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Globalization Is Crumbling

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Michael Khazin, economist): “Processes follow global trends and are against them. From the 1990s to 2005, has been a global trend in increasing globalization, but regional integration processes went against it, and it was very difficult and expensive to maintain them.

“Since 2008, a mechanism to stimulate demand through emission, the issue of the dollar, stopped working, and it remains either to endure the fall of living standards, or to change the mechanism for maintaining demand with the dollar issue for regional emission centers.

“The end of capitalism is ahead, which Europe and the USA are not willing to admit. Regional integration has become a global trend. Globalization is crumbling. Everything will be decided in the framework of regional integration processes.”

My Comment: Everything will be solved only through connection in circles. Let it be called regional integration. Gradually, its borders will expand to cover the whole world.

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Two Bags of Gifts

Dr. Michael Laitman“And the Light, which is hidden in a world and which clothes in it, is called the point of the phase “Yod,” dividing into two letters “Hey”: the world of concealment and the world of revelation. The whole work of a person is in revealing this point, continuing it with the phase of “Vav” – from one world to another, i.e., with the letter “Vav” between two letters “Hey,” revealing an abundance of Light for everyone, emanating from the Surrounding Light to the one surrounded by it, i.e., two letters “Hey,” with the secret “Bina, Yesod, Malchut.”

The Creator has two “bags.” He takes the desire from one of them and puts it into a person. And after a person works with the desire properly, the Creator puts into him the fulfillment from the other “bag.” And then this action is repeated, but with a new desire. He treats us as we treat our children. We grow and develop depending on our ability to prepare the desire received from the Creator, working with it and making it suitable for fulfillment. This is the essence of the whole process of the creature’s development.

But we must not forget that our work is right in the middle: We have to properly shape the desire that comes from the Creator.

As for the fulfillment, in reality, it already exists inside the desire. And the moment the desire receives its correct form, the fulfillment is revealed in it.

But the most important thing is to discover the One who is causing all this, the One who acts upon us, this has to be the end result of all the states that we go through.

Because the corrections are not an end in itself, the Creator could have given us all this in the final form. It’s important for Him to let us discover Him with our work, an understanding of the Divine. This is what’s meant by “connecting the two worlds” (“two bags”).

Baal HaSulam mentions this in the article, “Thou Hast Hemmed Me In Behind and Before,” when talking about the connection between the two letters “Hey” (“ה“), the top one –Bina and the bottom one – Malchut. And the letter “Vav” (“ו“) between them is the line- Zeir Anpin that joins Bina and Malchut together.

So, a person who connects two worlds deserves to receive the whole creature. And this is the work that a man cannot opt out of. In order to discover this single acting force, we have to go through all these states, seemingly putting in our own effort, until we discover that “There is none else besides Him.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11.26.10, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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We Have To Solve The Problem From The Root

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean that our weapon is unity?

Answer: The point is that when we connect, we join the upper force. It isn’t some mystical upper force that religious people believe in, but the internal force of nature that we accumulate between us when we unite. Through us, this force begins to operate on all of humanity, on the whole world.

The reason for anti-Semitism is that we don’t convey this force to the world. Therefore this force is lacking in the world and the world becomes empty and deteriorates. People chase material acquisitions, which cannot fill anything, and thus they waste their lives.

They don’t know what they are living for and what the meaning of life is, and this is because they don’t receive filling from the upper force. It brings the meaning to life, which is to aspire to be filled with the upper force, feeling it, and then ascending to a different level of existence, to eternity and wholeness.

Every person in the world has this opportunity, and we turn off the tap that lets the Light flow. We don’t serve as the adaptor between the upper force and the world. People feel this subconsciously and therefore see the Jews as the source of all their problems and troubles.

They don’t understand how the whole system operates, which the wisdom of Kabbalah talks about and Kabbalists wrote about for ages, but they do understand instinctively where the root of the problem lies.

We should understand that we are the problem and that the solution is only in becoming a system that conveys the upper force so that it can fill all of humanity.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/8/14

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Growing Stronger Through Our Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe “Light and the Sun”: When Israel are united and engage in the Torah they subdue all those who rise against them by that.

