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“Ground Thin By The Millstones”

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 7/12/20

With COVID-19 on one hand, and swarms of locusts on the other, nature seems to have served us a double whammy this year, and we’ve only gone through half of it. As though ground by millstones, nature has stripped humanity of its wealth. We knew we were exploiting nature; we knew we were destroying our own planet, and we knew that we have been abusive and exploitative toward each other. We knew, but we didn’t really do much to stop it, so nature tumbled civilization like a deck of cards.

Now, just over six months into the year, nothing is left standing but Amazon. But as jobs vanish, so will online retail, and we’ll be left with nothing but the basics.

And this is the whole purpose. Call it nature, call it God, or call it life; whatever the title, reality is teaching us that we must build a society that tends to everyone’s needs. There is enough food and water for everyone, and there will enough be in the future, too, but civilization will survive only if it sees that everyone has access to these basics.

We have built a civilization based on exploitation, where nations, races, religions, and rulers vie for hegemony, and the winner takes all. We justified our depravity by saying that nature’s way is the survival of the fittest. But we have misunderstood the concept. It is not those who are the most fit who survive; it is those who most fit into their environment. To fit into the environment means to contribute to it, strengthen it, enrich and sustain it, rather than exploit it. We didn’t only misunderstand; we completely reversed the meaning of the term “to fit.”

Now nature will force us to start over. It will leave nothing of the old economy, the capitalism we so idealized. Nature will teach us how to build a society based on caring, sharing, and tending to each other. It will teach us to treat strangers like family, to give of ourselves not because we must, or because we want others’ to be indebted to us. We will give because giving will feel like living, and taking will be an embarrassment. Once our self-entitlement is ground thin, a new humanity will rise.

“A Bailout Plan For A Country In Pain” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “A Bailout Plan for a Country in Pain

Look around, we need a bailout plan, and we need it fast. COVID-19 is winning on all fronts, the economy is crashing, anxiety is rising, and aggression is winning. But there are things we can do, if we have the guts, gumption, and grit.

If people stay home idly for more than a few months, they will begin to lose their ability to commit. Once they are in that state, it will be virtually impossible to train them and make them productive for society, and they will remain a weight on the back of society.

First, we need to free the world from the illusion that the coronavirus is a passing phase. It is here to stay. It may not remain the coronavirus that we know today, but its quelling impact on the capitalistic world we’ve known for generations will remain. So whether we like it or not, capitalism as we know it is over, and the sooner we get over the withdrawal phase, the better.

Next, the majority of the job market that we know today will not survive the transition. Anything that is not essential for regular human sustenance will fade, though perhaps not immediately, and the remaining occupations will shrink in size and volume to a fraction of what they are today. Alongside the demise of the old job market, a new scope of jobs will emerge. The New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman referred to them as jobs that “create more value with hearts and between hearts.”

These jobs will be occupations that deal exclusively with bringing people together, increasing mutual responsibility within communities, mutual care and concern, and a sense of accountability and affinity even among strangers. To engage residents in the process, another aspect of this new social work will deal with providing knowledge about the shift that the world is going through. The information will be given via courses that will explain the nature of the change we’re going through, why all of a sudden the economy came crashing down, why we must be responsible for one another like never before, the benefits of such a change of mind and change of heart, and what would happen had we kept going the way we did until the outbreak of COVID-19. The two kinds of training — for enhancing solidarity and providing knowledge — will run side by side and will keep people busy at least as many hours as they would be occupied had they kept working as before, perhaps minus transit time.

Third, the transition period between the capitalist era and the new era must be as short as possible. Human nature loves rest and becomes accustomed to it almost instantaneously. As a result, if people stay home idly for more than a few months, they will begin to lose their ability to commit. Once they are in that state, it will be virtually impossible to train them and make them productive for society, and they will remain a weight on the back of society.

