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Rich And Poor

273.02Question: After reading your books, I realized that you are not a socialist and you are not going to take property from the rich. But why would the rich start to pay scholarships for 80% of the population for their studies?

Answer: Naturally, such a gesture on the part of the rich cannot be voluntary at first. But, like during the revolution, these things are dictated by necessity. One person cannot have a billion while another does not have enough money until the end of the week to feed his family. This is a clear imbalance. Therefore, it will be necessary to balance these relations.

At first, it is necessary to force our relationship to a completely different structure—what is “money – commodity – money”?

As a result, a law must be adopted according to which everyone will receive a certain quantity of funds necessary for him, sufficient for a dignified existence. This will be accompanied by a commitment to work for the community in accordance with the capabilities of the individual and at the same time receive training in proper parenting.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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Business According To The Laws Of Nature

962.5Question: In business, income is built on the fact that everyone is trying to use others to make the most for their own super-profits. Therefore, there is practically no place for an honest person in a business.
What should a business be like to confirm with the laws of nature?

Answer: A business should be absolutely reciprocal when both partners understand that they cannot do without each other. Therefore, the material business should not be built on the fact that they come together, begin to deceive and steal from each other, and then quickly scatter.

And spiritual business is based on the fact that we unite and eventually form something more. And this is something larger. And this is something from which society can get the maximum benefit, and we want to offer it to society.

Question: What advice would you give to people who want to comply with the laws of nature?

Answer: To invest as much as possible in new education or in nurturing a new society.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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Money Is The Equivalent Of Our Connection

600.02Question: Money is the language of communication between people. Will the world exist without money in the future?

Answer: No. The concept of money will remain, but not in the sense of dollars or other pieces of paper, but in the form of an exchange of services between us: me to you and you to me.

This is not material money, but support, reciprocity, and a good attitude to each other. Money, from the words “kesef, kesuf, lehasot,” means covering, when I cover my egoistic inner core and relate to the other through an altruistic covering.

In other words, money is what I can pay for my egoism so that it turns into the quality of bestowal and connection.

Question: So money is the equivalent of our connection, which consists in the fact that I want to egoistically use other people, but I make efforts on myself, and cover my desire to use another person with them?

Answer: Yes. This is your good attitude over the evil attitude and it is called “money.”

Question: So it turns out that there will be no paper money?

Answer: I think that material money will be credited to each person and deducted from his account for a long time to come. But gradually it will begin to be replaced by shared connections.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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What Determines The Transformation Of Society?

023Question: How did the consumer society appear? After all, the desire to consume was created in people artificially through advertising, mass media, etc.

While in the past exploiters paid people so that they could survive, now they purposely pay more so that they can wander in malls. Surely this was done on purpose.

Answer: This is how man’s egoism was used. Now it has taken on other forms. People have changed. Today you can do somewhat different metamorphoses with them.

Remark: If the rich of this world have created this consumer society, then they themselves must change it.

My Comment: Those capitalists are gone. They are already different too.

Remark: But people who have billions today can create a new society you are talking about if they see benefit for themselves.

My Comment: I think it will not come from them. I do not expect anything good from people who hold on to their wealth and power. They cannot change because they were created that way.

Remark: It is difficult to understand how the transformation of society can take place, if not from the levers that authorities and the rich have.

My Comment: It comes from the inside. A man himself changes and changes society. Look at the new generation, how it differs from the past one. It will take a few more years, and all this will change anyway.

Question: Do you think that the economy changes because a man’s internal needs change?

Answer: The virus will help us. It will speed up this process.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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If We Just Want to Live

115.06The world has already gone through all the preparatory stages: the ultra-right regimes and the ultra-left and came to complete confusion and misunderstanding. Nobody knows what to do next, and here the direct path is revealed.

During the history of mankind, on the path of evolution, we were figuring out where to go: to the left or to the right. But in the end, we see that nothing remains, we are at a dead-end in terms of all areas: ecology, human society, education, our whole life.

We tried all the methods and made sure that there is not a single method or program left with which to go forward. There is nothing that would attract from the front or push from behind. It is not clear what to do.

Here the method of the science of the wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed, explaining to us that we are in the so-called last generation precisely because we have already experienced all the paths. We tried to use our egoism on both the right and the left sides, everything in an egoistic form.

