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A Dome Of Peace Above The Children

A Dome Of Peace Above The ChildrenQuestion: In the modern age of universal communications, mothers are used to being in touch with their children 24/7. But now your son goes off to the army and then to the battlefield, and his phone number suddenly becomes unavailable for an indefinite period of time. How can a mother deal with this situation? She knows that her little boy is at war, but she can’t even get in touch with him.

Answer: The only thing that can help here is unity, through which the actual force of Nature comes to us and makes up for what is missing.  Yes, her son’s phone is turned off for several days now because he is at the front. And now, by uniting with others, the mother can feel her little boy even more than during a phone conversation.

How? It’s because new frequencies get added to our sensations within the common unity, our feelings and mind expand, replacing a telephone connection with the true connection.

What does it mean to connect or unite with one another? What does it mean to be as one man with one heart? If people are united this way, can they really be separated by thousands of miles between them? No, because now they are one—they have one heart, and they no longer need telephones to maintain this connection.

In the same way, if the son is at war now, his mother is still with him—she feels him at every moment. On the other hand, when mothers attain the state described above, there will be no more war since everyone will be united and life will become peaceful.

Therefore, the mother should first of all attend our workshop—a place where people sit together in a circle and unite, where together with them she actively generates the force of unity for the entire nation of Israel. Working to achieve unity between everyone is the best protection a mother can provide to her son.

She persuades others, “Let’s sit together, let’s unite, let’s find out how good we feel in this unity, what kind of force we awaken by it—the force of unity instilled in Nature. We become not just a nation, like everyone else, but the nation of Israel. So let’s do this not only during times of war, but all the time. Let’s organize so that this mutual connection will always be present between us and will pass from us to all the nations. This is, indeed, what they expect from us.”

This is, essentially, a mother’s only chance to protect her sons at the front. By doing this, she awakens the Light that can enter the vessels. The Light is the force of unity hidden within Nature, which is a single mechanism. It’s the force that unites, fills, and develops everything, the force that contains all of the particular forces within. It is called the Light, the Creator, or the upper one, which all essentially mean the same thing. And the force will be expressed in a good way if we become identical to it: It is one, and we have to become one as well.

This is the origin of the rule, “As one man with one heart.” If we follow it, this force will fill us and maintain us in the state of well-being, similar to it. And on the contrary, when we divide and don’t allow it to dwell in us and fill us, all kinds of problems arise, including wars and other disasters.

Besides, whether we want it or not, we are connected to all humanity, being at its center. Therefore, when we unite, this force spreads from us to everyone. Then the nations have no choice but to be kind to us. On the other hand, if we don’t unite with each other, the force of unity does not reach humanity and then they blame us for their troubles. And they are right to do so.

We have been faced with this condition for several thousand years now, ever since the times of Abraham and Moses, and to this day. All Kabbalists of all generations have talked about just one thing: The nation of Israel needs to unite.

A person who joins a round-table discussion can immediately feel the force that’s hidden inside the unity. We just have to unite by the rules that actually allow us to come closer to each other: The discussion has to be held without arguments or objections, everyone is equal, no one is higher or lower than others, everyone supports each other, everyone is amicable toward each other, and no one argues with or challenges the speakers. All of us together are striving to reach unity, to hear and feel every person so that the common, unified desire, the single thought or idea will be affirmed at the center of the circle.

Then after an hour we really do discover that this force is present among us, adding a new spirit, a new state, renewing our mind and feelings, and allowing us to look at life in a new way.

Afterwards, by developing this approach, we will feel our connection with all nations, with all of nature. We will become the masters of the entire mechanism we are in and will reveal how, why and for what purpose we are alive in the world. We will finally gain control over our lives. Otherwise, as things stand, we’ve lost all purpose and desire for life.

A mother goes through all of this in the round-table discussions, which awaken a special force of unity, the Light. And because her son is connected to her, he also becomes subjected to the influence of this force, which protects him, becoming a “dome of peace” for him. The feeling of warmth and confidence comes to him so that nothing bad can befall him.

