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A Time To Act As One Man With One Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanIsrael is at war. There has never been such war before. For the first time, rockets of Israel-haters almost cover our whole country. Today in the firing range are five million Israelis. Previously, Israel was divided into climatic zones; but today, minutes and seconds were added into this division. It’s the time allotted to us and to our children to hide from incoming missiles.

We are fighting and we will be fighting until we win, but that is not the reason. Hatred motivates our enemy: How can we overcome it? We supply them with food, electricity, treat their wounded and we exchange the body of our soldiers for hundreds of live terrorists. We agree to a “humanitarian” ceasefire. And what do we get in return? Only hatred and anger.

And if it were just our neighbors. What about the internal enemies? Riots in Jerusalem, as well as the demonstrations in Judea and Samaria last week, are vivid examples.

How does the world respond to what is happening? Brazil and Ecuador are withdrawing their ambassadors. Anti-Israel demonstrations are taking place in  Germany, France, England, Italy, and other countries. They unanimously require that we get out of Gaza. In other words, they want us to not interfere with Hamas who are digging tunnels and firing rockets at us.

The whole world, not saying a word, is united against us, and us: “Where is our unity!?”

When missiles are falling on Tel Aviv, some of our people go to the streets with demonstrations against our combat with Hamas. When rioters in Paris burn shops of French Jews, American Jews protest in Manhattan with signs “Boycott Israeli Apartheid.”


History repeats itself in a horrible way. Haters of Jews are united among themselves, and the Jews are either passive, or, on the contrary, show examples of self-destructive indifference.

Before the looming Holocaust, the eminent Kabbalist of the 20th century, Baal HaSulam asked, even begged, the Jewish people to unite, but no one listened to him. Here is what he wrote in the editorial of the first and, at the same time, last issue of HaUma (The Nation) published on June 5, 1940:

If we don’t hope for a miracle, it becomes clear that our existence—both individually and as a nation—is teetering on the scales of life and death.

If we lose time and do not rise together as one man in order to apply tremendous effort needed in the hour of danger, saving for ourselves the remaining part of Israel, then the events, happening now, will turn rampant, as the situation unfolds according to the will of our enemies, who intend to wipe us from the face of Earth.

It is also clear that the enormous efforts on the path, which lies before us and containing abundant obstacles, will require unity, firm and unbreakable as steel, of every part of our people without exception.


Unfortunately, few people know that Kabbalah is primarily a method of unity. Throughout history, Kabbalists united people, but there were always external and more often, internal forces that prevented this. When the idea of unity prevailed among the nation, it won, and when the nation was torn by internal contradictions, its enemies defeated it.

Today, Kabbalists are again make every effort to unite the people of Israel, and the best opportunity to experience the real power of unity are in the discussion circles that are held across the country.

With the help of the Kabbalistic method of unity, it is possible to overcome any barrier: mentality, origin, age, political views, or any other. Common efforts can overcome rejection, disagreement, and misunderstanding. We are all different, but we can become “as one man with one heart!”
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Hamas Will Eliminate Its Own Missiles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to carry out the mission of the people of Israel, to return to the religion?

Answer: This is not what is required. It is necessary only to begin to be involved with uniting the people. This is called the wisdom of Kabbalah, the wisdom of connection and unity. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks only about this.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains the structure of the world and the great collective system that manages it. The upper higher system of management is designed to help people understand and attain it. And it is only possible by detaching from it and learning it gradually from this state.

It is precisely due to our division, separation, and shattered state that we slightly begin to discover this higher system of conduct,“as far as light excelleth darkness,” (Ecclesiastes 2:13). This system is singular, complete, integral, and analog; we must gradually build ourselves the same way within.

The moment we connect between us in a general common “circle” where we are all are equal, where all friends help each other and are connected together with love, then the higher system begins to act in a good way towards us and helps us. Then we advance towards the good.

But Israel is at the center of all humanity, at the foundation of all religions and faiths. And so, the moment we begin to advance towards the good by uniting to be like one person with one heart, we immediately pass this good power to the whole world.