We are immersed in our egoism, and we can either receive in it or give. But both of these actions, produced within egoism, lead to destruction: in the case of receiving—as in Nazi Germany, and with giving—as in communist Russia. We have already completely exhausted these egoistic forms, both right and left. There is nothing else that remains.

Now we only need to rise up to the second floor, to the what is called faith above knowledge, to the power of bestowal, instead of the power of receiving. We have already squeezed out this power of reception to the last trying to find ways of development. There is no way to develop further in egoism. There is nothing more to do on this egoistic plane; all attempts will lead us to new destruction.

Even if we do nothing, we have already done so much bad for our planet that we will inevitably continue to slide lower and lower even without adding anything to the damage. There are several decades left and life on this Earth will be finished.

Human egoism can be corrected only by the method of Kabbalah with the help of the power received from above, which raises us above our egoism. This is how we build the right connection between people. In Germany they wanted to do it their own way, in Russia in their own way: some on the right side, others on the left. Both attempts resulted in destruction.

Now the question is: what to do? To rise to the spiritual level, above egoism, and start working for the sake of bestowal—only this way remains for humanity. To rise to the spiritual level means to do everything for the good of the people.

We can no longer use our egoism. All people must understand, feel, and draw conclusions from their lives that the use of egoism destroys us at the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels in the field of ecology, and at the human level in the sphere of society.

There is no other way out. If we simply want to live, then we can no longer swing either to the left or to the right, but must rise above our nature.
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/28/20, Bnei Baruch As a State of Transition

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To Change The Paradigm Of Life

202.0Question: Money is the equivalent of the value of goods and services. For the past 200 to 300 years, people have been fighting for equality, including in wages.

Yet, how can we talk about equality if we do not know the initial qualities of a person? After all, the amount of effort per hour of work for each person is different. Does it mean that there can be no economic equality?

Answer: It does not matter. We separate what a person should give to society from what one should receive from society, and we do not place any connection between them.

What I can give to society depends on the education I receive: I am ashamed to give less. What I receive from society depends on the fact that I am a person who exists in this world and I need to get a certain number of benefits, which I use and can exist and realize myself.

Today, the world has already come to the point where, if we wanted to, we could give this to practically everyone.

Question: How long will it take for a person to change the paradigm of their life?

Answer: This depends on the widespread dissemination of the correct education. If there is a society around that will do this and live like this, then people, especially the younger generation, will understand that this is the atmosphere we should exist in.

We will come to it as a result of education, from a sense of necessity, and not because we have to suppress ourselves.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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Loans And Credit—Non-Compliance With The Laws Of Nature

547.06Question: One of the types of economic relations is loans and credit, when one party receives money from the other and after some time has to return it with interest. Is this in accordance with the laws of nature or not?

Answer: No. Not in any case, any interest at all. Do you want to lend to someone else? Please help him, and he will help you later. You are not doing it to make money; you are doing it to help him.

We all live on the same small globe, and we must help each other. People who exchange objects or goods, from the result of their labor, should not pursue profit; it is just a natural exchange.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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Will People Lose Their Desire To Be Rich?

547.01Comment: The media is in the hands of wealthy people, and therefore they change public opinion. If today they sell household goods and services, in the future they will sell products and services of a social nature, and still profit from it.

My Response: Why do they need to profit? They will not feel any fulfillment from it. Well, what sort of necessary things can they purchase?

If we give them normal development, they will not enjoy these gains. Let’s say a person buys a castle. What will he do there? Walk around and catch ghosts?

Everything depends on the development of a person. If you give him the right upbringing, he will not have such needs. He will need normal communication in a normal society. Nothing else.

Question: But before we get to the stage of proper education someone has to start implementing this education. Who?

Answer: We, the Kabbalists.

Comment: But for now, all funds are in the hands of rich people. I don’t think they’ve lost their desire to be rich.

My Response: Never mind, gradually it will pass. This is unavoidable. This is the law of nature. According to the plan of nature, we must come to a state of complete harmonious connection with it, that is, to become an integral community.

Question: What is relative equality in society, and how to not come to equalization?

Answer: There should be no such equality in society as under the Soviet regime when everyone was driven to this happiness with a stick.

Question: Indeed, everyone has their own needs. How can this be determined?

Answer: You need to give a person what they need. And then he will reduce his needs to the necessary level due to the education he receives.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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The End Of The Era Of Consumption

961.1Question: The economy is a reflection of social relations between people. Therefore, the economic crisis can be called a crisis of our relations, a crisis of trust.

