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How To Define Truth And Lie?

962.3Question: Baal HaSulam writes that there is nothing more sublime than truth and nothing lower than a lie. How can we define categories “truth” and “lie” in our world? Where is the truth here? After all, everyone has their own truth.

Answer: This is exactly the problem. Therefore, we are not properly oriented to anything in our life and we replace lies with the truth and the truth with lies all the time.

Question:  Where can this measuring device be found? What and who is the benchmark?

Answer: Only the science of Kabbalah talks about that. We see how all religions, philosophies, and psychologies go wild. And so, the whole world.

Comment: Indeed. There is no generally accepted agreement that this is true.

My Response: None. You can even go through the criminal, procedural, and all sorts of other codes, from country to country, and you will see that everyone has different concepts of truth and false.

Question: But if it is natural, maybe it is correct? Who said that there should be one concept of truth?

Answer: If Indians live somewhere, Eskimos somewhere, Africans somewhere and they are not connected with each other, then it is normal. But if the globe becomes round and everyone communicates with each other and everyone needs some common ground to understand each other,  for this we practically need one law.

This is the same as physical laws. For example, the law of gravity is the same for all and nobody has problems with it. This is natural. Social laws should be the same. But because we are egoists, everyone wants to bend laws for themselves.

We cannot change the laws of nature in any way. And social laws are given to us so that we can adapt them all the time to ourselves and to the truth. That is why it is said: “Seek justice.” Seek for a long time, seek all your life, from generation to generation, and gradually you will advance. Then you will have a society that will truly move forward.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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Kabbalah—Delving Into Nature

219.01Question: The views of Kabbalah are close to Buddhism and in many respects to yoga, Catholicism, and European alchemy, apparently, according to the methods of achieving a brighter future. But, as far as I understand, the brightest future can be achieved only through unity in Kabbalah. Why is that? If other schools offer this, why don’t they count?

Answer: Kabbalists do not reject anyone. But, apparently, there are several ways to unite mankind. Today we understand that without unity we will simply perish, we will destroy each other. From everything that happens to us, we see that this is the only way to salvation. Neither the development of technology nor anything else will help us. We need to develop a person for communication, for a greater good connection with others.

Kabbalah explains how to do this. It relies on a good force hidden in nature that can unite us. Man does not have this power. No matter how many meditations we do or how we  employ various methods with all kinds of exercises, this will not help us, because egoism permeates us literally from top to bottom.

The Kabbalistic methodology is built on uniting humanity with the help of a good force that exists in nature but is hidden from us. Therefore, Kabbalah is called a secret science because it reveals this power, and then by using it, we can unite. This is what makes Kabbalah different from other teachings.

But this is not meditation, not a physical exercise. This is truly delving into nature. But it is different. You just need to understand what it is.

In principle, Kabbalah does not deny anything, in fact, neither do all the other methods. Nor do they deny each other, but each has a different approach.

In humanity there are different groups of people with different inclinations and psychological preparations from nature. And so a different approach is needed. By the way, in Kabbalah it is said that there are many ways to achieve unity.

But the fact that unification between all is the goal and the truly correct way of existence cannot be denied today. A person should check for himself whether the method of Kabbalah suits him. And if not, then he can choose something else.

But all the same, you need to strive to unite people. I believe that this is everyone’s task and responsibility.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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Perspectives On Moral Principles: Scientists And Kabbalah

615.1Question: There is a point of view that suggests that some moral principles are a part of the biological nature of man. Researchers argue that the formation of moral judgements among people of differing sex, age, and culture can differ significantly. Do you think these parameters affect moral principles?

Answer: Of course. Biology influences decision making.

Comment: Researchers have discovered that acting in accordance with accepted moral norms increases people’s resistance to stress and strengthens their physical condition.

My Response: Undoubtedly, if I were sure that my actions were supported by moral foundations, principles, and agreements of society, then I would feel much more confident.

Question: Neurophysiologists argue that the moral judgments of people can be influenced by changing the activity of certain areas in the brain. It seems as though all talk of morality will soon stop by itself and the morality of society will, instead, be formed with the help of two electrodes. Do you think it is possible to change the moral principles of a person through external influences?

Answer: No. With the help of electrodes, it seems, you can control some forces. Who actually controls them? You cannot get to this answer. There is the basis of all human morality.

Question: Experts at Harvard University conducted a series of experiments that concluded a person’s moral principles change during the day and weaken in the evening. Therefore, they recommend making important, morally difficult decisions during the morning. What is your opinion?

