Respect The Environment

423.02Remark: You constantly say that all the problems of humanity arise from the fact that we are not united. And people can’t connect why unity between them can somehow stop an earthquake or a coronavirus.

My Comment: It’s not easy to explain. This requires an appropriate environment. When people around you think a certain way, you inevitably start thinking the same way. This is how we were created.

Basically, we are one single system called Adam. Therefore, what the society around me accepts as true, I will eventually accept as true.

Question: What would you recommend, other than the environment, as a factor that develops and increases motivation?

Answer: Deep reflection. Nothing more.

Question: What exactly should a person do in the environment? What is this technique?

Answer: The technique is very simple. If I want to change my aspirations to new ones, they must be necessary and important for the people I respect. And then it will be very easy for me to change my direction.

Remark: So it’s not the environment itself that matters, but how much I value it. If these people are important to me, they will influence me.

My Comment: They can be completely ordinary, not outstanding people. Let’s say that if my little son or grandson wants to do something that is interesting for him, then it inevitably becomes interesting to me, and I begin to respect and welcome his occupation.

Question: And if a person does not find such important people from whom he could draw energy, then is it necessary to artificially exalt them?

Answer: Yes. He must find a society that does what he needs to do. Kabbalah says this: if you want to be a good tailor, you must get into the company of tailors who respect their work, their specialty. And you’ll see that it sticks to you.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 8/28/20

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