This isn’t about being saved or beating others. After all, the others are our internal enemies who are concealed inside our nature. It is only thanks to our unity that we, the Israeli nation, can ascend and rule all our egoistic desires, all the forces that separate us.

Therefore, we shouldn’t fight against our separation directly but rather should yearn for unity. It is very important and it gives us the right direction in our work. We don’t drown in the separation and don’t try to patch up the torn connections because such attempts will never succeed. We only have to work on our unity, and then we will correct the separation when we draw powers through our unity.

Those who intend to glue the shattered parts together will not correct anything. It is simply foolishness and we mustn’t engage in that. After all, the separate pieces should not only contact one another but should also become one whole. This is why the field of activity is only unity.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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A History Of Two Thousand Years Of Illness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We make great efforts in dissemination. Why don’t things change in the world and in Israel? Is there a way to see how things improve through our efforts?

Answer: Things in Israel will change only if Israel will change. But on the whole, Israel has developed the best situation in the world. After all, Israel is the only nation that receives exactly according to what it does. If you do good, it will be good, and if you cause harm, it will be bad.

It isn’t so in other countries. They can do good, but things will be bad. Why? Because it is Israel that causes harm.

We should understand the system in which we operate, that we have the method of correction. To the extent that we use it correctly for ourselves and for the whole world, we see direct positive outcomes. If we don’t act properly, things will be bad for the whole world and for us too.

Israel is an artificial entity and there is nothing we can do about it. The Palestinians are right. Israel is neither a nation nor a state but an entity that exists in order to set an example for the whole world as to how to correct man, people, society, and the state so that they will resemble the Creator.

But the situation is neglected and the illness is chronic, and hasn’t been taken care of for thousands of years; now is the time to take care of it. So if we ask: “When will all this be over?” it means that we still don’t understand the general state, and that we are simply not serious.

If a person on the street wants all this to be over as soon as possible so that things can go back to the way they were before, there is nothing we can expect of him, because he doesn’t understand anything. But if we, who study the method of correction and how to fulfill it, see what our teachers write, we have no reason to cry, “When will things improve and change?”

When you change, everything will change. This is the only way it can happen: you, me, him, and her, all the people in the world who understand the state they are in. It is the innermost circle of humanity that is closest to the Creator in which all those who have performed this work since the days of Abraham until the destruction of the Temple, for 1800 years, are included.

3,800 years ago this problem was created in ancient Babylon when people felt the same way they feel today. 2,000 years ago the Temple was destroyed and so the method existed for 1800 years in the group of Abraham, among those he gathered in Babylon, people who could feel the importance of getting closer together and working on their ego. But this work was stopped after the destruction of the Temple and now it is our mission to carry it out.

Therefore there is nothing to ask about. It will not be any easier. Things are different now than they were in the past and it is getting worse because we don’t advance and don’t complete the evolution of the ego that develops faster than we manage to correct ourselves by drawing the Light that Reforms.

The missiles will keep on falling and there will be other problems until the people begin to respond to what is happening more correctly. They will begin to feel that there is an upper purpose for what is happening as a result of our work or as a result of the afflictions. Then people will not ask: “When will all this be over?” but will start thinking that we should probably do something with ourselves.

Question: We see that the war of Armageddon is starting in externality instead of in internality.

Answer: No. These events have nothing to do with the war of Armageddon. The war of Armageddon is when not only our close neighbors (or our inner cousins) are against us, but when the whole world unites against Israel. This means the whole general ego is ready to unite in order to force Israel to engage in its correction.

If we can spread the method of correction before everyone unites against us, then everything will go smoothly, peacefully, “theoretically.” But if we don’t, we will face great problems and terrible afflictions. This is what it says in the books of the prophets, and from those days until now everything has happened right on schedule…
From the Bulgarian Convention 7/11/14, Lesson 1

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The Obligation: To Become A Light To The Nations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that we want to solve some problem. What must we talk about to reach the circular form?

Answer: First of all, it is necessary to discuss what the form of a circle is, which unique advantages are included within our connection in this form, and what we need it for?

When we have some common problem, we come together naturally, like animals that immediately huddle into a flock when danger is identified. Come, let’s talk about this, we can overcome any problem if only we unite. It is possible to correct any situation if we attain a good connection.