That is how the universal force of Nature works, and it can’t be any other way. Even if you ended up in a lion’s den, you’d come out untouched because this force unites, “befriends” everyone on the still, vegetative, animate, and human levels. Then no one can touch you and nothing bad can happen to you. This is the only thing we need to add among us, and then we won’t have to worry about anything else. Even if Gaza is brimming with tunnels, you won’t have to worry—no one will use them. They won’t be able to and won’t have the desire to.

Question: Are you saying that the soldiers’ mothers need to believe in God?

Answer: God is Nature, and Nature is a single force that governs us. It produced the Big Bang, and it is guiding the process of evolution. All the laws or forces of the universe are included in that force. But rather than believing in it, we need to reveal and attain it, and work with it.

For that we need the wisdom of Kabbalah. With its help, we become scientists that discover and use the laws of Nature.

Question: So any mother can activate this “defense” for her son, even a mother who doesn’t believe in anything?

Answer: Of course. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what nation she belongs to. Muslims, Christians and Jews can sit at a round-table together, along with inveterate atheists, and none of that will interfere with the unity. The most important thing is to get together and follow the rules. Then the environment will influence every person and everyone will be included in it with the sole purpose of revealing the force of unity between them and from that moment on, to aim their efforts at the world’s well-being.

This will be the best protection, and not only for the sons, but for all humanity, allowing it to tread toward a wonderful goal, toward peace and perfection.

That is how we will open up a new world. The force of unity allows us to see our world inside and out, showing us clearly how to rearrange our lives. A mother who takes part in a circle begins to use this power, control it and work with it.

This is also true for families whose sons have fallen in battle.

There’s no other way. There’s no other source of support besides this single force, which lies above our nature, time and bodies. It is an eternal force, and when it influences us, we suddenly discover that there is no such thing as frailty and death, that our sons are alive even if their bodies have died.

You rise to a different dimension and feel that nothing disappears, that everything remains with us. Inside the unity, we feel all the souls fused together with us into one. At the end of the day, a mother really can feel her son even when he’s thousands of miles away. And if we unite, this connection becomes expressed even stronger, resulting in all generations—past and present—surfacing in our perception simultaneously. Time has no power—even modern science confirms how ephemeral this notion is.

Question: Does an Israeli mother have the capacity to make this war be the last one?

Answer: Yes. A woman is capable of anything, and a mother—more than anyone else, especially today, when masses of people going out into the streets can win the government’s favor. If mothers unanimously demand unity and integral education for the nation, then by uniting our hearts, we will win the war—a war we’re fighting not against Hamas, but against our own egoism.

By uniting above the egoism, we lift Israel and the whole world along with us to a different level of existence. And all of this happens by the power of a mother’s love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life. The Mothers of Solders” 7/23/14

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A Shield In The Hands Of Mothers

A Shield In The Hands Of MothersQuestion: If the mothers of soldiers who are at war right now call out for the nation to unite, will this help their sons and the country as a whole?

Answer: Real social unity is not beautiful words or the usual “prescriptions.” The precise instructions on how to achieve it come from the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the authentic, profound wisdom, a true teaching that was hidden for thousands of years in order to come out today and provide us with the method of real unity.

In order to use it, people have to take part in our workshops, where they will learn how to address people’s hearts so they’ll want to unite, so they’ll understand that unity is an imperishable goal which we have to renew at every moment. By doing so, we rise above the forces that separate us and get the opportunity to become one whole.

And most important: The more we strive for this, the more efforts we make to become as one, the more powerful is the effect of the force of Nature.

From below, we provide it with the opportunity to appear between us, to influence and unite us. We let the Light in so it can turn us into a single whole, following the principle, “As one man with one heart.” Then, to the extent we unite, we become a “Light onto the nations”—we liberate this force or Light through us and pass it on to all humanity. And then suddenly, without even knowing why, people begin being amicable toward us. Suddenly, they voice their sympathy, wishing to help us and fulfill our every wish. And our only wish is unity—nothing else. Like the prophet Isaiah wrote, they will lift us up on their shoulders and bring us to Jerusalem.

