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The Universe Is an Analog System

746.01Comment: In 1982, Alain Aspect conducted quantum mechanics experiments that led to validate quantum entanglement. Scientists have discovered that under certain conditions, elementary particles, for example, electrons, are able to communicate with each other instantly, regardless of the distance between them. It does not matter if it is 10 feet between them or 10 billion miles, each particle always knows what the other is doing.

This discovery violates Einstein’s postulate that the limiting value of propagation speed of interaction is equal to the speed of light, and therefore repels some scientists and inspires others to even more radical explanations.

For example, David Bohm, a physicist at the University of London, believes that this discovery suggests that objective reality does not exist, and despite the obvious density, the universe is basically a giant, luxuriously detailed hologram.

My Response: The universe is much more complex than a hologram. There is indeed an instantaneous connection between all its parts. We are in a volume that is absolutely rigidly connected between all its smallest particles, forces, and information fields. None of them is free from instantaneous impact on other particles and from their influence on it.

In fact, our universe is an analog system in which everything instantly connects to each other. Instantly! If something is done in one part, in another, in third and fourth, meaning there is some kind of shift, a change of one millimeter, one milligram, one unit, it instantly causes a change in the entire universe. This is how we are arranged. This is the world we live in.

However, people perceive information differently. With our lagging induction qualities, it takes a long time while all this spreads within us, is recognized, and passes a period of adaptation. Our perception of the universe is not what the universe itself is.

Therefore, here we can talk about two things: about what really exists, and about how a person perceives what is happening through his five corporeal sensory organs or with the help of tools that slightly expand the range of his sensations.

That is, we are talking about the fact that there is an objective reality and how subjectively it is perceived in us as it passes through our filters.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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The Philadelphia Experiment

222Comment: Allegedly, in the fall of 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia in an incident known as the Philadelphia Experiment. The US Military refute this incident. The urban legend holds that huge electromagnetic fields, which, if properly configured, would cause the light and radio waves to bypass the destroyer and the ship would disappear.

If we can trust some information, this experiment is based on Einstein’s “unified field theory.” According to his close friend and colleague Dr. Russell, Einstein nevertheless finished the “unified field theory,” but claimed that people were not ready for it and would mature only after the end of the Third World War.

Is it necessary to wait for the Third World War to reveal this law of the “unified field” to humanity?

My Response: Probably, yes. Maybe it will teach humanity something. But, of course, I am not a supporter of such a dramatic development of events and acute experiments.

Indeed, Einstein conducted experiments with the “Eldridge” and the light field, when objects disappear before our eyes. They themselves do not disappear, but disappear only from our sight. However, what does it mean “it disappears from the outside or not”? What do we have besides sight?

All these experiments are very strong, big, and great. Einstein, of course, revealed many things and still did not revealed many other things to us. This is clear from his statements.

From all this, we can say that humanity should receive a bludgeon or a slingshot in accordance with what level it is at. Of course, the methods of extermination that we have at our disposal today do not allow us to sleep peacefully. It would be better if our neighbors had bludgeons and slingshots. We would be able to stand against them. But with what we have today…

It is indeed possible that a third world war is ahead of us. Einstein was right that without a clear recognition of suffering, that is, without an understanding of where it stems from, humanity will not grow.

According to Kabbalah, not only a third, but also a fourth world war can happen. Imagine that even after the third one there will still be something left and the fourth one is also possible.

However, there is an opportunity to reach the correction in another way.

A world war itself will not give anything. If it passes over us like over animals, then animals suffer and die. Humanity, however, must realize that it is suffering because it has this egoistic quality, which in no way will allow it to exist normally either here or in any other conditions.

It is necessary to bring a person to such a state. We hope that we will be able to do this through the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah explains to humanity the meaning of life, the meaning of nature, a clear law of global interconnection. It follows from them that we need only one thing: to reach an absolute balance between us and nature. This is the basic law of nature—the law of homeostasis. Only then will we live comfortably and safely.

