For The First Time In History

Dr. Michael LaitmanFor the first time in many years of engaging in the wisdom of Kabbalah we are engaging in the practical implementation of the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is just the beginning and we are trying to do so step by step by going out to the public and being pinched here and pricked there, but this is actually an amazing historical event.

Previously it was impossible to go out to the public and to tell people about what seems unnatural. Today they already feel an inner demand that is not clear yet. And on our part many friends agree that we have to go out to the public, that we have to do something and by doing so we fulfill ourselves by it.

People are finally beginning to understand that the Creator is actually attained in the unity among us and not in any other way. If we establish such a system of mutual relations among us by which we constantly support one another, we will gradually discover the mutual integral connection and in it we will find the Creator.

I have been studying Kabbalah for 35 years and never in history, after the shattering of the vessel (of the general soul), have people who are total strangers and who belong to different nations, different social classes, and different races gathered and gradually incorporated into the global correction of the ego. What is more, we have to take into account that the correction on our part is not quantitative but qualitative. We are few, but that doesn’t matter: qualitative work is very powerful work. We are actually performing an immense correction!

This will be revealed more and more from one month to the next as people suddenly begin to use our words, as if they agree with us in advance. For them it will be natural. They think this way since this is how they feel and that’s it. They are not aware of the fact that a little while ago they didn’t even think this way and didn’t agree with these ideas. Thus, the Upper Light will influence them through us.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria 7/11/14, Lesson 1

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