There Is No Point In Working

961.1Comment: I recently read an article that quotes people’s letters. “I do not want to work anymore,” a large number of people categorically declare.

People are making comments like: “COVID has opened my eyes, I no longer want to get up every morning, get in the car, type in my password and answer emails. I cannot take it anymore! I just want to enjoy life while I am healthy and full of energy. I want to see my friends, travel, read, and take care of my garden. Luckily, I can afford it financially.”

People are beginning to think that there is no point in working hard.

My Response: There is no point in working at all.

Question: Provided you can get the necessities?

Answer: No more than this. To live in this way. Why do you want more? No need to litter the Earth.

Question: What will people come to as a result?

Answer: To the fact that they will begin to arrange the world so that they work less. There is no need for this. They will be engaged in self-education via the Internet inevitably.

Question: Do you think that this request, “I want to rest” will turn into self-education?

Answer: Yes. In order to fill yourself and your environment. That is, they will fill the influence on themselves with greater meaning.

Question: Does it mean that this request: “Let me live peacefully and relax,” one way or another, will turn into the search for some kind of fulfillment?

Answer: Yes. This is exactly “to live and relax.” Only I want to understand why I live, why I rest, what I need to do with myself, how I can achieve greater saturation, fulfillment, and connect with the world around me in a more peaceful way?

Question: Do you think that this is correct?

Answer: Yes. Why should I work hard to make a living? I have enough for bread. Humanity should not work so hard. All this is excessive and only pollutes the Earth.

Question: What will we come to as a result?

Answer: To the fact that our life will be more balanced, necessary, sufficient, but not excessive when later we do not know what to do with these excesses. We throw them away, and we produce them again, and we throw them away again, and we continue this endlessly. And the ordinary people pay for it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/1/21

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