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Bring Everything To The Correct Conclusion

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: I participate in roundtables organized both for Hebrew-speaking Israelis and Russian-speaking people [in Israel]. In this case, Israelis are more like children: they are much more natural, closer to nature. But Russian-speaking people are stiff, ironic, with very logical thinking. Having accumulated an experience of powerful anti-Semitism, they believe only in power.

Answer: Belief in power is just irrational. Suppose we are surrounded with chemical warheads on all sides. Do we have an opportunity to reflect them? They would click on a button and that’s all. Or they would dig a thousand tunnels and begin to come out of them right in the middle of your yard, and you would be able to do nothing.

Today, fewer and fewer people believe that the solution to the problem is on the level of power. This is evident from the despair that fills the people. There are only a few steps from despair to the acceptance of the method of Kabbalah as a solution, and we must try to make them. This is our people, our destiny, and it is in this historical moment we have to do this.

With the fighting, we gain the ability to disseminate, educate, bring people up. Thus, we need to act quickly in this period otherwise a new stage will arrive, which will relax people, will put them into a state of false peace. The more we organize with each other as one man with one heart, the further we will move the threat of war and increase a favorable attitude towards us from our neighbors and from the entire world. Let’s check.

What’s wrong with this experiment? What will we lose in this case? We do not invest anything but good efforts with respect to our own people! We are not going to pay anything to anyone, to give, to bow down—no! We need to create a good, kind atmosphere within the state, which, by the way, occurs among us only during a war; common grief brings us closer. So, let’s do this in everyday peaceful life and see how the war ends in the world.

Comment: You say this project does not cost a lot of money.

Answer: This is not only about money! How many people die on the roads? What problems exist in families with children? We will balance everything by bringing people closer.

To begin with, we will sit at the roundtable and talk. A good effort will still pay off. There will be fewer problems on the roads, in families, the number of drug addicts will decrease, health problems will be reduced.

Comment: I can tell you from my own experience that it really works. But the fact is that it is very difficult to make people sit in a circle and just explain this to them.

Answer: Let’s start with mothers whose children are at the front, and with former and future soldiers, that is, those who feel the current situation more acutely within.

Comment: Usually our wars are ended by outside pressure.

Answer: But Hamas does not want a truce with us, and we can safely continue actions. I believe that in military terms, we need to occupy Gaza again, and if we cannot turn the world’s attitude towards us in the favorable direction and we have to hand Gaza over, then we have to hand it over only to Abu Mazen. That’s all. Without Hamas.

Question: So, you think that even if the world begins to shout at us, we should not listen to it?

Answer: If we begin to unite, the world will not yell. Thus, we should by all means continue and strengthen our roundtables.

Let’s hope that we can bring everything to the correct conclusion and will have time to unite the people through whom we come out of all the problems. I am an optimist.
From KabTV’s “The Situation in Israel” 7/24/14

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Pressure From Above, Pressure From Below…

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is Israel bringing Shefa (abundance) and Light to the World? In the meantime everyone is blaming us for bringing harm to the world.

Answer: In the meantime, we are stopping up the conduits of the Light and are not letting the Light and Shefa to pour through them to all the worlds. We are in the lowest world, in the center of all of creation, and we are stopping up the passage of the Light, of the abundance from above to below, by not letting it rise back from below to above.

The problem is that although we are all in a sea of Light, of Shefa, it is coming from above to below and pressing on us through those systems that we must activate but yet. The Light is pressing on Israel through nature, through the nations of the world.

Israel feels the pressure from below, from those to whom it needs to transfer the Light, and also pressure from above, from the Light that must pass through it to all the nations of the world and the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate. Israel is found in the middle and feels the pressure from both sides.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/23/14

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An Upper Doctor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we are all connected by one integral system, incorporated in one another, then can my illness be clarified in my own prison?

Answer: Of course, we are all ill for someone, but we just don’t know for who, why and how.

What is more, if your leg hurts, let’s disconnect it from the head that is the center of feeling the pain and you will not feel the pain anymore, even if your leg is cut off. Everything is felt in the head, not in the other parts of the body.

A person is never ill for himself, he may feel a pain in his body, but actually this is how the feeling of the bad connection between him and others is revealed.

Question: The Torah says that in such cases a person should turn to the priest. If I have a wound, I shouldn’t go to the doctor but to the priest.

Answer: The priest looks at me and says: “what have you violated my friend? Something is wrong here!”

This means that he sees some imbalance. It is like allopathy, not folk medicine but natural medicine that is energetically closed in its thought and structure according to the inner mutual connection and the flow of forces. A human body includes the whole universe in it.

A real healer (a priest) understands all that. A priest is the uppermost level of a person’s development, and so he can see all the discrepancies in a person and identify what level they are on and how to heal them.

