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Lie Down And Disconnect

281.02Question: The culture of “tang ping,” a passive lifestyle without stress and careerism, is gaining popularity among Chinese youth.
“Tang ping” means “lie down and switch off.” This is a salvation from the pressure of society, which pushes young people to look for work, to work hard and to build a career, as is customary in China.

The term “tan ping” was used by the author of a post who wrote that he has not worked for the last two years and does not see this as a problem. Instead of chasing success, he decided to just “lie down.”

Do you say that this is not always bad?

Answer: This is not bad. It is best to realize—What exactly do you want? For what? Why? And only after that, if it is really worth it for you and the world—so that you do not burn fuel, so that you do not pollute the air—carefully calculate what the meaning is of your work. Do you harm the environment, including still, vegetative, animate, and human nature, society, and so on?

And after that, do this work. Figure out: what can be the result of your work. Then you will see that maybe doing nothing is really the best thing to do for all mankind. And even the fact that you exist and consume some calories is not important. You are not causing damage.

Question: But how will I provide for my family?

Answer: We will provide for you. If we do not produce excess, but only what is necessary for all of us, for all of humanity, it will be enough for us to get off the couch and leave our phone, or even not leave it, for an hour a week—a week! And everything will be fine.

Question: Will there be something to eat and a roof to live under?

Answer: Absolutely everything will be there for you. Stop all these ships and steam locomotives that dart around the world and deliver all kinds of rubbish that no one needs. Only those who make money need these pieces of paper, and then they throw them into nowhere.

Question: When you say that a person should live as necessary, does this not mean an equalization, which we have already gone through some time ago?

Answer: Equalization is when it is being imposed on you. And I don’t care., I don’t compare myself with anyone. I am not afraid that I will have the same as my neighbor. I don’t look at the fact that I have the same furniture, the same food, the same clothing—it doesn’t matter.

Question: Why do I live so that I don’t watch others? What has changed in me?

Answer: Because I have my world, internality, that I live in. And therefore I do not feel that someone is suppressing me. On the contrary, they provide me with conditions. The environment, society, all of us together provide each other with conditions for internal development. And it doesn’t require calories.

Question: When such an understanding enters, will it automatically reduce everything to the necessary, and will the necessary be enough for me?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 6/10/21

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The Highest Form Of Competition Is Cooperation

544Question: In one treatise I came across a postulate: “The highest form of competition is cooperation.” Do you think it is viable for implementation?

Answer: This certainly is an amazing Kabbalistic idea because the competition takes place within a person. A person must rise above oneself, above one’s egoism, in order to connect with others into one common whole.

Then we will discover a great common force between us, which gives us completely new opportunities for implementation, for attainment. We will see a different space, different possibilities, because, for example, ten people connecting with each other feel like one common whole.

They psychologically have a completely different sense of their state, space, and interaction. They feel not as individuals, but as one. But all this is based on the opposition to egoism.

It turns out that at the bottom we have ten separate egoistic desires, and above them there is one general positive, altruistic desire. And with the help of this system, we begin to feel a completely different space.

We see nature as global and integral, in all its connections. Through space, we can see everything that connects all the parts of nature.

A person becomes completely different. A person is no longer some small individual egoistic particle, now a person has a different sensor of perception. Now one sees the world as one unified system. Naturally, he or she begins to study it and to find out for himself completely new laws of commutation, laws of governance.
From KabTV’s “Videoconference about the Science of Management”

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The Most Important Thing

961.1Question: Recently professional top managers, cool directors, if they want to leave the company and are looking for a job, prefer not to work somewhere in Google, in Silicon Valley, in Gazprom, they do not need large salaries. They want a quiet job. The leading request for the past six months is “traveling director” of an American brewery.

7,530 responses! He is given a van and travels around the country, tastes the beer of his company in different cities, and talks with residents: “How do you like our beer?” In Alaska, Hawaii. A huge number of requests! And precisely from such directors!

Answer: I want it too. What could be better? 🙂

Comment: In second place (7,408 applications) is the manager of the royal family’s palace in the Emirates. vice-presidents of banks, directors of successful start-ups apply here. They want to leave and take care of this family.

In third place is the “pizza-eater watching Netflix” position. He watches a movie and eats pizza.