Fourth, alongside the shift in the job market, society will transform its values from admiration of the powerful and narcissistic to esteem for the empowering and altruistic. This will not be a society that worships superheroes, but one that honors those who bring it together in solidarity.

Fifth, preparing the next generation for life in the new world will require changes in the approach to learning, teaching, communication between teachers and students, and between students and students. As in society, so at school, the most commended students will be those who excel in helping their peers work together. The idea isn’t a novel one; it’s been around for more than a decade. Perhaps the best expression of the practicality of collaborative learning is a quote that patent lawyer Lawrence Ebert J.D. found in an essay about high-school cheating: “In no industry is collaboration considered cheating. Only in school is this a problem. What are we teaching our kids?”

We have very little time to make the change. COVID-19 is pressing and old certainties are crumbling. Fringe groups have become mainstream and extremities the norm. If the bailout plan begins without delay, it can take us across the water to the other bank in relative calm and safety. If we let the current carry us where it is going, we will drown.

Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/12/20

Laitman_630.2Question: Humanity does not know the concept and the instrument called intention. Can the wisdom of Kabbalah help us begin to operate mutually and correctly by using our intentions, even with those who do not have the point in the heart?

Answer: Every individual has an intention. A person’s attitude when he cooperates with others is actually determined by his intentions. This is a crucial component in our mutual relations. But we need to learn how to build and how to use our intentions, because our compatibility with the general, integral, global nature actually depends on them.

Question: What should we expect, as to whether humanity will change as a result of the coronavirus?

Answer: Don’t worry about that. It is already starting to change and it will change even more. If it doesn’t, there will be another virus and then another. Nature will hit us until we change.

Question: We always give love to others, but it is sometimes painful. How can we balance our relations with those we don’t get along with, with those who cause us pain?

Answer: If you are in the right society where people understand each other, you need to lower yourself and to do everything so that others will want to be in good relations with you.

Comment: We see what is going on in the world today as the coronavirus is spreading, but people still engage in “games” such as marketing, commerce, and banking.

My Response: I think that if not this virus, then the next virus will wipe out all this, and so all the games of money will no longer exist. I am confident that this will happen. We will undergo such shocks in the near future, that this whole system of games, shares, coupons and so on will simply shrink, and will belong to the past.

Question: How does our beastly fear change to the fear of the Creator?

Answer: It is only when you know that everything that the Creator demands is good. Then the beastly fear gradually changes to spiritual fear.

Question: Which professions will be most in demand in the future society?

Answer: In the future society the profession that will be most in demand is educator, a person who educates others to mutually cooperate with each other. This is what we teach.

Question: The pressure and the tension as a result of the confinement are already felt. People have grown tired and are beginning to engage in causing harm and destruction. Why is that?

Answer: People’s nerves are growing weak, and there is nothing with which they can fill themselves.

They don’t want to engage in developing themselves and in understanding nature correctly and the right connections between them. This is the reason there is unrest and violations of the social order. A lot can happen when you lock people up in one place.

Question: Can the ten be family members?

Answer: Preferably not.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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On The Threshold Of A New Formation: “Integral Society” Part 2

laitman_566.02Nature requires human society to be reorganized according to the principles of integration and rapprochement [establishment of harmonious relations] of people with each other. How will this affect the world of entrepreneurship? As a result, everyone should join in one common business around the globe as one humanity.

More than fifty years ago, we started talking about the butterfly effect, about universal dependence in a global integrated system. Fifty years ago, we did not want to make this change out of awareness and good will, and now we will have to do it involuntarily. We don’t want it and we don’t agree, but we have no choice. We will have to build unified public state economic and industrial systems in all sectors and all countries together.

The question arises: what practical steps should each business owner take to adapt it to the new integral law? The main problem is not how to execute the law, but who executes it. We should start by teaching all employees new relationships, connections, with each other as a single system, at least in the minimal way possible.

