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A White Spot On The Map Of Creation

595.06The Creator created the creatures and the environment for their existence. That is why we feel that we live in this world surrounded by inanimate nature, the entire universe, as well as plants, animals, and people on this Earth. We all live according to the rules and laws established by the Creator, the common upper force of nature.

Then the question arises: why is there something in this system that is outside this law that can be good or bad and cause doubt? It is as if there is some ambiguity and uncertainty in nature, a white spot in which different options and doubts are possible as to whether the result will be good or bad.

But the Creator purposely left one vague, misty area inside creation, a white spot where we exist. He wanted us to use all the resources given to us and build in this spot conditions, a country, society, the world, the galaxy, just as the Creator would have made them, but He entrusted it to us.

Therefore, we must study which properties the Creator has given us and which He has not given us, and with the help of all of them find out what the Creator is, what His desire is, and what is missing in creation to make it the perfect state intended by the Creator. Thus, the Creator has started the creation, and we fulfill and finalize it, and attain His desire, capabilities, acting forces, and the system.

It turns out that a part of creation was completed by the Creator and a part was not. But we can use all the parts of creation that He has created to make it into a perfect, fully connected form.

From the word “Ashlama” (completion), that is, “Shlemut” (perfection), comes the word “Shalom” (peace), the word of the Creator, His name. Our task is to establish peace in the world.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/8/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World”

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Humanity Is A Single System

“Will Humanity Ever Be United?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: Will humanity ever be united?

Humanity will unite in the distant future, but at the moment unity is far from being any kind of priority. In other words, a common desire for humanity’s unity to surface in the global public is still unripe, even though we are developing in that direction.

In order to unite, we need to want unity above and beyond the many egoistic, divisive and materialistic forms that we naturally desire, and we still lack such a desire. We might get hints of it at times, and we can indeed involve ourselves in educational and support systems to more optimally develop a desire to unite, but nonetheless, we still have to undergo various stages of growth until our desire ripens to want unity above all else.

Humanity’s final state is a single unified organism. In that final state, humanity consists of different people, groups and interests, as each has his or her own unique root and development from that root. However, we all share a common understanding of a common unifying goal, and we construct ourselves such that we reach spiritual and worldly balance.

In other words, we will reach a state where we—all of humanity—consciously share the same goal, and create a tremendous atmosphere of support and encouragement to achieve that goal. Mutual support is of utmost importance in this new unified humanity that needs to arise after these tough times we are currently enduring.

We are thus headed toward the creation of a single system of humanity where people will uphold the idea that uniting is more important than giving into naturally-conflicting views and drives, and we will seek to mutually support one another in order to build this unification. When people with opposing viewpoints connect to reach a common goal outside of themselves, they will exist in total harmony and balance.

We are still unripe for the unity of humanity though. We require further development until we develop a sincere desire for humanity’s unity, as well as the realization that it is impossible to achieve that goal on our own. When we reach that stage, though, we will start bearing witness to immensely positive changes in our lives: We will gain the support of a positive unifying tendency dwelling in nature, and experience a newfound balance among each other and with nature beginning to take flight.

Who Selects The People In The Ten?

528.01Question: There is a law of heterogeneity of communication systems according to which people should be different. If they were the same, they would cancel each other out. It is the connection of opposite people that is one of the basic principles of communication. It turns out that you need to select different people in the ten. Should we pick them ourselves?

Answer: No, not in any case. Nature does it. We don’t even know how it is that we find ourselves in a group striving for a spiritual goal, and we must accept it as an environment in which we can develop properly.

Question: Let’s say that I, as a curator, was given a group of 200 people for me to integrate. Naturally, all people are different in character, status, etc. Should I mix them spontaneously, or see who works where, who studied where, what kind of education they have? Try to make them match in qualities?

Answer: First of all, we need to give them a general initial course so that they will listen, look closely, and as they say, sniff each other. And then gradually they will divide themselves into certain groups because people usually attract or move away from each other. And you will see how they connect with each other by their inner intuition.

Do not force them together. We must enable the connection to start with the correct actions, and then it will be clear who is moving toward each other, who is more comfortable with whom. And then continue this process on higher levels.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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Who Will Survive?

566.02All of nature is built on the aspiration for more complex types of connection. Our task is to learn from it to connect in order to build our lives analogous with what we see in nature.

Question: How is this law of cooperation manifested in society? We also see that other, rather strict laws are operating in nature. We cannot take them just the way they are and apply them to society.

Answer: Even these rigid laws act in the name of compact connection of all the qualities of nature into one single whole. And if somewhere we see mutual destruction, confrontation, then we must understand that this is still working in the same direction in order to bring nature to a single system.

Remark: If, for example, we take the simple law of the survival of the strongest, we do not want to live in a society according to the law of the jungle.

My Comment: It depends on how we interpret the concept of “the strongest.” We see that the physically strongest person does not survive. The practical person survives as they know how to use the environment rationally and direct it to the achievement of a higher goal of nature.