For comparison, only 200, 300, or 400 requests come for the vacancy of a director in a good company, with a high salary, but here 7,000. That is, people are not looking for a job, but a dream. And although they have everything, they want to hug seals, taste wine, be professional sleepers, explore mattresses, and so on.

Please tell me what happened to humanity? Once we wanted to study, get degrees, become directors, make money!

My Response: Why?! The awareness of the uselessness of all these stresses.

People still go in for sports after all. They climb mountains, arrange some kinds of competition and so on. This will all pass too.

The most important question: Why?! It will kill everything. And humanity will calm down. What will happen? Nothing. Let’s just treat each other. Simple, that is, so as not to cause any negative feelings in anyone.

Calm! Just get your paycheck and spend the day the way you want. You will have enough time and desire to get used to this world and how to behave in it.

Question: That is, the request will disappear: more money, a bigger house, and a pool in the yard?

Answer: This will not happen. A person will begin to understand that he must live within his sensations, in movement toward a correct relationship with others, an inner movement. And then occupations, salary, nothing is important to him.

If I have such an attitude toward others, I feel that others have the same attitude toward me, this mutual network of forces, kind, between us I feel, I live in it. This is my job, and this is where I and everyone else exist.

We are only developing these mutual sensations of ours. Effortlessly. It should be effortless! This is how I treat others, and others treat me this way, and everything freezes. And only this feeling you perceive.

Question: And when you say: “Defeat our egoism. Rise above egoism“?

Answer: It’s all inside. Calmly only, calmly.

Question: Is this how calm it will be? I have the feeling all the time that a person must make great efforts.

Answer: No, no, nothing! On the contrary, everything. What for?! If we treat this correctly, then the upper light, which is in absolute rest, will do everything. Just don’t worry. Just don’t bother me. “The Creator will finish for me.” It’s that simple.

Question: Will there be no need for Harvard and Princeton Universities? No need to study, higher education, second or third degrees?

Answer: No, nothing is needed at all.

Comment: Humanity has built all this for so long.

My Response: This is in order to precisely identify your mistakes.

Question: Where will humanity end up?

Answer: With a calm inner mutual balance. And the connection between us will be revealed in it, complete, calmness. In the silence of these waters, we will come to see the Creator through them.

I welcome this movement, which is now beginning to emerge. In the Torah it was formulated thousands of years ago: “Sit down and do nothing, preferably.”

Do not do anything! Make it so that from the fact that you do nothing, you have everything. You will see that it is possible.

Question: That is, I will have what to eat, what to feed my family with?

Answer: To the extent that you need it, you will work. But it will not be work. It will be just an occupation.

Question: It is not that I go to work with agony, hate it and go?

Answer: You will not run and languish in traffic jams, nothing like that will happen.

Question: This thought will pass: What is enough for me is enough, but I do not need more.

Answer: It will happen gradually, but it will be fast.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/20/21

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What Will Change Billionaires?

961.1Question: The global luxury goods market, which encompasses both products and experiences—cruises, fine wines, gourmet food—has rapidly dropped for the first time in all countries around the world.

What will a person come to? He won’t need expensive cruises anymore or to travel all over the world?

Answer: This will go away.

Question: Exclusive, beautiful clothes, couturier?

Answer: It will also go away. No one needs it!

Question: Diamonds?

Answer: No one needs them! They’re useless these pieces of glass.

Question: And this is how it will all fall? To what state?

Answer: Until a person has no taste for all this at all. And he will think: “And what is the value of this life? Is there any value in it? Is there something I should gain, some results to finish it with?” And so on. And then the realization of evil will begin.

Question: Do you think that this is a fall to the end, to the bottom?

Answer: I hope so. According to Kabbalah, this is a descent to the bottom. There may be some more spikes. But I think it will all be over very quickly.

Question: And the bottom, is this the question about the meaning of life?

Answer: Yes, it extinguishes everything else, this question about the meaning of life. What do I care about diamonds, what do I care about houses? We will see these billionaires in the future, what they will do with their billions and everything else.

You can close your eyes and make a pink mist around you, as if you were in the previous life and so on, as it was before, or imagine something else. But in principle, when everything happens on Earth, as it does now, it affects even these billionaires through the air, and they also lose the desire for all sorts of jewelry and a life of luxury.

Even on a separate island with all the conditions, there will be not the same environment, not the same air, the wrong atmosphere—neither airy, nor moral, nor sensual, none. A person will have nothing to be proud of in relation to others: “Look who I am, what I am!”