When we reach such a balance, we begin to feel the inner power of nature, an exit to another level of it, and to see that our life is perfect and eternal. Eternal!

That is, the ascent above the level of time and death is what Einstein assumed in his experiment, but did not want to show it to humanity because people would use these forces completely from the other, egoistic side.

In order to come to the correct use of the forces that he engaged in the Philadelphia Experiment, it is necessary to mature. Therefore, he said that after the Third World War it would be possible to reveal something to shallow egoistic people, but not before that.

We hope that first we will present them with general knowledge about nature, about what we can actually reveal if we unite with each other, and then humanity will have a perspective, which is, eternity, perfection, harmony, and knowledge of how to come to this through connection with each other.

Nowadays, we are already very close to beginning to understand this.

I hope that, after all without a Third World War, we will bring humanity to a state where we can give it the idea of existing above time and space, something that Einstein wanted to confirm with the Philadelphia Experiment.
From KabTV’s “Close up. The Philadelphia Experiment” 10/24/10

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The Natural Aspiration of a Kabbalist

209Kabbalists have always been interested in science and cultures of nations. Even Baal HaSulam and Rav Kook visited libraries, sat there, and studied everything.

We can see from the works of Baal HaSulam how well he knew economics, political science, political economy, and how he spoke of Marx’s political economy, of what is happening here in Israel between parties, and so on. Meaning, he was a person who knew subjects perfectly and often mentioned great scientists and famous people of the past.

It is a natural desire of a Kabbalist to study the upper world from the lower world and the lower from the upper because everything that happens is still interconnected between the two worlds and everything comes from only one source—the upper one. When studying our world, you feel the upper source manifested through it.

Therefore, I am happy to absorb everything that is in this world. I am already over 70 years old, but I feel like a young boy eager to see everything, to learn everything, both the upper and this world. I have a thirst for everything.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Architectural Monuments” 9/17/09

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A Storage of Thoughts and Desires

420.06Question: In 1946, the remarkable neuropsychologist Carl Lashley conducted a series of experiments on rats in which he taught them to perform a series of tasks, such as race for the shortest path in a maze, etc.

He then removed various parts of the rats’ brains and retested them. His goal was to remove the part of the brain in which the memory of the ability to run through the maze was stored.

To his surprise, he found that regardless of which parts of the brain were removed, the memory as a whole could not be eliminated. Usually, only the motor skills of the rats were disturbed as they were barely able to hobble through the maze. But even with the removal of a significant part of the brain, their memory remained intact.

How can it be that surgery does not affect memory?

Answer: We are just detectors, recipients, of the vast amount of information that exists outside of us. And it’s all outside of us. All our feelings and thoughts are not held within us.

The heart is not a sense organ, but a pump that reacts very sharply to all kinds of pressure drops, innervations, etc. The brain is the same. The repository of all our desires and thoughts is outside of us. Around us is an information field and we can say that by connecting to it, we manifest this field in our various actions.

The brain is a tool with which we seem to connect to an external information field and within itself conceals a record of all information.

Question: And then where is all the information stored, all the memories?

Answer: Outside of us! Memory is not at the intersection of synapses. There is none of this. It is arranged this way only in order to transform information coming from an external degree that is inaccessible to our perception into something that we can work with.

Meaning, the brain is like a computer, let’s say in the same way that you connect your computer to the Internet. The Internet is like a worldwide virtual mass memory and a computer is something that can extract something from it and present it to us for use.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Hologram” 7/28/11

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Difficult Times

285.01Question: The Academic Vernadsky wrote that we are approaching a great revolution in the history of mankind. Soon humanity will be given atomic weapons. Will it be able to turn this power to good? He spoke about the fact that scientists should be aware of their responsibility for the consequences of their research. Will humanity be able to turn this to good?

