An Armor Of Love Against Missiles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that in a circle we attain closeness of our hearts. Will this prevent missiles from falling on us?

Answer: After an experience like this, people will understand and agree that it is possible to attain a better result through connection; they will advance. They will feel that the people of Israel truly possess a unique power with whose help it is possible to correct the world.

They need to come to a conclusion like this gradually—another workshop and another, as many as is required. Education is not acquired all at once, but, each time, little by little, they gradually begin to discover that this is so.

The main thing is that we will see how these actions themselves suddenly begin to change reality. It will become noticeable that through activities like these we make it possible for the Light to work within every human desire. Throughout the world, positive changes will happen. We will feel how everything will begin to relax and everyone will begin to relate to Israel differently.

Suddenly, it will become clear that the United Nations is no longer directed against us, and our enemies and haters suddenly will agree to peaceful measures.

There is no choice. Only Israel has free choice and operates independently in the world. Whether we want it or not, everything revolves around us. We cannot say that we are not guilty and that we don’t understand what they want from us. We belong to the people of Israel and so, we must bring the world to correction! The Kabbalists already wrote about this five thousand years ago.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/8/14

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