It is clear that integration is a multi-stage process, but it must begin. Therefore, we need to organize training courses for employees of each business. Everyone should know what the law of integration includes, where it comes from, what it requires of us, and why we are obliged to comply with it. Its implementation guarantees us great gains and success in general and in particular, that is, each in their personal life, and collectively in society and the whole world.

Those who can adapt themselves to the law of integration will be more successful in all the activities of this world. Gradually, everyone will have to come to this sooner or later.

Employees must understand that they depend on each other and are connected because they are in the same system. The success of an organization depends on how close employees are to reciprocating each other. This is understood even today, and much is being done to strengthen relationships in a team. But the main difference is that now this is done in order to increase one’s ability to compete, stomp on the opponent, and take his place.

In the integral world, we initially build such systems of relationships that everyone strives to be together, wants to help, and opens themselves to others. This approach guarantees their future success.

This is to the extent that if I see that another factory that produces the same product has managed to make it cheaper and better, then I shut down my entire manufacturing in order to help the competing company and the whole of humanity achieve the best results. I am guided by only one criterion: the benefit of humanity, the benefit of the consumer.

After all, why would I produce the same product and try to beat a competitor with all sorts of dirty ploys? I’d rather let the whole world enjoy the best product. I think about the benefits of the consumer, the benefits of the world, and in this I see my profit.

This is a real revolution, because until today, the business owner thought about how to break everyone and remain alone without competitors. And now, in order to succeed, he must take into account the law of integration, which turns around his way of thinking and forces him to care about the good of the consumer, the good of humanity. The concept of business changes radically.

I run my own business and know what is happening around the world in this field, I see who is producing the same product. We always give in to the one who is more successful and try to support and strengthen him. I act in the interest of the consumer, in the interest of the advancement of humanity, not in the interest of my personal pocket.

I can give my equipment to a competitor and help them in every way in order for them to succeed. And likewise in everything. This breaks the law of competition. Competition remains, but in a different form: whoever is better is whom we elevate. And all the others are included in him or disappear from the market altogether.

Businesspeople are always interested in the business perspective, that is, the answer to the question of what will be in demand tomorrow. What is most in demand in business right now is to sort out all the products produced by humanity, and remove everything that is not urgently needed. Closing unnecessary businesses is the most successful business.

The success of a business depends on good relationships between employees, not on equipment and skills. Professional training will take a back seat, giving way to human relationships. Within the relationships between people, we will begin to understand, feel, and discover how to do business more successfully. After all, success is determined only by our connections with each other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” 6/22/20

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What To Focus Your Thoughts On

laitman_202.0Question: What is it worth focusing on in a world of uncertainty, even in terms of work and family?

Answer: First of all, you need to learn how to make money from things you and other people need. It may not be such a high-profile job, but people need you. They need the results of your work.

Secondly, we need a family, a home, a job to provide for our family. However, in addition to the absolutely necessary things, we must think only about spiritual development, about how to begin feeling the world the way it really is and not distorted as it is in our egoistic qualities. And then it will become a completely different world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/17/20

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“Heart Jobs — The Jobs Of The Future” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Heart Jobs — the Jobs of the Future

Back in 2012, ARI Institute, of which I am the founder, published the book The Benefits of the New Economy: Resolving the global economic crisis through mutual guarantee. The book outlined a futuristic job market where few people work and provide for the needs of the rest of humanity, while all other people are occupied in “heart-jobs,” connecting their hearts and creating a social environment of mutual responsibility and care. A few years later, the idea began to take hold as governments began to toy with the notion of Universal Basic Income (UBI) which stipulates that governments guarantee people’s basic livelihoods. Journalist Thomas Friedman grasped the idea more clearly in 2017 when he wrote that in the future, people will have to “create more value with hearts and between hearts.” In an interview with the British Council, Friedman said, “We used to work with our hands. Machines replaced that but we started to work with our heads instead in a knowledge economy. …Next I think we’re going to work more with our hearts.” He was right; machines will do the rest.

