Keeping Up With The Schedule Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can the system of Israel solve the problems in the world?

Answer: It is very easy to attain a good and pleasant life in the upper world where there is no evil and our only concern is reaching our end of correction.

If you feel bad now, it is because you haven’t performed the right correction in time and haven’t advanced towards the goal according to plan, the determined schedule.

If you don’t advance, you summon negative forces upon yourself that push you forward by blows. Therefore, it is written that Pharaoh brought the children of Israel closer to the Creator.

Question: How can I leave my narrow personal perception and acquire a general perception, like the Creator?

Answer: To the extent that you connect with an increasingly greater number of souls, you grow stronger and expand your vessels of perception. Eventually you reach the state where the whole world becomes yours. Thanks to that, you become like the Creator and equal to Him, filled with the Upper Light. This state is called the end of correction or the adhesion of the created being to the Creator.

A person has to attain all of nature as one system, about which it is written: “and they shall all know me from the smallest to the biggest.” We are constantly under pressure, and no matter how much we try to escape it, we will not succeed. On the contrary, we summon even greater afflictions and blows upon us.

All the blows are a call from Above to start advancing towards the real goal, to adhesion with the Creator. Therefore, we need to gradually connect to all the people, from the closest circle to increasingly wider circles, until we encompass the whole world.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/20/14

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