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Scientists Have Recognized The Inevitability Of WWIII

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Adelaide Sigidov, journalist): “Historians have compared the current situation in the world with the events of a century ago and came to the conclusion that the beginning of a new world cannot be avoided. Today, no one wants war, but no country ever wanted a war; nevertheless it occurs – this is a paradox of history. Ambitions are higher than political expediency.

“Starting a war was the idea of punishing a neighboring country. All the countries were sure that they would do very little fighting – that it was in the local interest.

“The USA entered the war after everyone else – and lost only a hundred people, and Europe – 10 million.

“The war led to the destruction of four monarchies, replaced one technological way of life with another.

“The goal of the US is to break up the European Union; with it we are heading toward the third world war. Russia is in a situation similar to that of Germany after its defeat in World War I: a third of its territory has been annexed; it is morally humiliated, penance is being imposed on it; Russia must regain the territories, zones of influence, money. To prevent the onset of World War III, other countries should give it this voluntarily.”

My Comment: Baal HaSulam writes about the third and fourth world wars, which will occur if Jews and Kabbalists cannot cause a positive change in the world by bringing people and nations closer together.

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War And Peace

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is this ideological war that you are talking about?

Answer: We are in an ideological war against enemies. It doesn’t matter what the politicians think and say from either side.

It is important to explain to everyone that what is happening is not a confrontation between the state of Israel and the Palestinians, the Hamas, or even the world that is opposing us.

All wars come from the Creator! In the meantime, we are fighting against the Creator, but we must transform these wars into peace and wholeness. It must be known and explained to everyone that, in the meantime, all of these states are given to us in the form of opportunities to go in the way of the Light, “I will hasten it” (Achishena), and to not deviate toward the way of suffering, which is the natural process of development, “in its time” (Beito).

We are compelled to disseminate this knowledge to the world. What will happen after that doesn’t depend upon us anymore, but we must do everything that we can. At these times, it is easier to awaken the hearts of the people, because from this point forward, people lose hope in the possibility of solving the conflict.

Before this, we still hoped that, with the modern means of defense, the “Iron Dome,” we would guarantee a good future for ourselves and thrive. In our world today, no hope remains for a material solution. Only thanks to spiritual advancement is it possible to continue to exist.

No military successes will be prepared to “extinguish” feelings of powerlessness and lack of resolution among the people. These feelings still remain in us because we have entered into a new stage of higher management. Today’s war is a war of world views. A weapon is not victorious; rather, it is the opinion, what the world thinks of you and what the enemy thinks about you.

We see that we cannot use all of our military might. Our hands are tied. We cannot throw missiles and do whatever we want because there are people there, and the entire world is watching and following our every step!

So, we cannot afford to fight, and we don’t need to be naive and think that we have military power. We have no power. We are in the hands of the world. We feel and know how it relates to us. So, for the people of Israel, there is only one solution: to explain to the world where we have come and what, in fact, our true situation is.

The entire world also requires a large correction and feels powerless. This is specifically the moment when we must go out and make a dissemination attack.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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A System Of Reception And A System Of Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanPeople who have a spark, a particle of the higher nature, don’t correct themselves like all the rest of the seven billion people, because through this spark, we can connect to the source of the Light, to the source of bestowal, to the power of bestowal.

This means that we include two systems within us: a system of reception and a system of intention, meaning bestowal. In us, there is a desire that is directed toward ourselves. Besides this, we have a point within the desire, a spark that can be developed into a separate system.

If we develop this spark into the system of bestowal, in other words, if we acquire an intention to act for the good of others, then our deeds will be unimportant. They will always be under the control of the intention for the sake of bestowal.

It follows that this intention for the sake of bestowal will determine all of my deeds and behavior. It doesn’t matter if I receive from others or give to others physically in this world. My intention always will be determined so that all of my deeds are intended for the good of others, and this always is more important than my own good.

Part of the collective soul that works according to this program belongs to the head of the spiritual Partzuf. Through the Light, we can create thoughts, actions, intentions, and plans that are truly for the good of others, and I will use these beyond personal benefit. All emotion and thought, strength and understanding, I put into service for the good of others. I am adherent to others and do everything for their good.

