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You Must Listen Only To Yourself

621Most people stop looking when they find the proverbial needle in the haystack. I would continue looking to see if there were other needles.
(Albert Einstein)

Comment: Einstein is reputed to have said that in reply to being asked how his intelligence differed from others’ intelligence.

My Response: In general, this is true. But who is capable of it? Immediately there are disappointments, repetitions. Nothing shines ahead and there are a lot of critics who disagree with you.

Question: Is that when you look for the first needle in a haystack?

Answer: And even if you found this needle, then what? They can only laugh at you even more; there is something to cling to. A huge number of problems arise for humanity on this path.

The main thing, I think, is not to pay attention to anyone, neither critics nor praisers. You have to check within yourself. Your heart says that this is the right way, go ahead.

Otherwise, nothing will work out! Otherwise, you will simply follow others. If you want to go on your own… I am not saying to go ahead with a torch and illuminate the path for humanity, no! If you want to go your own way, you just have to go. And there can be no obstacles in your way! That is how I go and that’s it. I am not forcing you. You check for yourself.

Question: What is stopping us?

Answer: We are stopped by public opinion. That is the problem.

Comment: There is terrible, destructive criticism!

My Response: It doesn’t matter! Let them talk. I am the way I am.

Comment: And there are logical proofs that this is the wrong way.

My Response: Wrong way, so what? So I am wrong. Do I have the right to make a mistake? I do. Let me be wrong. Half the people are wrong. Let’s say half. You know that is an understatement. Well, I am wrong. But I check with myself all the time: “I go the way I want to go, and I do not listen to anyone?” Then this is the right way.

Question: What is this inner torch that leads?

Answer: I feel that I cannot do otherwise. I cannot! I can, of course, force myself, turn away, get carried away, do something, and in a few years I will still come to the same thing. I have to discover myself! So I can open this path so that I can achieve my spiritual growth, my spiritual goal. And what is it like, I don’t know.

Question: But, one way or another, is this already a spiritual path?

Answer: The spiritual path. And it is always only spiritual. What else is there for a person in this world? What other development? Only to develop your soul or your inner desire. I strive to hear myself and that’s it.

Question: And if frustration comes at some point?

Answer: It is always there. So what? But this is my way!

Question: And if you realize that it is a mistake, what then?

Answer: Also my way. All, all this is my way! And let no one and nothing sneak into it! Let me make my own mistakes! Do not disturb me! And then what I am done with, I am done with. It is mine! I am guilty or I deserve it, but it is me.

Do not look at others! Never! You have a different soul, you cannot be like them, and they cannot be like you. So pay less attention to everyone. Would Einstein have done something if he had looked at others? It is impossible! Just listen to yourself. Even if I am wrong, it is me.

Question: And if we apply this to the everyday, common person?

Answer: What does ordinary mean? Everyone can be different. Let him listen to himself, hear himself. That is how I can, this is how I want, that is how I think, not in spite of others, but it comes from inside me.

This is my “I” that must be pulled out of me. And you will feel, even in mistakes, very comfortable with it.

Just close your eyes and you are all alone! But you are with yourself, you are not running away from yourself. That is all.

Question: That is the way to live?

Answer: Yes. That is my advice. Then, in order to implement it, you have to create a special environment for yourself, and so on. But still, you are alone.

Comment: That is, if I felt, “this is mine,” then I have to grab onto it and that’s it.

My Response: I implement it.

Comment: And that is the way I go. And along the way there will be squalls, seventh waves…

My Response: It does not matter, I will be even closer to myself.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 3/8/21

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From Discrete Comprehension To Analog

281.01Question: Can we say that individual consciousness functions at a discrete level? Is this more or less our world?

Answer: By changing myself at a discrete level, I receive additional discrete portions of information to this extent. As a result, this portioned information gives me a feeling of a field, not discrete, but analogous. The discrete level is like the steps of comprehension, and the comprehension itself is analogous when I feel this field by more and more, larger circles.

Therefore, if we talk about a person, then he enters this step by step, and if we talk about the very structure of the field—if it is possible at all to talk about what exists outside of us—then it is not discrete, but analogous.

Question: That is, my capabilities are discrete. Due to the fact that this field, as it were, enters me, then merging with it, I feel it as analog. Does it turn out that the light and the Kli (the vessel of the soul) are already together?