The social benefits from such jobs are obvious: solidarity, absence of crime and violence, enhanced mental and emotional resilience, and a general sensation of contentment with life. But there is another major benefit that this occupation will present: personal realization of aspirations.

A Future of Zero Unemployment and Absolute Satisfaction

When it comes to working with the heart, there is no such thing as unemployment. Everyone can and must contribute. We need to understand that the world is going through a major shift. People are developing a new and fresh approach to reality, even if they’re not yet aware of it. The “jobs” we’ll have in the emerging reality will require working with our thoughts about each other, our social connections, and our desires, while machines do the physical and “intellectual” work.

The “jobs” we’ll have in the future will require our internal powers. Until today, we have employed only one natural force — the egoistic force that strives to benefit the self at the expense of others. But the world has come to a point where we cannot keep using only that force since it is pushing human society and the whole planet into a chasm of unbridled selfishness.

Unlike humans, nature is balanced, with two forces that operate in it — a positive, giving force alongside a negative, receiving force. Now, we too must tap into the positive force and activate it if we want to restore balance in our world. Just as our will power, our passions and desires pushed us to great achievements for ourselves, now they will push us to achieve great things for all of reality, and especially for human society. We will still work with our desires, with our will power, but that desire will work in the opposite direction than the one we have utilized thus far; it will work toward uniting people together in a bond of care and affection, warmth, and love, above all the contrasts in human society.

It’s not as if we haven’t been using the positive force altogether. We have, but only on a very basic, biological level, to keep our bodies healthy. But when it comes to our social lives, we lean far too much toward self-centeredness, to the point that throws human society off balance and evokes the clashes and conflicts we are seeing today.

So now that more and more people have ample free time, we must begin to overhaul society. People’s basic sustenance must be secured, either via monetary benefits or stamps or delivery of goods to everyone, while their time is filled with social activities that enhance the giving force within them.

The new “job” will require everyone’s participation. Since it concerns reshaping all of society, everyone will partake in the transformation: men, women, those with “regular” jobs, and those without.

The social benefits from such jobs are obvious: solidarity, absence of crime and violence, enhanced mental and emotional resilience, and a general sensation of contentment with life. But there is another major benefit that this occupation will present: personal realization of aspirations. Since people will contribute their skills and energy to benefit the society, the society will have a vested interest in the personal fulfillment of people’s dreams. If, for instance, a person dreams of being a great scientist, is it not in the interest of society to help realize that person’s dream? What about a great leader, athlete, or anything that one may want to do? As long as one uses one’s talents to benefit the society, the society will have a vested interest in realizing those ambitions. And the best part about it is that once a person achieves one’s goal, he or she will discover that the greatest joy is not in completing the feat, but that completing it makes other people happy. This will be the utmost confirmation that one’s goal has been worthy, and nothing is more rewarding than to know that one’s goal in life has been a worthy one, and has made a lasting, memorable impression on humanity.

There will be labor pangs along the way to this ideal society, but it is already within reach. The sooner we begin to work on building it, the sooner it will become our reality. The necessity to leave the ego-based existence is already evident; now it is up to us to determine how long it will take to build a balanced world of mutual care and solidarity.

On The Threshold Of A New Formation: “Integral Society” Part 1

laitman_592.01The coronavirus turned our whole life upside down, instantly stopping production. As if someone had turned off a switch and stopped a mechanism that worked according to certain laws, according to a certain routine and familiar patterns.

Suddenly, all this stopped and humanity entered a new era, leaving businessmen in complete confusion and uncertainty about what will happen next.

It seems that every day the laws of the new world, which the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, began to manifest themselves more and more. They should replace the old world we still exist in with our egoistic psychology. It is clear that something completely new is being born that obliges us to change our attitude to life, to work, to family, to ourselves, and to the world.

Further, all depends on whether we will be stubborn like naughty children who do not want to listen to their parents, and therefore will be forced to learn the laws of the new world that nature teaches us by the stick. Let us hope that we will be able to explain to all of humanity that we are witnessing a change in social structure right before our eyes.

