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Which “Lottery Ticket” Should One Buy?

49.01In the News (BBC News): “‘Kerala lottery: Indian women sanitation workers hit jackpot’

“The women are part of a group that collects non-biodegradable waste from households in Parappanangadi town in Kerala’s Malappuram district. They usually get around 250 rupees a day…

“The money, they say candidly, is not enough to make ends meet. Most of the women have borrowed money and taken loans for their children’s education and other expenses.

“That’s why they would occasionally join forces to buy a lottery ticket. …

“Kuttimalu, 72, says she was initially sad when Radha was collecting funds because she didn’t have enough money.

“‘Then Cherumannil Baby (another member of the group) told me she had 25 rupees and was willing to lend me half of it for the ticket,’ she tells the BBC.

“So the two women put in 12.5 rupees each for their share of the ticket while the other nine women paid 25 rupees each.

“‘We agreed we would get an equal share if we won anything,’ Ms Kuttimalu says. ‘We didn’t expect to win such a huge amount of money!’ …

“On Friday, a day after their life-changing win, the 11 women reached the agency’s office like always to resume their work.

“‘We decided one thing,’ Ms Leela says. ‘We will not leave this job because it was this collective that brought us prosperity.'”

Question: We have been talking with you all the time, and it is true according to statistics that there are no particularly lucky cases when winning the lottery. And here, it seems these women were lucky.

Tell me, please, do you still insist that the lottery is not the best thing?

Answer: I think it is better when a person does not do this, does not play the lottery.

Question: Despite what I just told you, and you were even surprised, and it was interesting?

Answer: This is, of course, interesting. I do not know what they will actually gain from this.

Question: They will pay their debts. And then, do you think they will make new ones?

Answer: Of course! It does not solve anything.

Question: So, the moment you plug one hole, it appears again and again?

Answer: Yes. You will not buy happiness that way. Winning in this way will not bring good luck.

Question: What will bring good luck? Which “lottery ticket” should we buy? What do we have to buy to win in this life? Really win!

Answer: Winning is a feeling of confidence in what I am doing. Is that not enough?

Question: I have chosen the path, and I am sure of it, is this called that I drew the lucky lottery ticket?

Answer: Yes. When it disappears, a person is ready for death.

Comment: Thanks! We will live.

My Response: Yes!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/3/23

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The Advantage of Cryptocurrency

272Question: There is the phenomenon of cryptocurrencies of late. This is not ordinary paper money, but some informational data, which today is increasingly capturing all areas of monetary relations. It can already be used to pay in stores and online.

What is this phenomenon? Previously, money was just gold and silver, which were accepted all over the world. Now, instead of money, some data appears. Why do people come more and more to this type of money?

Answer: Cryptocurrency is more convenient. I do not have to carry a bag of money anywhere, my pocket does not tear from gold coins, they cannot steal my checkbook, and so on. All this is much more reliable.

Of course, along with this, there are inconveniences of how to store it, how to write out checks, how to do something else, and so on, but in general this is progress. It will continue, we cannot do anything with this. I think that no one can interfere with the development of cryptocurrencies.

Question: But here countries are faced with a problem because they cannot regulate cryptocurrencies, since in this case, the money is sort of above the country. This is a kind of distributed value, which is managed from a huge number of devices that are not tied to the country. Why is money rising above state power?

Answer: Because countries as such should have been liquidated long ago, there is no point in their existence. People should be outside the countries and communicate freely with one single currency—a gold coin, or not even a gold, does not matter what it will be. That is how things should be.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah in the modern turbulent world” 8/3/23

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Money from the Viewpoint of Kabbalah

963.4Question: What is the inner Kabbalistic meaning of common currency? Is it a human effort?

Answer: Yes, it is the universal equivalent of human effort. In Kabbalah, money is the expression of the screen, and the screen is everyone’s anti-egoistic effort.

Question: But this effort is built in relation to others. Can I somehow measure it or buy something with it?

Answer: Of course. In the same units. You can measure your anti-egoistic force in grams, in Newtons, in anything.

Question: What is a wealthy person from the standpoint of Kabbalah?

Answer: Someone who has many anti-egoistic forces, and can use them.

Question: Is there a direct relationship between one’s screen and material wealth?

Answer: No. Our world is not yet created to give us material manifestation.

Question: There have been very different Kabbalists throughout history in terms of their means. Baal HaSulam, for example, gave away all his money to have none the next day. They say the Ari was a very rich merchant. Is there any relationship or special mission of the Kabbalist here?

Answer: Everyone acts as he sees fit for his spiritual ascent.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah in the modern turbulent world” 8/3/23

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Bill Gates: “Take a Break when You Need To”

626Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said during a speech that he wished he had discovered the importance of work-life balance years ago. 