The healing begins by isolating the patient from others because it is impossible to correct his connection with the rest of the camp, with the rest of the group of people if he is in such a poor, low condition.

Seven days, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, is the total disconnection from people during which the isolated area is corrected by the Masach (screen), a force. Then he can go back to the right connection with others. This is how the root of the illness is removed and everything is healed.

This is the only way to heal all the problems from the smallest, to the essence, which are a result of nerves. That’s all there is. Correct the mutual relations between people and you will see that all the illnesses will totally disappear on their own! This repeats on all the levels, some on the level of the nerves, and some enter the blood system, some the lymph system, etc. until the whole body is destroyed.

All this is the reflection, the replica of the external mutual relations. Science is already speaking about this.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/18/14

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Contrary To Primordial Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is this falsehood in daily life and in spiritual work? It is poured on us not only from the television screens but also from other media sources. What is this desire to distort information, and what is the technology for its correction?

Answer: Our primordial nature, the need to be satisfied with fulfillments encourages us to lie to ourselves. If I cannot be fulfilled, then my ego still yearns to protect itself and to limit its suffering because its only direction is to be happy, full, satisfied, and independent. So if I cannot get something, I close my eyes to it.

It is said, “A simple man does not want the daughter of a king.” He does not suffer that he will never have a princess because he knows that she is not for him. His ego automatically closes off this suffering for him: “Don’t be upset, you don’t have a need for this. Think about that girl who lives near you in the neighborhood. She is for you.”

Our ego behaves like this in all relationships. So when we see that we cannot attain something, we immediately abandon these thoughts so that we will not suffer in vain. This is an original system of self-defense. It exists in nature on all levels: the still, vegetative, animate, and of course on our mental level.

We behave similarly with regard to spirituality. We don’t really have serious desires for greater levels. We don’t feel them; we ourselves conceal them from ourselves! How much effort is required to orient ourselves towards a higher level, the level of today plus one? And so we always run away from it.

This means that our ego automatically destroys us; it distances us from the spiritual goal and directs us towards what exists here in front of us. I can see the higher level, but don’t want to invest effort for it, so I don’t see it. That is all.

How is it possible to correct this? Only with the help of the environment. I look at how the friends differ in their excitement: “Do you see? Yes, this is wonderful!” So I envy them. Even when they work on me, I am still envious of them. Maybe they really feel something and I don’t.

We need to play as if we are already in spiritual attainment in front of each other; then the friend will also want it. He will invest energy to attain spirituality. And when I look at him, there will be the force of envy. And in this manner, when one envies the other, we raise each other. This is the first principle of mutual cooperation in a group.

It is possible to use this in circles, to awaken the people everywhere, so that they will feel that it is possible to feel and see spirituality.

Every person has senses for all 125 spiritual levels, and for the last level, which is the completion of correction. But we don’t activate them! The whole problem is that.

So we need to evoke, impress, and inspire each other so that yearning and desire will appear in each one of us, desire that will devour us like good envy burning within us, so they won’t let us fall asleep! This can be done.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson 2

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It Isn’t Rational, But It Is A Fact

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should understand that we have no choice: The ball is in our court, those who have the method, and we have to act. No one but us knows what to do in this situation.

Eventually, everything depends on the art of organizing a circle because there is no other way to awaken the feeling of unity in people.

If we organize a circle and unite, we actually draw the Light that Reforms upon us and thus serve as an infusion of good energy to the world.

The debate continues about issues which seemingly make no sense: about the history of the Israeli nation, about its uniqueness, about why our name is constantly in the headlines, and why all the other nations have been focusing on us throughout history, why such a small state is the origin of all the religions and faiths in the world?

We speak about such facts that make no sense, but are true! The world sees it and is turning more and more against us. This doesn’t make sense, but we have gotten used to this and think that it is the norm, not that there is any rationale.

Question: But every nation has problems concerning its inner unity, why do we have to work on our unity in addition to taking military actions?

Answer: We shouldn’t discuss military actions at all. This conflict has no military solution. The solution is actually in the society. We have to become as one man in one heart, and thanks to that, the whole world will also unite into one heart. All of humanity will become as one man! This is how it works.

Question: What should we do if there are people who understand this but others who don’t?

Answer: We need integral education here. When you started school you didn’t know high mathematics, history, and geography, but you were gradually taught all that. This is called education, which is a continuous process. We have to keep it up and continue.

Question: Will we see how one collective opinion is starting to spread among us?

Answer: We will not just see how one opinion spreads among us; it will also become our common opinion. After all, we will establish our collective desire and opinion, which means a common heart and mind. It makes no difference whether we know how this happens because it is fulfilled by the upper force. We sit in a circle, we speak, and suddenly we begin to feel that we are becoming round and that we merge in the center of the circle.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/08/14

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