Answer: This is a big question because it is Kabbalah that claims that the third and even the fourth world war are possible: atomic, hydrogen, and neutron. Everything depends on us.

The current cataclysms are destined to reveal our interconnectedness and globalism. Therefore, we have no other choice but to come to equilibrium in a closed, global, integrated system, i.e., to the correct mutual connection in it where everyone takes his place and takes care of the whole system because otherwise it cannot exist.

Nature pushes us to realize this state, and it is very difficult for us. We are egoists, and we cannot act differently. But gradually, our interdependence will be revealed to us to such an extent that we will have nowhere to go.

And if we still want to run away, then, God forbid, there may be war, which in its critical form will still cause us to realize the need for correct unification and reach the noosphere.

Question: Does it not matter that practically the majority of humanity will die in this war?

Answer: It does not matter. For example, when there are problems with animals and some population decreases several-fold, then, on the contrary, it multiplies due to the changes in external conditions. The same is happening with humanity. We must look at humanity as naturally as we look at everything else.

But now we have the opportunity to enter the noosphere, this upper sphere, where we will exist at a level independent from our physical world. This is what we can achieve: eternal, perfect existence. This is why Kabbalah is revealed, and Vernadsky is helping us from below.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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Nature Is Desire

712.03A scientist reveals everything in science not with his mind, he reveals everything in sensations (Vladimir Vernadsky).

My Comment: Yes, a person is a sentient being. Man is a desire. In general, all nature is a desire. We study relationships and connections between different desires, and therefore, in the end, we must talk about feelings.

No matter how much we want to put it into formulas and dependencies—the beginning, the end, the middle of the formula that connects the beginning and the end, various properties, states, etc.— we are still talking about what is happening to matter.

All matter is the desire to be filled, to enjoy, to bring itself into balance with the environment, with its inner state. As a result, we still talk about desire either on the inanimate, the vegetative, the animate, or on the human level.

Yet it is necessary to understand that desire is a matter. It is not that I want something and that is it. For example, the desire of atoms is to keep their structure—you have to make great efforts to break these desires. Nature is only a desire.

Therefore, when Vernadsky was talking about feelings, about the fact that our whole nature is surrounded by a huge thought, an idea, a desire, and noosphere, then, naturally, he was talking about attaining the program of matter that exists around it. This is the predestination of man.

Comment: Regarding our time, Vernadsky wrote: “There will be a lot of pride, a narrowness of consciousness, and hardheartedness until a man forgets himself in a single great feeling of love.”

My Response: Yes, until a man rises above himself in the property of love. Then the general universe, the general plan, the whole program of creation, its whole path, and what we are heading to will be revealed to him.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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Comprehend the Thoughts of God

226I want to know how God created the world. I am not interested in certain phenomena in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know God’s thoughts, the rest is details (Albert Einstein).

That is, the basic law of the universe. The basic law of the universe is to bring the entire universe, which consists of one evil, to absolute good.

Question: Does this mean comprehending the thoughts of God?

Answer: Yes. This is His general law of universal egoism, which should gradually transform into the general law of universal altruism.

Question: Do you think Einstein was a Kabbalist?

Answer: In general he understood this system, that everything was created by good, everything that exists and the Creator are good.

Question: When he said: “I want to comprehend the thoughts of God,” was that what he wanted to break through to?

Answer: Yes. Everything will be wonderful.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/31/22

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The Man Ahead of His Time

294.1In our country that First World War resulted in a new, historically unprecedented, form of statehood, not only in the realm of economic, but likewise in that of the aspirations of nationalities. From the point of view of the naturalist (and, I think, likewise from that of the historian) an historical phenomenon of such power may and should be examined as a part of a single great terrestrial geological process, and not merely as a historical process. …

Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a mighty geological force. There arises the problem of the reconstruction of the biosphere in the interests of freely thinking humanity as a single totality. This new state of the biosphere, which we approach without our noticing it, is the noösphere (Vladimir Vernadsky).

