Welcoming The Recognition Of Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Vzglyad (Look)): “The Internet as a tool and the environment creates a special type of modern person and affects his attitude. The Internet as a medium has an inherent matrix of values. People do not know this, but getting into this matrix, they automatically begin to act accordingly to its principles.

“The engine of change is the information sphere, media and various forms of social connections. Some of them are linked to transnational supervising institutions that use the network as professional players. A mass of ordinary participants is involved in the process altruistically and proactively.

“The ruling classes and population, who are involved in the maelstrom of the globalization change, have not yet realized that this world paradigm is bringing disasters to the world. Cyber operations and information-psychological aggression are only elements of the ideological confrontation, in which the targets are not only countries but also civilizations.

“The dominance of the ‘only true’ formula creates an effect of the ‘critical mass of lies in space’ that weakens the ability to distinguish ‘yours’ from ‘someone else’s.’

“In addition, the ‘universal dogma’ is only partially recognized as an invasion in one’s own world (for example, the idea of gay marriage in Orthodox and Muslim countries), while other elements of the same dogma are met with a positive response because they match the values (freedom of expression, equality, health, comfort).

“The most important thing is that internetization and networks change not only consumer stereotypes, but also the very course of formation and development of people.

“Network structures should replace large national states that unite people by great meaning – people should be divided into the maximum number of small groups according to a variety of criteria.

“It is necessary that people define themselves not as part of a larger whole, but as a resident of his district – he is given a sense of a small community. At the same time, he may feel some belonging to something planetary, be it ecology or the struggle for human rights. But this scheme has no place for self-determination in the national state.

“It is difficult to find self-determination in the empire; it requires large, not ‘universal,’ but one’s own civilizational meanings. A small group can unite on the basis of at least short-term interests.”

My Comment: As in all human actions, networks operate to the detriment of the human being, but by that they reveal our egoism, our nature as absolute evil, from which it is necessary to rid ourselves. Therefore, Kabbalah welcomes everything that accelerates the process of recognition of evil and brings us to the correction of evil into good. This action can be performed only by using the science of Kabbalah.

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