That is what we have to do. And mothers are a tremendous force in this process. For example, if they were to go out to demonstrations demanding for their sons to come back, no one would be able to resist it.

However, the demand has to be something else—unity. This not only provides a shield for the sons to fight the enemy, but also turns the enemies, those who hate them, into friends.

Thus, we will eliminate the very possibility of war and prevent the very conditions in which a conflict can emerge, which is every mother’s wish. That is exactly what will happen if we unite. This is the only thing that can protect us from war and bring about unity among all the nations.
From KabTV’s “A New Life. The Mothers of Solders” 7/23/14

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The Weapon Of Mothers

The Weapon of MothersQuestion: There is a war going on in Israel and many mothers are heartbroken, waiting for their sons’ return. A mother is always a mother, no matter what country she lives in. And yet, what is special about Jewish mothers? They are, after all, part of the nation of Israel, with the idea of unity enshrined in their core. What differentiates a Jewish mother from others?

Answer: The area of her responsibility.

Many countries send their soldiers off to war, while mothers’ hearts break with unforgiving sorrow.

However, a Jewish mother has a weapon allowing her to fight for her sons—unity. By inciting the Israeli society to reach unity and cohesion, or at least to set out on this path, she thus actively defends her children. And the more convincingly she brings the message of unity to the nation, the more infallible is the protection she provides for them.

Granted, it has to be real unity—the kind that the wisdom of Kabbalah talks about when it explains that unity comes to fruition by means of the Light that Reforms, or in other words, through a special force of Nature. This is because Nature is, in reality, a unified Force, and we have to awaken it so can transform our hatred into love. It is written that love will cover all sins, meaning all the differences and strife between us. Therefore, rather than the Iron Dome, what we really need is the dome of love spread above us. It, and nothing else, will deflect all of the assaults.

If only Israeli mothers would realize that this is our true weapon, I am certain that this war would be our last.
From KabTV’s “A New Life. The Mothers of Solders” 7/23/14

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A Group Is A Unique Entity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to relate to people with whom we work and communicate in daily life as we do to Kabbalistic group?

Answer: No way!

A group is a unique organ that is selected and created strictly and carefully under the guidance of an experienced Kabbalist or a few Kabbalists. The group is created over a long period of time, like a high-quality musical instrument.

For example, to create a fine musical instrument, first the materials are prepared: wood, strings, and so forth. Everything goes through drying and processing for many years. After that, separate parts are glued, dried and adjusted. And only after this does the instrument begin to produce sound.

So the group must also be created over much time, adhering to itself, going through drying and adjusting before it begins to play in full harmony. This is not very easy!

For this we must carry out specific actions among ourselves: study together, organize meals, go out to disseminate, travel to conventions, and accept friends among us with the same opinions and views. And only after that will a group emerge out of us, meaning as some kind of perceptive organ with which we feel the upper world and begin to learn together what we are feeling.

This feeling is eternal. The body can die, whereas we remain with the same sensation, the same perception, because it doesn’t belong to an egoistic body.

To understand how much this group is a unique entity that we have created, try to assemble the same gathering from the egoistic people of our world, try to change them to a mutual altruistic connection like this so that they will play the melody of the spiritual world together.

Then you will understand how difficult and complex it is to create the proper Kabbalistic groups! In history isolated groups were known. Today we are trying to do this in various nations in the world.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 4

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Wait Until The “Child” Grows

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I enter a group as a new student and begin to criticize it, then I can only discover this later?

Answer: If a new student enters a group, it is necessary to tolerate him until he adapts, acclimates, and understands that the people who are studying here are not dumber than he is, that there exists an entire system that he must understand a little first and become familiar with before engaging in criticism.