Question: Every year some critical situation appears that attracts global attention: military actions or unusual events. Why do these problems never cease?

Answer: The problems continue to appear because we don’t unite according to the order of the day. We must constantly advance by increasing our unity all the time. But we aren’t doing this; we don’t dedicate our attention to it. We don’t hear what the Torah says about the need for loving others as ourselves, love of friends, and the obligation to become a Light to the nations.

This is the entire mission of the people of Israel as a unique part of creation that connects all of reality with the higher force of bestowal and love, with the Upper Light that Reforms. There is this force in nature and if we learn to use it, we gain a lot.

But to use it we need to make a form similar to it, meaning a circular form. If we become like the higher force, it begins to influence us to the degree of this adaptation. It approaches us and solves all of our problems because they arise only because the Light is far from us.

This is like if we are exposed to the light of the sun that illuminates and brings life to everything, or we connect some system to an electrical outlet and the system begins to move, to become alive. Through our connection, we stimulate a higher force field to influence us more strongly, and thanks to this, we are released from all troubles and begin to develop in a pleasant and good way. In this way we improve our situation.

All that is required for this is to organize roundtables and workshops. Thanks to them, we become similar to the good force field and it influences us. Instead of influencing us in the opposite way, as happens in our usual egoistic nature, it begins to influence us positively.

This good influence will change our lives for the better in all realms of life. Try it and see. The wisdom of Kabbalah promises this to you. And all the questions will be solved from our practical connection empirically.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/18/14

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Guide People To The Right Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are in the midst of a very dramatic situation these days. Three boys were kidnapped in the Hebron area: one 19 and the other two 16. The military and police mobilized to search for them. The discovery of their murder outraged the Israeli people and led to a retaliatory murder of a Palestinian youth by Israeli extremists. Rocket assaults from Gaza have ensued as the hostilities have escalated.

These situations usually invoke a desire to connect and to unite among the people. People express love, concern and empathy with regard to bringing back the boys safely. What was actually happening in our country?

Answer: I can only say one thing: We have already been in such situations several times, when we had to unite under external pressure, and it didn’t bring us to anything good. This is how the nation reacts instinctively. Even animals unite when they encounter enemies. Therefore, I don’t see anything special about that, just an instinctive animal desire to unite in time of danger or when facing a common problem.

Why doesn’t this lead to any positive results, especially when we look at what happens when the danger is gone? The general awakening takes place under the pressure of negative forces that threaten us.

If the desire to unite, to complement one another, and to feel everyone as having one goal stemmed from the people themselves, it would have had a great positive influence, since it would be our desire to unite without the negative external effects that force us to unite. Therefore, I don’t see anything especially positive in the burst of the current unity. We have already been in such situations many times in the past. The impression of our current unity at the moment is meaningless. The Russian nation united during WWII and today we also witness the unity of both positive and negative forces in many countries. This isn’t the unity I would like to speak about.

The Israeli nation was created as a result of its unity around an idea to become one nation, as one man in one heart, to be in one desire, so that everyone can be equal and good to one another, so that everyone would feel others and stop feeling himself in this unity. It is as if a person moves to another dimension, feeling and measuring everything not inside him but on the outside. This is called love thy neighbor as thyself.

In this case we acquire the feeling of a totally different existence and begin to evoke the influence of the immense integral, global force of nature upon us, which at the moment is revealed in humanity as a negative force because we are not compatible with it and don’t advance towards connection among us. If we began to advance towards unity, we would resemble the one general nature and would reach a totally different existence, our people and also all of humanity. Then all the conflicts and problems in the world would disappear.

Question: Why is it wrong that the tragic kidnapping and murder of the three youths has united us?

Answer: It is wrong because we advance towards unity under the influence of negative forces. This is a sign from above that we are not doing the right thing, and nothing more than that.

Everything will quiet down as usual and we will all go back to our normal life where no one cares about others, and no one wants to be connected to anyone, each one living alone, proud of his ego, of his uniqueness, of being detached from others.

This state of general empathy is natural for any nation. These states don’t lead to correction and don’t bring our ascent to the next level.

Comment: But there are no examples in history of people who united when things went well. It only happens when there are troubles.

