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Dr. Michael LaitmanSefira Daat requires conscious participation in the Creator’s Providence. The whole world is approaching this situation.

Connection with the Creator is everlasting, but at first, we do not pay attention to it; it’s like a newly born child who wiggles his hands and feet and doesn’t know where he is. But sometimes it happens that an infant has delayed development: He is supposed to understand, respond, smile, ask, demand; according to the “developmental timeframe” he is already six months old and thus he is treated accordingly, but he still behaves as if he is only one month old. This kind of discrepancy, this gap, is in fact the crisis that we are going through nowadays.

One shouldn’t indulge a child when he is falling behind, otherwise the child won’t grow.

The clock doesn’t stop, that is why we are going through suffering.

Sefira Daat is a completely new state. It emerges as a result of our demand. The whole secret is that it’s us who have to call, demand, and respond to the Creator to the degree of our understanding and sensing Him; we should adhere to His thought and acknowledge His program of creation to the extent that we are willing to participate in it. This is Sefira Daat.

The word Daat (comprehension) includes wisdom (Hochma) and understanding (Bina), a vessel and the Light. We begin understanding, sensing, and realizing the processes that go on around us; we start becoming similar to the Creator; we accept His Providence and His guidance of the whole system. With the help of the vessels of bestowal we control the vessels of receiving.

It’s not only my own personal system as it was before, it’s our joint system. I include myself in Bina to the degree of my ability to exit myself and approach my neighbor, another. For me my neighbor  is Bina to which I ascend in the state of Malchut. I look for Sefira Daat inside of my connection with others, within the thoughts and desires of the group. The common ground that exists between all of us and which is outside of each of us is in fact my comprehension. That’s where I obtain the force of receiving and a force of bestowal, but most importantly I reveal Keter, the Creator, there.

Question: How is Sefira Daat connected to Reshimot that are related to such ascending?

Answer: It is in fact a Reshimo in its pure form, the necessity. Let’s say I am in a certain state and I wake up, reveal, polish, and shape it as something that has a need to bestow. How do I implement it? Through approaching other people, my neighbors, i.e., the group. I visualize my inclusion in the group as my higher state where I find desire and intelligence that are shared by my friends. I rise above and detach from myself, there is nothing left in me except my desire to get out of myself. I completely plug into the common intelligence and general feeling of the group.

This is the only way we can visualize Sefira Daat. Intelligence and feelings that we reveal in it are Hochma and Bina. Next, we reveal the One who shapes them, Keter, the Creator. This is exactly the problem that we are all facing at this time; it is not an easy one.

Question: So, Daat is in fact our collective mind?

Answer: Yes. Herds of animals instinctively acquire a collective mind, which is higher than their individual intellect. People who in a crowd, on the contrary, lose their mind and descend to a lower level since they cannot connect with others on a higher plane. As a result, they lose independence and submit to a common force, some element is being chosen from Above through which masses are being controlled. As a rule, such person (“element”) possesses strong charisma, ability to “hypnotize” and lead the rest of the public.

When becoming a part of the masses, individuals lose their distinctiveness. Those who belong to a crowd follow its rules. It’s a law of nature. As a part of the masses (99%), personal desire and thinking abilities lower to a zero, everybody turns into a “flock” and are ready to do whatever it takes as soon as they do it together, without any personal self-control.

Everybody runs and I run with them too, as if I am being driven by some outside force.

On the other hand, in the group (1%), we have to use this law consciously and rise above our personal egoism, which permanently swivels and grows, it doesn’t let us “dissolve” in our friends as other people “melt” in the crowd. This is how we grow. The group vigorously applies a lot of strength to unite above its egoism. We participate in this process and by doing so we rise together with our desire from Malchut into Bina and Daat.

The difference between the two states is the Creator. Masses remain at a zero level. We rise to Him a hundred percent (100%) through all 125 steps. It happens because the egoism, Daat, constantly makes obstacles on our way and separates us from others by triggering contempt, hatred, jealousy, etc. It doesn’t allow us to unite. For that, we have to find the higher force. We cannot do without it.

Speaking of masses, the power of the Creator shows itself in them on an instinctive, animate level, we can see its outcome in the streets. Mass psychology has been well researched and is used to manipulate crowds. Manipulation methods are simple: diminish intellect to the largest extent possible, offer a number of slogans, and find a charismatic leader; nothing more than that.

We employ an opposite psychology: whether you want it or not, you become smarter, crueler, and more dominant. This is the problem of Israeli people: How can one manage it if everyone thinks that they are prime ministers? Nevertheless, we continue to grow.

In the future, all humankind will become one system that consists of two parts: “head” and “body.” Eventually, all souls will become included into one another and all discrepancies will be eliminated. Everybody will work perfectly and nobody will prevail over others.

At this time we’ll acknowledge that all the work was done by the Creator and that everything is perfect.
We all are equal to Him.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/12, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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