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We Will Reach Love But Only Through Hunger

294.2Question: The number of people suffering from hunger has increased in the world. There are more than eight hundred million of them. The number of people dying of hunger has increased six fold. Researchers claim the reason for it is due to climate change and constant conflicts. The world will starve if this continues. They say that a great famine is possible.

Do you think it is possible that it will come to this in our world of abundance?

Answer: There is no abundance in the world. It just seems to you that there is. Everything can be emptied in one day. All these big supermarkets, malls, whatever you see, everything can disappear in an instant and there will be nothing in the world, not even what to wear, let alone to eat.

Question: That is, one little fright and everything will be sold out and will disappear in a blink of an eye? Do you think this option is possible?

Answer: Yes. I believe this will happen. Otherwise, humanity cannot be convinced.

Question: That is, it is not for nothing that it is written in the Torah that only hunger advanced humanity? Does it still work this way?

Answer: So it is said: “Love and hunger rule the world.” And it will be so. We will reach love but only through hunger.

Question: If love had been reached earlier, then there would have been no hunger?

Answer: This is true. But with hunger people will grasp that hunger is a not the problem but the lack of love, and then this will change.

Question: Pease tell me what will this hunger lead us to if there is one?

Answer: We will start to seriously analyze the problems of life, or rather our own problems, and simply ask the question: “What do we need to change in ourselves in order for nature to treat us differently?”

For this to happen, we need to change our attitude toward others. Then nature will treat us differently. That is, if I love others and try to block my ever-growing egoism with some kind of empathy, then nature will treat me differently. I have to show nature that I want it to change its attitude toward me.

Question: Is it enough that I understand why nature puts such pressure on me and that I want to change? Is my request “I want to change” enough?

Answer: Of course.

Comment: We can avoid coming to this and must say: “I want it.”

My Response: You cannot change yourself. Not in any way! But you can realize that you must change. And you can also realize that it depends on your request to nature. We will achieve this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/5/21

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By 2030?

626Comment: Some project that by 2030 people will not own anything and will rent everything they want: goods, services, housing, cars, almost everything. Much will be provided by subscription.

It sounds kind of strange. We always wanted a garden, a vegetable patch, a house to pass on to our children, so that something would be mine, permanent. And suddenly they forecast that all this will slowly die off. This is how humanity will live.

My Response: In order for this to happen by 2030, it is necessary for a lot of things to happen in advance. There is a lot of realization in private property, in work, in the connection between people – in all this. In relation to the family, to children, to the country. All these natural connections of people between themselves: the community, the country, the town, everything there is!

We do not even imagine that all this still lives in us. We give it all away and transfer it from ourselves for the benefit of society, in doing that I transfer myself for the benefit of society.

Comment: And I would live just leasing, I would rent everything.

My Response: It’s not about renting. The fact is that at the same time I shift, I give my future into someone else’s hands. Do they have to be strangers? Or should they be like a child in its mother’s arms? This is a huge difference!

I can’t believe that it will be by 2030.

Question: But do you think that you really need to somehow cut yourself off from egoism?

Answer: The fact that you need to cut yourself off is certain. The fact that people will want to cut  it off from themselves through suffering or by the way of the upper light is also surely certain.

When? Sooner or later it will happen. The trend is there, it is planned, it has existed since the creation of the world and it cannot be changed in any way. It is this tendency that leads this whole world in a certain direction.

Comment: Which means, I give up my personal property that I acquired and transfer it to the kind, warm hands of my friends, the country that takes care of me, and I live renting, and I rent everything. No one cheats me, and so on.

My Response: It will be, absolutely! We are getting closer to this every day, but not at this pace.

But if there are already those who say this… they have always said it…the very first societies were communist.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/22/21

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Why Do We Continue To Throw Away Food?

268.02Comment: The number of starving people in the world is increasing. You even said that there would be a famine. You even added: “A big one!”
At the same time, people throw away 15% or even more of the food they buy. Restaurants and retail chains throw away hundreds of tons of food.

The UN Secretary-General declared that “Food loss and waste is an ethical outrage” (UN News). There are many such statements.

When will we be able to do more than just make statements? What if we do this, for example, if you throw something away, you will pay 20 times more for it?

My Response: What good would this do?

Question: Can we educate people this way?

Answer: It does not matter. We all pay a lot of money for this anyway.

Question: Then what will help? Making statements will not help for sure.

Answer: The heart. If a person does not have it, nothing will help. And we do not have it. I do not think about others. I do not care about them. I open the refrigerator and take what I need. What I no longer need, do not want, is superfluous or spoiled, I throw away.

I cannot buy just enough so that I finish it all. Of course, food is thrown away. We can see by the amount of garbage. It is a terrible thing! The fact that somewhere people do not have enough food means that there is no communication between people. Therefore, there is surplus here and shortage there.