Such changes are possible only through the Light that Reforms. For all seven billion of mankind, the Light only reveals how much they are connected to each other, and then they stop doing evil to each other and become one body, which is still egoistic. All of them act for their own good as one family.

We must make another connection between us where our intention will be entirely for the benefit of others, as it is written, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” It is not that I just don’t harm others, knowing that, through this, I cause myself harm. I don’t look at this at all as to whether this will come back to me in some way. Rather, I think and act only for the benefit of the other person, without checking how this will affect me for good or bad. This is called working above my ego. This is working with faith, in other words, bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/14, Shamati #60

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Assured Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During a military operation, the daily task is always determined. What is our plan for today? What do we want to achieve?

Answer: The task for today is to disseminate throughout Israel the knowledge about the true cause of our human condition. Everyone must have a single direction: connection, to be as one person with one heart.

It is possible to reach this through the Light that Reforms, and, so, dissemination of this knowledge must come from us so that, through us, everyone will be connected to the Creator.

This is not a short attack. Rather, it is a constant mission, a continuous operation, open to everyone, without any concealment or secrets, without evasion and adornments. The main thing is that the explanation be as clear and understandable as possible for the people, to touch their hearts. It should be clear that this only true solution comes from the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: How will the people of Israel feel after they want to be as one person with one heart?

Answer: The people will feel an entirely different state and will finally understand who they are, the role for which they are destined, and what they must do regarding all the nations of the world. It will be clear to them that Israel is the conduit, the adapter, between the entire world and the Creator. And what the relationship must be among the people of Israel in order to be this kind of transitional link in regard to the others, and how to act with them after we are connected inside will follow.

Everyone must know that our success is possible only as a single unit. Only this assures us success in this mission, in this war. If we connect and unite, then we win, and only in this way can we be saved from threats and blows.

There is no other solution, and, the moment that we truly begin to work on it correctly, we immediately will see how much the entire world, including our closest enemies, will be changed. Come, let’s try and see. We don’t have anything to lose! The Torah promises us that either you will be like one person with one heart or here will be your burial place, as it was at Mount Sinai.

These conditions have existed until now, because they are indeed eternal and have accompanied us throughout all of our history. However, now the time has truly come for action, a broad operation throught the entire nation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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Seven Billion Ants Connected To Each Other

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can extract a force from nature that will change us so that we will not harm others. We will recognize the fact that we depend on one another and by that correct ourselves. This is how we can reach people and explain to them and suggest a way to establish new and better relations.

We have the power by which we can correct the bad relations between people and thus make our world a better place. If we manage to do that, our life will be good and beautiful.

This change will be done by the force of correction that we bring people, but in order to draw this force, we have to have a totally different intention, an intention of in order to bestow unto others.

The desire to live a good life in the connection between them will be enough for the mass of seven billion people. In order to do that, we have to organize workshops, roundtables, and meetings at homes for them. They will hear how connected we are to one another and how dependent we are on each other, and eventually they will understand that it is worthwhile to change our nature. Otherwise we will be like the scorpion that stung the frog that carried him on her back across the river, and so they both died. We will not be able to do anything good with our egoistic nature; we have to change it.

It isn’t enough to watch movies about how connected we are to one another. We have to change our nature practically. There is a huge gap between a movie and actual fulfillment. We know that we can use nice words during the friends‘ meeting and then go out into the street and behave like ordinary egoists. We have no choice, it is our nature.

But having good intentions are enough for seven billion people. We will reach them with the Light that Reforms by holding workshops, and then, through us, they will receive the power from Above that will change them and correct the relations between them.

But our desire to receive is much greater and we have to really change our intention so that it will be in order to bestow. The difference is that we have to stop being egoistic, and all the seven billion only receive the power not to sting one another because everyone begins to understand that if he stings the other they both drown in the stormy river, like the fool who sits in a boat and drills a hole in the boat underneath himself.

A person can guard himself so as not to harm others by the force of the Light that he receives. He knows that he mustn’t drill a hole in the boat because then they will both drown in the ocean of their ego.