Answer: That’s true, but we have to understand the essence of unity and why we advance that way. There is a reason. The global crisis is an indication that we are in a certain field that manifests itself as increasingly closed and unified. It has general laws, and humanity is incompatible with them. The whole world around us—the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature—is in a single development and a clear mutual interdependence.  And people are not. It is as if we enter nature tear it to pieces by our egoism instead of ascending above it and connecting between us to bring ourselves and nature to an even greater ascent.

Many scientists speak about that although no one operates that way since it is against our egoistic nature. We should understand that meaning of the ego, which was given to us so that we will ascend above it and thus ascend to the next level of our evolution.

We have passed the egoistic phase of our evolution. We have used our ego for ages to its fullest and during the last century it has grown exponentially and reached a dead end. We have nowhere else to grow. We are in a serious crisis.

We can interpret the crisis as a fall and also as the point of the birth of a new world; the word “crisis” in Greek means birth, solution, a turning point. We can continue to ascend from this point, but in order to do that, we have to understand the meaning of the crisis and the reason for it. Its essence is in the fact that we cannot continue to develop egoistically, separately from one another. We will be able to keep on developing only if we are connected to one another and thus resemble nature.

We mustn’t look back. The past is over. We are at a crossroad where we have to change our attitude towards ourselves, towards life, and understand that nature requires us to become one whole. Just as the still, vegetative, and animate nature are connected, humanity must also bring itself to the same state consciously so that we are connected correctly.

Professor V. Vernadsky speaks about that as do many other researchers, scientists, and philosophers. But we must carry it out! How? There is a method of connection for it.

Therefore, I think that we have to take advantage of the current situation in order to guide people to the right connection. When we connect people, we will show them the power in such a connection and how this power is expressed immediately. This is the first thing.

Second, we can do a lot even with small forces. When people connect correctly, when they are equal to one another, they invoke inside them the revelation of the positive integral force of nature that influences everything and corrects everything.

We don’t need to correct anything or do anything except make integral circles, where people come together and have special discussions and clarifications on the principles of equality and unity. Currently, I would ask all our friends in Israel (thousands of people) to try to organize workshops wherever they think is right: in parks, cafes, or workplaces.

We have to discuss two things only: First we have to discuss how we can reach a state where everyone sees the others as equal. This means that no one should see himself as superior or inferior to others. We are all equal. Then we should discuss what we should do so that all the people around me will be as dear to me as I am to myself, which means to connect with everyone into one.

When a person tries to combine these two means, he reaches a very interesting point in which he loses himself and begins to feel everyone as one and a certain force is invoked internally. After all, we are all inside this one force of nature and it is being revealed in us. It is as if we move our ego and create a small special volume between us in which this force can be revealed and take the place we have arranged for it.

Thus we begin to feel that we can go through life feeling totally differently, on another level of relationships between us. The main point is that by allowing the general force of nature to fill the distance between us, we enable it to operate. It begins to curb, tone down, and arrange everything; we can actually observe these effects.

There is no need to do anything else except for connecting systematically and, at the same time, clarifying different problems. But all these questions have to be focused on one thing only: on the connection between equal people who want to become one, and as for other things, let the one force of nature act.

Question: Can a person change so radically? After all, people only understand power. We need an army here.

Answer: It won’t help! The world doesn’t even understand power anymore. What I suggest is the only possible solution. We have already seen how different forces in Russia, the US, and China operate and today even in the Ukraine, everywhere. And all this, in the end, does not solve any problem.

We don’t know what to do, what will happen tomorrow and how everything will suddenly change to the opposite direction. We see that the world is totally unexpected and that the only thing we can do is to enable the positive global force to act inside us.

This is the force that gave birth to us, developed us, and went with us through all the phases of evolution. This force caused the Big Bang and then developed the universe; it gave birth to matter and developed it from the level of the still nature to the vegetative, the animate, and the speaking. This force is unique and it sustains everything.

The levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature of matter are similar to the integral force of nature and carry out its orders and laws instinctively, but man is different. He is in an egoistic state so that he would resemble this force consciously. Then he will ascend to the level of this force, his eyes will open, and he will enter the upper world, which means that he will begin to feel and understand this force and the whole operating system.