The whole world also begins to feel itself as circular, linked. Suddenly everyone understands how wonderful it is to be in connection with others and how much individuality, competition, and our thirst for money and control harms us. On the contrary, it is much better to be equal and united together.

This attitude comes rom Israel and influences the entire world. All of humanity then begins to receive a round form like this. In this manner, instead of being a negative source, Israel becomes a source of good for the whole world.

Such a task stands before us: “becoming a light to the nations.” This is the main thing that we must do.

Certainly as long as missiles are falling upon us it is necessary to fight and defend ourselves, to stop them. But we must understand that the military operation itself will not lead to any solution. Everyone already understands this. We will have no place in this world if we remain as we are.

The army is imperative until we connect among us to the degree that Hamas will eliminate its missiles and tunnels itself, thanks to our influence. They are linked with us, and through our separation within the people of Israel, we invite their fire upon us.

That is how they unconsciously are fighting with the evil found within us. And the moment we transform our evil into good and cover ourselves with love, a protective dome of love instead of the Iron Dome anti-missile system, our enemies will become friends and will also want to join us and learn from us.

They all fiercely want to be with us, but through our internal separation we reject them, send them away, and produce hatred in them, and cause all the disasters in the world.

Question: What evil are you talking about? Other people in our position would have already annihilated such hostile neighbors. Instead we are healing our enemies in our hospitals at the height of the war.

Answer: This is not what they want from us at all. Our hospitals don’t interest them at all. They want to receive a new human nature so that they will participate together with us and the whole world. Then connection and love will prevail, creating a circle of unity.
From the program “A New Life” 7/22/14

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Light For The Entire Nation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do the friends from the world Kli need to search for opportunities to join our activities in Israel during this period of hostilities?

Answer: There is a unique situation here. Take an example from Russia, how our friends are creating contacts with all kinds of organizations, working with factories, institutes, gathering together for long-term projects, organizing large picnics, meeting among groups and so forth. There is something to be learned from them.

Moreover, their nation will even flourish thanks to their effort. I have the feeling that they are preparing a remarkable development for it.

While America and Europe are in decline, Russia is rising.  A number of strong and consolidated groups are working very actively in dissemination. They are doing a very great service, a great good for their nation, and this necessarily will open the conduits of bestowal.

Our friends are truly well-connected there; certainly the nation will receive and feel more calm from this, more stability, better relationships between people. Suddenly the situation will begin to be changed as if by itself, without any direct actions. There are no government programs; there are no new programs in the area of education; there is nothing besides the positives that are coming from our groups. It is specifically our work with the wider public that will bring change.

Interestingly, while the whole world is “round” and no nation can live alone, if our friends supply a better access to these conduits of bestowal and the Upper Light and it will be slightly closer to it, then the nation will live from the internal force, from the illumination that will be revealed among the people.

It is amazing on what it is possible to live. (Deuteronomy 8:3) “…man doth not live by bread only….”

The Americans are not ready for this, Europe still needs to work with it more. Perhaps there is a chance for South America because they are a bit like  the Russians in their mentality and readiness to understand this.

In Israel we also hope that changes for the better will be derived from our work. It is desirable for this not to be slow; rather, we want to hear from day to day more and more people speaking in our words, agreeing with us more rapidly, being drawn to us and are not afraid of the wisdom of Kabbalah. These are people who understand that the wisdom of Kabbalah is the right plan for our correction.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/24/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Psychology Of The Masses

Dr. Michael LaitmanSefira Daat requires conscious participation in the Creator’s Providence. The whole world is approaching this situation.

Connection with the Creator is everlasting, but at first, we do not pay attention to it; it’s like a newly born child who wiggles his hands and feet and doesn’t know where he is. But sometimes it happens that an infant has delayed development: He is supposed to understand, respond, smile, ask, demand; according to the “developmental timeframe” he is already six months old and thus he is treated accordingly, but he still behaves as if he is only one month old. This kind of discrepancy, this gap, is in fact the crisis that we are going through nowadays.

One shouldn’t indulge a child when he is falling behind, otherwise the child won’t grow.