Speaking at a Northern Arizona University (NAU) commencement ceremony Saturday, Gates told the graduating class that during his early days at Microsoft, he didn’t believe in taking vacation days or having weekends off, noting that he used to keep track of employees who would leave early or stay late. 

“But as I got older — and especially once I became a father — I realized there is more to life than work,” Gates said during his commencement speech. “Don’t wait as long as I did to learn this lesson. Take time to nurture your relationships, to celebrate your successes, and to recover from your losses.”

“Take a break when you need to,” Gates added. “Take it easy on the people around you when they need it, too.”

Gates also encouraged the graduating class to live in the moment and “have some fun,” adding in his speech that what they are currently doing right now won’t impact their future  (The Hill).

Question: What is this message to students—take a break when you need to? How do you feel about this?

Answer: It means spending more time on creativity. Because if you bury yourself in work, you will not be able to give your brain, yourself, and your thoughts a creative direction.

A creative person should live by absorbing from the air, from the environment, from something that is not simple mechanical work with effort. He should be free, as creative intellectuals have always lived in general.

Comment: That is, the rest itself, even when you walk through the forest and it is a rest on the one hand, on the other hand, it is work.

My Response: Creativity. Of course.

Question: Do you completely agree with him?

Answer: He speaks correctly. A creative person should be free. Otherwise, he will not invent anything and will not give movement, an impetus to progress.

Question: What if we translate this to education, to children? A school that is based on homework, on coming to the blackboard and giving answers: “Tell me what you did at home.” And so on, and so on. If that is all, do you think, it does not prepare creativity?

Answer: It trains technicians who can work, calculate, and do something, but they will not have creative spurts.

Question: So, you are for the formula of creativity. Is it possible to bring everyone to this formula?

Answer: I think that it is possible. Especially since from our time and onward, the period of humanity’s development in the direction of creativity begins. We will see less and less production and more and more of those who work at a level above production.

Question: Are you saying that creativity is inherent to almost every person?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Why? How did they place this point of creativity into us from above?

Answer: So that we express more what is characteristic of a person, not a machine, not a beast, and so on.

Question: So, if we see that a person has resigned himself to mechanical work, does it mean that he has not found this point in himself?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Does it exist in him?

Answer: It is there. Maybe he is looking for it, but it has not been revealed yet. Therefore, he has to do or chooses to do mechanical work. Maybe it helps him, it organizes his thoughts somehow.

Question: Do you think every person should look for this point in themselves?

Answer: I think that if a person has the right inner attitude, he will come to this.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 6/8/23

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According to the New Scheme

507.05Previously in nature and society, we acted according to an egoistic, impulsive, and linear program, when everyone earned as much as they worked. That is how I chose my job, family, and everything else, and due to my natural abilities and efforts, I achieved something.

I know that there are objective conditions that exist around me, and everything else depends on me; certain conditions are placed before me, and the rest is up to me to move forward. That is how I went through life and saw that I accomplished this and that.

I had some savings, a house, family, children, friends, and some plans. I wanted vacations, retirement, medical insurance, and so on, just like any ordinary, normal, person desires. But today there is some incomprehensible situation, like in a Winnie the Pooh story : “Some kind of wrong bees.” Everything seems wrong, and I do not know how to act.

I can go to work, try to invest anywhere. And what? I am not getting an adequate response to my reasonable, obvious, serious, and straightforward efforts! I am not trying to deceive anyone; I work with my egoism, and I want to receive as much as I earn. It does not work! Perhaps there should be some kind of luck involved, but it does not smile at me. What’s the matter?!

It turns out that a completely different scheme is working now; I can succeed in my life only if I also think about the well-being of other people. How can that be?! What do other people have to do with it?! I am investing! Why are they in the picture?! Maybe they are lazy or are even my enemies.

They tell me: “It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not because today these are the conditions and this is the way society is! You have to take into account the welfare of everyone and not just brush it off: “Okay, let them be happy.” You must learn to strive to be integral with them in one system so that everyone would feel good, and so that when investing, you think about what you are investing in them, and that you truly feel you are working together with them.

Moreover, you have to share with everyone and they with you. You don’t just go out into the world, earn money, bring home your prey, and share a piece of mammoth in your cave with the family; No!

You have to think about whether everyone has brought their prey. And when you come home and sit with your family, you have to imagine that you are sitting with the whole world. Does the whole world have what you have? How would you share it with them?”

