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My Thoughts On Twitter 2/6/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The spheres pressuring #Israel are closing in. However, knowing that otherwise this nation will not aim for the upper goal—to be an example of #unity, one recognizes the upper plan in what is happening. This is from above. And from below, influence on the #masses should come from us, by revealing to everyone the #meaning of what is happening in the world: unity.
From Twitter, 2/6/21

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“Will Humanity Ever Be United?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Will humanity ever be united?

Humanity will unite in the distant future, but at the moment unity is far from being any kind of priority. In other words, a common desire for humanity’s unity to surface in the global public is still unripe, even though we are developing in that direction.

In order to unite, we need to want unity above and beyond the many egoistic, divisive and materialistic forms that we naturally desire, and we still lack such a desire. We might get hints of it at times, and we can indeed involve ourselves in educational and support systems to more optimally develop a desire to unite, but nonetheless, we still have to undergo various stages of growth until our desire ripens to want unity above all else.

Humanity’s final state is a single unified organism. In that final state, humanity consists of different people, groups and interests, as each has his or her own unique root and development from that root. However, we all share a common understanding of a common unifying goal, and we construct ourselves such that we reach spiritual and worldly balance.

In other words, we will reach a state where we—all of humanity—consciously share the same goal, and create a tremendous atmosphere of support and encouragement to achieve that goal. Mutual support is of utmost importance in this new unified humanity that needs to arise after these tough times we are currently enduring.

We are thus headed toward the creation of a single system of humanity where people will uphold the idea that uniting is more important than giving into naturally-conflicting views and drives, and we will seek to mutually support one another in order to build this unification. When people with opposing viewpoints connect to reach a common goal outside of themselves, they will exist in total harmony and balance.

We are still unripe for the unity of humanity though. We require further development until we develop a sincere desire for humanity’s unity, as well as the realization that it is impossible to achieve that goal on our own. When we reach that stage, though, we will start bearing witness to immensely positive changes in our lives: We will gain the support of a positive unifying tendency dwelling in nature, and experience a newfound balance among each other and with nature beginning to take flight.

My Thoughts On Twitter 11/9/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

As a result of unity, new light comes from above and fills me. I feel that I have made a breakthrough into a new state, onto a new degree and have advanced forward. “And there was evening, and there was morning—one day.” The day begins with darkness. First there will be evening and only then will the morning come, as one day.

If there is no light in the present and no light for the future—this is a sign of transitioning to the next degree, when I am facing a new state, which always starts with a complete zero. One must close one’s eyes and become more invested in the group, think only about unity, and nothing else.
From Twitter, 11/9/20

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Team Building Guide, Part 9

Laitman_524.01Principles of Forming a Team: Responsibility for Thoughts and Actions

Question: Eighth rule: you must be responsible for every word you say in the team and remember that our thoughts and actions affect the entire group.

In other words, frivolity harms most of all. It kills all attempts to build the correct connections and interferes with the team spirit.

How can a person control their thoughts?

Answer: Through preparation. Not at the time when thoughts are already appearing in you but in all previous states that determine these thoughts.

Question: There will still be conflicts and disruptions at the initial stages. What can we do if this happens? What types of punishment can we use?

Answer: None. In nothing and in no way. We just need to encourage people to behave differently.

Question: Let’s say that a person has somehow shown frivolity and criticism toward another. The other person was offended. What to do? The team is destroyed, they do not talk to each other.

Answer: On the contrary, we need to sit in a circle and discuss this problem. Resolve it in such a way that it only strengthens the connections between them. We must look at all such excesses as necessary ones during the building of a team.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/18/20

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Help The World: Unite

laitman_962.8Humanity is one big vessel, one soul, called Adam HaRishon. In order to be corrected, this vessel is split into two: Israel and the nations of the world. We cannot correct it all at once because there are some very deep layers that the light cannot reach right away.

All corrections start with the easier ones, progressing toward more difficult ones. Thus, the first to be corrected are the upper, lighter layers, as it is said about Israel that it is “small among the nations,” meaning that it has the lightest type of desire to enjoy. And in the nations of the world the desire is much heavier, which will appear when they start to awaken.