The clock doesn’t stop, that is why we are going through suffering.

Sefira Daat is a completely new state. It emerges as a result of our demand. The whole secret is that it’s us who have to call, demand, and respond to the Creator to the degree of our understanding and sensing Him; we should adhere to His thought and acknowledge His program of creation to the extent that we are willing to participate in it. This is Sefira Daat.

The word Daat (comprehension) includes wisdom (Hochma) and understanding (Bina), a vessel and the Light. We begin understanding, sensing, and realizing the processes that go on around us; we start becoming similar to the Creator; we accept His Providence and His guidance of the whole system. With the help of the vessels of bestowal we control the vessels of receiving.

It’s not only my own personal system as it was before, it’s our joint system. I include myself in Bina to the degree of my ability to exit myself and approach my neighbor, another. For me my neighbor  is Bina to which I ascend in the state of Malchut. I look for Sefira Daat inside of my connection with others, within the thoughts and desires of the group. The common ground that exists between all of us and which is outside of each of us is in fact my comprehension. That’s where I obtain the force of receiving and a force of bestowal, but most importantly I reveal Keter, the Creator, there.

Question: How is Sefira Daat connected to Reshimot that are related to such ascending?

Answer: It is in fact a Reshimo in its pure form, the necessity. Let’s say I am in a certain state and I wake up, reveal, polish, and shape it as something that has a need to bestow. How do I implement it? Through approaching other people, my neighbors, i.e., the group. I visualize my inclusion in the group as my higher state where I find desire and intelligence that are shared by my friends. I rise above and detach from myself, there is nothing left in me except my desire to get out of myself. I completely plug into the common intelligence and general feeling of the group.

This is the only way we can visualize Sefira Daat. Intelligence and feelings that we reveal in it are Hochma and Bina. Next, we reveal the One who shapes them, Keter, the Creator. This is exactly the problem that we are all facing at this time; it is not an easy one.

Question: So, Daat is in fact our collective mind?

Answer: Yes. Herds of animals instinctively acquire a collective mind, which is higher than their individual intellect. People who in a crowd, on the contrary, lose their mind and descend to a lower level since they cannot connect with others on a higher plane. As a result, they lose independence and submit to a common force, some element is being chosen from Above through which masses are being controlled. As a rule, such person (“element”) possesses strong charisma, ability to “hypnotize” and lead the rest of the public.

When becoming a part of the masses, individuals lose their distinctiveness. Those who belong to a crowd follow its rules. It’s a law of nature. As a part of the masses (99%), personal desire and thinking abilities lower to a zero, everybody turns into a “flock” and are ready to do whatever it takes as soon as they do it together, without any personal self-control.

Everybody runs and I run with them too, as if I am being driven by some outside force.

On the other hand, in the group (1%), we have to use this law consciously and rise above our personal egoism, which permanently swivels and grows, it doesn’t let us “dissolve” in our friends as other people “melt” in the crowd. This is how we grow. The group vigorously applies a lot of strength to unite above its egoism. We participate in this process and by doing so we rise together with our desire from Malchut into Bina and Daat.

The difference between the two states is the Creator. Masses remain at a zero level. We rise to Him a hundred percent (100%) through all 125 steps. It happens because the egoism, Daat, constantly makes obstacles on our way and separates us from others by triggering contempt, hatred, jealousy, etc. It doesn’t allow us to unite. For that, we have to find the higher force. We cannot do without it.

Speaking of masses, the power of the Creator shows itself in them on an instinctive, animate level, we can see its outcome in the streets. Mass psychology has been well researched and is used to manipulate crowds. Manipulation methods are simple: diminish intellect to the largest extent possible, offer a number of slogans, and find a charismatic leader; nothing more than that.

We employ an opposite psychology: whether you want it or not, you become smarter, crueler, and more dominant. This is the problem of Israeli people: How can one manage it if everyone thinks that they are prime ministers? Nevertheless, we continue to grow.

In the future, all humankind will become one system that consists of two parts: “head” and “body.” Eventually, all souls will become included into one another and all discrepancies will be eliminated. Everybody will work perfectly and nobody will prevail over others.