And others look at him: “What do you have? What?!” “Look, here I have a house!” “So what, you’re going to tear yourself apart into 200 people and live in this house?”

“Here, I’m going somewhere!” And where to rush to? I live within myself, I feel satisfied with myself, nothing is needed! Now marijuana will enter the whole world, the world will be engaged in smoke to calm down, and that’s it. Why is all this necessary?

All this will be done perfectly.

Question: But is this also the period before the fall?

Answer: This is a period to calm down from one through the other and eventually come to a normal worldview.

Question: So what will they find the meaning of life in? What will they understand?

Answer: They will understand that the meaning of life is to experience an upper force, eternal and perfect. When we feel it, we become like it—all.

The upper force is kindness, it is the eternal good that fills the whole world. Eternal! And I have to reach its sensation and lose myself in this eternal good. I don’t disappear, I just become similar to it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/19/20

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Year 2021—The End Of The Era Of Slavery

294.2When the economy finally began to open up after a year of quarantine, a new phenomenon emerged: Enterprises are unable to recruit the necessary number of workers to resume production despite the high unemployment rate. It was assumed that those who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic would rush to look for any job opportunity, and there would be no problem with employees.

And yet, there is a huge shortage of labor, both in Israel and around the world. And this applies not only to low-paid, unskilled work, but also in high-tech, law offices, accounting. For this reason, offices have to work with a small staff and on a reduced schedule.

And the people who previously held these jobs are sitting at home, receiving a good allowance from the state in relation to the pandemic and are in no hurry to return to work. How can we explain this paradox, that with a huge level of unemployment, it is impossible to find workers?

There are not enough people who would like to work. Many have lost this desire. After all, they are not in danger of starvation or social pressure. When receiving state benefits, you can lie on the couch, read a newspaper or book, watch TV, or go to the beach with your family.

And in fact, there is nothing wrong with this, because it is said that sometimes “it is preferable to sit and do nothing.” The world is not made to overstrain at work. There are a lot of jobs that don’t do any good, so wouldn’t it be better to stay at home? At the very least, the environment will improve and pollution will decrease.

There is nothing unexpected in this, because of who the person is, the desire to enjoy, which adapts to the conditions that are pressing on him. If there’s no pressure on him, he won’t budge.

Previously, society adopted the attitude that it is impossible not to work: no work—no means of subsistence. Therefore, a person aspired to get a good profession in order to secure a living and feed his family and children. Today, everything is falling apart: There is no desire to start a family, have children, and there is no need to work.

And indeed, the goal is not to work more and more and enrich the owner, but to understand what we exist for. What is the use of working as an economist, who from morning to night is puzzling over how to twist the business so that the owner will evade paying taxes and earn a few more millions? And what is the use of technological progress, allowing us to produce more and more toys for ourselves and play?

It will be more useful if a person devotes this time to his family, children, and really develops himself by studying science, philosophy, Kabbalah, that is, spiritual development. He will study not the artificial world that he built for himself, but the natural world of nature, in which he lives. And so everything will calm down, there will be no pressure and problems, divorces.

Otherwise, we ourselves support the systems that keep a person in shackles.

If a person stays at home, he will have time and energy to think about the world and about the life of his family, his nation and the whole world in order to make it better. What useful results has the development of technology over the past hundred years led to, which has driven us into the grinder?

The pandemic has sobered humanity. People don’t want to work, don’t want to go back to work, to be the slaves of a handful of capitalists counting billions of dollars in profits. In order to exist in the world, a person does not have to work ten hours a day and spend another two hours in traffic jams.

Finally, we realized that we don’t have to work as slaves for Pharaoh, filling someone’s pockets. The era of slavery is over! We are free! Let’s think about what to do with our life. After all, thanks to modern technologies, which we have achieved with our hard work, it is enough to work a couple of hours a day and have everything you need for life.

What do we work for the rest of the time? To accumulate billions in some accounts. Let us see how we can turn all our modern possibilities into arranging a harmonious life for ourselves. How much do you need to work: a couple of hours a day, and not everyone, but mostly men.

And let’s see how many lawyers, economists, etc. we really need in a correct, reformed society. Apparently, much less than now. But we will need a lot more teachers, educators, and more women working with children. We need to invest more money in the care of the sick, the elderly, to restore order in our home.