Each person that receives the awakening toward spirituality in our days is a part of the common soul called Israel (Yashar Kel), straight to the Creator. They must hurry with their correction because their main work consists of helping the other desires, the nations of the world.

Israel channels the light that reforms through itself, through its unity. Then the nations of the world awaken and begin their corrections, demanding more light from Israel until everyone unites into one soul, as it is written: “My house will be called the house of prayer for all nations.” Israel must correct itself in order to correct the whole of humanity.1

The people of ancient Babylon were called the “generation of discord.” This was the time when the common soul of Adam HaRishon was split into two: Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE) and Awzen Hotem Peh (AHP), into the head and the body of the desire, into Israel and the nations of the world. Babylonian society was divided into these two camps.

It is said that this was the generation that started humanity’s decline. Before that time, the egoistic desire, which needed correction, did not exist. Beginning with it, the part called Israel has an obligation to correct its egoistic desire into an altruistic one.

This was the generation of Abraham. Abraham is the force that divided humanity into two parts with the appeal: “Who is for the Creator—come join me!” And “Love will cover all crimes.”

Before that, the desire to enjoy was so small in people that all Babylonians intuitively felt what the correct behavior should be and naturally followed it. They spoke the same language and lived as one family.

But by the time of Abraham, the desire to enjoy grew, and they broke their old idols not knowing what to do about their egoism. It is said that Abraham defeated the idols, but in fact, it was an entire process taking place with all the people. They did not know how to keep on living, so part of the nation followed Nimrod with his egoistic method of correction, calling them to fulfill the American dream. And the other part followed Abraham, who called for them to become Israel, to aspire to the Creator.

To worship the Creator means to follow the force of connection. All commandments aim us at connection within the tens in order to become as a ten to one union, one group, one understanding. This is the essence, the meaning, and the purpose of commandments because we need to correct the broken vessel.2

From Adam to Abraham, humanity kept developing and its desire to enjoy grew. Inside a person, who was still an animal, human qualities began to emerge, i.e., egoism. He started separating himself from the rest of the people: his wife, children, his own house, possessions, work, property, trade.

Everyone felt more and more distanced from others until it came to the point that they began fighting among each other and believing in different idols, i.e., different forces. An idol is not just a mere statue that one bows down to; there is a deep internal philosophy that stands behind it. It is active in people to this day and we see that the world still has a great separation between all religions, each one worshiping its own symbol. This entire breakage began in ancient Babylon.

The desire to enjoy keeps growing step by step, causing certain consequences: Shoresh de Shoresh, Alef de Shoresh, Bet de Shoresh, Gimel de Shoresh, Dalet de Shoresh (0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0). The development on level zero has come to an end and level 1 has begun: 0-1, 1-1, 2-1, etc. So, the desire kept on growing until Galgalta ve Eynaim stopped developing and Abraham appeared as its consequence.

Abraham is the connection of Bina and Malchut. Thus, he can be the father to the nation, meaning to give Malchut the quality of Bina. Therefore, Abraham breaks the idols showing that it is Bina, the quality of bestowal, that should be worshiped instead of Malchut, reception. Bestowal becomes our God, and this is the whole difference between Abraham and Nimrod.

This was is ideological. There are only ten Sefirot, Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP, the relationship between the broken vessels and the work toward correction.3

Abraham was the first man who created the link between Bina and Malchut. He raised his Malchut to Bina in 40 years during which he started to attain the Creator, the quality of bestowal, Bina. This is how he created his methodology and started teaching it to others.4

It is said that “the world stands on three pillars: the Torah, spiritual work, and kindness.” The order is: Abraham—Isaac—Jacob. Abraham is Chesed, kindness, the light of Hassadim. This is the light that reforms, our preparation for work. The work is Isaac, Gevura, strength. Through this work we come to Jacob—Torah, Tifferet. This is the process we must go through.

The light comes, we work on our connection and reveal the Creator within our unity.

The “three pillars that the world stands on” are Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Abraham is Chesed, a man of kindness who exerted efforts in bringing people to kindness. Isaac is the pillar of work who put himself on the “sacrificial altar”; meaning, he sacrificed himself for the work, strength. The sacrificial altar refers to our desire to enjoy that we keep working on as we sacrifice it, wanting to change it to the desire to bestow.

