time. Kabbalah in this respect is just a science, there is nothing else here.

Therefore, by changing myself, my influences on the external field, I accumulate enough reactions from it to me; over the course of history I already have some data, I collect it, process it, and I can make some kind of conclusions about the nature of this field, about its behavior, about the way it influences me, and the way I can influence it. This is the entire wisdom.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/2/21

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Why Nature Is Called The Creator

226Question: Your work Basic Concepts of Kabbalah describes in great detail the methodology that brings one closer to the Creator.

But, many modern managers and supervisors are quite far from the concept of the Creator and His influence over our reality. Could there be a fundamentally different approach here?

Answer: Let’s not call all this the Creator but nature. It’s the same thing. The Creator is what we call the upper governance because it is not devoid of consciousness in the sense that it has its own purpose or its own plan. So we say, “This is the upper force, the Creator.” After all, He has a plan, a program that is clearly executed. In every other regard you can simply call it “nature,” a vast, perfect nature that controls each of its parts and propels them to attain its perfection.

Therefore, we can remove the terms “Creator” and “Kabbalah,” and write it in absolutely clear, technical, scientific terms.

I would be very happy about this because I do not consider myself a religious person because Kabbalah has nothing to do with religion or Judaism, it talks about nature. A lot of Kabbalists were from various nations of the world.

In contrast to the attitude to nature that exists in science, here the attitude to nature is that is has a plan, a goal, and the forces of the implementation of this plan. That is why we call nature the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference About the Science Of Management”

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Nature Is One

709Question: Any system known to us goes through four phases of development: birth, flourishing, withering, and death. Now we are at the beginning of the creation of the spiritual foundations of management based on the principles of Kabbalah. Is it possible to create some prerequisites or foundations for another system of development? Or is it a law of nature that we cannot escape?

Answer: The fact is that an integral system of complete interconnection, including people, mind, feelings, absolutely everything, exists in nature at the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human degrees.

However, in relation to humans, we do not perceive nature as integral, eternal, infinite, and perfect because we perceive it in our egoistic sensory organs. Therefore, we see our world as disconnected and distant, and we judge everything that happens through our egoistic qualities.

As soon as we begin to connect, we will reveal nature in its true integral form, and it will appear to us in a completely different way. To the extent that we correct ourselves, we will also see nature corrected. But we do not need to correct it, we will simply discover it for ourselves corrected in our senses. After all, our states are absolutely subjective.

The only thing we need to change is the perception of reality, the perception of a person, and then we will see that outside of us nature is absolutely integral.

In fact, it is one! There is no need to divide it into different sciences and different approaches. We distinguish stages and formations in it only relatively to our limited understanding.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference about the Science of Management”

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A Person’s Greatest Motivation

962.2Question: What is motivation in spiritual management? After all, a person cannot work without motivation.

Answer: The motivation is very simple—maximum adhesion with the upper nature, with the quality of bestowal and love. Love means the connection of all parts of nature into one single system.

This is exactly what the motivation should be: the maximum connection with the upper nature; it is when a person reaches the degree of eternity, perfection, and understanding of the absolute laws in his understanding and feeling.

Absolute laws are the laws of commutation, the communication of all parts of nature when we attain it as one single whole. There is no difference between physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology, including even art and everything else. All of it are parts of the attainment of nature; it all exists in nature.

To fully reveal nature in its original, highest open form is the greatest motivation for a person. Moreover, this means not only an individual person, but a common system of all of humanity, which gradually connects into one single organism and to this extent attains the general nature.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference about the Science of Management”

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Contrary To The Theory Of Absurdity

530Comment: In his book Management of the Absurd, Richard Farson claims that man is inherently absurd. But modern management systems are based on the fact that rational thinking prevails in man and, in general, we can overcome absurdity. Farson argues that we can hardly overcome this absurdity.

My Response: I agree that man is absurd because he is an egoist and subconsciously turns everything around in a way that is as if beneficial to him. “As if” because he is deceived, but cannot control it. After all, our egoism, the desire to enjoy ourselves, in order to better settle down and justify ourselves subconsciously works in us at all levels.

This is our nature. Therefore, we can never act objectively, optimally, with the benefit of our work for the collective for any set goal. We will always subconsciously take into account our individual egoistic goals. Therefore, the claim that a person can set and perform tasks correctly is very relative. Maybe this is what is absurd.

But when a person can connect with others in such a way that he loses his “I” and “we” arises instead, then indeed, this “we” begins to solve very serious issues in accordance with the common nature, which is absolutely integral, completely interconnected, and represents a single system.

Then “we” is any management group, for example, what we call a ten, i.e., an optimal assembly of people that has merged into one single “I,” can really set tasks, optimally perform them, and achieve the set goal.

How? This group will penetrate into nature deeper and deeper, and will see and feel to what extent the results of its actions are good for the whole organism, society, and the state. After all, if you solve a problem proceeding from the integral formulation of the question, then it can never be solved to the detriment of anyone: either the state or society or any organism.
From KabTV’s “The Science of Management”

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Man Feels Good When The Whole Universe Feels Good

744Question: Man understands what is good based on what it is good for him. How can we understand what is good based on the global law of the universe?

Answer: People can feel good only when the whole universe feels good because everything is one single organism. Even cosmologists and people who deal with global nature around us talk about this.

The academic Vernadsky came to his theory of noosphere in this way. Famous philosophers and physicists who have studied the universe, including Einstein, write that the whole universe is a huge, enclosed, multi-layered, composite, infinite thought in which all parts are interconnected and support each other.

It is a huge, perfect organism that includes absolutely everything. And we are a cancerous tumor in it because we think only about ourselves. This is the property of cancer. When a part of the body begins to think about itself and absorbs everything into itself, this disease appears.
From KabTV’s ” Close-Up, Global Law”

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The Problem Is In The Person

619Comment: Some scientists who studied the science of management believe that strategy development follows from the structure of management. But this postulate is not practically perceived by specific managers who implement certain social and industrial programs.

My Response: The fact is that we do not change people and that is why they cannot manage correctly. They cannot understand the task, solve it correctly, and pass it on to others.

The whole problem is in the person. A person must be integrated and only then will one correctly understand the task (at a new level) and be able to give an appropriate solution. The problem is only in this.
From KabTV’s “The Science of Management”

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The Failure Of Modern Science

263Question: More than ten years ago I came to the conclusion that economics should be integrated with psychology and work with economic psychology. After all, there is a gap between them that really hinders consumer society. What do you think about this?

Answer: It is hard to say how to work with psychology nowadays because people are changing very rapidly and, in general, psychology is a reflection of what we understand, think, and feel. Economics is also tied to our egoistic desires: do we interpret them correctly and how do we connect all the parameters.

I think that the idea by itself is correct and the direction, naturally, correct. But I do not think that today economics and psychology can be tied because neither of them is a science, but are what a person imagines as it seems to him. It is impossible to build a third something on this to connect them together because these areas of knowledge are in a rather unstable state today.

I nonetheless come to the conclusion that without changing human nature, there is no escape, nothing can be done. All our sciences and management systems will gradually reveal their failure. Once in the time of Newton, this was all good and right. But we have passed this phase already.

Today, humanity is entering a completely different world, and we will have to feel it as a whole. Only in such a way, we will be able to manage it.
From KabTV’s: “The Science of Management”

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