We do not agree to return to slavery. We are ready to work only as needed in every position, in every enterprise, if it is really for the benefit of humanity and not just for profit. In the pursuit of profit, we have squeezed all the juices out of nature and out of ourselves, and have reached a total crisis.

Let’s review the whole order again and set it according to the need, with the benefit of the environment, the person, the family. We need a state program for raising a person, training courses for mothers and fathers to build proper, corrected families and all support systems so that each person is well and not one at the expense of another.

We have already invested enough in the development of technology, let’s now focus on culture, art, education, things that internally fill a person and not just feed him and dress him.

The process that we go through according to the program of nature is irreversible. And so we will inevitably move away from the hard work that we have been doing for the past hundred years. We have destroyed the environment and human beings, their opportunities to develop, and now we need to recognize this. And humanity is ready for this, in any part of the world, the terrible consequences of the technological and industrial race are manifested. It’s time to stop it, make a serious calculation and fix what is still possible to fix.

There is no other way for humanity. We need to understand why nature treats us in this way, what we need to do, how to behave, what new world we need to enter, and what new systems we need to build.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 5/25/21

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Work For All Mankind

582.03Comment: Today many countries are faced with the question of what to do with the impending mass unemployment. After all, this is a huge layer of people who will need to be supported.

My Response: There is already work for them: to learn how to gather themselves into one single collective, how to be satisfied with exactly what is necessary for existence in corporeality and in spirituality, to unite with each other in love your neighbor as yourself, and in this movement friend  to friend, to begin to comprehend the upper force.

So, there is work for all to unite. It is better if it is broken down into a large number of individuals. I believe that people need to do just that. Therefore, the most important thing is social work, which should be carried out with everyone.

Question: What benefit will the elite see from this work of the masses?

Answer: The elite, of course, must also reorganize. There will be many more problems until they, delirious with the desire for profit, power, comfort, supporting each other, creating the so-called “Hollywood,” and so on, do not pass the realization of the evil of their nature, the worthlessness of their existence.

I think that for this we need to show them that they are deceiving themselves. They not only distribute drugs to the masses, but, in principle, are themselves under the drug of wealth, power, and vanity fairs.

We need to shake them up with the fact that their life is temporary, worthless. Well, they will live 10 to 20 years longer than the rest, and then what? Rot? Here they are offered something completely different, to exchange their false freedom, power, and vanity for eternity and perfection.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st Century” 4/24/19

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Fashion Will Be Different

961.2Comment: In Germany, due to the extension of the lockdown, the clothing trade has almost completely stopped. Loss from sales during this entire winter period equals ten billion euros. Half a billion fashion items remain unsold. They must already be destroyed because they will no longer be relevant next year.

My Response: I do not think that fashion will change. I do not think that fashion will exist at all. Therefore, I would not recommend destroying them. Rags are rags. People will not chase after this, as they do not chase after what is available today. It is over.

Question: That is, a person will not follow the season of 2021, 2022 and will wear whatever is comfortable and cozy for him?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Realizing this, fashionable clothes at the fashion show in China were replaced with protective suits and visors against the coronavirus. High fashion on the catwalk is protective medical equipment and clothing for service personnel and for firefighters. It was the answer to the growing Chinese market.

My Response: Of course, they immediately realized that this is the way things should be.

Question: Who would you now send to the European catwalks?

Answer: I would demonstrate very practical clothes that do not hinder movements, are comfortable, wearable, and that is it, and not flashy.

Question: Do you think there may be a couturier and high fashion for very simple clothes?

Answer: Comfortable! Not simple maybe, but comfortable. I love jackets with many pockets, pants that fit comfortably and do not need to be ironed. Something very comfortable that does not hinder any movement. You can sit everywhere, do whatever you want, it does not get dirty. This is what needs to be invented, so that clothes do not get dirty. Even if I fall in a can of paint, I get out of there, take a shower, and it rinses off me even without soap.

This is how it should be! Let them invent! What happens, they deliberately invent things that quickly get dirty or break.

Question: That is, you are not even in favor of having a lot of clothes in a closet, but just necessary everyday things?

Answer: I think that if a person likes what he is wearing, then it makes no sense for him to change it. It is all just empty fashion that is imposed on him.

Question: And nothing will come back? That is, we approached simplicity?

Answer: Nothing will come back! The clearest direction is comfort. So that it does not repel others and is comfortable for you.