My Response: This is what Kabbalah says, only in different words. It is necessary to understand where Vernadsky suddenly had such an awakening from. He suffered tremendous shocks, he was unconscious for many hours and even days on the verge between life and death.

It was his egoism, and not his body, that endured the strongest stresses. Not only on a spiritual, but also on a purely physiological level, such preconditions arose in him that he began to feel the delicate layers of the universe.

Suffering purifies a person, raises him above egoism. Egoism, when experiencing pain, automatically shuts itself, protects us, not wanting to suffer.

As a rule, when a bad time comes, we say: “We do not need anything. We have something to drink, to eat… Let it just be peaceful, we do not want anything else.” And when the good time comes, we are ready to consume everything: “No, give us the whole world.”

Vernadsky experienced a very stressful state when his rejection of egoism occurred at all levels of his being, both physical and moral. Therefore, he realized that the future existence of man and humanity lies precisely in that sphere—he called it the noosphere—where a person rises with his spirit above the body despite his egoism.

This egoism, this so-called body of ours, not physiological, but internal, exists so that with its help we can transform into a completely different being, which will identify himself not with matter, but with his inner essence.

Vernadsky experienced it inside himself during the loss of consciousness, during the rejection from his body, in all these sensations, which were quite strong and obvious, left him with very serious informational bases, which he then developed further.

Usually, in a person undergoing these conditions, they are gradually erased. Vernadsky’s were not erased. He is really a special man who experienced a way out of egoism into a completely different, supra-egoistic, spiritual state. Therefore, he was able to more or less describe the transitional and the next states of humanity.

He had no conceptual, descriptive apparatus. After all, he was a geologist by profession and dealt more with inanimate nature. And he suddenly began to feel in it and through it the vegetative, animate, and human levels of nature. Thus, for him, all these levels turned out to be ascending to a state where he discovered that he was rising above our world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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How Was the Universe Formed?

746.01Comment: Recently, the Academic Vernadsky has become increasingly popular. According to his views on the universe, he can even be compared to a biblical prophet.

His works are closely intertwined with the ideas of the most ancient science on earth, the science of Kabbalah, which reveals the structure of the universe, its purpose, the place of man in it, and the meaning of life.

Vernadsky, in his research, came to the conclusion that the number of combinations and interrelations we see in the smallest grain of sand of creation are the same on the global scale.

My Response: The individual and general are equal. This is the so-called principle of “similarity of specific and general.” That is, the atom is like the solar system, the solar system is like the greater cosmos, and so on.

We all come from one small point. We are talking about the upper worlds, which then expand and bring us to our world. Our world, our universe, was also formed from a small dot.

And so it is at each level: a small point descends and with the help of the matter formed in it turns into a large, expanded system. Then, at the next level, the whole system is deployed again from its final, lowest point. And on and on. There are five such descents, five worlds.

This is how our universe appeared from a small point, by the force of the so-called Big Bang. In fact, there was no huge explosion. A small spark of spiritual energy broke through from the highest spiritual level to the material level. And because it is spiritual, this spark was enough to create all of today’s matter, energy, information—everything that fills our world.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Prophet” 11/23/11

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Psychological Self-Complacency

543.02Question: Psychologists say that happy people during a streak of bad luck think things like: “It could have been even worse.” Therefore, they quite easily cope with a streak of failures. Do you think this method is correct?

Answer: No, by no means do I believe that running away from the correct work with egoism will lead us to a good life.

We all similarly have to think about how to rise a step above egoism, and then we will be fine. Whereas, running away from all sorts of egoistic corrections and disturbances is not correction and is not a way to a better life.

Comment: Yet, people say, “If you think that it could really be much worse than it is now or that the other one has it even worse,  it helps.”

My Response: This is absolutely right. But this is not a method of correction, it is simply psychological self-complacency.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 5/24/22

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