How Can We Awaken From This Nightmare?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we move to a better united reality from this disintegrated crisis-stricken reality?

Answer: It is as if I awaken from a dream and see an evil world before me and then close my eyes again in order to awaken to a real, good world. The terrible world I first saw was a dream and I don’t want it.

When I wake up the second time, I see a normal world and not the world I saw before in my dream. This is what it says about the spiritual revelation: “It is as if we were dreaming.”

How can we awaken from this terrible nightmare into a good world? There is a remedy for that: We only need to heal our faulty perception. Now, too, we are in a wonderful world, in the Garden of Eden, where there are no afflictions or pain, where there is no evil at all, but only absolute goodness. The only thing we need is to change our perception.

We are in a sphere where all the goodness turns into total evil. Therefore, we see all the goodness as evil. It is to such an extent, that on the outside there is only the wonderful world of Ein Sof (Infinity), but we perceive it according to our evil attributes. If we change our attributes, we will see a good world.

We will find ourselves surrounded by angels who treat each other lovingly, and no one has any evil thoughts. It will be a world of absolute goodness. We should just be careful not to corrupt it and to perceive it correctly.

So if you feel bad, you should only look at yourself. We truly identify with your suffering, but there is a remedy that will help you feel good. This remedy isn’t a lie or a pain killer. On the contrary, when you begin to change your perception, thanks to it, you will see that previously you were dreaming.

The whole world will be corrected and not just parts of it: First it will be 10%, then 20%, 30%, and so on until it is 100% corrected. The world will change for the better as you change your attributes by 10%, 20%, etc.

To the extent that you manage to rise above your hatred towards others, you will see how their attitude towards you will change. Therefore, there is no need to change anyone in this world or to correct the world, you should only correct yourself.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/16/14

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