Answer: It depends on the physiology of the person. There are people who do not think at all in the morning; they think better in the evening or even at night.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 10/8/20

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The Wisdom Of The Crowd And The Wisdom Of Kabbalah

530Question: The effect of the wisdom of crowd is that the generalized opinion of a large group of people allows for more accurate answers and predictions. But this only happens when members of the crowd make judgments independently of one another. Why? How does it work?

Answer: The principle of collective data processing where everyone looks for himself at opposite opinions, opposite views, opposite schools, this is a slightly different principle than in Kabbalah.  And when they try to generalize the result together, it turns out much better and much more true than the result each one would have reached individually. But this is still not what Kabbalah says.

According to Kabbalah, we should rise to the level of faith above reason, that is, above ourselves, and solve problems not in an egoistic way—how much smarter each of us is and can connect more with others—but be in faith above reason, be able to master the strength of the team, to rise above the individuality of each one and above the common individuality.

By adding up our egoisms, we simultaneously collect together the desire to rise above our total ego. It turns out that on one hand, we have a huge common egoism, and on the other hand, we acquire anti-egoistic strength. And then we can really do a very high-quality, completely new action, which is built on giving and not receiving.

Remark: This is similar to what Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” It is always solved at a higher level. That is, the next step is connection between people.

My Comment: Yes. And although Einstein instinctively came to this, the diagnosis is correct.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/25/20

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Jews Of America, Part 2

400The Failure of Religion to Unite the Jews

Question: In the middle of the 19th century, a large wave of emigration of Jews from Germany and Austria to America began. Their number in the country increased by several tens of thousands. They were divided here into “aborigines,” who were the Sephardim living in America for several hundred years, and “Germans,” who had just arrived.

The well-established Sephardic community did not accept German (Ashkenazi) immigrants. As the American writer Stephen Birmingham wrote: “The newer immigrants were poor, they needed baths, they worked as foot peddlers, they spoke with accents. They lacked the social status that the Jewish first families had achieved, the breeding, the education, yet they called themselves brethren. …They were an embarrassment. By the early 1800’s, they were threatening to fling the fabric of Jewish society in America apart, threatening the ‘tribal’ feeling that is at the heart of all feelings of Jewishness.”

How did it happen that one religion and common traditions could not unite people in one family?

Answer: Jews cannot unite through religion. This has never happened in history. On the contrary, their amazing religion separates them.

And this is natural, because the real religion is the science of Kabbalah, which says that one must rise above all differences, above one’s egoistic nature. Only in this case will you be what is called a Jew, that is, someone that unites all of humanity.

And if this beginning is not in a person, if he does not understand his true cosmic function of uniting everyone and everything, then he is separated from the rest. Therefore, there is a huge fragmentation and separation within one family of all against all. There is no nation more internally disunited than the Jews.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 11/18/19

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Repeatability Of Results—The Law Of Recording Spiritual Sensations

525Question: What are the main laws of recording of spiritual sensations according to the science of Kabbalah?

Answer: Repeatable results, just as in any science, the reproduction of a result by a person who is able to check it on himself.

Kabbalah, like any science, needs verification. Moreover, it welcomes such checks tests that are repeated by renowned and respected Kabbalists. They review the research and approve the publication of a relevant book. Later others can also use this book.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 11/11/18

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 2/2/20

laitman_294.2Question: Does the point in the heart awaken by itself or does anyone help it?

Answer: The point in the heart awakens by itself when a serious attraction to the attainment of the upper world, to one’s fate, and to the system of the upper providence is revealed in a person. Questions such as, “What is happening to me and how does the world go round?” stem from the point in the heart.

Question: Are there any specific signs according to which we can be certain that the point in the heart has been revealed?

Answer: The revelation of the point in the heart and its opening are expressed by a person’s attraction to the attainment of the meaning of life. It is when he is not satisfied by watching a movie or by reading a novel or so on, but by attaining the meaning of life more seriously.

If a person must really know what he is living for and if he doesn’t there is no meaning to his life, that is the point in the heart.

Question: Corporeal sciences have evolved over time. Hunger has forced man to observe the vegetative world and to explore it, and this is how botany developed. Diseases and the ways of healing them led to the development of medicine. Building houses and establishing useful mechanisms led to the development of mechanics, and this led to the development of physics.

Does the same process take place in the wisdom of Kabbalah? Do we attain this knowledge by our exertion and our experience and does it develop together with us?

Answer: Of course. This is how we have revealed the wisdom of Kabbalah throughout all this time, as a result of our great desire to attain the world in which we live.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/2/20

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Kabbalah Is The Physics Of The Upper World

laitman_214Question: As soon as my egoism gets bigger and the influence of the light diminishes, I find myself in descent. And vice versa, when the light covers my egoism, the ascent happens. Is this like physics?