And when a coarse force that holds up everything under itself is in action, nothing works out. Everything is acting in a very intelligent and multi-faceted system. You cannot say that now some kind of wave is going to come and it will arrange everything or destroy everything. Whatever happens, it still creates some opportunities for new connections. Nature aspires from the simplest species to more complex ones.

Question: Can we take the law of homeostasis, which we can clearly feel in our body, and transfer it to society? How is this law manifested in society, or is it impossible to see it?

Answer: All this is relative. Although our society is far from perfect, it needs all sorts of people: strong and weak, smart and stupid. In general, humanity must be very diverse in order to be able to correctly connect from this diversity and create an integral, complete form.

Nature strives for diversity, not for making one person strong and giving him power over the whole world. We see that it is not the strongest who survives, but not the wisest either. All possible combinations of right and left forces are necessary. The one who can most optimally accumulate within himself various qualities and use them rationally survives.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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How Does Consciousness Emerge?

565.02Question: How does Kabbalah interpret consciousness? How is it related to intention and desire?

Answer: Consciousness is built from identifying an external source (informational field) and does not exist on its own. To the extent that we begin to feel the influence of an external force upon us, we can say that consciousness appears in us.

You can connect to the consciousness outside of a person by your inner development. We exist in this information field, and therefore, by tuning ourselves to it, we receive consciousness.

Question: What is subconsciousness?

Answer: This is all psychology that makes such distinctions. Kabbalah does not deal with it.

Comment: Nonetheless, there are some things that I do consciously and some I do subconsciously.

Answer: Naturally. Our actions and the impact of nature on us are practically the two sources of our existence. Using the term “consciousness,” I imply our perception of the influences of nature, their analysis, and decision-making how to act under their influence.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/7/20

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Can There Be Intention Without Action?

552.02Question: Baal HaSulam writes in his articles about two laws of communication. According to the first law, every member of society is obliged to receive everything necessary for him. To what does this refer: human relationships or material goods?

Answer: We must create a society in which each person can receive everything he needs for existence because the second condition is his return to society. And in order to give, he must live normally. Therefore, the first law determines the second.

Question: The law of bestowal obliges society to work for its benefit. What did Baal HaSulam mean when he wrote about bestowal? After all, any person works 12 hours a day.

Answer: This does not count as giving. Bestowal is my inner calculation that I work for the sake of others. It is quite possible that a person who works 12 hours a day, works all the time for himself and does not think about others at all. It’s about intention.

Question: That is, the work of a person in society, when he has to produce something, give something, this is one level. And the second level is the level of thought and intention, for which he does all this. Is it possible to work only at the level of thought and intention? Let’s say I don’t want to work physically.

Answer: The point is not this, but whether your work, meaning some of your abilities, is necessary to society. Based on this, you can choose. It is about how you can participate in communal life in a way that will benefit you.

Question: Can there be intention without action?

Answer: No. Without action, nothing can be at all. At any level: mechanical or internal, at the level of desires or at the level of intentions, but the action must be. Otherwise, you will not be able to tell what thoughts a person has.
From KabTV’s “Communication Skills” 8/21/20

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Unnatural Attitude

549.02Question: Any normal person wants to live. But when a doctor advises him to get rid of some bad habit that causes a disease, he has no motivation for it even if there is a threat of death. What is the reason for this unnatural attitude?

Answer: He has a very vague idea of the connection between death and a certain deed, such as smoking, that can lead to death. If he had known that one puff pushes him to the grave, he might not have done it.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 8/28/20

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Everyone Has Their Own Capabilities

538Question: There are several ways to define the meaning of life and its purpose. First, introspection, when a person wants to know what is happening to him and the world around him. Second, the environment that discusses these issues, and a person learns from them.

Third, working on attracting teachers. That is, you can find a teacher, a sage, who will tell you what is the meaning of life. Naturally, you have to believe him and follow him.

Maybe there is some other method?

Answer: In the course of my life, I have lived in several regions of the world: in Belarus, Russia, the Baltics, and Israel. I traveled to various parts of the world from China and Japan to Europe and North and South America where I met with my students. Each country has its own approach, its own history, and its own capabilities.

I am engaged in revealing the tools for understanding the meaning of life to a person. And then, with the help of these tools, he tries to rise to the level of the upper force that created him and guides him so that he would be able to realize what he was created for, how he is controlled, and how he can be in connection with this power.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 7/2/20

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New Life 455 – Europe: A Blend Of Nations

New Life 455 – Europe: A Blend Of Nations
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

Europe is the center of a wide variety of cultures, religions, opposing groups, and economic interests. The unbalanced ego that fuels the opposition will not calm down. Rather, it constantly evolves and causes us to make changes. The only possible correction is based on the connection of hearts through the principle “love will cover all our transgressions.” This is the solution for everything.
From KabTV’s “New Life 455 – Europe: A Blend Of Nations,” 11/16/14

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