At this time we’ll acknowledge that all the work was done by the Creator and that everything is perfect.
We all are equal to Him.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/12, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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Israel Is Not Geography

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we prepare properly for the convention that will be held in September in St. Petersburg?

Answer: First of all, you must be together with us in all that we are doing. I understand that habit makes it difficult as long as a person doesn’t reveal the overall picture, meaning the first inner discovery of the Creator. It is very difficult to classify yourself as Israel  if you aren’t living in Israel. People identify themselves with the body and not the soul.

But in fact, our friends around the world must do the same work. They are also Israel, are also drawn straight to the Creator (Yashar-El) and must be the first to go forward so that the nations of the world will be drawn after them. They were given a point in the heart 4000 years after Babylon, so what?

In this case time plays no part. Part of the Babylonians already received an awakening then and began the correction, and another part, which became the nations of the world today, are now receiving an awakening, and this is being done more and more from day to day. And there is no difference if we look at the operation of the entire system. Today the friends in the various nations must pressure Israel, and likewise pressure themselves, and all of us will advance together as a single whole.

The convention in St. Petersburg, without a doubt, must sum up our work of the last few months, including the dramatic period for the people of Israel and the efforts that have been invested in the whole world. This will be a good convention if we reach it correctly “equipped.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/24/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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For The First Time In History

Dr. Michael LaitmanFor the first time in many years of engaging in the wisdom of Kabbalah we are engaging in the practical implementation of the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is just the beginning and we are trying to do so step by step by going out to the public and being pinched here and pricked there, but this is actually an amazing historical event.

Previously it was impossible to go out to the public and to tell people about what seems unnatural. Today they already feel an inner demand that is not clear yet. And on our part many friends agree that we have to go out to the public, that we have to do something and by doing so we fulfill ourselves by it.

People are finally beginning to understand that the Creator is actually attained in the unity among us and not in any other way. If we establish such a system of mutual relations among us by which we constantly support one another, we will gradually discover the mutual integral connection and in it we will find the Creator.

I have been studying Kabbalah for 35 years and never in history, after the shattering of the vessel (of the general soul), have people who are total strangers and who belong to different nations, different social classes, and different races gathered and gradually incorporated into the global correction of the ego. What is more, we have to take into account that the correction on our part is not quantitative but qualitative. We are few, but that doesn’t matter: qualitative work is very powerful work. We are actually performing an immense correction!

This will be revealed more and more from one month to the next as people suddenly begin to use our words, as if they agree with us in advance. For them it will be natural. They think this way since this is how they feel and that’s it. They are not aware of the fact that a little while ago they didn’t even think this way and didn’t agree with these ideas. Thus, the Upper Light will influence them through us.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria 7/11/14, Lesson 1

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Wisdom Doesn’t Require Valor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It says that a person who has leprosy has to be brought to the priest. He doesn’t come to the priest by himself, but is brought to him.

Answer: A person who has leprosy will never reach the level of the priest himself. He is so deeply immersed in his ego, cooking in it, that the awakening to this is cut off in him. He becomes food for his own ego, thus consuming the skin of his body.

Question: I have heard that people with leprosy do not feel that they are sick; they are even proud of it.

Answer: All the contagious human infections make people feel proud in some way since the ego wants to compensate for itself. A person wants to show that he is special in some way on every level. This type of compensation stems from internal defeatism.

It is revealed so strongly in a person that it turns a deficiency into valor. People hold pride parades and other activities thus validating it in their own eyes.

A normal person who is more or less balanced internally doesn’t need to prove anything to himself. Wisdom dwells quietly in a person who is focused on spiritual attainment and has no need for any commotion or mess.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/12/14

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 10

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

“Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory” Postulates Of The Theory of Integrality

Our worldview is gradually changing from egoistic to integrally global.

New “integral spectacles” opens a completely new world.

In the integral world, everyone affects everyone else.

Communication is our life.

Nature is unified.

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Convention In Chile “Day Two” – 07.31.14

Convention in Colombia “Day Two,” Lesson 3 

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