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Work For All Mankind

582.03Comment: Today many countries are faced with the question of what to do with the impending mass unemployment. After all, this is a huge layer of people who will need to be supported.

My Response: There is already work for them: to learn how to gather themselves into one single collective, how to be satisfied with exactly what is necessary for existence in corporeality and in spirituality, to unite with each other in love your neighbor as yourself, and in this movement friend  to friend, to begin to comprehend the upper force.

So, there is work for all to unite. It is better if it is broken down into a large number of individuals. I believe that people need to do just that. Therefore, the most important thing is social work, which should be carried out with everyone.

Question: What benefit will the elite see from this work of the masses?

Answer: The elite, of course, must also reorganize. There will be many more problems until they, delirious with the desire for profit, power, comfort, supporting each other, creating the so-called “Hollywood,” and so on, do not pass the realization of the evil of their nature, the worthlessness of their existence.

I think that for this we need to show them that they are deceiving themselves. They not only distribute drugs to the masses, but, in principle, are themselves under the drug of wealth, power, and vanity fairs.

We need to shake them up with the fact that their life is temporary, worthless. Well, they will live 10 to 20 years longer than the rest, and then what? Rot? Here they are offered something completely different, to exchange their false freedom, power, and vanity for eternity and perfection.
From KabTV’s “Challenges of the 21st Century” 4/24/19

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Fashion Will Be Different

961.2Comment: In Germany, due to the extension of the lockdown, the clothing trade has almost completely stopped. Loss from sales during this entire winter period equals ten billion euros. Half a billion fashion items remain unsold. They must already be destroyed because they will no longer be relevant next year.

My Response: I do not think that fashion will change. I do not think that fashion will exist at all. Therefore, I would not recommend destroying them. Rags are rags. People will not chase after this, as they do not chase after what is available today. It is over.

Question: That is, a person will not follow the season of 2021, 2022 and will wear whatever is comfortable and cozy for him?

Answer: Yes.

Comment: Realizing this, fashionable clothes at the fashion show in China were replaced with protective suits and visors against the coronavirus. High fashion on the catwalk is protective medical equipment and clothing for service personnel and for firefighters. It was the answer to the growing Chinese market.

My Response: Of course, they immediately realized that this is the way things should be.

Question: Who would you now send to the European catwalks?

Answer: I would demonstrate very practical clothes that do not hinder movements, are comfortable, wearable, and that is it, and not flashy.

Question: Do you think there may be a couturier and high fashion for very simple clothes?

Answer: Comfortable! Not simple maybe, but comfortable. I love jackets with many pockets, pants that fit comfortably and do not need to be ironed. Something very comfortable that does not hinder any movement. You can sit everywhere, do whatever you want, it does not get dirty. This is what needs to be invented, so that clothes do not get dirty. Even if I fall in a can of paint, I get out of there, take a shower, and it rinses off me even without soap.

This is how it should be! Let them invent! What happens, they deliberately invent things that quickly get dirty or break.

Question: That is, you are not even in favor of having a lot of clothes in a closet, but just necessary everyday things?

Answer: I think that if a person likes what he is wearing, then it makes no sense for him to change it. It is all just empty fashion that is imposed on him.

Question: And nothing will come back? That is, we approached simplicity?

Answer: Nothing will come back! The clearest direction is comfort. So that it does not repel others and is comfortable for you.

Comment: Beautiful and comfortable.

My Response: What does beautiful mean? To make people want to stroke you. Like silk, like wool—something very pleasant. This is how it should be. Clothes that complement a person’s image.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/18/21

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Freedom Is Restriction

273.02Question: Free trade, free market, is this good or bad?

Answer: But we see that it is not free. As long as our world is governed by rigid egoistic laws, nothing can be free.

We must regulate these laws so that we do not kill each other around the corner. Therefore, we must forcefully drive ourselves into some kind of network of mutual relations, restrictions, contracts.