Jacob is called “the man of the Torah.” Torah is the middle line that we arrive at through hard work on our egoism, with the force of Abraham, meaning, due to the work of Isaac, strength (overcoming). All the sufferings of Jacob represent the struggle with the evil inclination.

The order of the work:

1. We receive the force from above called Abraham.
2. We work hard on our desire to enjoy this force in order to organize it correctly—this is called the work of Isaac.
3. We then arrive at the middle line, the connection between the quality of the light, the intention to bestow, the quality of the desire, and they all merge into the middle line called Jacob.5

From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/15/20,” Israel’s Duty Toward Humanity”
1 Minute 0:20
2 Minute 7:30
3 Minute 13:00
4 Minute 19:00
5 Minute 23:40

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“Has There Ever Been A Holocaust In America? Do You Think It Could Ever Happen Here?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Has there ever been a Holocaust in America? Do you think it could ever happen here?

There has never been a Holocaust in America before. However, if we look at the accelerating increase of anti-Semitism crimes and threats in America in recent years, then a Holocaust in America is a definite possibility. Moreover, today’s America holds many striking similarities to Nazi Germany of the 1930s, which I detail in my recently released book, The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism.

Unprecedented Speed of Anti-Semitism’s Rise

The recent period around the turn the decade into 2020 has given us some very aggressive examples of anti-Semitic acts across New York and New Jersey.

In a letter dated December 29, 2019, of the New York State Senator, Simcha Felder, New York State Assemblyman, Simcha Eichenstein, and two New York City Councilmen, Chaim Deutsch and Kalman Yeger, addressed to New York City Governor, Andrew Cuomo, they described how:

“Anti-Semitic hate crimes have grown to frighteningly high numbers over the past several months. During the past several days in particular, identifiably Orthodox Jews in and around areas we represent have been targeted with a rash of violence unseen in modern history. Orthodox Jews are being regularly assaulted, menaced, stabbed and murdered in increasing numbers. This has been appropriately described as a ‘slow-rolling pogrom.’ We are writing to ask that you declare a state of emergency. … Simply stated, it is no longer safe to be identifiably Orthodox in the State of New York. We cannot shop, walk down a street, send our children to school, or even worship in peace.”

Moreover, former Democratic New York State Assemblyman and radio show host Dov Hikind mentioned that “If you were to ask Jews 20 years ago if a Holocaust could happen in America, you would get a uniform answer: ‘it’s impossible, not in America.’ Well, that’s not the case anymore. What will happen next?”

In the 2000s, I spoke about anti-Semitism in the US as a forthcoming problem, and was laughed at.

In the 2010s, when anti-Semitism began its exponential climb in the US and around the world, and started becoming acknowledged as a problem, I then talked about the next Holocaust taking place in the US.

Today, at the turn of the new decade, we can see how the awareness of the possibility of the next Holocaust taking place in America is coming to light.

Indeed then, as Dov Hikind asked, what is next?

The Fateful Shift from Division to Unity

The laws of nature are bringing human society to tighter connection, and the Jewish people, whether knowingly or unknowingly, host a method to make a key shift in realizing such connection positively—the ability to unite above all the fiery social division, as is written in the words, “love will cover all transgressions,” in order to pass such an ability to all people of the world, i.e., to be “a light unto the nations.”

Nature is demanding us to cease being a destructive and divisive force, and start becoming a positive and unified force.

If we fail to initiate the beginning of the Jewish people’s correction, by starting to implement unity above our differences, we will feel increasing pressures. The pressures would not only be in the US, but everywhere in the world, including the State of Israel where we could expect more and more sanctions and constraints. We would then continue strengthening our security until we would feel stuck in our little fortress with enemy forces surrounding us from all sides.

And if that would fail to prod us to unite, then we could expect such events as even an elimination of the State of Israel, and such disasters where, as Kabbalists have written, only a small group would remain to unite above our divisive drives.