Answer: Certainly, this is physics! But we don’t want to take it into account. We give ourselves up to our feelings. And in general, this is an absolute reality. Kabbalah has everything: formulas, graphs, and diagrams. Kabbalah is the foundation of all other sciences, the qualities and actions of nature.

Question: Does this mean that it is possible to look at the still, vegetative, and animate nature, take all the laws from there, and simply apply them to human society? And that is the right thing to do?

Answer: Relatively, but not everything! Because the still, vegetative, and animate levels are our animate part, and our human part is attained by the science of Kabbalah.

Comment: In physics, there are clear laws of interaction between physical bodies in the universe. And in the human society there are no clear laws of our communication. People don’t even know how to interact with each other properly.

My Response: Unfortunately, there is no such science in our world that addresses the level of Man (Adam).

Question: Maybe there is some kind of universal law?

Answer: Universal law, of course there is one, but it is studied only in Kabbalah. It is the law of the correct interaction of people and their relationship to the still, vegetative, and animate nature and the Creator. It consists in the fact that a person must rise above his egoism and work not only with a negative force, but also with a positive one at the same time.

Our egoism is a negative force. It presses us and pushes us only toward grabbing everything that exists from this world. And the science of Kabbalah explains in what way it is possible to compensate it with the quality of bestowal, for both forces to be equal and compensate each other. Then we will be in balance. This we need to achieve.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/27/19

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From Babylon To Rome, Part 6

167Turning Kabbalah into Philosophy

Comment: German humanist Johann Reuchlin, in his book On the Art of Kabbalah writes: “Nevertheless, the superiority of Pythagoras did not come from the Greeks, but again from the Jews. After long wanderings, he brought home something worthy of admiration, and was the first to rename ‘Kabbalah’ into ‘Philosophy’—a Greek word previously unknown.”

There are many facts that confirm that the ancient Greeks learned from the sages of the First and Second Temples. You can tell that the philosophies of Plato and Aristotle are permeated with their ideas.

My Response: Greek scholars did not hide it. Communication was quite easy in those days. Today, there are many civilizational barriers.

Although there seems to be a connection between modern universities; nevertheless, internal egoism repels one scientist from another. In ancient times, learning from each other was generally accepted. Therefore, many philosophers and scientists learned from the Jews during the time of the prophets, meaning in the time of the First Temple.

Comment: The Rabbi of Sochaczew wrote: “The Greek science of philosophy, derived from the writings of King Solomon, emerged after the destruction of the First Temple. However, these writings were corrupted with additions, omissions and replacements to such an extent that false knowledge got mixed into it. But, one way or another, the basis of the science is good although parts of evil got mixed in with it.”

The modern day Kabbalist of the 20th century Baal HaSulam similarly writes: “Sages of Kabbalah observe philosophical theology and complain that they have stolen the upper shell from their wisdom, which Plato and his Greek predecessors had acquired while studying with the disciples of the prophets in Israel. They have stolen basic elements from the wisdom of Israel and wore a cloak that is not their own.”

My Response: The truth is that the ancient Greeks acquired the general approach to cosmology from Kabbalah and proceeded to derive their own conclusions from it.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel, Part 6,” 7/8/19

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Why Doesn’t Kabbalah Study Brain Functions?

laitman_220Question: There are neurosciences that study the way we think. They say that the person builds a certain model of reality, that is, what is obvious to him. If he needs to buy milk, for example, he knows what store to go to and goes there automatically.

Why is this level of thinking not explained in Kabbalah, that is, what happens in the brain? Baal HaSulam says that there are five senses, data input which is somehow processed and creates our internal perspective. This program exists above the desire. Why is it not explained?

Answer: This program exists below the desire and belongs to the subconscious.

Kabbalah does not engage in the functioning of the brain as a calculator, nor in muscle memory, nor in any memory mechanisms. It only deals with the soul.

Our desire is called a soul. It is not in our corporeal body and it is not in our head.

The Creator created the desire. It can be egoistic, that is, directed only at loving one’s self, or it can change within us, with the help of the Creator, into an altruistic desire, that is, in bestowal and love of others. There is no other way.

In parallel to shifting the vector of the desire: from “for my own sake” to “for the sake of others,” we begin to feel the upper world, and only then do we understand how everything works, where the operating signals come from, and so on.

Everything else related to matter, the brain, etc., is not studied in Kabbalah because it does not interest us. We are only interested in the pure desire that is not part of any form of matter. This is how we explore it and master it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/26/20

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