Throughout our history, we have gone through many formations: the primitive communal system, slavery, feudalism, and capitalism. And now we are entering a new formation, which is completely different from all previous ones because it is based on a fundamentally new relationships between people.

All of us will have to get closer to each other, understand that we live in an integral world, and that we are obliged to bring human society in line with this integral world; that is, we must build an integral society. Only in this form can we survive in modern conditions and move to a new stage quickly, easily, and pleasantly, with understanding and awareness.

Otherwise, nature will have to urge us on with blows, third and fourth world wars, and terrible sufferings, about which the prophets wrote that “merciful mothers will eat their babies.” In other words, a person will completely lose his human appearance when passing from one formation to another.

We are at a transition stage, from the principles that have been nurtured in humanity for many generations to completely new laws that will now have to be implemented in production. But to do this, first people need to change, not just businesses. In order to organize a new production sphere that operates under different laws, it is necessary to change the businessmen themselves so that they know how to do it.

First of all, businesspeople and company owners must agree with the need for change in themselves, recognize that they live in a new time that requires them to make qualitative changes. No matter what kind of change it is, I know that I must accept it, no matter what, because without it there will be no life for me, my family, or the whole world.

And although I do not like or want these changes that break my old habits, I know that this is the call of the time. First of all, there must be an agreement to change, that is where it all starts. This is called the point of recognition of evil. Everything that was before is no longer good, and therefore is called evil.

And it is possible that it was very good for the time being but no longer corresponds to today’s principles, and therefore is considered evil. Whether I want it or not, I must give it up and enter a new life, a new format.

Entrepreneurs will have to realize that the demand for change comes from nature. It is important to understand that this is not the machinations of banks, law enforcement agencies, or scientists-virologists, but comes from nature itself, and therefore, we can only bow our heads and accept it as sent from above. Nature is above us, and we have no choice but to study this phenomenon and accept the changes.

We need to see where nature leads us in our development. Kabbalah explains that nature leads us to integration, to the integral world, because this is the main, fundamental law of nature, which is all one. One force governs the whole of reality. The entire universe is governed by this force, and man must also be included in this force.

If we do not want it but still oblige ourselves to bow before this one force, then we make the best possible change in ourselves.

After all, from this contradiction: “against” and “for,” from our disagreement and readiness to step over it, we begin to understand what nature wants from us, by what principles it exists and realizes the entire reality, and how everyone can join into this reality with all its forces, at will, in order to swim in one common stream, along the flow of the entire universe toward the future.
From KabTV’s “A New Life,” 6/22/20

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The Most Important Professions

273.02Remark: The time of the epidemic brought forward people of low-ranking professions, like drivers, nurses, deliverymen, and cashiers. Now the important person is the one who delivers to the door, connecting us.

97% are household assistants, medical caretaking personnel, nurses, midwives, salesmen, and so on. That is, in the last 30 years everything was the other way around. A person with a diploma, with three degrees, with a PhD, a doctoral dissertation, and a professorship were considered quite necessary and important people.

And suddenly now the necessary, simple professions came to the forefront.

My Comment: Nature itself, our society, will allocate the necessary professions both in quantity and quality. Unnecessary universities, professions, and everything else will be closed.

However, there are a large number of professions that we need and value their qualifications.

We need to build houses; we need engineers, technicians, and technologists. We must produce cars and everything but not overburden ourselves with excesses. In anything!

This is the most important thing that the virus must do in us. It should give a person a sense of sufficiency, saturation, and fulfillment. We must evaluate everything as to how necessary it is.

Everything will be aimed at optimization. The main law of nature is that the interaction between its parts is integral, mutually complementary, correct, and accurate when you do everything that is necessary for the other, and the other does what is necessary for you, and thus you are merged.

Question: Who do you call a scientist in such a world?

Answer: A scientist is someone who understands this principle of the integrality of nature and can apply it, at least in some of the fields, and perhaps in everything.

