The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 7

Excerpt from The Essential Secret of the Jews, by Michael Brushtein

The Hit Of The 21st  Century – Capital

And yet, what happened? Why should someone be shut down?

The fact is that suddenly a breeze of communism, or if you prefer, collectivism, has started blowing in the world.

How this threatens the population is not known yet. Sooner or later, they will want to shut down something, to correct, and all that is left is to divide. Don’t you think so? You don’t have to look for evidence too far.

People have rushed to buy Karl Marx’s books, and moreover, by the bundle. They say that the circulation of sold books has already broken all records.

“Since 2008, the sales of such works as Capital, Manifesto … and A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy have been steadily increasing.

“The customers of Sparkasse bank in the German city of Chemnitz (formerly Karl-Marx-Stadt) chose the Marx’s portrait to be printed on plastic cards …

“‘Yes, Karl Marx is going mainstream – and goodness knows where it will end,’ writes Stuart Jeffries, a feature write of The Guardian.’

“And what happens when people begin to read Marx and Engels, do you remember?

“Sharikov shrugged. ‘I don’t agree.’

“’With whom – Engels or Kautsky?’

“’With neither of ’em,’ replied Sharikov.

“’That is most remarkable. Anybody who says that . . . Well, what would you suggest instead?’

“’Suggest? I dunno . . . They just write and write all that rot … all about some congress and some Germans . . . makes my head reel. Take everything away from the bosses, then divide it up.’”1

By the way, speaking of Marx’s Capital. To be honest, who of you, dear readers, was able to conquer this, I am sorry, enormous work? For instance, I could not. Not when I was a student, not later when I became a dad, not now, when my daughter made me a grandfather again. I couldn’t that’s all. Although I tried very hard.

Every time opening the book, I soon began to yawn and then just fell asleep. There is nothing to do, it is not “a book about healthy and delicious food” and not even Akunin.2

I had a suspicion that there was something wrong with me. Everyone is reading, and I’m not. Everyone can, and I am not able. Then, I asked privately. Among my friends and acquaintances. Then among friends of my friends. Finally, among the relatives of those and others.

I was lucky. I finally found the one who swears that he had managed to read the book. I really envy him. He is a strong and persistent person.

Again. People buy the book. Despite the fact that it is thick and unreadable. Today it is a bestseller, especially in Europe. People want social change, want justice. Collectivism, which seemed to have been buried for good together with the Soviet Union, has suddenly appeared on the agenda again. And not just somewhere, but in Europe – the father and mother of capitalism.

Well, and what about America? Is it fair that China provides the whole world with goods, Russia produces oil, Israel grows purple tomatoes, and America prints dollars and increases the national debt in the online mode? Is this called the global division of labor?

Assume that Karl Marx is not proof, but a simple coincidence. But what can to be done with a modern innovation – the Internet? Social pandemic has spread all over the world network. A social monster Facebook has become a leader. According to visits, it has overtaken not only porno sites, but also a major Internet search engine Google, and it looks like it’s just the beginning …

“The massive spread of social network services requires rethinking of this phenomenon of the 21st century, especially with the advent of unified mobile devices.”


1 A quote from The Heart of a Dog – a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov, is a satire  of the New Soviet man written in 1925 at the height of the NEP period, when communism appeared to be weakening in the Soviet Union. It’s generally interpreted as an allegory of the communist revolution and “the revolution’s misguided attempt to radically transform mankind.” Sharikov is one of the main characters. Originally he was a stray dog, transformed into a human (his glands were transplanted from a drunkard). He joined the Soviet State.
2Boris Akunin – a Russian writer, known as writer of detective and historical fiction.

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