Difficult But Very Clear Actions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What actions can change a difficult situation?

Answer: There is only one action: the unification of the people. If we unite and acquire the power of bestowal, then, thanks to this, we advance toward the Creator in a good way. We cancel all evil through this.

We are acting within a deterministic system that is subject to permanent and strict laws. And we know how to use these laws to change our destiny, both individually and collectively. We must create a positive force that will attract the Light, and the Light will correct everything.

This is not mysticism. Rather, these are laws that operate in reality. Nobody moves by himself or makes decisions by himself. There is no one besides the Creator, the only one who moves the world. There is one higher power, one law, and we only need to know how to use it, and if we use it correctly, then we can bring all of humanity to the desired state.

However, if we don’t know how to use this law, which we must know, then all kinds of problems afflict us. They are intended to teach us how to use the system correctly. So Pharaoh brought the children of Israel closer to the Creator, helping them  He helped them through pressuring them and causing them trouble. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even have thought of leaving Egypt.

Everything depends upon us; all the means have been given to us. We already can begin working between us to advance toward bestowal and mutual connection, and with this, we awaken the Upper Light.

We possess a very simple mechanism. The moment Israel connects a bit more strongly, the Upper Light will approach us, and all of life will change for the better.

However, if Israel disengages from each other, they will come to destruction and unfounded hatred. Everything depends only on our connection and unity; this possibility of regulating all of life exists only for Israel and not for the nations of the world. The Creator influences Israel and compels connection through them. The other people have no free choice. They cannot be evil or good, rather they act according to how they are managed from above.

Therefore, the calculation is made only with Israel. If we connect, then we attract Light. If we don’t connect, the Light goes further away and directs the nations of the world against us. So then we feel how anti-Semitism increases day by day.

So, we must be like one person with one heart, as it is written, “All of Israel are responsible for one another,” and “Love your friend as yourself.” It is all our responsibility; for the nations of the world, there are no laws like these. However, if we don’t want to reach connection, then the Creator places a cruel king over us, like Haman, so that we will return to Him against our will.

The action required from us is not easy, but it is very clear, and only waits for us to begin to implement it.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/20/14

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