You cannot come thinking that you supposedly know and understand everything, and that we must do everything differently. First, one must understand what they are learning here and not t try to change everything immediately according to how you would do it, as a regular egoist behaves. Certainly there are problems with the absorption of new students in a group, but for this we have created an education center and classes for beginners.

Question: If I criticize a friend, it follows that I am detached from the right connection. And conversely, if I admire him, apparently I am approaching the right connection. Is this so?

Answer: That’s right, but this is in relation to a person who is already in the group.

But what if he just joined the group? So what if he criticizes it? He doesn’t understand anything. We must accept this and wait until he will absorb and understand the method; there is nothing else to do.

It is like with a little child,  he is allowed to do everything until he grows up. He can break something, get dirty, or smash something. That is also how it is with beginners in a group; it is necessary to wait until they grow up and understand that there is Jungian psychology and there is the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 4

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You Reap What You Sow

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Currently, there are wars all over the world. Is it possible to stop this through our study of Kabbalah?

Answer: Kabbalah does not perform any miracles. If we could only apply Kabbalistic knowledge to ourselves and make the Upper Light that fills the Upper world start to fill our world as well, through us, if we will make ourselves equivalent in our structure and unity to the higher elements, then the higher energy will start to pass into our world too.

This energy will flow through it and connect all the fragmented, opposite, antagonistic elements of our world into one single system. Then we will see our world full of kindness, mutual connection, and support.

We must reach this state. This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah is being opened to us, because only through realizing it inside of us can we achieve peace in the world.

This needs to happen within the next few decades. We see this from the rate at which the world is developing.

Until we begin to draw into our world the upper energy, the property of bestowal and love, which we will cultivate in our groups, the world will continue to enter into more and more cruel, unpleasant states: wars, suffering, enormous ecological shocks on a cosmic scale. Our imbalance with nature will trigger all sorts of disasters on every level.

This is not a result of actions of some benevolent or evil forces relative to us. We bring about all the disturbances through our lack of balance, through our bad relationships with each other and the world around us. Therefore, what can we expect: You reap what you sow.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day Two” 7/12/14, Lesson 4

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Because I Am A Scorpion

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf all of us were integrally connected, each of us would define our self-perception by our attitude toward others. The bottom line is that everything returns back to us like a boomerang. If we wish good to ourselves, we should be good to others. The question is how we do it.

At this point, the parable about a frog and a scorpion comes to mind. Once, a scorpion had to go across a deep river and asked a frog to take him there on his back. The frog answered: “Do I look crazy?! You will sting me and I will die!” The scorpion promised not to bite the frog since if he did so they would drown together.

The frog believed him and put him on his back. When they reached the middle of the river, the scorpion stung the frog and he died. The scorpion drowned together with the frog, but before they died, the frog asked the scorpion: “Why did you sting me? Now you will die.” The scorpion answered: “Because I am a scorpion.” He couldn’t restrain himself from stinging the frog because it was his nature. It was beyond his power not to sting.

This is a common human problem. We don’t even realize how strongly our nature forces us to calculate everything we ever do in a primitive and rough way to benefit only ourselves. We are unable to consider the fact that we are connected with others. From morning till night we talk about our mutual involvement and overall connection on the radio, on TV, at our lessons. It is the same situation we previously saw in Russia. However, we all know that it doesn’t help a bit! It is impossible to change our scorpion-like nature.

If we really wanted to change ourselves and peacefully transition from capitalism to the next developmental stage, to a more beneficial social structure, we would understand that it will be possible by correcting ourselves, i.e. by replacing our nature.

But mankind does not have the means to change their nature. The only possibility is to use the force hidden inside nature: the Returning Light. This force is also called “the Torah”; however, people understand the word “Torah” incorrectly. The Torah is the Light of correction, as it is said: “I created the evil inclination and the Torah as a spice to correct it, since the hidden Light inside the Torah returns to its source.”