As a result of integral education, a person begins to feel that all of humanity is one body, and that he has to treat everyone like one family. The Upper Light allows me to feel pain when I prick someone else. I feel it myself and say “ouch,” and it isn’t that he suffers, but I suffer since we are one body, like hitting your foot but feeling the pain in your head.

This is how all the people in the world will connect and will not need to work against their nature. Their work will only be in workshops, and by connecting, they will begin to feel that they are interdependent, like ants that live in one big family, billions of ants in one nest.

That is, they will not have to reach the recognition of their own evil nature. Nature is nature, but only the connection between us grows so strong that we will really feel it. We will see the system of connections between us so clearly that if I do something bad to someone, I will feel bad myself.

This is called love thy friend as thyself, and it is no wonder. It is only the revelation of the natural system in which we are connected to one another.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/14, Shamati #60

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What Is Better For Others Is Also Better For Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of humanity is like one body and although our ego grows and forces us to make only egoistic calculations, the connection between us and our interdependence is increasingly revealed. There is no one in the world that doesn’t depend on everyone else, on the entire world. If we don’t reveal this connection today in its full intensity, in the full depth and width of the connection between us, it will be revealed in a couple of years. We are advancing toward this.

We see that there are two trends that bring us to a very unpleasant state. On the one hand, I depend on everyone, on all of humanity, and cannot provide even the basic necessities for myself if I am not connected to everyone

We see that this is actually how our life is managed, and we cannot stop that. If we observe the process that every piece of plastic, paper, wood, electric wire, or metal has been through, we will see that every product has been all over the world in some way and that this dependence grows every day, and the connection between us becomes more and more integral.

On the other hand, it is becoming more and more egoistic, sharp and aggressive, and thus we reach the crisis point, the special turning point. When we reach this point, we can decide that it is better to cut off the relations between us since they are not so good, like divorce in a family or when we cut off our relations with people who treat us badly.

However, if this disconnection is still possible when it comes to individuals or in the family, or in a greater dimension when we speak about countries, we reach a state of war. If we want to cut off our relations and establish a new world order, war is inevitable. The only option is to find a means, a kind of a candy to sweeten the connection between us and make it into a good one.

We see that the connection between us is multilateral and integral. So, we must correct ourselves according to the connection that is revealed to us. In that case, we will not only feel that we depend on one another, but that we want to be connected and are ready to connect willingly. Then, instead of fighting and trying to cut off a bad connection, we will establish a better connection instead.

We can perform the correction of the connection between us that grows stronger every day by using the method called the wisdom of Kabbalah or, more accurately, the method of integral education, the wisdom of connection.

To sum up, we end up with two options as a result of our study of the evolution of man and his nature: We either correct the connection between us, or we will reach great conflicts, violence, and terrible wars, as we already see in different places in the world.

This is the reason that the method of integral education, according to which man must change, is being revealed in the world. After all, as long as man operates according to his egoistic nature, he will act in his own favor. No matter what he says and how generous he tries to be, a person’s intentions always will be only for his own sake and to harm others.

We must explain to people that, today, it is impossible to act for my own sake and to harm others if we are connected. If I depend on you and you depend on me, I have no choice but to think about what is good for you and for you to think about what is good for me. This is how the connection between us will work so that, if I harm you, I harm myself through you. It is the same when it comes to doing good: If I do good to others, I do good to myself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/14, Shamati #60

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Woe To The One Who Asks For Himself

Dr. Michael LaitmanFirst, only one vessel was created that was shattered into many pieces, and we are these pieces. The fragments that must be collected first and then help all the other pieces gather are called Israel, Yashar El (straight to the Creator).

Baal HaSulam tells us about it in a very internal, emotional manner in his article, “Not the Time For Gathering the Herd,” in A Sage’s Fruit (Pri Hacham): In The Book of Zohar is a parable about two people who are floating in a boat, (since all of mankind are in one boat), and one of them drilled beneath himself. His friend reprimanded him, “Why are you drilling,” and the foolish one answered, “What do you care? After all, I am drilling under myself”—as if he weren’t part of the others and was harming only himself. How can he understand that he depends on everyone and that everyone depends on him if he doesn’t feel it?