The fact is that all contractual conditions that exist in society today come to us from the time of Ancient Rome and even from earlier times. We rely on them. Our laws are based on Roman law, Greek law, slogans of the French Revolution, etc. This all exists to this day and carries a limiting factor.

Freedom means restriction. But within the framework of these restrictions, a person feels free. From what? From the fact that no one will attack him, nothing bad will happen to him. That is, freedom is practically a set of laws that help us not kill each other and to coexist peacefully within these laws.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/29/19

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Bankers Will Disappear

629.4Question: Would bankers allow the banking system to be shut down even though it brings them profit?

Answer: Soon you will see how it will collapse. It is not about the bankers, it is only about us. If we strive for correction, for the purpose of creation, to rise above this small, greedy world, then the bankers will simply disappear.
From KabTV’s “Ask the Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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“The Grand Illusion Of The Great Reset” (Linkedin)

My new article on Linkedin “The Grand Illusion of The Great Reset

About a week ago, the World Economic Forum gathered in what is known as the Davos convention, although this year it was online. This year’s theme was The Great Reset, a grand plan to save the world, or as the forum describes it, “There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate … To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative.”

The reset will not be a restart, but an installment of a new operating system. Instead of exhausting our energy climbing the social ladder, we will be energized every time we make new connections. Our hearts will open to each other, and as we strengthen our bonds, our efforts will reward us with even more vigor than we had spent building new ties, since the ties themselves will vitalize us, just as you never feel tired among good friends.

Many things are included in this plan, with the formal aim being, of course, to save the world economy. But in light of the growing distrust between the general public and the big tech, entrepreneurs, and money moguls who hold the keys to our economies, people are concerned about their future. They do not trust that these tycoons will have their independence, freedom, or even livelihood in mind.

Personally, I don’t believe that people will go hungry or that their property will be taken away in one form or another. Such a process cannot happen unless people want and embrace it, after a long and thorough educational process, and when they are confident that they will benefit from it. Otherwise, it will not work, just as it didn’t work in Soviet Russia.

It is not that I attribute any moral merit to the money moguls and world leaders at the Davos convention; it’s just that I think that the whole idea is impractical. Even a lower level of sharing, such as the European Market, has failed, so such initiatives don’t deserve a second thought. That is, its advocates will get a few billion dollars to draw their plans and implement them, but nothing will happen other than blowing away the money.

Covid-19, the official reason for initiating The Great Reset project, really has changed us, and will continue to change us. However, it will not change us the way Davos goers envision. I believe we will continue to have the basic needs of life as far as food and shelter go, but everything else will change. Money and power, which are now people’s highest aspirations, will lose their shine. Academic degrees, which people so cherished until very recently, will seem pointless to pursue. Humanity will go through profound reckoning and goals that people held high until the arrival of Covid will dim out and seem dull and pointless.

The reset will happen not in people’s material life, but in their hearts. They will have food, but life will be tasteless. Fashion, accessories, fancy cars and expensive houses, travel, sports events and restaurants, everything that defines what we call “good living” will taste like sand.

This is when the great reset will begin. When material life dims, spiritual life will begin to shine. And by spiritual life, I mean the life that exists between us, in our heart-to-heart connections. Only when the superficial loses its glitz, we will realize that we miss each other, that we want and need other people’s company and support. This is when we will begin to develop true relationships, true friendships, and a beautiful world will open for us.

The reset will not be a restart, but an installment of a new operating system. Instead of exhausting our energy climbing the social ladder, we will be energized every time we make new connections. Our hearts will open to each other, and as we strengthen our bonds, our efforts will reward us with even more vigor than we had spent building new ties, since the ties themselves will vitalize us, just as you never feel tired among good friends.

We shouldn’t fear the loss of old visions. They were illusions. The real life waits after we give up our false hopes. Only then, food will be abundant and life will be tasty.

Unforgettable 2020

294.2On New Year’s Eve, it is customary to sum up the results of the past year. The year 2020 will go down in history as a symbol of the coronavirus epidemic that spread throughout the world.