Question: Is it possible to think about others when I am buying something?

Answer: If you think about others, then you will buy only what you need and no one in the world will starve at all, even simply from your approach to the world in this way.

Question: What does it mean to think about others? What should I be thinking at this moment?

Answer: About making everyone feel good. Just as you are now buying food for yourself in a grocery store and filling your refrigerator, you also want to desire that all people in the world have such conditions.

Comment: You are talking about special people.

My Response: This is not about being special. We will be forced. I am not worried about this at all. We have already entered such a stage that if not now, then in two or three years you will see what will happen.

Comment: Let it force us already! At least it is humane.

My Response: No. Nature must seriously educate us. It takes time.

Question: Do you mean that I will not be able to train myself for this? Must I be forced?

Answer: You are not forcing yourself now, you are not searching. You will get up after this program and go to fill your stomach without thinking about Bangladesh.

Comment: Frankly speaking, yes.

My Response: It means that we need such a connection where I will feel internally that I need this,  that we will all save some 10% of everything we have for other countries. We will reach a state when there will be no rich people. How many billionaires are there in the world? How many new billionaires do we have because of this pandemic?

Comment: Yes. Some became much richer. And others became much poorer. The gap between the poor and the rich has increased.

My Response: Yes. I hope that we will sort this out, but not by revolutions or coups but by elevating our consciousness and awareness.

Question: Does this information that there is hunger, that there are many hungry people somewhere come to me on purpose? Am I slowly being prepared for this evolution, for this transition you are talking about?

Answer: Yes.

Question: So I will not be able to live normally if people are starving somewhere?

Answer: Eventually, of course! You will be feeling their hunger, their condition, more strongly than your own.

Question: And then I will not be able to sleep peacefully?

Answer: By no means.

Question: Then will I put this 10% exactly there and I will not be able to eat without doing it?

Answer: No. You will see to it that it reaches them. Like, for example, your son is somewhere and you want to send him something.

Comment: May it happen soon! I do wish so!

My Response: No! You must not just wish for it. You must create such a system, how our world was created, now billions of people who need to work will have to process this into a completely different system of mutual assistance and connection. We will have to do this. This must be embodied all the way down to the lowest level of nature.

But this will only happen when you do not want to live in such a world as we have today at all!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/12/21

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The Secret Of Universal Equality

600.02Question: What is equality between people?

Answer: If we build a society in such a way that a person will have satisfaction from it: “I did it, and everyone sees it, everyone knows, everyone understands and thanks me,” then there is no greater pleasure for that person. He will be ready to work from morning till night. It is only necessary to properly build a chain of public relations.

There will be no equality ever and there is no need. It is not programmed by nature. It does not exist in the animal pack either. What equality exists there? There is a leader, followed by a pair of males helping him, and all the others trail behind. Equality is not programmed by nature. Equality is leveling, it is death.

Comment: But you say that the last generation should be built on the principles of equality.

My Response: Equality means that everyone has an equal right to realize themselves according to their natural abilities and capabilities. Everyone should have equality in realization, in the opportunity to express themselves.

Let us say I was born in a family of rich, strong people, and someone was born in a family of weak, poor people. It does not matter. There should be equality in the opportunity to move forward and not in the fact that everyone was trimmed to the same size.

The next stage will really be like this. When a person begins to receive only spiritual reward and this will be enough for him, when he realizes that for a normal existence he does not need more than what his animal body requires and everything else will be revealed to him as a spiritual reward, a connection with a higher power, with eternity, harmony, and perfection, then the people themselves will consciously cease to be interested in some kind of earthly rewards.

They will not need any medals, no extra money, nothing, and all the rewards will be spiritual because the connection with the Creator will be opened before them.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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Employment Problems

272In the News (New York Times): What will our future look like — not in a century but in a mere two decades?

“Terrifying, if you’re to believe Yuval Noah Harari, the Israeli historian and author of ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus,’ a pair of audacious books that offer a sweeping history of humankind and a forecast of what lies ahead: an age of algorithms and technology… .

“Just as the Industrial Revolution created the working class, automation could create a ‘global useless class,’ Mr. Harari said, and the political and social history of the coming decades will revolve around the hopes and fears of this new class. Disruptive technologies, which have helped bring enormous progress, could be disastrous if they get out of hand. …”

My Response: People will be replaced by machines everywhere. Today even the question is raised whether it is necessary to launch people into space. After all, 90% of the equipment in a spacecraft is necessary to support human life. What for?!

A machine will handle everything by itself. You can launch it anywhere. It will withstand any overloads, will be able to work in any circumstances, and will collect everything you need. It does not need to sleep, take tons of food with it, and take care of oxygen or anything else.