Answer: Yes because you open this field to the extent of your similarity to it. Therefore, there are no barriers between you and it.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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“May The Waters Be Filled With Living Creatures”

420.06It is written in the act of creation: Let the waters be filled with swarming living creatures. That is, you can not kill a person who is called a being, a living being. (The Book of Zohar)

Water is the light of Hassadim. Everything came from water. Even from the ground nothing can grow without water.

Thus, the commandment “Thou shalt not kill” corresponds to the act of creation “Let the waters be filled with swarming living creatures,” i.e., the appearance of all living beings, no longer on the vegetative level but with more developed, animate qualities.

In this regard, Darwin was right in looking at the whole picture. The only thing he was wrong about was the law of natural development, that nature itself finds ways to develop. This is something that is pre-programmed and is gradually realized according to the informational data that comes from the very beginning, from the first act of creation.

Darwin did not understand this. Therefore, we are in this uncertainty. On one hand, it seems that he is right that there is a development, and on the other hand, we do not see how one thing develops from the other, where the intermediate stages are, and so on. Here people disagree and cannot find answers.

Kabbalah answers this very simply. More than two thousand years ago in the Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzirah), Abraham already wrote about these creations that everything comes from the informational data. There is nothing new. What we see before us is nothing other than the informational data in newer and newer manifestations of creation.

These creations appear as if they never existed before. However, they did exist, but only in the form of forces or information, and now they are manifested before us. So, this is nothing unusual—Darwin was right.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #11

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“I”—The Original Point In The System Of Adam

264.01Comment: We are unable to perceive whole phenomena; therefore, we do not understand what the universe, life, consciousness, or reason are. We try with our mind to break them down into some acceptable pieces and study each one separately. Thus it is difficult for science to explain a lot of things.

My Response: Science cannot have anything to do with consciousness. It uses consciousness as a given, but it cannot explore it. To do this, you need to be on a level higher than consciousness. We always use the top-down method. And how can we rise above our consciousness while in it?

Consciousness is the ability of a person to connect to the higher information layer.

Question: You said that “I” is what I feel in the semblance of an information field. That is, it seems to coincide with the definition of consciousness. What is the difference between them? What is the “I” that has consciousness? Is it a collection of my thoughts, a feeling, a sensation?

Answer: No. “I” is some kind of basis that does not disappear anywhere even with death. It goes through all the metamorphoses of our life and death cycles.

“I” is our original point in the system called Adam. Each of us has such a point, which represents our initial data, our coordinates. And we can’t get away from them, that’s how we were created.

Every person in our world has a place in the system of Adam, which exists so that we can change ourselves so that each point can connect to this higher system, to the field in which it is located, and fully comprehend it.

Question: How can we explain to a person who does not know that there is a system of Adam and in it one’s point, what is this “I”?

Answer: “I” is a part of the Creator from above.

Question: So it cannot be explained without the Creator?

Answer: The Creator is an upper force, the same field. We don’t attribute this power to some grandfather sitting somewhere. We’re talking about nature. The Creator and nature are one and the same. This is the highest consciousness, the highest thought.
From KabTV’s “Meeting with Kabbalah” 03/29/19

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Connect To The” Common Computer ” Of The Universe

763.1Question: At the subconscious level, we process large amounts of information with our conceptual mathematical apparatus. If we consider the individual and collective levels, then the question arises, is there such a mathematical apparatus for describing the spiritual structures that are the roots of our consciousness?

Answer: Naturally. If one is in egoism, why can’t one be the opposite of it? Exactly the same but a mirror image.

That is, if I use the spiritual properties of bestowal, then I clearly act, know why, how, for what purpose, and with which forces. In general, in the development of spiritual space, I use everything that works in our world, but in the opposite form.

Question: Shouldn’t this mathematical apparatus be more extended?

Answer: Indeed, its power is greater because it is not associated with personal data, problems, goals, or limitations, but only with my ability to rise above myself. When, with the help of the higher energy, the upper light, I can pretend to be something that gives, then I join the “common computer.”

In our world, I have to create something. In the spiritual world, I don’t have to create anything. I only need to adjust myself so that I am like the spiritual space in which we exist, only for as long as it is hidden from us. Then, as they say, the entire “computer” will be in front of me.