All the parts of creation: the still, vegetative, and animate nature are connected to one another and sustain this connection instinctively, either by supporting one another or by eating one another. The forms they connect by make no difference, but there is harmony among them and the right, natural communication. However, among Israel it isn’t so, and neither is it among the rest of humanity. We don’t understand that at the moment, and it seems that everyone is drilling a hole only underneath himself. But, in fact, one person can destroy all goodness in general, and even because of one person, all of humanity can descend lower and lower.

In every generation, we feel that we are more and more divided and detached because our ego grows. We don’t care about others and we are even proud of being individualists, how special we are,  and how inconsiderate of others we are. By that, of course, we bring about the general deterioration.

This is the secret of the praying in the society: The individual cannot differ, but actually always feel himself as part of the general, as an inseparable part of the cogwheels in this machine, and it is impossible to ask for oneself, even if it is from a desire to delight the Creator, unless it is for the general.

By asking to be able to bestow unto the Creator by himself, he brings about the corruption of himself and of everyone else. It is impossible for the individual to raise a prayer, a request, a deficiency, even if it is in order to delight the Creator, since it is the wrong appeal, which is not only futile but actually corrupts the whole structure of the general vessel.

This means that it is impossible to ask to delight the Creator before you ask that you should be able to delight the general. It is only when you are incorporated in everyone and in the desires of the general that you can raise a deficiency and ask.

This is since one who separates from the society and asks for himself individually doesn’t build but actually brings about the destruction of his soul. A person really wants correction and wants to bestow unto everyone, but he asks for himself individually. He doesn’t ask for himself in contrast to others, but actually wants to help others and to serve them. However, as long as he feels that he is an individual and not part of the general, melting among them, his prayer is invalid and is even harmful for his soul.

It is only by complete incorporation in the society, when there is no difference between him and the collective, that he can raise a prayer to the Creator. It is clear since the Upper Light that fills the general is the Creator, and so you cannot be in contact with Him if you are not incorporated in the society by disappearing into it.

This is because he who is proud, says the Creator, cannot dwell with Me in the same place. Why be proud because you cannot be an exception without being dressed in pride. The Creator says that anyone who is proud cannot dwell with Him in the same place, and woe to the one who brings about the destruction of his soul.

If you are different from others in any way, you are already in a state of destruction, and, if you raise a prayer to the Creator from the state in which you are different from others, although you want to be incorporated in everyone, you bring about destruction through that. All the requests can be only by incorporation. Even if I ask, “Help me be incorporated in everyone,” it is also pride and a prayer of the individual. We may pray to the Creator only for the society wherever we are and in whichever state we are.

Also, during the work, when a person prays individually, he separates himself from the general unwillingly and destroys his soul. Therefore, no individual of the children of Israel should awaken and demand anything for himself as each individual lacks nothing since they should not feel themselves as individuals. The “children of Israel is the society in which no one feels himself, but only the general as a whole.

Therefore, there is the prayer of many, the prayer of the public, since there is only one soul, and there is no me or others, and this is their power to exit Egypt strong-handed, when everyone feels themselves as one asking to exit.

Every person should gather all his power in the society of Israel as a whole, in all the appeals to the Creator, in prayer and in the work, and should include himself in the root of Israel, and then all the herds shall drink from the well, from one source, since one receives from One. This is because the previous limit that was in the feeling of the individual will be removed from all the souls of Israel, both below it and above it, both in purifying and in attaining Aviut (thickness), and the general of holiness will greatly expand, even to parts that previously didn’t belong to Israel and are now connected to its unity. This is because the Light will be revealed from the Chazeh (chest) down where there were previously vessels of receiving that couldn’t connect into one, into bestowal that is the attribute of the vessels from the Chazeh (chest) up. This is because this is the nature of the general Light that dwells in the individual that is annulled with regard to the individual and doesn’t feel itself. This means that one is incorporated in the general Israel and ceases to feel his individuality.

Therefore, there is nothing that we can engage in but to learn and teach others how to attain the concept of Israel. This is the state that the created being must reach in order to get closer to adhesion with the Creator, to the goal of creation.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/14

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