Today it is all beginning to be perceived in a completely different way. No need for these lyrics, flying somewhere, to some distant stars. A device will fly, film everything, and transmit everything.

(The Guardian): “Yuval Noah Harari examines ‘the useless class’ and a new quest for purpose

 “Most jobs that exist today might disappear within decades. As artificial intelligence outperforms humans in more and more tasks, it will replace humans in more and more jobs

“The crucial problem isn’t creating new jobs. The crucial problem is creating new jobs that humans perform better than algorithms. Consequently, by 2050 a new class of people might emerge – the useless class. People who are not just unemployed, but unemployable.”

My Response: The whole problem is in the elites that make money on these people. If the elites did not think that they constantly need more and more “pieces of paper” or gold to put somewhere, then there would be no problem getting rid of a huge number of people.

And so these people are necessary for the elite in order to earn even more. This is the whole problem: how to “make sure the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe.”

This, of course, cannot be done. So the elite’s goal is to reduce the population so that they themselves suffer no damage. I think you can already see how they are beginning to find an approach to this.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st century” 4/24/19

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Educating People

272Question: Today, people go out to all kinds of demonstrations without yet realizing that they are fighting not against injustice, uneven incomes, poor education, but against their own uselessness.

Now it is not only individual professions that are disappearing, but entire layers of the economy upon which countries were based. Not only high-tech, but also the most ordinary industries are letting people go.

Soon there will be no cashiers, there will be no people who distribute and receive. All this will be done by machines and algorithms.

Now we come to what we were talking about 15 years ago: how to occupy people. You have to pay them a basic income to keep them busy.

Today, they are already starting to talk about it: “Yes, we will pay people money. They should come and study history, culture, anything, water trees, plant new parks for 2 to 3 hours a day.” But they should treat it not as work but as some kind of action.

Do you see in this the first steps toward a society that you have been talking about all the time?

Answer: In general, this can be seen as a kind of a first step. But how are we going to raise a new person, someone who will have, not only the property of reception, but also the property of bestowal? And here, of course, people need to be educated.

This is why we say that they will be able to study a few hours a day, learn the mechanism of bestowal, listen to lectures, and discuss them among themselves.

Question: But until Israel realizes this, the rest of the world will not? Or can it run in parallel?

Answer: No, I do not think it can be done in parallel. It still has to come from here. The inner root of changing the world, whatever it may be and wherever it goes, still comes from the Jewish people.
From KabTV’s “Algorithms Instead of People” 8/4/21

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Why Do We Need People?

962.3Question: What will happen when technology makes a large number of people unnecessary? They will not be needed, not because they are bad or unsuccessful in any way, but because advanced technologies are set like all businesses to reduce costs.

The main costs today are people because a business owner needs to pay them salaries, take care of them, provide them with medical insurance, and so on.

Therefore, the current economy is aimed at ensuring that work is done by machines and not people.

Answer: I can only say one thing: progress, oddly enough, has really led to the fact that nobody needs people. Nobody at all! Neither the mighty bunch that is at the top nor managers who live only for themselves and the rest work for them.

The question arises: “Why do we need people at all?”

The fact is that people are absolutely not needed for supporting the economy, feeding themselves, or even feeding others. They are needed to perform a completely different task—to reveal nature, to unfold its second part.

Apart from the egoistic property of reception with which we were born and lives and develops in us, we must reveal the reverse side of nature, the altruistic one. Then both qualities will complement each other. Not destroying, like nuclear weapons, for example, but complementing. Then we will see a completely different nature, a different world, and will discover and understand what the purpose of our existence is.

We will see that all people are needed. Nature is perfect and absolutely complete. There is nothing superfluous in it. We must come to a state when our complementing each other will bring us to such an understanding of nature that the world will seem eternal, perfect, infinite, great, and accommodating absolutely everyone as its uppermost, magnificent, wonderful part, and not the way we now seem to be existing only in the one egoistic property of nature.

We must definitely reveal its second part, and then we will see how perfect everything is.
From KabTV’s “Algorithms instead of people” 8/4/21

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There Is No Point In Working

961.1Comment: I recently read an article that quotes people’s letters. “I do not want to work anymore,” a large number of people categorically declare.

People are making comments like: “COVID has opened my eyes, I no longer want to get up every morning, get in the car, type in my password and answer emails. I cannot take it anymore! I just want to enjoy life while I am healthy and full of energy. I want to see my friends, travel, read, and take care of my garden. Luckily, I can afford it financially.”

People are beginning to think that there is no point in working hard.

My Response: There is no point in working at all.

Question: Provided you can get the necessities?