The most important thing is to understand the principle of the integrality of nature, when everything that is done is necessary in order to complete it to integrality, to the circle, to the sphere.

This is how we must participate in it. We should only complete it. For example, is such and such profession needed anywhere, and if yes, in what quantity, in what quality, in what perspective, and so on. And if not, then we remove it.

Any profession, anything can be necessary. I approach it from the point of view that I do not understand anything about it, but let’s try to figure it out. This requires a really thoughtful, correct relationship between people when they look from the point of view of the correctness of their connection into a single society.

Question: What will be the most important professions?

Answer: The most important professions are those that teach the correct interaction of people with each other in their optimal, not excessive, complementation of each other.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 4/13/20

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“Capitalism Is Over, What’s Next?” (Medium)

Medium published my new article “Capitalism Is Over, What’s Next?

It has been dying for a long time but we didn’t know it. We thought we were practicing it; we thought it was the most advanced economic system humankind has ever conceived, while in fact, it has long been kaput, or as Webster’s Dictionary defines it, “utterly finished, defeated, destroyed, unable to function.” Indeed, capitalism has been destroyed by the very force on which it intended to capitalize: the human ego.

We must develop a more inclusive thinking where we calculate our actions according to the benefit of our communities, cities, countries, and eventually the world, instead of only our own.

When it first dawned on humanity, capitalism was the right thing at the right time. It facilitated progress, healthy competition, and in many cases, a chance to build a good life based on one’s willingness to work hard. But for the past several decades, the link between labor and income has been shattered and crushed, replaced by financial wizardry and exploitation of financial power for political gain, and vice-versa. And just to demonstrate the disconnect, ask yourself this: If every industry and every service in the country is breaking record lows right now, how come Wall Street is breaking record highs? This is what a shattered link between labor and income looks like. Very few gain from it.

Now, thanks to the coronavirus, it is becoming evident that capitalism has run its course. I believe that the tide in stocks we have seen after the initial drop when COVID-19 first struck is the Swan Song of capitalism. Like the sudden apparent recovery of a dying man before the final collapse, Wall Street is currently celebrating. But it will be short lived. Very soon, it will begin its final decline. It may be a longer process or a shorter one, but either way, capitalism has run its course.

To me, the more troubling question is “What’s next?” Because if we are not careful, the signs are pointing to a new dark era. Radical forces are becoming increasingly brazen and seek to overthrow democracy and capitalism, and install totalitarianism. It may take the form of communism, fascism, or Nazism, but whichever it is, it will not benefit the regular folk.

Yet, this will happen only if we stay idle. It is evident to everyone that the world today is an integral system whose parts are all interconnected. Everything that each of us does affects all of humanity. In such a system, caring only for ourselves is a prerogative we cannot afford. We must develop a more inclusive thinking where we calculate our actions according to the benefit of our communities, cities, countries, and eventually the world, instead of only our own. If we are aware of this then we have no excuse to sit by and let events develop on their own. We need to spread the word that we are all responsible for one another.

The violent struggles we are seeing now are counterproductive to the cause of mutual responsibility since they only increase hatred and separation. Being interconnected and interdependent means we care for one another. And just as I wouldn’t act violently toward a member of my family with whom I disagree, so I must avoid violence toward others, on whom I rely, even if I do not like them for whatever reason.

I am not endorsing socialism, and certainly not communism of any sort. Nor do I have a particular political affiliation. My interest is the well-being of humanity. Accordingly, I am endorsing caring, mutual consideration, and mutual responsibility.

The resulting economic system after the demise of capitalism will be something we have never tried before, since we have never cared for one another unless they were family (and even then, not always). There is no clear outline to this new economy, since we have yet to begin to care for one another, but as soon as we start caring, we will know what we should do.

It is a bit like a first time mother. Until she has her first child, she has no idea how to be a mother. But as soon as the child is born, she suddenly knows. She feels what she should do because her love guides her motherhood.