Depending on which qualities I choose from within myself, above my egoism, to that extent and in that style, I enter this spiritual computer, this spiritual field. On the one hand, it behaves discretely and digitally and, on the other hand, with analog signals. So, here, we are faced with both.
From KabTv’s “Meeting With Kabbalah” 3/29/2019

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The Creator And Consciousness

610.2Question: When we call the upper force the Creator, we are as if personifying it. If the spiritual space is a field of consciousness, can we talk about the subject to whom this consciousness belongs?

Answer: No. There is no subject.

Question: How can consciousness be without a subject, without an “I”?

Answer: Spiritual space spreads everywhere, fills and includes everything. There is nothing else besides it. And we are inside of it. The concept of “subject,” however, implies that you must limit it by some qualities.

The quality of bestowal, on the contrary, means that everything is outside and nothing is limited. Only bestowal. Everything that exists besides Him, is created by Him in order for His creation to attain Him.

Question: How does the process of cognition take place in the spiritual? Or is there no such thing?

Answer: For the Creator?! No. There is nothing there but the quality of bestowal. Therefore, consciousness at this level does not exist. Consciousness always comes from the fact that something is missing.

Comment: If we are talking about the field of information, then this seems clearer to us.

My Response: But this is in regard to us! We feel this field relative to us, and we cannot say anything about it in itself—who, what, and how—only how we perceive Him in our sensations, how He is revealed in relation to us.

Comment: In religion, of course, everything is mixed up. However, Kabbalistic sources also kind of personify the Creator.

My Response: We need to define this concept in some kind of words: He feels, He thinks, He is angry, He rejoices. Everything we say is only in relation to a person in order to tie him to the Creator. Just as you can talk about some machine, device, or equipment, and project your feelings on this object.

Question: Does this personification disappear when we rise spiritually?

Answer: Absolutely. There is nothing left but the field of bestowal. It is infinite, has no gradation! And only we perform spiritual actions in it.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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United Consciousness In Our World And In The Spiritual World

942Question: In our world there is the so-called wisdom of the crowd. What is the difference between this united consciousness and the one in the spiritual world?

Answer: The fact is that, in our world, when we want to invest together in some common cause, we partially annul ourselves. Therefore, everyone expresses their opinion in order to achieve some good overall result. We kind of subconsciously use this Kabbalistic principle.

Nullifying myself, I add up with others; “Let’s try together.” As a result, we get something more or less perfect, better than each of us had separately. This is, in general, the correct principle.

But Kabbalists say, “Let us unite, not in order to compose some beautiful appeal or solve some riddle, but to create an empty space between us, where everyone puts himself, free from egoism.”

That’s when I push myself away and want to be here with others, then we collect all our parts free from egoism. This consciousness has nothing to do with everyone’s self. Basically, it is empty because we do not have it. We only create it by our own efforts and then a higher level, a higher consciousness, is manifested within it.

Question: Jung introduced the following concept of collective consciousness: unification based on common archetypes that are accepted and understood by all members of the group. What is the difference between this kind of unity and the unity of consciousness based on self-nullification?

Answer: Kabbalists have different goals and a different technique. The technique depends on the goal, what I want to achieve. I want to achieve the property of bestowal, to connect above myself with others. That is, I want to portray a property from myself that is not within me so that it appears above me. In this case, I am, as it were, the basis over which I wish to portray myself.

Question: So, the difference is in the level of connection with the information field?

Answer: Of course! Rising in this way, I do not bring any of my indignations, errors, or anything into this field. To the extent that I do this, I begin to feel it, at least a little of its radiation.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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Difference Between Spiritual And Earthly Mathematics

548.03Comment: Today mathematics has developed greatly. Kabbalists have never known this. The only thing close to mathematics in Kabbalah is Gematria.

My Response: In principle, mathematics reflects the dependence between some parameters. So, if we take our desires on the one hand, and the desires of the higher field on the other, then as Kabbalah believes and reveals, there is nothing besides these two parameters.

Therefore, all our knowledge also consists of zero and one. We can write down any given in this way. Kabbalists describe the relationship between various stages, but describe it in the form of a condition: if you know how to approach changing yourself at some level, then make yourself the necessary instrument, feel and see what is being said.

That is, earthly sciences link various data into a single chain, but all this is not experienced by man, and exists as it were, outside of us.