Comment: Beautiful and comfortable.

My Response: What does beautiful mean? To make people want to stroke you. Like silk, like wool—something very pleasant. This is how it should be. Clothes that complement a person’s image.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/18/21

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Freedom Is Restriction

273.02Question: Free trade, free market, is this good or bad?

Answer: But we see that it is not free. As long as our world is governed by rigid egoistic laws, nothing can be free.

We must regulate these laws so that we do not kill each other around the corner. Therefore, we must forcefully drive ourselves into some kind of network of mutual relations, restrictions, contracts.

The fact is that all contractual conditions that exist in society today come to us from the time of Ancient Rome and even from earlier times. We rely on them. Our laws are based on Roman law, Greek law, slogans of the French Revolution, etc. This all exists to this day and carries a limiting factor.

Freedom means restriction. But within the framework of these restrictions, a person feels free. From what? From the fact that no one will attack him, nothing bad will happen to him. That is, freedom is practically a set of laws that help us not kill each other and to coexist peacefully within these laws.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/29/19

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Bankers Will Disappear

629.4Question: Would bankers allow the banking system to be shut down even though it brings them profit?

Answer: Soon you will see how it will collapse. It is not about the bankers, it is only about us. If we strive for correction, for the purpose of creation, to rise above this small, greedy world, then the bankers will simply disappear.
From KabTV’s “Ask the Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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“The Grand Illusion Of The Great Reset” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Grand Illusion of The Great Reset

About a week ago, the World Economic Forum gathered in what is known as the Davos convention, although this year it was online. This year’s theme was The Great Reset, a grand plan to save the world, or as the forum describes it, “There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate … To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.”

The reset will not be a restart, but an installment of a new operating system. Instead of exhausting our energy climbing the social ladder, we will be energized every time we make new connections. Our hearts will open to each other, and as we strengthen our bonds, our efforts will reward us with even more vigor than we had spent building new ties, since the ties themselves will vitalize us, just as you never feel tired among good friends.

Many things are included in this plan, with the formal aim being, of course, to save the world economy. But in light of the growing distrust between the general public and the big tech, entrepreneurs, and money moguls who hold the keys to our economies, people are concerned about their future. They do not trust that these tycoons will have their independence, freedom, or even livelihood in mind.

Personally, I don’t believe that people will go hungry or that their property will be taken away in one form or another. Such a process cannot happen unless people want and embrace it, after a long and thorough educational process, and when they are confident that they will benefit from it. Otherwise, it will not work, just as it didn’t work in Soviet Russia.

It is not that I attribute any moral merit to the money moguls and world leaders at the Davos convention; it’s just that I think that the whole idea is impractical. Even a lower level of sharing, such as the European Market, has failed, so such initiatives don’t deserve a second thought. That is, its advocates will get a few billion dollars to draw their plans and implement them, but nothing will happen other than blowing away the money.

Covid-19, the official reason for initiating The Great Reset project, really has changed us, and will continue to change us. However, it will not change us the way Davos goers envision. I believe we will continue to have the basic needs of life as far as food and shelter go, but everything else will change. Money and power, which are now people’s highest aspirations, will lose their shine. Academic degrees, which people so cherished until very recently, will seem pointless to pursue. Humanity will go through profound reckoning and goals that people held high until the arrival of Covid will dim out and seem dull and pointless.

The reset will happen not in people’s material life, but in their hearts. They will have food, but life will be tasteless. Fashion, accessories, fancy cars and expensive houses, travel, sports events and restaurants, everything that defines what we call “good living” will taste like sand.

This is when the great reset will begin. When material life dims, spiritual life will begin to shine. And by spiritual life, I mean the life that exists between us, in our heart-to-heart connections. Only when the superficial loses its glitz, we will realize that we miss each other, that we want and need other people’s company and support. This is when we will begin to develop true relationships, true friendships, and a beautiful world will open for us.

The reset will not be a restart, but an installment of a new operating system. Instead of exhausting our energy climbing the social ladder, we will be energized every time we make new connections. Our hearts will open to each other, and as we strengthen our bonds, our efforts will reward us with even more vigor than we had spent building new ties, since the ties themselves will vitalize us, just as you never feel tired among good friends.

We shouldn’t fear the loss of old visions. They were illusions. The real life waits after we give up our false hopes. Only then, food will be abundant and life will be tasty.