The same is true for a society that is based on caring. Until we begin to build it, we will not know what it should be like. But once we take our first step, the knowledge will come through our care for one another.

It is possible, and it is urgent. If we wait, the radical, totalitarian forces will gain too much traction and set society off on the complete opposite track.

Coronavirus: Time For Change

laitman_627.1As expected, the coronavirus will stay with us for a long time.

Many countries, seeing a decline in the number of cases, began to relax restrictions and remove quarantines. But as soon as this happened, a new wave of illnesses immediately arose.

There are many examples of this: the United States, Russia, France, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Germany, South Korea, and many others. Wherever the economy opens, the virus returns.

We need to prepare for the fact that we will have to live with the coronavirus for years, and therefore, we need to rebuild the economy accordingly. First of all, we need to find out which industries are absolutely necessary for life since we must provide food for all.

But 20% of the working population is enough for this, and the rest do not need to work. There is no need for designer clothes, expensive cars, or travel. The world should return to a normal modest life as it was before the 20th century, before the explosion of consumption and the development of many industries that are not necessary. If we don’t do it, then nature, the virus, will do it for us, and we will pay a much higher price for it, both in terms of money and in human lives.

80% of jobs will be ended one way or another, the only difference is whether it will be a spontaneous process, accompanied by huge losses, or we decide in advance that we are starting to reduce unnecessary production.

We see that people have stopped using and buying luxury or fashionable things that used to cost a lot of money, but were not necessities.

It’s okay if these businesses remain closed for a few months; still no one is buying anything. So why try to resuscitate them artificially? I’m sure people won’t rush into jewelry stores right now, even if they open them.

The state is trying to compensate everyone for their losses, but in a few months the money will run out, and then what will we do? Therefore, it is better to do the research now and understand that this is not a temporary problem, but a new form of life for a new society, a new family, a new state. It should not be like now when all sorts of interested circles put pressure on the state, and it opens the treasury to them and hands out money.

If we pay for the jewelry stores losses today, tomorrow there will be no money left to feed the hungry, which will be 50, 60, or 70% of the entire population. Now the main thing is to mobilize all forces and funds to provide everyone with the necessary food.

Water, electricity, gas, and food must all be completely accessible. Then you can think about clothing for those who need it. Open free public kindergartens and schools instead of paying for the jewelry stores that lost customers. Otherwise, we will empty the treasury in a few months, and that would be the end.

We also need a program that helps young families buy housing at an affordable price. It is necessary to build housing for ordinary citizens, and not speculate in apartments and land. This must be a real revolution, and it will happen anyway. The only difference is whether it will happen gradually, according to a well-thought-out scientific plan, or under the onslaught of an angry crowd that went out into the street to destroy everything around and establish a new order.

There have been no planned revolutions in history that were carried out on the recommendation of scientific experts. But now we see that there is no way out and we need to do something because it is obvious that if not 80%, then 40% will probably be out of work.

Those who will remain working must be provided with safe conditions so that they do not infect each other with the virus. After all, they are our breadwinners. The rest of us will stay at home and learn how to live in the new society. This new life is now years ahead, and we need to get used to the fact that we are not working, but learning. Study will be work.

This is an inevitability that we will have to accept, whether we like it or not—the coronavirus will bind us to it. We need to explain to people where this is coming from and why human society must undergo such changes, metamorphoses.

Humanity is changing and growing. We have already gone through a lot of changes and social formations in our history, and now it is time for such a change, which has not yet happened. And we must actively participate in it ourselves.

Before, formations were replaced spontaneously, because the time had come, from slavery to feudalism, then to capitalism. And now we are moving to the next stage, ceasing to live for the sake of earning, and starting to live for the sake of building a new person. This is a big revolution, because we are egoists and used to living by earning from each other. Now we will have to live to help each other—and this is a radical change.
From KabTV’s “Global Perspectives,” 5/14/20

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