What Determines The Motivation To Live And Work?

626Remark: There are two factors that cause motivation: a person’s assessment of success and a measure of the importance of achieving this goal. If a person does not see an opportunity to succeed, then he will not find the energy to do the job.

My Comment: Three types of motivation are taken into account here: in intention, in acquisition, and in fulfillment. Therefore, a person should not only see the future, but see it clearly, specifically, be able to analyze it, break it down into parts, and reassemble it. He must understand how he will come to this future.

Motivation itself is just a word. But when you begin to express it in formulas, graphs, tables, in projects to achieve it, then serious work already begins.

Question: That is, if a person looks into the future, he should see the benefit from a certain action?

Answer: Necessarily, because it motivates him. Our nature is arranged so that we cannot work without benefit for ourselves.

Question: Why is it so arranged by nature that there are people who have no motivation? There is even no motivation to live. What is the reason?

Answer: It depends on the root of the soul. Nothing can be said here. There are people who want to live, and there are people who initially do not want that. It all depends only on how much a person sees his future and himself in it.

Question: Could you take a person who has no motivation to live and somehow give it to him?

Answer: I cannot give anything to anyone. I can only help the person develop motivation.

Question: Is it possible for a person to develop this ability in himself?

Answer: Little by little, bit by bit, yes. It is impossible to tell him, “Here, go for it,” because he does not have the strength for self-development. But gradually he can achieve this. It all depends mainly on the environment in which he exists.

Question: Sometimes motivation suddenly disappears and just as suddenly appears. Can a person manage it?

Answer: You can use the environment. These are people, books, everything from which a person can fuel himself.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 8/28/20

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