In other words, we have a chance to change our nature to so that we will feel in harmony existing in a perfect system. We feel such a complete mutual interdependence so that there is no difference in taking care of ourselves or taking care of others and fulfilling ourselves through them.

Even our egoism will acknowledge that bestowal works to its benefit, since “I” and the “others” are in fact the same and together we constitute an indivisible whole.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/14, Shamati #60

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 7

Excerpt from The Essential Secret of the Jews, by Michael Brushtein

The Hit Of The 21st  Century – Capital

And yet, what happened? Why should someone be shut down?

The fact is that suddenly a breeze of communism, or if you prefer, collectivism, has started blowing in the world.

How this threatens the population is not known yet. Sooner or later, they will want to shut down something, to correct, and all that is left is to divide. Don’t you think so? You don’t have to look for evidence too far.

People have rushed to buy Karl Marx’s books, and moreover, by the bundle. They say that the circulation of sold books has already broken all records.

“Since 2008, the sales of such works as Capital, Manifesto … and A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy have been steadily increasing.

“The customers of Sparkasse bank in the German city of Chemnitz (formerly Karl-Marx-Stadt) chose the Marx’s portrait to be printed on plastic cards …

“‘Yes, Karl Marx is going mainstream – and goodness knows where it will end,’ writes Stuart Jeffries, a feature write of The Guardian.’

“And what happens when people begin to read Marx and Engels, do you remember?

“Sharikov shrugged. ‘I don’t agree.’

“’With whom – Engels or Kautsky?’

“’With neither of ’em,’ replied Sharikov.

“’That is most remarkable. Anybody who says that . . . Well, what would you suggest instead?’

“’Suggest? I dunno . . . They just write and write all that rot … all about some congress and some Germans . . . makes my head reel. Take everything away from the bosses, then divide it up.’”1

By the way, speaking of Marx’s Capital. To be honest, who of you, dear readers, was able to conquer this, I am sorry, enormous work? For instance, I could not. Not when I was a student, not later when I became a dad, not now, when my daughter made me a grandfather again. I couldn’t that’s all. Although I tried very hard.

Every time opening the book, I soon began to yawn and then just fell asleep. There is nothing to do, it is not “a book about healthy and delicious food” and not even Akunin.2

I had a suspicion that there was something wrong with me. Everyone is reading, and I’m not. Everyone can, and I am not able. Then, I asked privately. Among my friends and acquaintances. Then among friends of my friends. Finally, among the relatives of those and others.

I was lucky. I finally found the one who swears that he had managed to read the book. I really envy him. He is a strong and persistent person.

Again. People buy the book. Despite the fact that it is thick and unreadable. Today it is a bestseller, especially in Europe. People want social change, want justice. Collectivism, which seemed to have been buried for good together with the Soviet Union, has suddenly appeared on the agenda again. And not just somewhere, but in Europe – the father and mother of capitalism.

Well, and what about America? Is it fair that China provides the whole world with goods, Russia produces oil, Israel grows purple tomatoes, and America prints dollars and increases the national debt in the online mode? Is this called the global division of labor?

Assume that Karl Marx is not proof, but a simple coincidence. But what can to be done with a modern innovation – the Internet? Social pandemic has spread all over the world network. A social monster Facebook has become a leader. According to visits, it has overtaken not only porno sites, but also a major Internet search engine Google, and it looks like it’s just the beginning …

“The massive spread of social network services requires rethinking of this phenomenon of the 21st century, especially with the advent of unified mobile devices.”


1 A quote from The Heart of a Dog – a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, is a satire  of the New Soviet man written in 1925 at the height of the NEP period, when communism appeared to be weakening in the Soviet Union. It’s generally interpreted as an allegory of the communist revolution and “the revolution’s misguided attempt to radically transform mankind.” Sharikov is one of the main characters. Originally he was a stray dog, transformed into a human (his glands were transplanted from a drunkard). He joined the Soviet State.
2Boris Akunin – a Russian writer, known as writer of detective and historical fiction.

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