“If the total ruin that they are destined to bring upon the world is still not evident to the world, they can wait for a third world war, or a fourth one … and the relics that remain after the ruin will have no other choice but to take upon themselves this work, where both individuals and nations will not work for themselves more than is necessary for their sustenance, while everything else they do will be for the good of others.” – Yehuda Ashlag, “The Writings of the Last Generation.”

The sooner we realize that our unity causes the unity of human society as a whole, and that by so doing, we will experience a wholly different positive, harmonious, peaceful and appreciative response from the world, then the sooner we can reverse the foreboding trend of anti-Semitism and find ourselves in a harmonious world. By uniting, we carry out our role in the world, and establish a newfound balance of forces between humanity and nature.

The First Step toward Unity

The first step toward unity is that we understand the need to save ourselves from destruction together with the need for adaptation with nature’s connecting tendency. If we do so, then we will see incredible phenomena unfold before our very eyes: a complete inversion of anti-Semitism to its opposite—a love and appreciation for the Jewish people who bring unity and light to the world. There would simply be no reason for anyone to hate Jews since people would know how to unite, and united people do not hate each other, nor the ones who teach and encourage their unity.

We need no long painful paths to reach such a state. By starting to think and act in a direction of the unity of all Jewish people right now, we can start pioneering an epic and historical positive transformation.

Unity Beyond Differences: How Is It Possible? – Talk With Shaul Magid

Shaul Magid, the Distinguished Fellow in Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College, meets Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman to discuss anti-Semitism and how Jews can serve as an example of unity to the world.

The Jews are blamed for separating and making themselves different from other nations. However, when they try to dissolve and even accept the cultural traditions of the nations of the world, they still remain different.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, this is caused by a special role that the Jewish people have to perform. Jews originated 3,800 ago as a collection of 70 nations of ancient Babylon, gathered by Abraham around the principles “love your neighbor as yourself” and “love covers all transgressions.” Therefore, we cannot count Jewish people as any other nation in a biological sense. Being Jewish means consciously uniting with others in order to create one united entity and let the upper force of love and bestowal enter it.

From this point, the direct task of Jews is to show a practical implementation of Abraham’s method today and induce connection, so in the end, we all reach, as it is written, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Isaiah, 56:7).

According to natural development, we are pushed to go to the final goal. Today, we can see it in a global crisis, penetrating all areas of our lives: wars, natural disasters, etc.—we cannot control it, and we don’t know how much more to come.

Kabbalah gives an opportunity to reach the final goal in a positive way. In order to do so, Jews need to reestablish and reveal to humanity the method of building positive human connections above their constantly growing egoistic nature. If they show an example of unity, then beyond all differences, races and religions, it will spread all over the globe, so the upper force of love and bestowal could enter the world and fill it with happiness.

Why Is Jewish Unity Fateful For Humanity? – Talk With Shaul Magid

Shaul Magid, the Distinguished Fellow in Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College, meets Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman to discuss anti-Semitism, and how establishing unity between Jews can prevent it.

We live in a shattered reality. Each smallest smart part of society, called human, lives only for a personal benefit, and has no opportunity to really understand or change anything.

The subconscious claim from the nations of the world on the Jews is that their misfortunes and suffering in life is caused by Jews. Kabbalah explains this sensation as a natural phenomenon.

From the time of the Jewish people’s birth under Abraham’s guidance 3,800 years ago, the Jews bear the method of building positive connections above the human ego. This method made them one entity and gave them a name – “Jews” (from “Yihud” – “united”).

Today, we face a global crisis, and since the world becomes more and more interconnected, this crisis will touch each area of human existence. The only way to avoid it is to correct human relations. From this point on, there is a need in Abraham’s method of connection, and the nations of the world already subconsciously demanding from Jews to implement it and share with everyone.

Therefore, the Jewish people must reunite. This is a need. If they do, the entire world will follow their example, if not – the new wave of anti-Semitism will overtake them.

What If Jews Built a Perfect Society?—Talk with Joshua Goldstein

Joshua Goldstein, Chairman of the US Division of Herut North America, meets with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman to discuss the dream society built by Jews.

How To Address The Urgency For Jews To Unite—Talk With Joshua Goldstein

Joshua Goldstein, Chairman of the US Division of Herut North America, meets with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman to discuss the dream society built by Jews.