And Kabbalah is a science that is felt by us, and first of all, it should tune us to this feeling, without detaching from nature. Therefore, it describes man and nature according to a completely different principle—as our steps to merge with nature.

Mathematics is the relationship between data. But the problem is that in our world all this happens in egoistic properties and therefore does not lead to similarity, but on the contrary, to differentiation, to rupture, as a result of which a multitude of all kinds of properties, formulas, interdependencies, and other things appear.

But when you walk only in likeness, then you almost do not need mathematics because in the spiritual world everything is graduated in 125 steps, and each of them has five levels. You must become like each of them. To do this, you need to bring your egoism to a state corresponding to a certain level. That is, everything is very specific.

And in our world, because we work in an egoistic Kli (vessel), we break it into many parts, and we get a huge mathematical array. We cannot connect it in any way: where can we get this single formula that connects the entire universe into one whole? This cannot be done through our egoistic perception.

And although we actively use mathematics, in principle, it is all built not on similarities, but on differences from nature. Spiritual mathematics is based on completely different principles.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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Above The Speed Of Light

746.02Question: We learn that all desires in us are initiated by the upper light and transferred through the Reshimo (information record). In quantum physics, the so-called informational interactions without any carrier are now very actively examined. Some of these influences are transmitted even above the speed of light, practically instantaneously. Is it possible to say that the same mechanism exists in the transmission of the Reshimo?

Answer: That there is an interaction above the speed of light, I think can be understood even by our mind. In principle, if our universe, this gigantic space, could not instantly interact with each other from its different points, then this system would not function. It would simply not exist. There would be chaos everywhere.

So, we study this so-called chaos and see more and more clear laws in it. Moreover, such that we will grasp and understand what is hidden there. But nonetheless, these are laws! After all, laws are interactions between various causes, consequences, and conditions. Of course, they exist above the speed of light.

But in Kabbalah, instantaneous speed is not considered something inconceivable because it works not with matter, but with intentions and thoughts. It is an absolutely different space. There is nothing there that is restricted by matter, time, or movement.

Question: There is a long-standing dispute between scientists about short-range and long-range actions. Do you think that the correct approach is action at a distance, when the action is transmitted instantaneously to all parts?

Answer: Any small action evokes one instant reaction in all parts of creation. We have to nevertheless admit that, based on our practice of observing the cosmos, as we see that it is some incomprehensible small part. Maybe it is because we do not see the full picture. But this is only our initial knowledge. What can we talk about here?! We observe only the mechanical part of the universe, inanimate nature. Where is the rest of it? All this we have yet to be revealed.

But the fact that the whole system of nature is interconnected, Kabbalah talks about this from the first line. Kabbalah talks about the creation of the world, the creation of the universe, the creation of all matter. That it all comes from one root and these are all the forces of dissemination, which are in full connection and interaction with each other.
From KabTV’s “Meetings with Kabbalah” 3/22/19

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To Perceive The World As It Is

214Question: Can we say that collective consciousness is a qualitatively new level and Kabbalah is engaged in teaching people to reach a new level of perception of reality?

Answer: No, I would not say that, because in this case the consciousness should be completely the opposite of the earthly one.

If we all receive everything within ourselves and in our primordial natural properties feel this reflection, as, for example, on a photographic film, then the Kabbalistic perception is completely different.

It remains by itself, and the person who cancels his egoism and can enter into the perception of reality without disturbing it, feels it as it is. That is, not in the egoistic properties, but precisely in the degree of similarity of its properties to all possible properties and actions that occur outside of it.

Kabbalah comprehends the world that does not pass through our senses. A person, developing himself, makes special efforts on himself in order to begin to feel the Kabbalistic world, to be able to enter a state where he is absolutely not an egoist and perceives everything not in himself, but outside of himself. In practice, he is removed from any interaction with the outside world.

Does the world around you exist by itself? Exists. I perceive it in myself, which means that I perceive it egoistically. We build our sciences on the basis of what we perceive, either by ourselves or with the help of devices we invent.

And Kabbalah says: “No, let us perceive the world as it is.” First of all, we need to reach a state when we, annul ourselves, begin to feel as if we do not exist, and, consequently, begin to feel the true world around us. And as we annul ourselves step by step, we begin to feel everything that happens in that world. This is the whole science of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Meeting with Kabbalah” 3/29/19

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