In addition, it was full of other events: there were wars, civil unrests in different parts of the world, natural disasters, extensive forest fires in California and Australia, economic crisis, a terrible increase in unemployment around the world.

With all this, I, as a Kabbalist, can assess the past 2020 as the most progressive in history. Humanity has started to shake itself off, to get rid of useless habits like the pursuit of money, entertainment, restaurants, and from the desire to be filled with pleasure without thinking about anything else.

And then nature slapped us in the face and forced us to stop. We had no choice but to stop this race and go home. The epidemic has forced us to retire and think about our lives or to at least abandon old habits. And this is good, because humanity was forced to shift from a life in pursuit of money and power to different times, to new values.

This year we managed to do this even though not by our own choice but by a decree from above. In this sense, the coronavirus has really done us a great service, and today we are in a completely different state. We closed a lot of businesses that were not necessary.

We stopped poisoning and destroying nature, cutting down trees, killing animals, and at least dramatically reduced the damage. The Earth started to recover from the devastation we had been inflicting on it over the past decades.

I very much hope that these positive changes will continue. The epidemic will not end just like that because this is not a disaster but a huge help from nature.

It is written that “by the blows of the Creator, He heals.” The coronavirus epidemic was a cure for our excessively enlarged egoism. Therefore, I very much hope that we will draw correct and useful conclusions from it for our further development.
From KabTV’s “The World” 12/27/20

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Don’t Cut Friendship

527.01Comment: There is a saying, “Do not borrow from each other and do not lend to a friend. Debt, like scissors, cuts the friendship.”

If you enter into some kind of monetary or debt relationship with each other, this breaks the connection between you and puts it on a material basis. You stop being friends.

But in fact, I will turn to a friend instead of borrowing from a bank with interest. He is my close friend, I will borrow money from him for some time.

My Response: Other relationships immediately cut in, like it or not.

Question: With your closest friend and even a relative?

Answer: It doesn’t matter with whom.

Question: Do you think it is better to take a loan from the outside, a bank or somewhere, than from someone close?

Answer: A friend is to love, and a bank is to borrow and return.

Question: Why is this?

Answer: Because these are two different levels of communication. And they cannot exist at the same time.

Question: That is, a friend is just in order to love?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Otherwise, what kind of communication is it? “Borrow money from me, for love, after all, you and I are so close.”

Answer: There is no love here. There is some benefit here. But this is not love.

Question: Do I somehow use our friendship this way?

Answer: Of course. It is uncomfortable for him to refuse, and so on. No, you can’t do that.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/5/20

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What Will Happen If All Women Return Home From The Workforce

583.03Comment: Years ago you said that jobs would be lost, businesses would fail, and the world’s economy as a whole would decline.

It is interesting that the problem of the whole world will be what to do with the unemployed. The most important thing is that people will have to receive not only the means to exist but also some meaning of life, a way of self-realization. Business magazines that usually write about money and work are suddenly writing about these notions being important.

My Response: Because this is a problem: what to do with the unemployed population. Imagine all working women returned to their homes. And at least another 10%, say half of the men, also lose their jobs. Only about 20% of the world’s population will still be working. All the others are not needed. In other words, they do not need to work if they are doing unnecessary work.

What to do with them?

Question: This is their first question: what to do with the people who are part of the unemployed population?

Answer: Fully engage these people with studies and education. Only education can change the world. For this purpose, these billions of people are now being freed up.

Question: Do you see the upper program in this? Are billions of people being freed up to start studying?

Answer: Yes. So that they are re-educated into humans.

You open doors and let out a few billion people in order for them to sit at desks, at computers, in some kind of halls, anywhere, and start learning to be human. Humans in the highest sense of the word.

Question: Are you talking about learning how to relate to each other?

Answer: Not just that. Understanding the program of nature, the purpose of nature, the purpose of your own development. Which way they are headed, where they are going, so that it will be clear to them how they are controlled by the forces of nature. They do not exist in some kind of misunderstanding, in some kind of oblivion, but they are affected by forces, and they understand the impact of these forces and are in an organic mutual connection with them. Thus, they move forward in understanding this entire program.