Answer: No more than this. To live in this way. Why do you want more? No need to litter the Earth.

Question: What will people come to as a result?

Answer: To the fact that they will begin to arrange the world so that they work less. There is no need for this. They will be engaged in self-education via the Internet inevitably.

Question: Do you think that this request, “I want to rest” will turn into self-education?

Answer: Yes. In order to fill yourself and your environment. That is, they will fill the influence on themselves with greater meaning.

Question: Does it mean that this request: “Let me live peacefully and relax,” one way or another, will turn into the search for some kind of fulfillment?

Answer: Yes. This is exactly “to live and relax.” Only I want to understand why I live, why I rest, what I need to do with myself, how I can achieve greater saturation, fulfillment, and connect with the world around me in a more peaceful way?

Question: Do you think that this is correct?

Answer: Yes. Why should I work hard to make a living? I have enough for bread. Humanity should not work so hard. All this is excessive and only pollutes the Earth.

Question: What will we come to as a result?

Answer: To the fact that our life will be more balanced, necessary, sufficient, but not excessive when later we do not know what to do with these excesses. We throw them away, and we produce them again, and we throw them away again, and we continue this endlessly. And the ordinary people pay for it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/1/21

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We Need A Different Kind Of Work

547.05In the News (BBC.com):Trials of a four-day week in Iceland were an ‘overwhelming success’ and led to many workers moving to shorter hours, researchers have said.

“Productivity remained the same or improved in the majority of workplaces, researchers said. …

“Workers reported feeling less stressed and at risk of burnout, and said their health and work-life balance had improved. They also reported having more time to spend with their families, do hobbies and complete household chores.

“Will Stronge, director of research at Autonomy, said: ‘This study shows that the world’s largest ever trial of a shorter working week in the public sector was by all measures an overwhelming success.'”

My Response: Iceland is not a place for this experiment. This doesn’t prove to the world that a four-day week works.

They are all frozen people in no hurry. I remember what struck me when I arrived there. From the plane you go to the airport building and from the airport building to the street. No stamps, no controls. You are free to go wherever you want! It is just incredible!

Question: Where is customs? Where is border control and border guards?

Answer: There is nothing! There is no such thing at all! It was so unexpected!

Question: So is that the character of the people?

Answer: And the character of the nation. They each have 200 – 300 sheep, their own house, and not just one. They have a house they live in and a couple of houses that they rent to tourists. And each of these houses is fully equipped including an open-air sauna with snow all around and so on.

Question: Do you think that even a three-day week would do for such a country?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. This is not a place for experiments. They are self-sufficient, they are at peace.

Question: And how do you feel about this experiment that everyone in the world is talking about, a four-day working week?

Answer: What, you want to free a man from his work? What will he do?

I don’t think this will give humanity what is seemingly expected. We must clearly educate people to a new lifestyle. And in general, we should have started doing this a long time ago.

Question: What kind of lifestyle?

Answer: When one will have a lot of free time aside from necessary work. And today, he clogs this time with unnecessary work, pollutes the earth, the environment, and so on.

We need to make sure that this person uses his time correctly for self-improvement, to become human and to study how to get closer to other people because this is the correction of the world.

It is a job. And it is necessary to make it so that it is a real job, and not that it is three days off and you can do what you want.

Question: So one is never free from this work of connection with others? Is this a full-time job? Like at a company, at home, and in general, all the time?

Answer: Yes. It does not matter where or what.

Question: And one is always in this work of building connections with each other, good relations?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/8/21

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The Head And The Body Of The System

268.01Question: There is “Pareto’s 80/20 Rule: This ‘universal truth’ about the imbalance of inputs and outputs is what became known as the Pareto principle, or the 80/20 rule. …The generalization became: 80% of results will come from just 20% of the action (Forbes).

Do you think that with the widespread knowledge of Kabbalah, it would be possible to influence the consciousness of 80% of people by changing that of 20%?

Answer: This percentage can be much lower, down to one percent. As it usually happens: one shepherd walks ahead of the herd and the whole flock follows him. So, it is possible.

The only problem is to create this dependency. Anyway, all the people will have to be taught the system of right connections so that they understand the idea of a leader and follow him for their own good. This requires very serious work in the team in order to unite them.
In this case, you can succeed very fast, especially if you understand the current state of humanity in any society or nation.

Whatever the percentage of the team, the most important thing is that all 100% of its participants understand the common goal, imagine that they benefit from the right interaction, and that their leaders really work at a very serious, objective, altruistic level, in pursuing the goal that is clear to everyone and is for their benefit.

If this can be brought to the entire collective, then there is no problem, one person can manage them all. They will be happy to obey him and unite around him because he will be considered the head while the rest form the body of this system.
From KabTV’s “Science of Management”

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