Seven Billion Ants Connected To Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can extract a force from nature that will change us so that we will not harm others. We will recognize the fact that we depend on one another and by that correct ourselves. This is how we can reach people and explain to them and suggest a way to establish new and better relations.

We have the power by which we can correct the bad relations between people and thus make our world a better place. If we manage to do that, our life will be good and beautiful.

This change will be done by the force of correction that we bring people, but in order to draw this force, we have to have a totally different intention, an intention of in order to bestow unto others.

The desire to live a good life in the connection between them will be enough for the mass of seven billion people. In order to do that, we have to organize workshops, roundtables, and meetings at homes for them. They will hear how connected we are to one another and how dependent we are on each other, and eventually they will understand that it is worthwhile to change our nature. Otherwise we will be like the scorpion that stung the frog that carried him on her back across the river, and so they both died. We will not be able to do anything good with our egoistic nature; we have to change it.

It isn’t enough to watch movies about how connected we are to one another. We have to change our nature practically. There is a huge gap between a movie and actual fulfillment. We know that we can use nice words during the friends‘ meeting and then go out into the street and behave like ordinary egoists. We have no choice, it is our nature.

But having good intentions are enough for seven billion people. We will reach them with the Light that Reforms by holding workshops, and then, through us, they will receive the power from Above that will change them and correct the relations between them.

But our desire to receive is much greater and we have to really change our intention so that it will be in order to bestow. The difference is that we have to stop being egoistic, and all the seven billion only receive the power not to sting one another because everyone begins to understand that if he stings the other they both drown in the stormy river, like the fool who sits in a boat and drills a hole in the boat underneath himself.

A person can guard himself so as not to harm others by the force of the Light that he receives. He knows that he mustn’t drill a hole in the boat because then they will both drown in the ocean of their ego.

As a result of integral education, a person begins to feel that all of humanity is one body, and that he has to treat everyone like one family. The Upper Light allows me to feel pain when I prick someone else. I feel it myself and say “ouch,” and it isn’t that he suffers, but I suffer since we are one body, like hitting your foot but feeling the pain in your head.

This is how all the people in the world will connect and will not need to work against their nature. Their work will only be in workshops, and by connecting, they will begin to feel that they are interdependent, like ants that live in one big family, billions of ants in one nest.

That is, they will not have to reach the recognition of their own evil nature. Nature is nature, but only the connection between us grows so strong that we will really feel it. We will see the system of connections between us so clearly that if I do something bad to someone, I will feel bad myself.

This is called love thy friend as thyself, and it is no wonder. It is only the revelation of the natural system in which we are connected to one another.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/14, Shamati #60

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