Question: Are you saying that we have been dealing with the consequences all this time, and now we have to study the reason? Why did we appear in this world?

Answer: Yes, of course!

Question: Isn’t this the destiny of some unique, talented people?

Answer: No, absolutely everyone should learn this.

Question: Will a person accept this?

Answer: Yes, this will go down very well!

Question: Do you think a person will get into finding out why he came to this world and what is the purpose of his coming?

Answer: There are no problems, this is how it will be.

Question: Another most important question I read in an article is: Will the people have to get not only a livelihood but also a new meaning of life?

Answer: This is the most important thing.

Comment: That is, these two questions are connected. Humanity, 2 to 3 billion people have been freed to understand what they exist for.

My Response: Yes, and all the rest of humanity will get this through them as well. There is no way to escape this. It all depends only on the way we do it, quickly with little blood or with great loss and suffering.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/5/20

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Live For The Sake Of Bestowal

261Where is the guarantee that in the society of the future leaders will not take more for themselves than everyone is entitled to and will not destroy all good initiatives like it happened in the Soviet Union?

The future society is an open society in which there is no coercion, no dictatorship from above. Everything is managed only by friends. Therefore it is not possible that the same thing would happen as it did in Russia.

Kabbalists, who understand the processes taking place in society and are credible in the eyes of society, will be at the head of it.

The society of the future will strive to establish the same standard of living for everyone. There is no fear that one will work hard and the other will be lazy. Everyone will work as much as they can give to society and will find the right role for themselves.

In such a society, there will be no need to force people to work because a person will see that by investing in society, he is investing in the upper, future world, in the correction of his soul. Therefore, he will not need encouragement or punishment—he will welcome any opportunity to benefit society, feeling that this benefits himself personally. For him, there will be no difference between him and society.

The goal of the corrected society is to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

There will be no money in the future world, so then how can we measure how much effort a person has invested in society? How can we check this? We will reach a state where we will all feel ourselves inside a common system that connects us, and within it, we will see how much each of us has invested. And accordingly, we will help everyone become even more involved in society in order to rise with it.

Gradually, the system of connections between us, called the Shechina, will be revealed to all of us, and we will need to raise it to the heavens.

Such a society will be built entirely on bestowal, and reception in it will exist only in order to be able to live and bestow. A person will perceive an opportunity to bestow as a reward.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/20, “Connecting the World in the Last Generation”

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Egoistic Partnership

273.01Question: I recently received an email from someone who started a business with a friend over 30 years ago. He writes: “When we opened the business, we decided that each would complement the other: my partner gives ideas and I implement them, solve all issues. We divide everything 50 by 50.

“We worked like this for over 10 years until we made a lot of money. Then he demanded 80% of the total revenue for himself and justified everything by the fact that the ideas were his. Then I could not resist and said that all these years I had been supporting him, paying him for empty days when he was in thought, on vacation, depressed, etc.

“On this day, the principle of equality was violated and we became enemies. We didn’t speak for a month. And then it turned out that he sued me. Once closest friends, today we are ardent enemies.”

If we consider this situation through the prism of the integrality of nature, what could be the distribution of income and what is the equality between these partners? Is it correct that they originally split everything in half? After all, one of them later broke the contract.

Answer: The fact is that their partnership was purely egoistic, and therefore I have no idea how to solve this issue. I have nothing to do with this.

My job is to study completely different systems that complement each other and work on completely different principles where by giving to another you win.

If they understood the purpose of nature, then each would take as much as one needs to live normally and give all the excess to society. This is how the real profit would be measured. That is, the solution lies in a completely different plane.

Question: The saddest thing is that the process of educating these two businessmen could take decades. And what should they do before they come to the revelation of higher management? How should they share the profits? Are there any steps here?

Answer: I think that everything is much easier than you think. Let’s say that their wealth disappeared and there is a minimum left to exist. Now let them build relationships with each other. That’s all.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 9/11/20

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