The modern economy is built on the premise of  “the most benefits with the least effort.” Thus, somebody’s gain turns into someone else’s loss.

In an integral world in which everyone is interconnected and initially unequal causes even greater inequality. Is it possible to change this formula somehow?

Answer: Only through education. Everything can change if we show and create conditions for people to work for the good of society even though it contradicts their nature. For the good of society!

And so, part of the payment for their work that they do not receive physically, they would receive morally. That is, society would reward people who work for the good of society with its special attitude toward them.

Remark: The current economy is based on a constant increase in consumption. Previously, workers and peasants were forced to work for 10 to 12 hours, and then their exploiters had an idea: “Why should they? Let them work 8 hours and we will pay them so that they go and buy.” This is how a consumer society in which people earn from each other appeared.

But this society is crumbling today. Something has happened, and if I do not buy from you and you do not buy from me, the economy will fall.

My Comment: Because the current economy is built not on producing the necessities, but on the earnings from each other, we have moved to a completely different level of communication: money—goods—money.

Question: What can serve as fuel or motivation for working in a society in which people stop buying and exchanging services?

Answer: They do not need them. They will instinctively, automatically stop buying because there is no point in buying what they already have. The world is filled with completely unnecessary goods.

Question: That is, only necessities will remain?

Answer: It depends on the education of people but, in principle, yes. And if not, then another virus will come. Nature will correct us. We will no longer be able to go on vacations to distant islands, fly around the world in airplanes, and travel.

We begin to somehow wean ourselves from this. A new generation with different needs is born. They do not want to run around the world like their parents did. They are not interested in traveling around the cities of the world, visiting temples, going sightseeing.

The young generation does not need this. I look at them and I am surprised at their inner calmness. When I visit various cities of the world, I sit down next to them on the steps of ancient buildings, talk to them, and I see that it does not matter to them at all who built those stones, those walls, who painted those paintings. And it is not that they do not know or do not want to know, it just does not fit their interests.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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Reasons For The End Of The Consumer Society

laitman_540Comment: Some economists claim that the consumer society is coming to its end. The first reason for it is lack of trust, which seriously inhibits trade and economic relations.

My Response: But this can be overcome.

Comment: The second reason is environmental pollution since we do not yet have enough technology to process all the waste that we produce.

My Response: Who cares about this? If there is enough technology, it will be possible to produce even more.

Comment: The third reason is limited natural resources.

My Response: Nobody is interested in this either. We will find them. Let us fly to the moon and bring them back from there.

Comment: The fourth reason is growing inequality between the poor and the rich. Even in the post-coronavirus period it can be seen that the rich are getting richer. And everyone has huge egoism, and people are unlikely to tolerate it.

My Response: Of course they will not. The rich will have to pay a certain percentage of their huge income to buffer the discontent of the poor.

Comment: The fifth reason is uncertainty. They say there is a term “wealth effect.” Even people who have money are afraid to spend it because of the uncertainty so the consumer economy is coming to its end.

My Response: There is nowhere to spend! Offer them something so that they can produce it and make money on it.

Comment: They are afraid to spend money because they do not know what will happen with employment tomorrow. There is no confidence in the future.

My Response: Then these people are not really rich. A rich person is the one who has practically unlimited possibilities to cover more than his vital needs.

Comment: The sixth reason is the development of technology, which will lead to an even greater division of rich and poor, and correspondingly, to unemployment.

My Response: Of course, since there is no consumption. Therefore, big wars periodically occur. But today they are very expensive, and no one knows how they will end.

In principle, once wars solved problems, but today they do not because there are no borders: go where you want, live where you want. You can buy any passport. Therefore, there are no objective reasons for wars. Only religious, ideological wars remain.

Question: The seventh reason is a change in man’s internal needs. In your opinion, is this the main reason?

Answer: Yes. It kills everything else. This is the end of the consumer economy.

Now the virus is destroying a huge industrial jet that has been driven by tourism and travel. Hotels around the world, planes, cruise liners, guides, and huge masses of goods associated with this industry, all this no longer exists and will not exist. People do not want to wander around the world. There is nothing to entice them.

Something will have to be done with thousands of unnecessary planes. Maybe take them somewhere to the desert. They say they can be kept well there. And what will come up there? A museum of our era? But you cannot get away from this. It is just over! We need to understand that we cannot build a new world with old tools.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 6/4/20

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