Do you understand what dreadful conditions nature sets for us?! This is the state of the world today, and that is why no one knows what to do.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Mind in Action” 8/13/11

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Humanity Has Not Yet Climbed Down from the Trees

89For as many centuries as humanity has existed in the world, thousands and thousands of years, it has been mistaken. Read newspapers, magazines, go online—everyone is still waiting for some aliens from other planets.

Humanity is barbaric. In fact, it has not yet come down from the trees. As when we were monkeys, so we exist nowadays. We have not changed at all and have even become worse than them.

Monkeys have a certain hierarchy, a certain community, certain laws of behavior; they know how they live. And we have lost even those natural laws of behavior that they have; as a result we have acquired terrible, ugly laws dictated to us by our growing egoism.

Meaning, today we are ugly monkeys, nothing more. And everything we have done, we have done that way. Now we are beginning to enter a state where we will suffer terribly from this and will be disappointed.

And this, together with Kabbalah that explains to us the essence of what is happening, will lead us to correction.

If we read what Kabbalists have written, we will quickly understand what our problem is and try to fix it quickly and intelligently. And if not, then we will move “with a stick to happiness.”

Therefore, we cannot say that a person is now more or less mentally healthy. There is one conclusion: treat everyone as gently as possible, and everything will be fine.
From KabTV’s “I Got A Call. Hallucinations in a Dream” 8/20/11

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Like in One Family

507.03Question: We see that the leaders of countries who gather at summits cannot agree among themselves and cannot reach any kind of decision. And if we take ten Kabbalists as an example, how would they conduct these discussions?

Answer: They would conduct discussions as if they were one family!

Gather 20 heads of state together and make them think about each other, about their common problem as one family. And we will see if they can even attune in this way. If not, then they are not capable of being leaders today; replace them with others.

You cannot harm someone in an integral system because by doing this you harm the entire system!

People must realize this! Nature will obligate us to realize this. That is why we cannot solve any problem. We do not even know the economy of the future! Our economy does not work today. There are already rudiments of such works that are based on an integral economy.

Question: In essence, does everything have to collapse in order to start working correctly?

Answer: On corporeal level, nothing should be destroyed. The egoistic network of connections that we created among ourselves must be destroyed. Gradually! Peacefully! By tuning into different relationships: within the family, within society, within the state, between states, continents, in the economy, in everything.

Everything should be completely different, not immediately, but in accordance with people’s ability to maintain this system, which is why the most important thing is the education of humanity.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. You Need a Decision” 7/9/11

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The Happiest Moment in the Life of a Billionaire

547.05Question: I saw a story on social media about an interview with an Indian billionaire.

Once someone asked Ratan Tata Sir in a telephonic interview. “When did you feel the happiest in your life?”
Ratan Tata Sir gave a thoughtful reply to the question., “I have encountered happiness in four situations in my life. First, during the stage of my life when I acquired wealth and resources. But that didn’t feel happy enough.
“Second, when I could buy things and valuables with my wealth. That was also temporary.
“Third, when I was honoured to become the owner of the largest steel factory in India and Asia. But even that achievement didn’t bring me the happiness I imagined.
“Then one day one of my friends requested me for sponsoring 200 wheelchairs for an institution and I agreed to that. But he insisted I personally accompany him to the place and gift the children myself. As I reached the place and started to give away their wheelchair gifts, I saw the faces of the kids beam with happiness to receive the greatest gift of their life.
“And one child touched my leg in respect and even though I tried to release my leg, the child did not let go, he looked at my face and held my legs tighter.
“I asked the child if they need anything else and the child replied, ‘I want to remember your face so that when I meet you in heaven, I can recognize you and thank you once again.’
“That was the fourth time I felt happiness. And unlike other times, I felt truly and completely happy that time.
“True happiness is in giving for other people’s happiness and being valued for the legacy we leave when we die.”

if a person feels this, why does he not hit this point all the time after that?

Answer: He is not given such an opportunity.

Question: Why?

Answer: Enough is enough.

Comment: He has all the means.

My Response: No.

Comment: The owner of the largest steel factory in Africa and India.

My Response: It does not matter. It is impossible to give a person such force, feelings, and power so that he can help others so much. He is not allowed to feel that. To do this, you need to prepare yourself.

Buying 200 wheelchairs is not everything. No matter how much it costs. Let us say it is a couple of million dollars, so what? He must work for it so that he is given the opportunity to live in such actions.

Comment: This is very interesting. You said it is impossible.

My Response: Of course. There are many billionaires, and we wonder how they do not work for bestowal even more and more. They have all sorts of such actions.

Comment: Note that for almost all of them, this is a moment of some kind of happiness. Bill Gates also writes that when he helps, that is what happiness is. Bezos and all these billionaires, while helping, suddenly say: “That is when I was the happiest.” This is how one should live, and you say it is impossible.