This is the state we have to reach and towards which we are advancing. Therefore, our situation today is special and we can ascend to the next level; we have been given all the means to do so.

Question: How frequently do we have to participate in integral circles in order to feel this force?

Answer: You will see the gradual changes: in yourself, in your family, in your friends, at work, everywhere. If you don’t change people, you will not be able to change the world!

Start! That way you will draw the upper global force into our world. You are already drawing it. We are connected in this net, and if you draw this force to you, it begins to spread among everyone through you. There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the world who are ready to help us do it.

We should understand that it all is happening only because we have missed an opportunity for correction. So at the same time military actions are underway, we have to organize roundtables everywhere.

Question: Does the unique integral force of nature think?

Answer: This force created the whole universe including you, and it determines every step that you make. It is the mind of the universe, the thought that sustains the whole universe.

If you resemble it, it reflects its attributes on you. If not, you become more and more opposite to it. These are the law of physics! I can express it all by formulas.

The law of equivalence of form: The more you resemble general nature, the more you benefit from it. What do all the laws that we study aim at? At becoming more like nature in order to benefit in any technical, chemical, technological, and other processes.

Question: You say that during the workshops at the roundtables we should regard everyone as equal, but the word “equal” scares people.

Answer: Equality is necessary in order to connect! I am not saying that we should impose equality on the world. I am saying that being equal is a precondition for connection during the workshop. After all, people who are not equal cannot connect.

If you feel that you cannot do it, we will teach you. Imagine that you are the greatest, that shouldn’t be difficult. Then try to imagine that you are inferior to everyone else. Finally try to imagine that you are equal to everyone else. Try to do something with yourself! Start working with your attributes a little!

Question: But what does that have to do with the kidnapping and murder of the boys, the rocket assaults from Gaza, and the missile attacks from Lebanon and Syria?

Answer: It has to do with everything that happens in the world. This is why we have to constantly work on it. Now we have a reason to do so because we are in a tragic situation, and it is much easier to make a person see connection as the solution to all the problems in a tragic situation.

We have a universal remedy for all the problems and all the illnesses: to connect in a circle, and then draw the Upper Light that works out everything in the world. When I draw it into this world, to our level, I become the conductor for this Light that can be revealed and can correct everything.

Question: Suppose people gather at a roundtable in a certain neighborhood; the deputy minister comes out of one house and from another a store owner, and then a chief engineer, and so on. You place them all at a roundtable and tell them that our goal is to connect on an equal basis so that there will not be a deputy minister, a store owner, or a chief engineer, so that we can all open our hearts and feel one another.

Will people who feel good and who don’t feel any special pressure do that?

Answer: We are all equal with regard to the general upper force of nature. A person wants to draw it so that it will be revealed in us, and it is revealed when we connect into one whole, when the connection, the glue, among us resembles the upper in its attributes.

Question: But what would be the deputy minister’s motivation to sit with everyone and to become one whole with them?

Answer: He cannot be drawn into the circle, of course, if he has no motivation. Therefore, we have to draw his attention somehow. Find out what he deals with, for example. But if you can’t, then just leave it.

In any case, everyone will feel it because everyone is connected by innumerable hidden strings. He will begin to feel it and will become interested in joining us. He will understand that there is an incredible opportunity for change here and no matter if he is a minister, a store owner, or an engineer, he cannot fulfill it by himself: not by himself, not with his children, not at work, not in any way!

What has a person got to lose if he sits in a circle for an hour and feels how he changes and becomes more refined? After all, people know nothing about this force, which is concealed from them. This is why we use these tragic circumstances in order to summon them to a collective discussion. If we try to solve the problem only by corporeal means, it will lead to nothing, and everyone is aware of that.

Question: It turns out that the solution can come only from the point of connection between us.

Answer: No, you don’t find the solution by connection, and you don’t have to look for it. It is enough to draw the force that will appear and correct everything; it isn’t our business how it does it.

Just as water fills all the cracks, so does this force correct all the defects. In some places it may seem as good and in other places it may seem as worse; we may think that things would be corrected here a bit and then there. This is because we don’t know how all the parts of creation are connected and it seems that one thing has to be done first and then another.

