What Is Better For Others Is Also Better For Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of humanity is like one body and although our ego grows and forces us to make only egoistic calculations, the connection between us and our interdependence is increasingly revealed. There is no one in the world that doesn’t depend on everyone else, on the entire world. If we don’t reveal this connection today in its full intensity, in the full depth and width of the connection between us, it will be revealed in a couple of years. We are advancing toward this.

We see that there are two trends that bring us to a very unpleasant state. On the one hand, I depend on everyone, on all of humanity, and cannot provide even the basic necessities for myself if I am not connected to everyone

We see that this is actually how our life is managed, and we cannot stop that. If we observe the process that every piece of plastic, paper, wood, electric wire, or metal has been through, we will see that every product has been all over the world in some way and that this dependence grows every day, and the connection between us becomes more and more integral.

On the other hand, it is becoming more and more egoistic, sharp and aggressive, and thus we reach the crisis point, the special turning point. When we reach this point, we can decide that it is better to cut off the relations between us since they are not so good, like divorce in a family or when we cut off our relations with people who treat us badly.

However, if this disconnection is still possible when it comes to individuals or in the family, or in a greater dimension when we speak about countries, we reach a state of war. If we want to cut off our relations and establish a new world order, war is inevitable. The only option is to find a means, a kind of a candy to sweeten the connection between us and make it into a good one.

We see that the connection between us is multilateral and integral. So, we must correct ourselves according to the connection that is revealed to us. In that case, we will not only feel that we depend on one another, but that we want to be connected and are ready to connect willingly. Then, instead of fighting and trying to cut off a bad connection, we will establish a better connection instead.

We can perform the correction of the connection between us that grows stronger every day by using the method called the wisdom of Kabbalah or, more accurately, the method of integral education, the wisdom of connection.

To sum up, we end up with two options as a result of our study of the evolution of man and his nature: We either correct the connection between us, or we will reach great conflicts, violence, and terrible wars, as we already see in different places in the world.

This is the reason that the method of integral education, according to which man must change, is being revealed in the world. After all, as long as man operates according to his egoistic nature, he will act in his own favor. No matter what he says and how generous he tries to be, a person’s intentions always will be only for his own sake and to harm others.

We must explain to people that, today, it is impossible to act for my own sake and to harm others if we are connected. If I depend on you and you depend on me, I have no choice but to think about what is good for you and for you to think about what is good for me. This is how the connection between us will work so that, if I harm you, I harm myself through you. It is the same when it comes to doing good: If I do good to others, I do good to myself.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/14, Shamati #60

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