My Response: No, you cannot.

Question: Why not? I have banks full of money, I do not need it all. By the way, this billionaire is not married, and he has no children. Nevertheless, they will be filled with money, I will leave, and all this money will remain. Why cannot one, not just give away, but just like that, repeat these moments of happiness again and again?

Can you explain what should be done, for example, by such a person if he felt this happiness and wants to repeat it again and again? How should he change? What should happen within him so that there is no indulging?

Answer: He should be interested in what he is doing, like in those wheelchairs or something. What he invests in life, into helping others. This is his participation. Moreover, the participation is physical. Maybe he should be given the opportunity to assemble these wheelchairs, just do something.

Question: Do you think it is an important moment that his friend begged him to come and hand over the wheelchairs himself? Is this important?

Answer: Yes.

Question: In other words, is this important in order for a person to transform from a billionaire who accumulates and takes money to one who can give it for life just like this? After all, what should he do? He had experienced happiness.

Answer: He must have a reassessment of values: what is more important in life?

Question: What kind of power suddenly appears in a person, who lives by accumulating funds, and makes him happy? What kind of force is entering him?

Answer: He has never done this, he has never invested, he thought about how to haul in one direction, and here, he has the opportunity to engage in a different action, in a different job. And he suddenly sees that there is a much greater fulfillment of himself in this. Not the pockets, but himself. Therefore it is a discovery for him.

Comment: And yet you say that he is doomed, he will not be able to make these discoveries all the time.

My Response: He will not be given this. The Creator will not give it.

Question: In what case will he be able to?

Answer: If he does something that will become his goal in life. Then he will be able to work for this purpose to profit, accumulate, and spend.

Question: So the shift should happen within him? To the fact that he is accumulating in order to give?

Answer: For sure, yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 5/15/23

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Money Is a Copy of Our Internal Relations

546.02Question: Kabbalah offers humanity to get rid of suffering by rising above egoism and ceasing to earn money for others. Does it mean that people will deprive themselves of the pleasure of receiving money, but will get rid of suffering?

Answer: People need money in order to feel secure in their lives, while it is normal and sufficient for an animal organism to have what is necessary for its functioning.

Money itself, especially in the next wave of the crisis, will demonstrate its failure; there can no longer be a connection between us based on it.

In principle, money is something I give you, something you give me, something one of us earns and wins at another’s expense. It is a copy of our internal relationship—what I want from you and what you want from me. This is expressed in the number of banknotes that we exchange with each other.

I come to an employer, I work for him, and I get paid; this is our relationship. It is the same in a store, in society, everywhere, even between spouses. It all is expressed in some kind of monetary equivalent because we constantly want to receive something from another person. Money is the equivalent of our egoistic efforts.

Today, however, our efforts should turn into altruistic ones, which at first can also be measured in money. I want to bestow to you. How much? This can also be measured in money. But it works in a completely different way! That is, we do not make any revolutions in the world, we do not change the current system itself. We only change the attitude of a person to what has been created.

But this change is drastic! It adds a soul to a person, that is, the quality of bestowal. In this soul, in this quality of bestowal, he begins to feel that he is on the next level, in the spiritual world.

Thus we do not go against those social systems that have been created up until today. We are only talking about changing the quality of the relationship between us. But with this we gain the next level: eternity and perfection.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Money of the Future” 7/16/11

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Coming to Harmony with Nature

002Comment: You say that it is very important that the method of correction be revealed to the world as widely as possible.

My Response: I believe there is no other solution! We must put everyone behind the school desk. Everyone must study! Those who society needs to work should work a little; that is all!

We need to stop the predatory emptying of the bowels of the earth. Stop making toys that no one needs, all these jewels, all this nonsense. We need to produce only what is necessary for existence. Stop the consumer society! Just shake it off from ourselves! It only bogs us down deeper into the predatory squandering of everything we have.

All researchers say that the earth is being depleted. Oil, gas, various metals, and other materials will last only for the next few years. Where will we go next?!

The economy should not be built on developing itself, not in producing more; it should be built in order to give everyone a good minimum standard of living. If at the same time we adapt ourselves to nature, we will suddenly find huge reserves for eternal existence in it; we will have enough of everything. We just need to come to harmony with nature.

Question: But the more we develop, the more we suffer. Does it make a person change somehow?

Answer: The more you move, the more you suffer because you think that as a result of the movement you will gain something.

Just like the phrase from Faust, “Stop, moment, you are wonderful,” I want to stay in this moment, not because it is beautiful, but because if I stop, I will find that it is beautiful.
From KabTV’s “I Got a Call. Saving the World” 5/28/11

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