But the system is built differently than what we imagine, and so just as water rises gradually and fills everything, the parts of nature that seem irrelevant, redundant, and unimportant will gradually be corrected.

Therefore, equality and connection are two states from which we have to start the work in the circle. Then we can bring in different questions for discussion.

Question: Suppose I am the deputy minister and I have decided to make an effort to sit in a circle and start working, will I begin to believe that this force really exists in the process? Will I begin to feel it; is it proof that the upper force exists?

Answer: Yes. And you will begin to feel a certain warmth and closeness between you and the other people that is created among you, but you have to cultivate it.

Question: Does that mean that you believe that all that can lead to the restoration of peace in Israel?

Answer: I am saying over and over that we cannot influence anything. We can only draw the Upper Light and it will correct everything. This means that I cannot promise that that the moment we organize an integral circle or a thousand such roundtables all over the country that peace will prevail immediately. I want to be completely honest with everyone. It isn’t my invention.

Question: So what is this invention?

Answer: There is no special invention. The wisdom of Kabbalah said this thousands of years ago.

I want to explain to everyone that the wisdom of Kabbalah is totally logical. It isn’t mysticism, holy water, or red strings. It is a science of the general force of nature and of how we can use it,

Comment: This means that we don’t solve a specific problem like people are doing now: they want to solve the economic crisis, the assaults in Israel, etc..

Answer: We see that all the problems in the world connect into one global problem. It makes no difference which string you pull, everything revolves around our egoism and what then? Everything falls apart in every direction.

We need the general force, not our own minds, to arrange everything; we see that we are only capable of corrupting things. Everything will work out by the unique force of nature! But only man can allow it to enter the world. He is like a cork that blocks its way and doesn’t let it be revealed on our level.

But when this force is revealed, we will feel an ascent to another dimension, to other values, to different states, and to different relationships between people, the world, life, and death. You will begin to feel that there is a different attitude to the world, to life and that we can organize everything nicely among us in our corporeal existence.

This is something we should think about since it is the remedy for all our individual and general problems. We should do our utmost to patiently and consistently explore this means and learn how to use it.

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 2

From the book, The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein.


Jews are blamed for all the sins of mortals. But we don’t talk about this. This is boring and useless. It is much more interesting and topical to talk about something else. About the “terrible” Jewish secret.

This is the most amazing thing, this “terrible” secret cannot be stolen because it is freely accessible to everyone, to Jews and non-Jews.

It is possible to share it with everyone; and nothing will happen. There is no need to control it, to go or to travel anywhere and there is no need to pay anything. There is no need to ask permission from anyone. It is imperative for all, but nobody knows this. It doesn’t weigh anything at all, but we cannot take it and go. It is very attractive, but we don’t want to look at it. It is more valuable than anything else in the world, but we don’t want it, even for free. It is found in front of us, but we don’t believe it. It is impossible to give it as a gift and it is also impossible to take it as a gift.

So what kind of secret are we talking about? You haven’t guessed yet? This is talking about an idea that consists of eight words: “And you shall love your friend as yourself”.

As is known, the Jewish people were founded by the patriarch Abraham. The ethical principle or ideal “and you shall love your friend as yourself,” was spread with the help of the people of Abraham all over the planet.

And you shall love your friend as yourself (the Golden Rule) is a basic principle ofthe religions of Abraham, in Confucianism, in ancient philosophy, and in a number of other world religions.

Only one thing is unclear, how did Abraham reach, if such a thing can be said directly, to this “crazy” idea, “you shall love your friend as yourself”? On the basis of what observations, discoveries, and experiments was it?

There are those who say that he received this knowledge from the Creator. Others claim that he discovered this by himself. The essential idea is not changed by this. The result is what is important. And the result is amazing; it surpasses all imagination. The principle, which essentially cannot be followed, lies at the foundation of all our civilization!

An approach exists that this is not some kind of ethical ideal but is a fundamental law of nature according to which all humanity must behave. …

It is specifically this approach that we want to examine in this book. If this is an ethical principle that was discovered by some person, then this is one thing. But if this is a law, and further, a fundamental law, then everything is absolutely different. In such a case we, as far as it seems, can look in another way not only at our present and our past, but it could be that ultimately we will discover how we must build the future.

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